Trailing-Edge - PDP-10 Archives - BB-H580C-SB_1981 - rerun.exe
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&= ( P< 0B P<,~ TQ@7 B7 (	`6+/+- TQ@8 B8 0	`6+7:x,~	`1,~
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5@`xINX4p	(wx$pB
p	?RRNSUF SETUWP UUO failed for RERUN hi-seg
&U	``<P?RRNCIE Input error from checkpoint file.
&\	`HP+ 
?RRNHSI The program high segment is inaccessable to RERUN. Recompile without "/R" switch.
?RRNFOZ Cannot RERUN with file OPEN on channel 0G
?RRNOFF OPEN failed forH
?RRNIDI VALUE-OF-ID or USER-NUMBER is inaccessable. Recompile without
	"/R" switch, or use "DATA-NAME" and not a "literal" as object
	of "VALUE-OF-ID" or "USER-NUMBER" clause.

?RRNEFF ENTER failed for file 
?RRNLFF LOOKUP failed for file H?RRNCFL Checkpoint file LOOKUP failed
?RRNSTS unable to get MTA status info for
?RRNDEN unable to get/set required density for
?RRNHRD unable to set required hardware data mode for (0) file not found (1) UFD does not exist (2) protection failure or DTA directory full (3) file being modified (4) already existing file name (5) illegal sequence of UUOs (6) device or UFD/RIB data error (7) not a save file (10) not enough core (11) device not available (12) no such device (13) GETSEG requires two relocation registers (14) quota exceeded or no room on file structure (15) write-locked file structure (16) not enough monitor table space (17) partial allocation only (20) allocated block not free (21) can't supersede a directory (22) can't delete a non-empty directory (23) SFD not found (24) search list empty (25) SFD nest level too deep (26) no-create for all search list (27) segment not on swap space (30) can't update file (31) low seg overlaps hi seg (32) not logged in (33) file still has outstanding locks set (34) bad .EXE file directory (35) bad extension for .EXE file (36) .EXE directory too big (37) TSK - exceeded network capacity (40) TSK - task not available (41) TSK - undefined network node (?)
Type continue when done
 device H?RRNILC Illegal character, Type checkpoint file name
*HH=7?RRNFIF Unable to position data file, USETI (FILOP.) failed.
&)	`8?RRNFOF Unable to position data file, USETO (FILOP.) failed.
&1	`?RRNNEC Insuficient core.