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&e ,~D*CGIINXeMgAt`E FgINXeMi;t`H HgINXeMk5t`J	 K
X %Input error on Cref Sort file
%Output error on Cref Sor	 St file
Tp%Cannot Open Cref scratch file
%Cannot En	 \ter Cref scratch file
%Cannot find Cref scratch file
%Not enough memory for Cr def Sort
%Compilation continuing without Cref
	D"0xWZ-0xYQ00xYQ20xYR50xYR70xYS80xYS:D<bA;N].	D bN]}bN]"3bN]x2`/fSafHc'4,Wc(HRf((TT@(TTA	D"(TTA(TTB(TTK|FC|WaD|WaG|WbI
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