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&             " # % & ) . V V V V V V V V V V V  V" V# V% V& V) V.ZZZZZZZZZZZ Z!Z#Z$Z&Z)Z-%')+-/13579;=?AEK  ``	`ZA m1z!+p  Z< < \C+4+4 ^{ >t*>{-::@+8-:: 4  Z< TC+46\n \(!<r+@.2\+< m+h
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6+ ,~Transmission error for 
Mount another reel on To Retry, type Continue
?Cannot continue
 () No file name) Incorrect proj-prog no.) Protection failure) File being modified) Bad UFD or bad RIB) No room, or quota exceeded) Write lock) Not enough table space in monitor) SFD not found) Search list empty) SFD nest level too deep) No-create on for all search list) Unknown error$
HBad table-link at $
?File table overflow - FILE SECTION too big?Data table overflow - DATA DIVISION too big?Condition table overflow - too many level 88's ,au,au>
?Cannot continue compilation
6$Illegal UUO at location  \ #+O  \ %+OP \ '+O \ )+O%@ \ ++O  \ -+O
@ \ /+O	0 \ 1+O \ 3+O
@ \ 5+OP \ 7+O
@ \ 9+Op \ ;+O   \ =+O
@! \ ?+OP# \ A+O
@$\C+O.&\ E+O ' \ G+OP) \ I+O * \ K+OP, \ M+OP- \ O+O>@/ \ *<[1[3t+\,y m0T"1T'+[Z
.T1.T2.T7@P+hZPZ1/!X0o *<Y+ [.4ZP4Rg.VP.VP6@P.VP6@P+cZR"`.Tp.TpY.T1!*< ,~ A4| 8W|38 !X<`*<X3X,~ 6W/4+n @ \@/0*p+bG43T,~	t+~+{Z.4	t+}Z.4 Tn,~
&	`@@.@@?Not enough memory to continue compilation
?Not enough memory to start compilation
0t \<@@C+4*4(
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 [p6@X+z__~#`._~.8l8 XX XXZp1T+~5TZXQ4 TX TX+ZXZX/4g"`QTX!4PTX+0V+[X14{Z 4{ZQTX*|u <_p#`.6.pZp1tX+Qp p/pZ`.8XXVpXXp*6`.<6@p+_p#`.4.pXT1,~!`!x""("@"X"p## #8#P#h$$$0$H$`$x%%(%@%X%p~L41tw+%14x+&1t}+%1t+&0t+& T+&7T6TT5T-4&4)V|&4)V|&4)V)T
,~@E`FDiagnostic no. XXXX from phase AFFirst word not IDENTIFICATION.FBlocking factor greater than 4095.FMore than one PROGRAM-ID.FImproper PROGRAM-ID.WDECsystem-10 assumed.FMore than one OBJECT-COMPUTER paragraph.FImproper paragraph name.FThe word SELECT expected.FFile SELECTed more than once.FASSIGN is the only allowed word here.FNo device name specified.FOnly one device of this type allowed.FNo file name given.FProcessing mode must be SEQUENTIAL.FImproper ACCESS mode.FClause duplicated.FThis cannot be a data name.FImproper clause.FImproper SEGMENT-LIMIT.FThis file not SELECTed.FThis cannot be a file-name.FPosition number required.FNot on same device as previous file listed.FCannot be used as a mnemonic name.FPositive integer required.FCannot be used as a condition name.FMust be a single-character non-numeric literal.FAlready in use as a mnemonic name.FMore than one RERUN clause for this file.FParagraph appears more than once.FNo DATA DIVISION.FNo PROCEDURE DIVISION.FAll records for this file must have same usage.FThis file already defined.FRecord name not unique within this file.FThis is a multi-device file.WThis record not mentioned in DATA RECORDS clause.FNo record name given.FThis is not previous item at this level.FThis is not a numeric item.FUsage conflicts with group item.FThis clause not valid for group item.FImproper section name.FNot a SORT file.FThis must be a literal.FNot allowed in this section.FData name not defined in this record.FNew record expected here.FNo value given.FImproper PICTURE - this character invalid.FImproper PICTURE - this character not
allowed in combination with preceding characters.FA word may not begin with a hyphen.FA word may not end with a hyphen.FToo many characters in the word.FToo many characters in the literal.FInvalid character.FCannot be used as an index name.FThis item does not have usage INDEX.FNot uniquely defined.FMore than three levels of OCCURS.FVALUE OF ID must be a DISPLAY field of 9 characters.FVALUE OF DATE-WRITTEN must be a DISPLAY field of 6 characters.FLevel numbers must be in range 01-49.FInvalid clauses for group item.FREDEFINES not valid at record level in FILE SECTION.FFOR expected.FINDEX USAGE items may not have a PICTURE.WJUSTIFIED clause invalid with numeric items.WNo ending quote on this literal.WNo leading quote on continued literal.FToo many characters in PICTURE.FImproper continuation character.FLibrary routine not found.FNo library specified in command string.FImproper character for numeric literal.FMore than one decimal point.WShould not be preceded by a space.WShould be followed by a space.FFile descriptor expected.WPreceding space assumed.FSource line too long.FImproper device name.FRight parenthesis expected.FAlready in use as a condition name.FRelational operator expected.FON or OFF expected.FIntermediate result too large.FValues not allowed in LINKAGE SECTION.FAltering independent segment from another segment.FNot implemented in this version of COBOL.FExternal program name expected.FDummy argument must be an 01 LINKAGE SECTION item.WThis paragraph is never ALTERed.FIllegal entry name.FDecimal places not allowed.FNo file-descriptor for this file.FMust be an integer in the range 0 - 66.FMust be a printer channel.FNot yet implemented.FIdentifier expected.WNot a device name -- TTY assumed.FCannot be a data-name.FNot defined.WNo CORRESPONDING elements.FNot a group name.FERROR expected.FSIZE ERROR assumed.FSIZE ERROR clause incorrect.FNumeric literal or identifier expected.FAt least two items must appear before GIVING.FCannot be ALTERed.FPROCEED expected.FParagraph name expected.WALTERed to proceed to itself.FFile name or AREA expected.FNO REWIND or LOCK expected.FNO REWIND expected.FBY or INTO expected.FGIVING clause required.FALL, LEADING, or UNTIL FIRST expected.F1-character non-numeric literal expected.FBY expected.WPeriod assumed.FDEPENDING ON clause expected.FTIMES expected.FEND expected.FAT END or INVALID KEY clause missing.FIdentifier, index, or TO expected.FIdentifier, index, or literal expected.FIdentifier, index, TO, UP, or DOWN expected.FIndex or identifier expected.FIllegal item in expression: compiler error.FUnbalanced parenthesis in expression.FTO expected.WDIVISION expected.FParagraph or section name expected.FSection name expected.WSECTION expected.FOnly notes may appear in remainder of this paragraph.FNot a declarative sentence.FBEFORE or AFTER expected.FBEGINNING, ENDING, or ERROR expected.FREEL, FILE, or UNIT expected.FLABEL expected.FPROCEDURE expected.FStatement expected, or invalid identifier or keyword.F'=' Expected.FTALLYING or REPLACING expected.FA group item may not be a minor key.F'.' or ELSE expected.FSENTENCE expected.FINPUT, OUTPUT, I-O, or AREA expected.FProcedure name expected.FToo many levels of VARYING.FFROM expected.FUNTIL expected.FRecord name expected.WThis statement does nothing.FKEY expected.FDECLARATIVES expected.FExternal name expected.FMACRO, FORTRAN, or FORTRAN-IV expected.FFIRST expected.FALL, LEADING, FIRST, or UNTIL FIRST expected.FIllegal sequence of priorities.FNull PROCEDURE DIVISION.FNull DECLARATIVES.FRUN or literal expected.FDuplicate section name.FDuplicate paragraph in this section.FThis file already appears in a SAME RECORD AREA clause.FThis file already appears in a SAME AREA clause.FImproper character for CURRENCY SIGN.FFD expected.FLABEL RECORDS clause required.FTwo sections have this name.FThis paragraph name must be qualified.FA section, as well as a paragraph in the current section,
has this name.FThis procedure name is not defined.FNot a PICTURE.FNull literal.FIllegal use of figurative constant.FImproper reference of procedure name in or out of DECLARATIVES.FFigurative constant or non-numeric literal must follow ALL.FThis procedure name is multiply defined.WThis statement cannot be reached.FToo many levels of qualification.FImproper qualification.FThis file is never OPENed.fBLOCK CONTAINS n RECORDS must be specified for RANDOM access files.FFILE-LIMITS required.FMultiple REEL/UNIT not allowed.FOnly one device allowed.FLABELS must be STANDARD.FVALUE OF ID required.FNo data record specified.FNo devices specified.FThe word DATA expected.WFile never OPENed.FAccess mode must be RANDOM.FNot a record in the FILE SECTION.FMust contain an integer.WAT END assumed.WINVALID KEY assumed.FThis literal may contain only DISPLAY-6 characters.FImproper class.WCondition always true.WCondition always false.FWrong number of operands passed from PHASE D: compiler error.FFound outside an expression: compiler error.FExpression generator confused: compiler error.WImpossible to get SIZE ERROR.WRounding not necessary.FImproper range of PERFORM.FPICTURE required.FPICTURE not permitted.FBLANK WHEN ZERO not allowed at group level.FBLANK WHEN ZERO allowed only on numeric display items.FJUSTIFIED clause not allowed at group level.FSYNCHRONIZED clause not allowed at group level.WAt least one and no more than eight data names must
be given in a FILE STATUS clause.WThis record not mentioned in DATA RECORDS or
.FA maximum of 4095 occurrences allowed.FCondition-name multiply defined for this item.FCONTROL identifier or FINAL expected.WEXIT for this procedure cannot be reached.WOTHERS expected.FVALUE clause at higher level supersedes VALUE
clause at this level.FVALUE clause may not appear in a data description containing,
or subordinate to an entry containing, an OCCURS clause.FGroup items may have only figurative constants or non-numeric
literals as values.FVALUE clause not permitted in FILE SECTION.WNon-numeric literal in value clause truncated to size of item.FDivision by zero not permitted.FACTUAL KEY must be a COMPUTATIONAL item of ten or fewer digits.FClass of data item inconsistent with VALUE.FNon-standard characters in VALUE clause.FSwitch numbers must be in the range 0 through 35.FUSAGE conflicts with PICTURE.FToo many digits to left of decimal point in VALUE clause.FToo many digits to right of decimal point in VALUE clause.FAn item subordinate to one containing a VALUE clause must not
OR DISPLAY-9.FVALUE not in range described by PICTURE.WVALUE may not be signed.FWrong number of subscripts.FImproper subscript.FVALUE greater than number of occurrences.FData items with levels of 01, 66, or 77 may not appear in
a RENAMES clause.FData items requiring subscripting may not appear in a
RENAMES clause.FData items appearing in a RENAMES ... THRU ... clause must
belong to the same record.FData items appearing in a RENAMES ... THRU ... clause may neither be
subordinate to the other.FThe area defined by the second data item in a RENAMES ... THRU ...
clause must follow the area defined by the first.FLiteral or figurative constant expected.FAnother independent item has this name.FIF syntax scan error -- improper unnesting--compiler error.FUnbalanced parentheses.FNo current paragraph - compiler error.FNull table link - compiler error.FInteger literal or identifier expected, or NEXT/PRIOR/FIRST/LAST.FOnly group items allowed in CORRESPONDING.FMay redefine only the current data item.FMust be an 01-level report group item.FMore than 12 nested redefinitions.FAn item containing, or subordinate to an item
containing, an OCCURS clause may not be redefinedFVALUE clause is not permitted in a redefinition.ARedefinition is not the same size as the redefined item.FThis must be greater than the first integer.FImproper use of ALL.FMust be subscripted.FMay not be subscripted.FBad USAGE -- compiler error.FToo many levels of subscripting.FMust have a size of 10 digits or less.FCannot continue after an empty or comment line.FASCENDING or DESCENDING expected.FRENAMES expected.FSORT generator confused -- compiler error.FImproper name for independent item.FA record containing DISPLAY-7 items may not
contain items of any other usage.FThis cannot be a library-name.FCOPY statement must be terminated by a period.FLeft parenthesis expected.FIdentifier, numeric literal, or mnemonic-name expected.FFILLER may not be referenced directly.FThis must be a SWITCH ON or OFF STATUS.FThis file must not appear in an SD.FCannot have both USING and INPUT PROCEDURE.FMust have either USING or INPUT PROCEDURE.FCannot have both GIVING and OUTPUT PROCEDURE.FMust have either GIVING or OUTPUT PROCEDURE.FVALUE expected.FThere is an independent item of this name.FImproper figurative constant in VALUE clause.FNo result found -- compiler error.WRounding not done with COMP-1 fields.FBLOCK CONTAINS must be specified for a file opened for
INPUT-OUTPUT.WOnly eight significant places used for COMP-1.FTHRU expected.FAt least 3 devices must be assigned to a SORT file.WSyntax scan suspended at this character.WSyntax scan resumed at this character.FThis procedure-name must be in DECLARATIVES.FThis procedure-name must not be in DECLARATIVES.FThis procedure-name must be in an INPUT PROCEDURE.FThis procedure-name is in an INPUT PROCEDURE.FThis procedure-name must be in an OUTPUT PROCEDURE.FThis procedure-name is in an OUTPUT PROCEDURE.FLiterals and reserved words may not be replaced.FA word may not be replaced by a reserved word.FAn item may not exceed 262,143 characters.FThis is neither a data-name nor a procedure-name.FAT END clause required.FINVALID KEY clause required.FAT END and INVALID KEY not allowed.FThis item must not be COMPUTATIONAL-1.FA record in the FILE SECTION may not exceed 4095 characters.FMore than 12 nested IF/SEARCH statements.FMore than 12 conditions nested in IF statement.FOCCURS is illegal at 01 level in FILE SECTION.FVerb name expected.FInvalid DENSITY.FODD or EVEN required.FNon-sixbit character in VALUE of DISPLAY-6 item.FA numeric item may not exceed 18 digits.FTwo literals may not be compared.FInsufficient qualification.FFewer than 6 characters in DATE-WRITTEN.WFewer than 9 characters in IDENTIFICATION.FSecond half of project-programmer number missing.FMust be an octal integer of 6 digits or less.FImproper mode.FREPORT name must be unique.FFILE SECTION must precede REPORT SECTION.FData item has improper size for this use.WShould begin in A-margin.FREPORT not specified in a REPORT clause in FILE SECTION.FLine number greater than PAGE LIMIT.FPAGE LIMIT must be positive and less than 512.FCONTROL identifier expected.FIf used, FINAL must be the first CONTROL.FDEPENDING variables must be COMP and 10 digits or less.FClause not legal in report group.FUSAGE not legal in REPORT SECTION.FClause legal only in report group.FPAGE expected.FMust be less than PAGE LIMIT.FNot a CONTROL identifier.FOnly one GROUP of this type allowed per report.FHEADING or FOOTING required.FReport item type required.FNot declared as a CONTROL.FItem referenced by a SUM clause must be source item in
a SUM clause.FReport-name expected.FItem will not fit in print line.FNot a TYPE DETAIL item.FItem is SUMmed in REPORT SECTION, therefore it must be numeric.FOnly a CONTROL FOOTING GROUP may have a SUM.FItem referenced by a SUM UPON clause must be TYPE DETAIL.FADVANCING/POSITIONING clause illegal with RECORDING MODE other
than ASCII.FVALUE OF USER-NUMBER must be a COMP item with
fewer than 11 digits.FMust be defined in either the FILE or WORKING-STORAGE SECTION.FRESET may be used only with CONTROL-FOOTING items.FMust be a CONTROL.FMust be a higher level CONTROL than that of this GROUP.FValid only for files with ACCESS MODE INDEXED.FADVANCING allowed only on SEQUENTIAL files.FImproper usage.FRECORD KEY and SYMBOLIC KEY must be same class.FRECORD KEY and SYMBOLIC KEY must be same USAGE.FRECORD KEY and SYMBOLIC KEY must be same size.FRECORD KEY and SYMBOLIC KEY must have the same
number of decimal places.FINDEXED files must not be BINARY.FRECORD KEY must be in appropriate record.FREDEFINES nesting confused -- compiler error.FSearched items must have OCCURS clause with INDEXED option.FA key of more major priority than this was not specified.FOne operand in every WHEN condition must be a search key.FAssociated data item must be a search key.FCondition name must have only a single value.FSEARCH ALL requires KEY clause in table definition.FCODE must not contain non-sixbit characters.WON/OFF expected - ON assumed.FOnly equality conditions allowed in SEARCH ALL.FWHEN expected.FThe only connective in WHEN clause is AND.FSYMBOLIC KEY required.FRECORD KEY required.FRECORDS or CHARACTERS required.FCALL argument must be word-aligned.FDuplicate ENTRY definition.FIllegal to call internal ENTRY.FPAGE-COUNTER and LINE-COUNTER may not be independently defined when report writer features are used.FImproper punctuation.FNot declared in an ENTRY or PD USING clause.FDuplicate WORKING-STORAGE SECTION.FSet-name or ANY expected.FSET expected.FERROR-STATUS expected.FIllegal combination of ERROR-STATUS USE PROCEDURES.FArea-name expected.FDuplicate SCHEMA SECTION.FALL, RECORD, AREA, SET, or set-name expected.WThis name shouldn't be more than 6 characters.FINTO expected.FALL or set-name expected.FCOMPILE expected.FINVALID, ONLY, SELECTIVE, ALL or no qualification expected.FSELECTIVE, ONLY, ALL, or record-name expected.FRecord-name, set-name, area-name, or RUN-UNIT expected.FRECORD expected.FFOR expected.FAREA or SET expected, or invalid previous identifier.FSUB-SCHEMA or sub-schema name expected.FINVOKE statement must follow SCHEMA SECTION.FSet-name expected.FCURRENT expected.FAmbiguous or incorrect RSE specification.FEXCLUSIVE, PROTECTED, or RETRIEVAL expected.FSet-name or area-name expected.FRECORD or record-name expected.FNo more than 10 area-names allowed per OPEN statement.FIncorrect privacy key.FUPDATE expected.FDECLARATIVES must immediately follow PROCEDURE DIVISION.FDuplicate COMMUNICATION SECTION.FCOMMUNICATION SECTION must precede REPORT SECTION.FMore than 11 data items in input CD.FCD-name expected.FINITIAL, INPUT or OUTPUT expected.FINPUT expected.FInvalid queue specification.FDATE, TIME or COUNT expected.FLENGTH expected.FIS or data-name expected.FOCCURS expected.FDESTINATION expected.FCLASS expected.FNumber of occurences in destination table must be less than 51.FMore than one INITIAL input CD.WClause previously used.FINPUT or OUTPUT expected.FTERMINAL or cd-name expected.FInvalid password.FMESSAGE or COUNT expected.FCOUNT expected.FMust be an output CD.FMust be alphanumeric.FInvalid end indicator.FDuplicate cd-name.FFROM or WITH expected.FMust be an input CD.FMESSAGE or SEGMENT expected.FPOINTER expected.FOVERFLOW expected.FDELIMITED BY clause required.FMust be a channel number.FCannot be an edited item.WPointer, counter or tallying item may have too few digits.FReceiving item contained in cd-record.FSTATUS expected.FOR or INTO expected.WCANCEL is not implemented yet -- this sentence ignored.FThis section is out of order.FSchema name may not also be a reserved word or data name or PROGRAM ID.FDuplicate CONTROL HEADING GROUP for this identifier.FDuplicate CONTROL FOOTING GROUP for this identifier.FColumn number must be greater than previous one in report line.FSOURCE or VALUE or (for CONTROL FOOTING only) SUM clause required.FRESET clause not allowed at GROUP level.FGROUP INDICATE clause not allowed at GROUP level.FCOLUMN NUMBER illegal at GROUP level.FSOURCE or SUM or VALUE clause not allowed at GROUP level.FNEXT GROUP clause allowed only at an 01 GROUP level.FRESET FINAL clause allowed only if there is a CONTROL FINAL.FGROUP INDICATE clause allowed only for TYPE DETAIL.FCONTROL FOOTING line number must be from FIRST DETAIL to FOOTING inclusive.FCONTROL HEADING or DETAIL line number must be from FIRST DETAIL to LAST DETAIL inclusive.FPAGE HEADING line number must be from HEADING to FIRST DETAIL inclusive.FREPORT HEADING or REPORT FOOTING line number must be from HEADING to PAGE-LIMIT inclusive.FPAGE FOOTING line number must be from FOOTING to PAGE-LIMIT inclusive.FRecord must be in a SORT FILE.FHEADING must be .le. to FIRST DETAIL.FFIRST DETAIL must be .le. to LAST DETAIL.FLAST DETAIL must be .le. to FOOTING.FCOPY not allowed within a library.FNot allowed in LINKAGE SECTION.FSubscript may not be in LINKAGE SECTION.FSubscripted subscript not allowed.WLeft-most truncation.FThere must be a LINE clause with or before the FIRST COLUMN clause in a report group.WMost significant digits truncated.WLeast significant digits truncated.ALeft-most truncation onARight-most truncation onAMost significant digits truncated onALeast significant digits truncated onAZeroes put intoFConflicts with a USE procedure in SECTIONFClass conflicts with class of literal specified as
VALUE for condition nameFUSAGE must be INDEX.FClass must be alphanumeric.FWrong size for this item.FUsage must be DISPLAY.FClass must be numeric.FCan not have any decimal places.FCan not be in the LINKAGE SECTION.FCan not be in the FILE SECTION.FCan not have a JUSTIFIED clause.FCan not be edited.FCan not be subscripted.FBLANK WHEN ZERO not allowed.FMust not be signed.FMay not be used as a FILE STATUS item.FIllegal CANCEL of internal ENTRY.FEBCDIC files may not have non-standard LABELS.WCan not follow a level 77 item - assuming level 01.WMaximum compare length of 2047 characters is exceeded.FNeither a non-numeric literal nor a long numeric literal nor a figurative constant may be used to identify a record to be retained.FA COMP value must be used when identifying a record of a SEQUENTIAL or RANDOM file to be RETAINed.FA data name or literal used to identify a record of an INDEXED file to be RETAINed must match the SYMBOLIC KEY of the file in usage and size.FOnly sixteen files may be opened by a single OPEN statement.FFiles being opened for simultaneous update must be opened for INPUT-OUTPUT (I-O).WThe presence of a FOR clause alone does not open a file for simultaneous update; an OTHERS clause is required.FReceiving item may not be edited or justified.FInvalid RECORDING MODE.FBoth WRITE ADVANCING and WRITE POSITIONING clauses are used on this file.FIdentifier or numeric literal expected.FOnly AFTER POSITIONING is allowed.FPositioning item must be described by PIC X.FMust be an integer in the range 0 - 3.FAll records in a file whose recording mode is F must be the same size.FOnly densities of 800 or 1600 BPI are allowed with STANDARD ASCII.WThis report group will cause blank lines to be printed since it contains a LINE clause but no COLUMN clauses.WMaximum ALTERNATE AREAS exceeded; set to maximum value of 62.FVariable in this context must be defined in SUB-SCHEMA.WMaximum of 1023 characters will be accepted.WRounding ignored.FWITH SEQUENCE CHECK expected.FOCCURS maximum of 32,767 exceeded.FTransaction-name expected.FACTUAL KEY required only for RANDOM files.FBYTE and BINARY mode not both allowed.FHas a DEPENDING variable not declared in an ENTRY or PD USING clause.FLINKAGE subscripts must be usage COMP with fewer than 11 digits, and may not have an additive.WSequenced (/S) source file assumed.FMaximum of 18 decimal places exceeded.FIllegal for this dataname to have a scaling factor.F'==' Expected.WDevice missing -- TTY assumed.FLibrary file not found.FCorresponding END DECLARATIVES not seen.WRERUN count maximum of 65535 assumed.FKey not contained in sort-file.WDISPLAY-6, DISPLAY-7 or DISPLAY-9 expected -- DISPLAY-6 assumed.FThis item may not have a DEPENDING variable.FSort key must not contain an OCCURS clause.FRecord size must match RECORD CONTAINS clause in FD of file whose RECORDING MODE is F.FIdentifier or non-numeric literal expected.FIdentifier, non-numeric literal, or SIZE expected.FALTERNATE RECORD KEY not supported.F.FMust be a key or subordinate item with the same starting position.WIncorrect and ambiguous syntax.WPeriod ignored.WRECORD CONTAINS clause does not match max. record size, RECORD CONTAINS clause ignored.FBLOCK CONTAINS character count too small, file is unblocked.FALTERNATE KEY may only be specified for INDEXED files.FSimultaneous update not supported for RMS files.FKEY IS allowed only when file is INDEXED.FKey must be DISPLAY mode.FKey size must be less than 256 characters.FCALL/ENTER arg expected.FIllegal CALL/ENTER arg.FOPEN EXTEND may only be specified for sequential files.FIF or SEARCH not allowed in WHEN clause of SEARCHFEnding == not found.FMust be an integer in the range 0 - 255.FThis data item must be described as an integer.FMay only appear in a USE BEFORE REPORTING procedure.FSUPPRESS not allowed for DETAIL lines - use GENERATE <rdname>.FZERO is the only figurative constant allowed.FIdentifier must be one-word computational or indexFREDEFINES not allowed at 01 level in COMMUNICATION SECTION.WDISPLAY-7 assumed - it is the only usage allowed here.WSize of user-defined CD entry is not equal to the default size.FNO or integer expected.FMay not reference a report in a USE BEFORE REPORTING
 procedure which uses the same file as the USE report group.FData-name illegal at this point, statement or paragraph name expected.WUnexpected results may occur when the variable part is not the last part of the record.FMissing 9 in PICTURE clause after S.FReserved word BY allowed only once in UNSTRINGWLibrary module name too long - truncated to 8 characters.WLibrary file-name.ext too long - truncated to 9 characters.WNo room for significant digit before first commaWMEMORY SIZE too large, maximum assumedFOperand too large to use in literal compareFUsage must be DISPLAY to write from an ASCII recordADEC extension - HIGH-VALUES is highest collating sequence value, not the highest numeric valueADEC extension - Highest numerical value usedADEC extension - ZERO is only FIGURATIVE CONSTANT allowed for numeric fields by ANSI StandardWRecord size is less than maximum computed size.WContinuation of comment-entry by '-' is not permitted in COBOL-74.WBLANK WHEN ZERO and '*' not allowed together in COBOL-74.WNumeric literal must be unsigned integer in COBOL-74.WCOBOL-74 syntax is DELETE file-name INVALID KEY.WNon-standard labels are illegal in COBOL-74.WAll items which are immediately subordinate to a group item must have the same level-number in COBOL-74.WShould be unsigned integer in COBOL-74.WRecord size not the same as SD file as required by 74 standard.WComparing different size items may be different in COBOL-74.WSET TALLY TO 0 generated here but not required.WThe VALUE clause is initialized independent of the JUSTIFIED clause in COBOL-74.WNot in abbreviated combined relation conditions may generate different codeWReplace by ACCEPT cd-name MESSAGE COUNT.WContents of DELIMITER may be different in COBOL-74.WImproper character for CURRENCY SIGN in COBOL-74.WTALLY generated here but not required.WReplace LOW-VALUE hack with appropriate COBOL-74 syntax.WReplace TODAY with ACCEPT FROM DAY, DATE, or TIME as appropriate.WSWITCHes are defined differently in COBOL-74.WThis is a new reserved word in COBOL-74.(
:1:5:9:<:>:A:E:H:K:O:S:V:Z:\:`:c:e:h:j:l:o:r:u:y:}:::	:y:|:::::::::#:':+:.:2:5:9:>:A:E:H:K:N:Q:S:V:Z:^:`:d:h:m:r:u:{:~::::
:::::::: :":%:(:,:1:3:5:8:<:?:B:D:G:I:M:R:S:U:Y:[:\:`:d:i:n:q:v:z:{:}:::::::::::#:$:(:,:.:0:4:7:::<:>:A:D:E:H:J:O:Q:V:Y:\:^:a:d:h:n:s:w:x:|::	:	
:	:	:	:	:	:	#:	':	+:	.:	1:	4:	;:	=:	A:	D:	G:	I:	L:	O:	Q:	S:	V:	Z:	]:	_:	a:	g:	i:	k:	n:	t:	y:	~:
|:::	:::$:):,:/:1:6:>:E:N:X:d:i:m:t:v:z:~:
::	:::::::$:':*:/:3:9:>:@:C:G:L:O:U:Y:^:a:e:k:o:s:w:y:|::::
:::::: :$:&:(:+:.:2:5:::@:F:S:]:l:r:{:::::::#:':.:5:A:G:M:R:T:X:\::c:g:o:y:}::::
:::::!:&:+:4:8:>:B:B:I:M:O:X:^:d:i:n:q:u:x:{:::	::!:(:.:3:8:=:H:M:S:Z::g:o:t:y:::	::pHJ:GH?a8a8.a8 hH4.a8.Ah>.P.
a8.Aa8.)8.a8.a8.a8@V>	Ea8.a8.`B
BHv/"y8.a8.a8	%x|a8.a8.t8z	D1)L3I8.a8.QV6&q^8'8.a8.qf:'1n<'Q8.Y8.a8.a8.a8.i8.d	!)
&?,^Z|,C4N> -[p0Z8*|:Zp
&@+4.TMP (
0) file not found
&M+4CPYFIL not found
F`H+lFF+gFFF (?,,^+a (,_ (>`+_+v 0(,~ (,_: #O@F (,_ ( H m1(#+,>,>7,_5H{ #,;zF+ (,_,,o7
+_,_5H	,~H5HA:Z( Tt.4 Tt.4 Tu.4 TZ.4/&404+Z.4	t+K+ T"`!`X . VP.6*td@@@@ 4@@P@@P=4 4 T,~`@+77T+)3T+0,:  . `:/4V+ g Z`<v*='  `; \g Q6n*6p 34,~@@,>X+ 4 TP X.Y+@+H0T,) 8 XP=40@@@@l ,,:  . `/46=:4V++'Q8` .0Vg*8_ \_++a@,~ ,>,:2T+B x4TI,>X,@t,:2Tx+G,^,>X 4,8,0 P.VP=4K 6 V ,) 4 62T.P=4Q1v+],],g+W,>,,^,+T, 47@P+Z=4X+S,8*,8,0+O 4@@3T+a>P6@P+e@@P,=4^ 0V,~ :X+]>PO@P:+a 42T6@P=4g44t4Tt 6W2V6@X=6j46t . p . hQ<} p2Xh+r*\s9p28h =6j:x,~`@+{ 3T,~.!PX4n*4q::x,~,g+ .!XX6n*6q,:x,~ 4 TP  l(p+@@v@zd(~.Y+@+ AZl(r+@=4,~ TP X . `Q8}?`X+X4\ \`*x,~ TP pl<\+@+
&Z+KO@P,~. PQ4}  \P!`?``+ P\`*t,~ \P pl<^+@+
&^+K 4a,:X,~ : :04 47@P=:4:# T,~  P 42T.VP=4% 43T 4 T,~ TP X.b PtXZ(+@ X.b!8K8!XPg@z+@+I,~ TP X.c PtXZ(+@ X.c!8K8!XPg@z+@+J,~ TP Xl6p+@,~"4 2v+=(V V(V4VG.24+E . h d p2Xh+D*\E9B28h+=(V4V/+?9
&o 4 TP Xl6r+@=4L
&r ~,~QTVINX>XzgINX>p{gINX?}
X %Input error on Cref Sort file
%Output error on Cref Sort file
Pn%Cannot Open Cref scratch file
%Cannot Enter Cref scratch file
%Cannot find Cref scratch file
%Not enough memory for Cref Sort
%Compilation continuing without Cref
 ^t *>u +`\+|`\ +}`\+~ <+~ <+~7
& .8
&!*> t+4`tUnknown APR trapPush-down OverflowIllegal Memory Reference	Reference to non-existent memory at location $
@@@@m+ u``+ u7@I`` +7@?+ u <hX\r,1+ u!4 T#@@F@@a` l Z`  .|=.< 0<O@4,&l+. 44+ ,!YZr1\i+ h:r0\h++,%G   RN+-,','Z  l RY,1,,4H$ 
4(8 4+I0T1Tl,alk,, ,!wa`,"@@
S`9.d <+J+t7;?Ku,,Z ,$L,!Aa`,"9.Z,, 
x,^a`,"!.2=p@+.Zal@++H`l +]`l@+b`l+g`l *`l *`l *`l *`l@+l,,al7,#F <,!A``+Z,$4,,[,o.2=pT+.#.#1#j%. 1x+a 8,#
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+. 1x	+k 8	,#	"8	.x+h,#	+.,#v  <,!A <*,!A*``9Z,$4,$',& ,$4,o+Z`l@+ `l + 6`l+ L`l+ `l+}`l+|
[,$La`,"+=p}+.``+  L4| ,olO@L A&`l+  . `H+ *``+ ,r, (,"} +N,
 A&.4q4T  (,_&4 (P,_ (X,_,o,od A&.4q&4(T.4X3TL+ / TL, ,!Y,'nZ + / <.|[p.Y4q7@/@ Zd,~. XV``+.,o, ( +O,
,"},o, (,"} (,_,o+. (,_,_+_``+ /m@,o, (,"} (,_,o4q7@7   .1RX+. +T,
"4.t7`,r:e+.``+.7@?+ >7@L+ <ZA8.*:+U5Z =:A+. ``z+.:\L+ @ LK+.0\+ Da@,o, ( K, F (,_ , F+. (,_A8,"s (,_ L0T,~lO@L+oalk,,Z,$LA,1L/:`@1Rh+ U 4+Y,
"4.T:e+.`@+ W,!YZ RN``+.,o0L+.1N+ ^0N+. +Z <,!d +Z+ b (r 0< (o,  +[GL,>, (,%; (,_l,o,^,%!.+[ ,!d+.,!Ya@+ k,'y+ l,','O 
4j o
&+]``+ u +c,
7@	,
,o,!-6@?,!86@?d ,!6`e,!(6@>,(W (,_& 
+e!<p`!:r`2J+e+ ~7 +!2J+f+!7@>+!@l@p+@+@+ +@3J+f+..
+f.+f.+f+ |l ,! e +i,! +l,!"a`
&+l+o +m``+!
>+!o,o6@4,!*6@E,! D.E4V! E +o,! +p,!" D +r,!a`
&+l+o +t,
+o5T! (',!) (7,!)7,!%,!"1T,~ (9+!)a`
&p4H J,_+!# &6QXx6@,!&[x.(a`
"+_,!l  +za`
=``+!0 +}+!3 ,,
=/*,$C ,,
4jo ,,
 ,"e+o ,,
 @,!= ,,
 A,!=+o7, 8&,>6@,!>,^.(+_7@I,~\ Z:M1\aN+!OZ1Hd ,1He ,1Hf ,ah+!O,>,!Y ,,O!(@,O,^,O!(X+O*b!X`@+!_ 6 ,:M P,O*t!R.VN`@+!b!4 TMS TM , ,,~7@I,~ZM7@+!T 6P"4P!`X4Ma@+!R.,+!` , P,O:m*t!`@@M@@M , ,,~7@m7@I,~ Y HP \Pa@k 4TZ 4.TY.TZ Z`tp,~ , P,O*t!m!4 TZ@@[ 4[ TY , TZ,~ZZ6@I7@,~.4"`!`X4Z+!m*r0J?+!z4+H1T+ h0*1+,(J.**
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 (`l,_(, .(,_ (,_ ( `l,_bL, +"5N" (`f,"+`l,"x+oZ0H#1HO@,~,$4 ,!,%; (,_4,!,%5 (,_ ( `z,_,"+P
`z,"x6,"1V+o(,^4/,%5+o,>,$46@,")!<A&6s+@\),"}d@`N,~+"a.`@+"3`z``+":Z,"e ,#,
,"}``,~`@74,~1T,~:e ,&+
l@,"}d@ A4.4,'5T"@ (,_ (,_aN+"a,~Za@+"G^`5<"G#` (,_+"GZA4a@ +"e+"p A8Z.* PhaT+"Qat+"OZ+"I (,_,"s+"aZ.,"}+"a6t+\"T"U"["X6sA.+@\),%;+"a6s+@\),%; (,_ +"dY<%+Pa`7,' ,(+%; +[GL,~Z+"d`n+"j a\,~ (,_A< ,(`vp4H"e.(,_avp,~+"g`N+%_7 +"n (,_+"d ,),
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 ,_ ,/,
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:e":.Z :+#d ,D,%; (,_(,:4H#n (,_!<@,%; W :(\4\#s(,E.(,_=z#p7TW,~ (",_+%5,>,, HW,, HW/01p+#~,, HX/01p+#~,, HX=#@@X@@X W/(@z7,:$<.`vp+$7@X6@X+$ "c5Z$*/" (x$+$*)g/"g4H$#0t 47 "`/(TVT)I`z+$)/"(T&44\)q."W@5H$
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%%%%%%%4s+@T) A6. <,~4s+@T) A6/ <,~ ,K,
:e"4.TX:,~X/:,~/. ,L,~ 4dA4+$T <X:,~Z480t+%XT%+PD+L%CN, Ja`+% : <,~ ( ,L4V%-$(1V
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7@	7,P+,Q,O!(,OZ,O,,,O@,Oa`7,U ,U,O@,O,r,o ,V ,!d!:Z@,!A ,X,&!:k` . ,%,$L,!A ,Z,&!:k@ . ,`,$L,!AO@L ,],&Z Z
A8.:`Q:P,<,!A,,`,'V6N,"a,&!:k`!.X,$,$L,!A,,c,&ZVZ;,"a,&!:ap . ,.,$L,!A ,h,&7@7+&
!:` <Xd.5,!A ,e,'VZ5,"a,&!:ap . ,x,$L,!A ,j,&!,|X
! . ,!w,".2+!Y,'V9o,!YZRN,oZ < 3T@|,!A ,l,'V ,"e,o ,m ,!d.2Z <6@:3Z@|,!A ,o,'V ,"e,& <a`k!:X ,!A ,q,'Va`7,q ,s,
Z,"e,&Z <,!A ,u,'VZ,"e,&6Z> I <,!A4Z&1 ,w,'V ,%; (,_+&2 ,y,'V,& *Z`/: <,!A``9&9 ,z,'V (h,_ (,_,&.8*x&3Z/:G: <,!A ,|,'VZ,"e,& *@|,!A6@?+&D <ax < ` ,z,'V,%?,&.8*x&@@ /,!A ,},'V /,%? -,
,!A -,'V 
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,&@<Z.:@,!A@-,'VZ,"e,&@6	@,!A,-	,'V,	@,"e,&@,	A,!A,-,'V,	A,"e,&@`	A,!A-,O7@
7@	+&+' -,Ok!(,O (.,Oa`7- (,O -,O@,O (/,O /,O``+' ,,O@(,O -,O@(,O <hX\rR`,r   \YZ.< T`p.<[wA8Q8`.1|h+'Z.< \[p.Y/@ Zd < \LO@L,(l@rN,&+!Y 
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 ,"} (,_ (,_,&*J';Z(1\+'7[/A8.
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 `,%! H:M*b'F,'IS4 TM@TM -[(A8.*` 1j`+'>ZM4T J"4PQ4PX4M P,O*t'KS4 TM@TM -,~ -,O!(``l(@,O``7= ,O``7 ( +O``,~,>,$4,^hC+
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&-",~ = R6@I6@?+( 4 T,!T  RN R,(O,(? R	,(O,( R	,(O,(4X<OQ\	 R
,!Y 4 T+!T@@@@	@@	,~ 2&,~ < QR`,!AZ<:O4Z( 8> <[.S:h0X1X Z! !X+(! < .,!A.2 , <<=4\((80X+((.6: <v= <6N4V(+ ,4V.
+(-6C4V(.., 4tU.Z8.,Q`.",7Q < `,!A*x(2*f( 2&,~ < Q,!A < 4-'5T(:. +(;. ,!A < ,!A@|,!A.2.-'+(4 
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.(Z4\(NPF[.0p"<pQ < ,!A*f(L9
(@Q.2G@|,!A9 J 84X(V,L0X1X,~Zp5\(Q,~ <,~!4 T#@@F@@ ^~ 
\( 	@z\+) /XT(,
+(f*T(bh( HP+(_d(~h((( HP4-(0T, +(_,@@@q -)*4s,r,u+o -)!6FVP*t(k -) 6q P2XX+(o*T(z9(m,o -**4s 4 -*4H(t.(,_9(rd (,_.414+(u 4`` 4 Tn+)>`n+(,o (,_,_,_ 4`` 4 Tn (,_[q 6,)	 ql\+(i,> (,_,u+),^3\q+(i+(j,^+o&8QZx<v),)	[x.(+_?`+):x,~\+)
<@,~ (+
&-+	`+$R,$v,$a+$T,$s,$f+%+%,%X+%Xd+%X,%X+"F..+"0.+"I+"B+"S!< +Z ,',"^ --!<`,% -.68}g5'G2"NPQ(\:]/*DB$esI4[5RmP;ar!Cd_4b%-)Dt]w!znX=3vu5
9J.L 9k1C~=(H%]<~
42Z/?T+OA?0{/Je1'NMT'&Wa&5uTX0-YP+E	n<95w,*%cZA)Z={Z/PC$L`%PD2+}?x/$U?^6|ov:;mjoV".z-4Ref*yG8Fag?5Wy&W
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7A6Yi,@"Xrh+/^b6r5\.z@!pgAI,H*-1|WZ4x!^;mP@!B()-z-f Rr3Y8y( N@ 'sKc1a(1p>\-9y*2>,N4g'7T?
lh<\j6HmH%NiJB*6$T)x$$T)x$T)x$T)x ` 	AP:b8T
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$dy$*%a>1FIZ8g9t> ("E#I
b^Y-KJx`0l3f4[~n5Jka1@B P't2%NM:		%DT:		%PR:	l*%POINT:	'%COMMA:	'%MONEY:	'l*`@[?4P`@[?4Z `A[?4[ `F[?5P`G[?5[ `D[?5``D[?5j `E[?5k `B[?60`B[?6: `\C `\C%`]C%P`]C$ `^gV`^gV`gVP`J[V``J[Ve`HS7-@`HS7-J `Wq `NI'0`NI'5`OI'5P`LSN``LSNj `MSNk `2M& `3M&+ `6MN `7MN+ `:M7 `;M7+ `>M6 `?M6+ `/IB`.Y`/S `.S2$  tC? |g? ~g?y  }g?I `eGlP`aGLP`gGlp`cGLp`fGly `bGLy `dGm@``GM@`eGmI `aGMI `gGm``cGM``iUVn	 `kUVn	``jUVn	r`hUVn`iUVn`kUVn@ VUK@ mg.N	  og.N	` ng.N	r lg.N mg.N og.N@ng.N `AiJtP`CiJu``Ai2tP`Ci2u``[UN`XaW
@`TE3  g'+  g%{ `Vi`C:%P`S?86`*QJez `8QKz `0QK`4QK* `g'(@`hCJ8`{g>Tp`TKb`GeJ `Hi3P`Xi2x`g$86 g$;6@Ya? `(I6~i `(I6~k@`*I6~i6`*I6~kV`&I$@`&IO, `'I7-@`'IN``RCND0`6Q3 `#QJeP`4QK `1QKP %Q2g,` )Q2e|` 5QK,` 9QK|``+M3& VU@`PCN@`2M&* `6MN* `:M7* `>M6* `XaW`Ya? -S`-CT,`QYN@`Ii3TP`Ki3U``Ji3T`IiKTP`KiKU``JiKT`EitP`Giu``Fit`MiTP`OiU``NiT`]i|P`_i}``^i|`"QJe@g' @g%p`HiKP`&QJg `2Q3`0QK`$Q2g `C: `SYND0`C:%`S?`S? VUK@ng.N  vC? G[?5\` |g?@ g?p`g%x@`XaW
@`@[?4Z `Pi2`Ri2`$I
@`$I `%In`%I&``C:$86`)Kc$[R t G7; G79  G7; KN@ G79r G7;@ G79` G[$HW G[$HZ G[$HW G[$) [?6;` [?6= [?6; [?6<U q
Bad MISC. operator

				******** PHASE ERROR ********

				****** IMPROPER RELOC ******

=/*+ m%MEMORY SIZE exceeded in object program


?H+m Fatal ErrorH+n, H+p WarningH+qNo Errors DetectedH+rMaximum low segment size exceeded in object program

Program break is H+{

High segment break is H+~
Low segment break is H,


Optimizer summery:

Number of instructions deleted:	H,
Number of tags deleted:		H,`2`2`2	~`M~xNDM~hM~pNHM~`ZH[?Phase G UUO conversion error

&,l @*+!{6$aW
a>Mm0<		;H,"	******NO FLAG IN EXTAB******H,#@PMI9gR-$
 - H,)$
>-jw_^sw`H,*Hp0H,~+#H$HHHf.,0+#SIXBIT	H,1EBCDIC	H,3ASCII	H,4-1*2**70H,6 ,7,
				****** BAD COMP-2 CONSTANT ******

				****** BAD COMP-1 CONSTANT ******


				******** BAD INCREMENT *********
H,GR-\H 6+%+H
Hq^ e:+\8bT3_[ ,,O@,O ,P,O@+O`('I`0IV?QjSTART.:	JFCLH,V	JSP	16,COBST.##H,X	JSP	14,C.RSET##H,[	XWD	0,H,]	AOS	%PARAMH,_	JSP	16,CBDDT.##H,a	MOVEI	16,%LIT00H,c	PUSHJ	17,INITDB##H,f	PUSHJ	17,M.INIT##H,h%FILES:	XWD	0,H,kBz%USES:	XWD	0,H,m%SEGWD:	XWD	H,oH,^400000,H,r%ALTER:	XWD	0,H,s%OVRFN:	SIXBIT	"H,u%OVRFN:	OCT	0H,xH`%MEMRY:	OCT	H,z%COBVR:	H,|	;COBOL version numberH,~%COBSW:	H-	;Compiler assembly switchesH-%PUSHL:	OCT	H-%SURRT: XWD	0,H-%SUEQT: XWD	0,H-
x09d%MFZ	@H-XWD	0,H-@(EXTNXT improperly set up
@(~pN~pN(?Cannot initialize overlay file
?Monitor error--could't find OVR file after closing
?Monitor error--couldn't update OVR file
 Pn<n>rXn=hqHn?Couldn't find cref fileO?%sGfE(Bad constant type in ASYFIL

+-:m<#d\m Z<4X\0*<,\.,3 \ 3@\@@@@4<-X\(<.X\* 3 \ <vX\* <0	|R`,2"6T
 ,<1\#G(`H+-W1\ l(;D:E H431t14z+-],1`*f-]/&Q&+-N H*f-N
&3FZ0:p+-NhaX+-hX*F-k431t14z9-`hX.:*f-`=-k431t14z9-`.:9-`/&,1`4(-qaH;D:E431t14z+-k,1`+-k!< \,1j Fa`+-u7@D6@E+-v``+.6,G,B"3
,> (,. (,^0\1\,.0\1\,.9.
"+_`@,0+-w,> 0B?`h+.# 6v
 H431t14z9..&9.2Fx+.%,^+.' 4.'*x,>,>+0$``l "r1B?+.4!48 T#@@F@@,r``
&3 3,0q,0m,0mA",0U ,0`.& "r0B?+.07@P+.6 3,0q@a`+.9   Z 7@
7@	73+.=6@:.<6@7.<,\Ea`+.D+b.<G<.<1< <.E \  <,/M+.F.\ .\  <,/M.V ,066@?``7+/K6@
"4.T49,/e (,_,/p: 66@72< l2<,
5V.`: l2>,
41 (1t1,_1t,_,/^ 3,
: l2@,
,o<,1W5\.O 2\+.g 2\+.g 3\+/(,rZ27Z+/(.
Zh4\.p8,1W4\.p1X+.u1X+/1X+.pZp5\.j9.h,/S (,_,_,/p 3,
,o+.o,/S (,_,_,/p p`v+.|`v@+/`v +/ 3 ,
+.t 3",
 A4,/^ (,_ p`v+/av+.t73$ 3&,
+.t 3',
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O@H,/S4S,/e (,_ (,_4>1T 4&1T 4!,/[ (,_,/p4@ T27,
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&3JdH(@@?@@3VH3WH3YH3ZH3\H3]H3^H3H3`H3aH3bH3dH3eH3gH3iH3kH3mH3oH3pH3rH3sSOURCE					  ACCESS    RECORDING    BLOCKING
 LINE	FILE NAME			   MODE	      MODE        FACTOR        LABELS



                        ***** NOTA BENE *****
Because of the limitation on line numbers, error messages can refer to
lines  1 through 8189 only.  Therefore, any error shown as occuring on
line K where 0<K<8190 could actually refer to any  line  of  the  form
N*8188+K.   However,  since  the  line  numbers also wrap around it is
sufficient to look at all lines with line number K  to  see  to  which
line the message actually applies.

&3u,~5o9o*8*8((H3FATAL - $E@ ,AError table full, warnings being removed
??Unknown??H3-,0o (+0o	 in phase H31***	H33H5gV
H1;,sHp TALLYH3D ??Unknown??H3E
ERAFIL not found
%Could not recover Name Table.
Compilation continuing without maps, trace or object listing.
?			DISPLAY-6		DISPLAY-7		DISPLAY-9		1-WORD COMP		2-WORD COMP		COMP-1			INDEX			COMP-3			COMP-2			SORT FILESEQUENTIAL    RANDOM       ISAM         ?        SIXBIT          BINARY          ASCII           EBCDIC           OMITTED      STANDARD   NON-STANDARD      ?       ?Compiler error--'WARNW' called in phase F