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?p`@@?xMN~-Kb)><]9>`INXg#	tzS)rb{rE@@Ls]XT
	` $ &^ +	`2`.&1f_+	 Jy=@@y:-07 	,++1 $ &^ +	`2+ .&1f_+ By< Hy: \y; y;/"_#By< ^y; *' By=-07 y;X, Fz"(?ad9-4@ @8( - 1,)
+b  @@@.(? Hz@@z 	,++1 y; y= B':y:+y: y; y= B'6`{
+y:+y<HHyO=gK$=Command string too long
~.,(B,'n,_,X,e,5,"I,6-07+1oy:+8C>w-( |-( k,uO@x+O@x,O@x-O@x,,!+@O@x!7"x+6"x' Bx+7bx,6"x( Bx,7"x,6"x( Bx,7"x-6"x) Bx-7"x-6"x) Bx-5P@@x&@@x&@@x'@@x @@x @@x9@@x!O@x.O@x/O@x/O@zdO@{O@{	O@zbO@{
O@{	O@x7O@x8O@ztOQOB{*O@x*O@x+,~6"x' Bx+6"x( Bx,6"x( Bx,6"x) Bx-6"x) Bx-,~ x+7 x' Bx' x,7 x( Bx( x,7 x( Bx( x-7 x) Bx) x-7 x) Bx),~,~7Bx +P6@+T!(GHx1GHx2 R,z+j0H+RXF0(0h+R ,z+R6`2f+R F0H+t,z+R6 2f+R F5HR1D+y0D+z7d 1d+z!$GD,~@,>1H+S1H+T0(0h
+$&/(.+6@x"`,^x:x,~Zx!+VZx1 Y+	Zx1 [ Bx!,~,<@Z  ] B@S"@X"@*"@?@
<*)=,8,~0B1Ba+% Bx%,8,~3Bx%9
,8,~0B1Ba+/ Bx%,8,~,>,812Bx%+V,^+0,B,~ :2b+,39
Zx2+^ a g,)
+b0&0b/+`/"&".+@h,~ (@[@0B+>QJ@.*Z@0B+@XJ@.*:=h;+)<@+D,8+L1B+K1B+K0B1B+L0"0b,~(D/".+Cm*l* +)< i Bx$ i Bx! $U,
+`,~!"A` Bx$ i Bx! $U,
+`,~ x"x$4B)=1"+U+)<7Bx +@ x1 D x2fj Dx1,|6@x!, "6@y: "7 x/ Bx/6bzb Bx8,m zb/" Bzt"ztSBzd6bzd+f7bx1+8 Bzd&x.6@." Bx0 Bze6`x8@@x,Zx21B+l1B7`x,+m:x0,
|,	,,#""Bx5,(+)&C" Bx5,I, ".ze.Bze x6&x.6@." Bx6"x6.Bx7 "
Rx2@abab@+6`x,+L@@x,$j+@@@@B@@B@B@B`b@+ab+`b+`b+B 4ab@ Tx,+`b+B!$GDx1 47 x, Tx,`b Tx/+ 4+7 x, Tx, 4XTx1 Vj Dx.`b@ 4XTx2 Vj D{ Vl D{,~Z+@@%@0@B$n+@ @!@#@B@A@B@B@Bab+Aab7o 6,~ab7o 6,~$n+&@*@,@.@B@A@B@B@B`b+Hab+Aab7l 6,~ab7p 6,~$p+1@9@?@:@?@<@B@B@B@>@B@B@B@B@B@B@Bab+>ab7k 6,~ab7q 6,~ 6,~ab7q 6,~7l 6,~`b+Hab+Fab7r 6	,~ab7r 6
,~ 6
,~ x57Xx +@ s Bze `Gx1,
` `b
1l	+R s v,)
+bab+Xab+VZx1.j0l.j+X "0(B.+Y.2dzd+<,^u x5.x5/"24+{6X`+L,C4P Tx4>zeZ`ze7Jx6,~ x  `Gx1,,^.J`6X`+b x  x5 `Gx1,+@^
6X`+f,~@3@3@3@@@@@@@)=@)=@)=@)=@)=@)=@@@)=@)=@)=@)=@Y@3@3@3@@@@@@@)=@)=@)=@)=@)=@)=@@@)=@)=@)=@)=@Y@@@@)<@)<@)<@)<@)<@)<@)=@)=@)=@)=@)=@)=@)<@)<@)=@)=@)=@)=@)<6@x!:x,~,k,k,k,p,p,p,p,p,p``````,u,u````,w x4 } BP.4 x  `Gx1,
`,,,^! x5.x5/"24+6X`+,,~@y@m@@Z@Z@Z@Z@Z@Z@X@f@u@_@m@|@Z@Z@N@T@C@H@Z^"_5b/ `6B`2D,~ /2D,~,> Gx1, ,^2B,~ `.
 L`  D`+,  ,)
+b  ,)
+b  ,)
+b  ,)
+b  ,)
+b  !,)
+b ! &,)
+b ' ,,)
+b , 2,)
+b 3 8,)
+b 9 >,)
+b ? C,)
+b C H,)
+b I N,)
+b N R,)
+b S X,)
+b Y _,)
+b _ d,)
+b d i,)
+b,)!,(.6@y:+(+ ^{6`{+l 2{7 x& *x& BH,
IO@zu 2{7-0"h,!|,!+j,y6@z{+t "h B{ B{,
q6@zf-0%{ "Z6`{	 "\ B{Z`{ {,~ " B{ B{ 2{7,!A+x,Z 2{7-0'T+w z~Zh 2{=,>zf,>zu x& *x& BH>z{,
I x Bzu-0"h+j:{QRh,!+>Zh.2+,IO@zu6@7@x&++|7@+T`{,!+>zf>+/k:{O@zu,~,!,~ H.B{,I7@x&+ x& *x& BH,
I-0"h+,~,!,~,I H.B{?`zf+T`{,~6@z{+ {,~ 2{7,!?,!D,!,y7@zf+l 2{7-0'T,^x5Z,>,
8+  m o,)
.(,)""o,)"(Z"},) "q,),)!	b!"BBH,x-0"h+#+3:+4:,^,~ ^{6`{6@zf5!G,~ 2{7,
H,*, x&7B ( Bx& 3B(+O B(!"GBHR`H@@HQHX" BzRQ"(X"zS*"zT@@zT@@zURH t	b6+PDH,
8+  u w,)
.(,) "w,) "(Z "},) "q,)	b,4,^,^,~[h-0"h,!|,!+,~*{XXh[h-0"h+yZ{-1x4+g+g z |,)
4H,)"},)[hZ.$ "},),)!,!+,~,!,~,I H.B{?`zf+8T`{,~,> H`b@,
H H`b+ (+7@(+F-("+)4@@HZx1,+  ,)
,,~ZH  )Bz2B+H)B  )B
(D}Y(D2B(+HR`(R2D(+HSYHD&@@)D$"/$.5F7@("(B/$.=f"2B(+H &(B/$.=f&SR`(2B(+HZ(D)DD$@@)B$&/".5D-7@(
HH`b+A:(x1 ,-(0+A  ,)
+A   ,)
+A ! $,)
,^,~ZH(4DFX&)BQB(Dz)D	DX&.FSF((.&.(DZD &".$&$(D.$.." &"(D.&.QD ." B  $ B  ".BH".BH,~+:ZH@7F(+F)D.(B B @@)D(B.$.ab|+a(B B @R(@)D(B.$.ab|+g(B B  % B  B  B  B  %  B  B h-* B  (
(D& 	b&".$&$(D.&.(DG' D &".$&$(D.$.." &"(B.$.(B(FGl" B  ".BH"").BH,~,> 
HH`b+QHX"BzR@@zS@@zU'	b6+(+'-("+)4@@HZH Zx1,*-("+@@H+,^,~(Dz2D-+!"GBH+2D-+H@@(
+b,^,~,(. {2B{,)6,(E6@y:+%,~ B F,)
+b:`zv,~,>,>,>,>,> G J,)
,^,^,^,^,^,~ K O,)
+b P T,)
+b U X,)
 $( "},)+b,> X Z,)
F@M@Q@@d@tqcG Bx%+@7@9@5@5gK$;YEBCDIC or BINARY collating sequence is not supported.
8	I`gK&K2Too many digits in key
~tgK%91KEY extraction code too big
~w w z,)
+b:zvgK%8qKEY comparison code too big
~~ } ,)
+bgK&,yRecord size required
~gK%;Key length required
~gK%;yKey outside of record
~gK%84Key argument incorrect
~gK%zyAt least one key is required
~gK%\qMode switch conflict
~gK%YInput file not specified
~gK%{YOutput file not specified
~gK%[vMultiple output specs only on magtapes
~"gK$=qComputational key must be on word boundary
~'gK$+[BINARY mode does not support variable length records
~-gK$At least two input files required for MERGE
~3gK$lv/FORMAT switch must be preceded by /KEY switch
~9gK$lp/FORMAT switch argument error
~?gK%{sOnly one /FORMAT switch per /KEY switch
~DgK%XyMultiple collating sequences not allowed.
~IgK$;RCollating sequence not defined
~OgK$9YCollating sequence file specification in error.
~SgK$;Collating sequence literal specification in error.
~YgK$9RCollating sequence input file error.
~`gK%yIllegal user supplied collating sequence
~e,!++ {,~gK%LTLoad reel &m of input file , type CONTINUE when ready.6zRgK%LWLoad reel 
&u of output file ,!|+ggK%\YMERGE record .{ not in sequence for @{@@@{@@@@@:@gK%lvNon-standard label not checked.
.gK$VANSI label not checked.
.	gK%VIBM label not checked.
.$")@8@A@;@8@=@?DLH$")PDLH@B@]@\@BgK%kNon-standard label not written.
.gK$ANSI label not written.
.gK%IBM label not written.
.!a@PDP1000000000}HzR@"gc@&@)@)@&@)@)-yH"gcP-yH@.@3@3@.@3@3-}H"gkP-}HgK%\rMulti-reel tape files with other than STANDARD or DEC labels not supported.
~9gK$[EBCDIC tape labels not supported.
~BgK&-Record truncation on input
.GgK&8:Standard ASCII requires TU70 drive
~KgK%lVName required with labeled magtape
~PgK%KQLABEL not correct for ~UgK&+yReel no. ~Y out of sequence for +_:z 	,+O@@z,= 	7@y:,,<,~? z+z,~7@z+!,>,>,>,>A"?Zz@0" 0b-7l&0"00b=7l&0"0b7l&0B1Bl&0B1Bl&@+!`f@+%`f+	QBz $+	`f+	af+& $@@z ( HzQ ( HzR+s`f? zR+'/"BzQ+	`f+	 $ ( HzQ (> HzR+saf@? zR+)BzQ+	0B+	 (HzQ (HzQ@HzQ[z,> zPzX$z,)
,^1B+b;zXDz,^,^,^,^,~	o^<Z.	a
FfeVN	}&	$av	Q	;`^=a ~	`
&	gR>v=IC;S
RR-\k:ex2Vv:3Z*0x7x/>x1Fx1x7@x1x'{	x!<x1<x18x1<x1x.Bx1{
x(x+$x1x)x x(zbzt{x8:x18x1x*x9x(zdx*x(6x1Dx1x)x/{	x!x+4x1x(?~/<^	?~/>
m?~/<V	/</<	}/</<^	"PRPPPPP@PPPPPPXXPHPHPX`PPPP`PPPPRXPPP,305.	"l.,~ zd Bx1O@zd ",(+)&@@ x& D Bx&S$x'X$ "*$ $
Z` B+
~x&DBBx&S$x'X$ "*$ $
 * -,)
9Nx9,~ 0"0b
; Nzt,~ x16Bx  D ",(+)&6@x +
' Bx +
( x  B Bx @@<.< N0P+:,304N: x  N!$@ADx1@@0P,~,3Y(Nq x 6@1N,~0N+>O@,~6@x!+VQ. Nx!Z`1N+
A,~0P+Z -*"yO,-e9BZ $ 90*yB B90=d
=!"Lu7@yB ByB,~0P+\,3v,3u,3R .*"xI@@xI,~@ 4y>,),{+)* Bx"Qx"X"l"6@z]l" BzR " BzS ( BzS@@zT@@zTZ"( BzU .	b6+!zRA"XBx" / Fx#@@x#@@x$@@x$ / Bx! $
+` x",
,~? x$+
^Zx$ `B+0x$1b+
dSx"X" BzR "x# BzS 2	b6+
j x"(BG2+@+
jh"8X"+@aB@,~,>+> x#Q"` Bx$ "@ Bx$+
Y,3v@@9[ 3*"9i\"; B9j 3,3k+
s,3v0P/53>,300n2ny<+.y;C/?,~6Tx'+!"Lu Bzg:zgO@{5+@6@P+
/ P Fzg	f4F
1:zgZP4T3dzt9,)2,~ x& "x&,7@x&+F x& "x&,7@x&+D,~aT+ P`d6@P+ P* DPZP*`T+,~7Tx&+F@@x& ",(+)& x& D Bx& P F	f4F
5d7@P+ 2F4af+HZP+O,) x& B( Jx%,~7Tx&+D@@x&:z{@,) x& B( Jx&ZP5T$,~ ",(+)& 
 P$5 D(
(DA$@`b@l$`BlZx2G56@l$  D( P B(	b4B
5d@B(2B4ab+:!"cBx1+:@"7`P"BP" BP(2B4ab+>,u+>+?"$(	d  $AZD(Z2dx: Dx: " B( P B(PRB( Pad+OabP{-aBX{-7@P+O B(	 $(	 &P,> (  B.$.&=hK,^ "( B(7@+V P(B
 (	f6+d1F+d1F+d1F+d!"7 +d0&+
B+f@7`(H(7$Px,6`l"7$Px-6`l"7$P x-6`l"6`Pl"@6`Pl"  B(
Zx2+7 x0$P+
 zd7"P x,6`.$$P.$&$6`.$+
x& (`b6@(,~ ",(+)&QZ
*"(,{+)*Q`X"l"6@z]l" BzR " BzS ( BzS@@zT@@zTZ"( BzU .	b6+ (6`x,7x6 x0>`&$"(B1" "2"zb+
, Bzb (&$A6@.$1$ $dD.$2$x0+
)*x0/x0$$A"`.Dz| $*zc/zc$$A"`.Dz|!zRA",
 ",(,~ : @,)
+b @ B,)
 P,) "B,)+b H B,)
 P,) "H,)+b J O,)
+b O T,)
7@z]+U "W,)+b W \,)
 $( "},)+b,> \ ^,)
,^ 	,) "^,) $( "},)+b,> 
U H Bz} 
x0,5 x0$x:.H Bz}R`H@@H "HZB(,{+)* BHQ`X"l"6@z]l" BzRQ"(X"zS*"zT@@zTZ"( (ad." BzU .	b6+!zRA"XBHZx20D+
i!$B PDH (2B4ab+
p,mZx1 H1Dah+
o!$BPDH, 2{7,> 
x%JH@@H6@(,%>(ZBHHBH(z}Q$X$@@ zc$(.*$ 
zc,5R`H@@H@@(6@(+2B(a"HSB(,{+)* BHQ`X"l"6@z]l" BzRQ"(X"zS*"zT@@zTZ"( (ad." BzU .	b6+!zRA"XBH H7`H.BHZx20D+
x%7@z\+XBzR@@zS+(+BzS@@zT@@zTS"( BzU .	b6++
,^,~"56@,~7BH,~ 2B4ab,~:x,~ ",
Hal+!$!&	f6+al+
++ H	f6`,^,~,>,> d g,)
,^ g,) "j,),^	b`,)+b,> j n,)
,^	b!"],)+b,> 
x%Zx20B+!x51BX6@(+ {>	b+ B{. o	b+ {0 ( D{. o	d+`d+,> 2{=,{+)*Q`X"l"6@z]l" BzRQ"(X"zS*"zT@@zTZ"( BzU .	b6g (!zRA",>,
,^,^4D+2{0+D(+O@{5,o	d+6F{53Fp+2B+
x% 2{=,{+)*Q`X"6@z]l" BzRQ"(X"zS*"zT@@zTZ"( (ad." BzU .	b6+@@(!zRA",
,{7 { BH,^587Bx9,~QH $	d(`,~gK$hrFortran command error
~  ,)
",~@t@w@}@	@	@	Z`z $+s@@z $+sHzHz $+sgK&<rSwitch scanning error
gK$kZFile name may not be specified with /TEMP device.
~:gK$KRDevice ~A is not a disk.  All scratch devices must be disks.gK$KR does not existgK&
TPriority must be in range -3 to +3.
~KgK%]Max Temp Files must be in the range 3 to ~P15. "U,)+
>26.gK&]Unknown tape label type detected on ~XgK%KV/LABEL:~] does not match tape's label type on Z+gK$<rCannot set density to ~dd 5 on gK$<vCannot set hardware data mode on ~kn{.{5 1	b@$11DZBz\ 2	b@ Bz],~,>,>Z
 2	b+[`dZ(D{Q$	d2l$ad+V[
7`{+ x:$zf x% 1$A $A.(B.
 ze.$$zb+ "A.x:(B.
\&!	f+,d[Z4H,4F,(F(H2j+)&2f \(	h-0o(3(H4H#3h  3	h-0o2f 2*+4 4	h-0o(H0h (3f7
+4 4	f-0o@	h(H2j+)&(F0f &2*+43f7
6@z]/*\"9	bg[A"6@."(B/
/*0j * /za,(,^,^,~ 
z_7`{+O x:$zf x% 1$A $A.(B ze.$$zb/
4*K8&J.&d Fx0 Fzc Fzc$ Fz|,~ "A.x:(B ze.$(D/
4*Y8&V.&d Fx0 Fzc$ Fz| z_/ ze.$&7`zb Bzb,~".z_,(+@@t Vzg B{. 4	b-0rab+5`b@+u[A" {4 DVzg+6 Dn|s {0 Dn|f.:2:zg+n.434zt+b,~O@n|s.424zt+y@,4By Bn|s B{. 4	b+: {4 BVzg:zg.424zt+y.:2:zg+q,~,>Vzg Vzg BzU@@Vzg zgO@zXO@zWO@zZ@@zY@@z\ ;	f$-0r&;+< >	f-0r zX zY+
 z\	f-0r Fz\ @+
 >	f-0r zZ z[4D3D?+`f+ D{. ?	f-0r`f@+7@Vzg+@ D&zg:zg.(3(zt+,^6@Vzg,~ DVzg.4,~7Bn|s93B?+Dn|f@`B+(B}9hhB9." G"$&(BGn|f,~@7Bn|s9 9B,~7@z\+)SHX" BzR B	b6+- B.BH"H.BH H+  H(Bl"\+@+&h"8X"+@aB@+/,>+> {+  H6dH/ H`d.Bzx".DH&{4D7/{@BH8$67 H>H7@z\+<SHX" BzR B	b6+@+G H(Bl"^+@+Gh":X"+@,> H 2BCab+F xaB+F!"GBH+G+@,^x B.BH H+ g ( H`b,R7 H>HQHX" BzR HzS@@zU C	b6+ H5
7dH+^6"H."`b+Z`b(D`b&$4"Z@/"F`b+X."4D^Z`@@<d^.Q."*",~7Dz\+fSHX"0dp l" BzR!"PBzU@ D	b6++i@b@ H(FGD+@+E H5
,> *}!"B BH6 zu+o!"GBH+q,> 
zc,5,^R`H@@H,'j B(,{+)* BHZzd&zg zg B( $HSD(@@(R`(@@(@@(@@(@@(@@(QHX"l"6@z]l" BzRQ"(X"zS*"zT@@zTZ"( BzU:zfQDH:zz2dzt+
 D	b6+F!zRA"XBH,Zzd&zg.$2d{4 D{4,^,~X"XBzR!"GBzR D	b6+!zRA"XBH, H3"H-(0]HBH B.BH>H,^,~Zzd,>zg&zg1$3&{4+ zgS$zhX$zg0Bzh*$zf>`zg5{+y+,> *}!" BH6 zu+!!"GBH+#,> 
zc,5,^R`H@@HZHA"/"&zgzzgB({"HZB(ZHXB(@@(,{+)* BHQ`X"l"6@z]l" BzRQ"(X"zS*"zT@@zTZ"( BzU D	b6+!zRA"XBH,,^,~ z} BH." (adm"l" BH Hah+?\(:	h+? (H$(@.( &+@ &7Z( $'~${ DHZ`Q$'X. D@@Z=fCXH D@@."'ZBz},~ zb$" Bz~,(+)& Bz~ zb$ze Bz,(+)& Bz z|,(+)& Bz} Bz| z| Dz},~ zf$"A x% 1$A $A. z}&1$+`d Dzc z}$zf$$A/ x% 1$A $A&d Bzc z| Bz},~(B Bz}*z|,( z,( z~,( zb$" Bz~,(+)& Bz~ zb$ze Bz,(+)& Bz z|,(+)& Bz} Bz|+S6@z]+v7@y:+v " Bzb,>?,{+s,>+qO@zb,^4"u,+s,~7H "
6@z]+7@y:+ <J,+6@{
0b,~	b7+>zb {
5)< B{
	b;zb+),,~7@z\+!dX"	 BzR B	b6+!+ (Dl$r+@5,> O P,)
 "8ZzR[3D+1"=9 ,)+Z,) "Q,)ZzU4B  "R,)ZzUZ "},) "S,),^1b+$ ,)+% &,)+bTV[^aehjkknqtwz~
6>^f ~!"#&$ $ &,)
+A & (,)
H "(,)5JK "*,)",/"&zg zg,) ",)$RzuXH,) ",,)+M $( "},),^ xh@iH@+[ "-,)aH+S,)! "/,)aH+U,)! "3,)aH+X,)! "5,)aH@+d,)! "8,)+d ";,),)!= H	b<-0r0b
+a e,)+d,> ",)$,^,) ">,),^x+b@DHKNRUXZ\adhkoruz}     ,)
C"G,)+b    ,)
 {.,) " ,)+b    ,)
+b6@{5+    ,)
 x,) " ,),)!,^x,~    !,)
`7 " $0ll$!"8PX"PP &".5%H`:`,```7 " $0ll$!"8PX"PP &".
5%-"-"c%Nc(#1l7[Q"j@ BP &".5"H$`6$`$$`$`7 # $0ll$!"8PX"PP &".5% BP LP ze BP.45, BP!"X BP!"8X"P BP  # BP zeQ"F0lQ"(6 BP.4 x6 B` x.:ze.Bx61l+1:ze.Bx6 .2bx7 Bx7,~7@x!,~ z]0$+F!"X BP!"8 X"P BP. $ BP  x.&.&U BP@R&UXze BP!" $X"P*"P "P.BP.4 x6 B` ."'&.Bze$.Bx6,~7@x!,~!"X BPQ"0 BP!"8X"P BP. ( BP  x.&.&U BP@R&UXze BP!" )X"P*"P.4 x6 B` ."'&.Bze$.Bx6,~@@
@!x!!"`X"P BP  + BP!"XX"P BP &".
 BP LP`P ` BP ze BP.4 x6 B` x..Dx6:ze6 `+h.Dx6:ze .x.7 `.x.2bx7 Bx7,~7@x!,~ ze z].BP.41$.4,~ ze z]1$+s.BP.4,~.BP.4,~ ze.BP.4,~ ze.BP.4,~ .
2lx6 Lx60n2+,>,>&*.* /,"
/5N|,^ z]0$1t,~  `&" 
`&*" z]1$0B+ "&
 +. . `& +5;@F@F@F@F @F"@mH0`00`0`HH`$H`<606$66
66     @%@(@+@&@)@-@=@@@B@>@D@Q@R@T@V@^@`@b@i@kpp``,]+&,fZ"p,s5k,]+),fZ"`,s5k,]Z",s5k0.+71n+> /,fZ",s5k.,,a,cZ"#,u5k.,,a,cZ"$,u5k.,,a,cZ"`,{5k.,,/ "
,9Z"p,{5k,]+?,fZ"`,s5k,]Z",s5k,hZ"#,u5k0.+N1.+> 1,fZ",s5k.,,a,cZ"#,u5k.,,a,cZ"$,u5k.,,a,cZ"p,{5k,]5k,hZ"#,u5k,hZ"$,u5k1.+> 3,f5k.,,a,c "z,w5k.,,a,c "},w5k,h "z,w5k,hZ"$,u5k1N+e,hZ"`,{5k.,,/ ",9Z"p,{5k,h "},w5k,hZ"p,{5k5N .
2lx6 Lx60n2+z,>,>&*.* /,"
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gK$m3FILOP. ~O failed for  error (0) file was not found (1) no directory for project-programmer number (2) protection failure (3) file was being modified (4) rename file name already exists (5) illegal sequence of UUOs (6) bad UFD or bad RIB (7)(10)(11) device not available (12) no such device (13) illegal monitor call (14) no room or quota exceeded (15) write lock error (16) not enough monitor table space (17) partial allocation only (20) block not free on allocation (21)(22)(23) SFD not found (24) search list empty (25) SFD nested too deeply (26) no-create on for specified SFD path (27)(30) can't update file (31)(32)(33)(34)(35)(36)(37)(40)(41)(42)(43)(44)READCREATEWRITEAPPENDCLOSERENAMEDELETEINPUTOUTPUTRELEASEWAITgK%RInput~%gK%}rOutput~' error for temporary file H.TMP, GETSTS code is:Device write-locked or improper mode.Device data error.Parity or hard data error.Quota exceeded or block too large., DEVOP. code is:) Unknown cause.(1) Line printer page limit exceeded.(2) Line printer VFU format error.(3) Magtape label type error.(4) Magtape header label error.(5) Magtape trailer label error.(6) Magtape volume label error.(7) Hard device error.(10) Parity error.(11) Write lock error.(12) Magtape illegal positioning operation.(13) Magtape beginning of tape.(14) Magtape illegal operation.(15) Reserved for tape labeling.(16) Reserved for tape labeling.(17) Reserved for tape labeling.(20) Network node is down.(21) LP20 undefined character interrupt.(22) LP20 memory parity error.(23) LP20 RAM parity error.(24) LP20 master sync or timeout error.gK%YsMonitor GETTAB failed at ~ gK%]3Monitor UUO failed at ~ 	gK&=xTemporary structure ~ 
: is write-locked.gK%l{No temporary device is writable.
~ gK$Attempt to use temporary device . : failed--ignoring it.gK$i0Formal arg exceeds actual arg count
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 {,) "+,) {,) "+,),)!,~:x,~P@ p@ p@ w@ w@ x
?SRTSRM SORT/MERGE will not run on this machine.

?SRT1N2 TOPS-10 version of SORT/MERGE will not run on TOPS-20.

?SRTLNI KL version of SORT/MERGE will not run on KI or KA CPU.
Zh,~oLn{=T`{+""SBH,%2+@Zx21F6 H+"i,$8,$8,$8,$8+"i@"n@#@$@$`F{x {+@-("+)4"x.DH+#,gK%;YKey not fully contained in record .)egK$VASCII record length incorrect
~)jgK%(6Junk in ASCII line
~)n #z+#tgK%h4Non ASCII input file
~)s,^x {+@0HgK&<YSpanned records not supported.
~)yZ{+@gK$h{Fortran binary control word incorrect
~)~H.BH7bH,~+)<-(0+%%-(",~+%5 H.BH H+)<@%?@%A@%D@%?@"SBH,% -(0 H`d,?Zx21D6 H+%} zdHL$"."&)x")B"&(D,>,&w,^,&w@,&w,&w+%}@&@&@&N@&}`@@'t@'t@'~|{
{{@(4@(3@(;Sorted Merged  records
 records truncated
 record truncated
 KEY comparisons,  per record
 record leaves in memory,  buffer memory
 runs,  run,  iterations iteration, bias Total of  disk block disk blocks in temporary files used
 of memory retained at one time
 CPU time,  MS per record
L\ elapsed time
gK%i1Not enough core for SORT/MERGE.
~*VgK$k9Attempt to free more memory than was originally retained.
~*ZgK%i4Not enough I/O channels for SORT/MERGE.
~*agK$hwAttempt to free a I/O channel not retained or released.
~*ggK$hyFatal core management error at RELSPC
~*ngK%hyNot enough core specified
.*sgK&K:Too many temporary structures specified
.*wgK&*2Record incomplete at E-O-F
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&8%	`,<GZ[`6@Q"8wQ$6@86Q$ ~Z&,9x B~,>6@86,5:,^,<J,~.08.0F.0S.0ag68+,eVpgR-v6,-5p+m++`6
92g9LgF90eNF90gF94g992B+,b+,]No option ]>v66?
?SCNPDL PDL phase error
Equal sign missingFile switches illegal in output fileOutput switch illegal in input fileExcess arguments starting with "Kb6(Illegal character "S26," following word "Junk after indirect commandToo many indirect files@@8<O@55{Run linkage failure e2667Wildcard illegal in /RUN specificationg90 N93 B93+.)gf93/BEFORE and /SINCE don't overlap/ABEFORE and /ASINCE don't overlapgF9,g69#h.k`+1	,^5b1
+1	g>9\[ .8+/]>tP!.+/)C2` .+/)V/- 4"/4O@+/4~.085b<F4*/:4J/; +/7g9> 0`f+/C,845/G+/Cgn906@86+/O+1Can't write tmpfileIncorrect tmpfile argument format% I can't help you, please read the manualSwitches are:Standard ones:
	Zanen1B+04B00"	+1 "(B?X+0`j+0
0[0BaB8+0Z`nh`B8+0+0,3v0P,49+.wDouble file name illegalDevice wildcard illegalNull device illegalDouble device illegalDouble extension illegalComma required in directoryDouble directory illegalRight bracket required in directoryImproper project numberImproper programmer numberSFD depth greater thanNull SFD illegalUnknown switchAmbiguous switchNo switch specifiedUnknown switch valueAmbiguous switch valueUnknown default for switchDouble switch illegalNo modifier allowed on switchSwitch value too largeSwitch value negativeSwitch value required onLength values inconsistent; specify min:maxParenthesis nesting too deepUnmatched open parenthesisg69&g69[R9kX.+1LR9k+1]Mnemonic date/time switch not implemented%x:D(afQ+23"9k+ 2b9k_XDate/time out of rangeDate/time must be in the futureDate/time must be in the pastNegative number in date/timeNot known whether past or future in date/timeField too large in date/timeField zero in date/timeUnrecognized month in date/timeIllegal year format in date/timeUnrecognized name in date/timeMissing day in date/timeValue missing in date/timeHH0
$ "d7v,3q+30P+3,3q+3B
Illegal character or field too large in /VERSIONB n5JH9[9iH9[9iUnknown guide wordAmbiguous guide wordIncorrectly formatted guide word 89@@891P 0+4' 89@@891P^0+4)^0+7@9!,~Z"+4?@@8;+4O,^>,~6@O@9v,~x8]H8]Indirect file LOOKUP errorCan't OPEN indirect devicegv9Wildcard illegal in indirect specification,4

. &,>,>,>[A"?1B6@:+9~
8+ O@:,;,;',: ,^abS``H,;,^`FaH@+: ",;'Z,; ",;',;'Zx`H,;,^A(X,~\"	b "ab`l"`f:(B}D:[`G:d"`Bl7@l,~c*;<,~  ,;,;$  [ 1DYR5b;*,; ",;'R ,; " 5:& 7B +: ,;,;$  ,;R !$bD bD 4F:% ",;' ,; " l" 7B +;+`h+:*`b5;
C([/",>Q(}S"-,;'  2B;.4";.6 x+;/,;*H:56 x:7@ +:5,;%  ,;+:0,^x+;!`)"w,>!`,:9,;%,^iB5;#  & ")B5B:>=f:; ")B."`d ",;'=f:=,~,;j,> ,:E,;$,^5:L	b,<7&"  " $,:S&( ".;1,; "  &"2"5;	b	&;7  $,:S,;$ &"j0 ,:R,;$ &"t $4";0b5;*,;' "5;'0"+:!${P:h2B:h*d:X5$:] ",;'R:h,; ",;',~." ,> "/+:g1"+:d/",>:m ",;',^,; "5;'1"05;'/",> ",;',^5;'K>7K>gC3 E`iYmPMGHKN
TXz:";76@,;";84B:y>&";'Z,; ",;'$;84D;* ",;' 5;`B?5; ;9+;4B; ;9U$*D; ;:bB+;&" 7!(+,;[5;',> ",;' ",;',^,~,> "-,;',^4";:,; ".5;' 4D;* ")B.",;'+;,>[,;,;%,^Z7;; &5";  ",;' &#`QDx6@,;[x."0b."5;'Q"A`aB,~,>x4B;,;'+;! "5;' "5;' "5;' "5;' "aB?,~6@;<5;<
+:[1D7@ ,~+:*,;+:0  ,:6+:0-Jan-Feb-Mar-Apr-May-Jun-Jul-Aug-Sep-Oct-Nov-Decmn@0$$B
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&<{ /<|,^ZB([	b+ ,^,^,^,~Q3<S<T<T<f:"".Bx+<`%HLRIOE I/O error reading help file%HLRNHF No .HLP file on SYS:; I'm sorry, I can't help you