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                         DECSYSTEM20 TOOLS TAPE

  The information in this document is subject to change without notice 
  and should not be construed as a commitment by Digital Equipment 
  Corporation.  Digital Equipment Corporation assumes no 
  responsibility for any errors that may appear in this document.

  Digital Equipment Corporation assumes no responsbility for the use 
  or reliability of its software on equipment that is not supplied by 

  Copyright  (C)  1980 by Digital Equipment Corporation

The TOOLs tape being distributed with  TOPS20  contains  software  tools
which  are in constent use in during the development, documentation, and
testing of DECSYSTEM20 software.  There have been many customer requests
for  access  to  these  tools.   Because  they are merely tools used for
creating software products and not software  products  themselves,  they
have  neither  funded  development nor funded support.  However, because
they are important for the development  of  products,  these  tools  are
normally kept up to date.

The tools tape has been created to  provide  customer  access  to  these
software  tools.   The  software  on this tape is customer installed and
customer supported.  There is no direct nor implied  commitment  on  the
part  of  Digital  to  support  these  software tools.  Nor is there any
commitment that  the  documentation  enclosed  accurately  reflects  the
software functionality.

The software described in this document is furnished  under  the  TOPS20
license  and  may be used or copied only in accordance with the terms of
such license.

There are four different software tools on the tape, each contained in a
separate DUMPER save set.

     1.  DSR -- DEC Standard RUNOFF

         This is an extended version of RUNOFF.  It fixes  many  of  the
         bugs, provides a number of new features, and is compatible with
         varients which run  under  VAX/VMS.   Along  with  this  RUNOFF
         (called  DSR),  there are post-processing programs for creating
         tables of contents and indexes.

     2.  SYSDPY -- SYSTEM Display Utility

         This program displays a variety of system oriented  information
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         on  a  CRT.   The  display  is  kept  up  to  date  at periodic
         intervals.  It is a useful tool  for  the  system's  programmer
         when evaluating system load and/or per-job resource usage.

     3.  MS -- Mail System

         This  mail  system  can  be  used  in  conjunction   with   the
         MAIL/RDMAIL  system  already  available on the DECSYSTEM20.  It
         contains a large number of features  for  processing,  replying
         to, and forwarding electronic mail.

     4.  NRT20 -- Networked Remote Terminals

         This tool consists of a pair of tasks which can talk  across  a
         DECNET link for the purpose of providing a link from a terminal
         on one system to the other system.  While it has low bandwidth,
         it  is  extremely  useful in an environment where more than two
         DECSYSTEM20's are linked by DECNET.