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KS10.DOC -- Doc file for KS10 microcode V130                    Page 2

1.0  Summary

The KS10 microcode executes in the 2020 CPU and allows  that  hardware
to execute the DECsystem-10/DECSYSTEM-20 instruction set and software.

1.1  Purpose of the release

This release of the KS10 microcode adds support  required  by  TOPS-10
version 7.03.  It also makes location 136 conform to the LSG microcode
version identification standard.

1.2  New Features

The TOPS-10 microcode supports the BLTUB and BLTBU instructions, which
perform  the  byte-swapping operations needed by communication devices
on the Unibus.  It also will not use a CST if the CST base address  is
specified as 0.

1.3  Testing

KS10 microcode version 130 has been tested in-house and  runs  TOPS-20
Version 4 and TOPS-10 versions 7.02 and 7.03.

1.4  Bibliography

KS124.TXT, TL, Detailed changes in and rationale for edit 124.
KS10.DOC -- Doc file for KS10 microcode V130                    Page 3

2.0  External Changes

2.1  Changes

The following changes have been made between version 123  and  version

     1.  Assembly options to support TOPS-10 v 7.03.

     2.  Support of the Version standard's use of location 136.

     3.  A  microcode  which  supports  UBABLT  instructions  supports
         EITHER  KI  or  KL  paging.   It  does  NOT  support both, as
         previous microcodes have.

     4.  Bugs in UBR and process context word handling were fixed.

     5.  Bugs in JSR and JSA which caused them not to work as overflow
         instructions were fixed.

     6.  A bug which caused the  processor  to  hang  if  a  KL-Paging
         instruction   was   executed  in  certain  circumstances  was
KS10.DOC -- Doc file for KS10 microcode V130                    Page 4

3.0  Known Bugs and Deficiencies

MOVSLJ does not work when executed by PXCT.  EA CALC  is  not  correct
when  being  fetched  from  previous  context.  There is currently not
enough microcode space to fix this bug.

WRSPB, WRCSB, WRPUR, WRCSTM, and WRHSB require the word  at  E  to  be
writable,  even  though  they  only  read  the  location.   This  is a
restriction caused by the DROM, and will not be ECO'd,  as  these  are
privileged instructions, and placing this data in a write-enabled page
is viewed as acceptable.  
KS10.DOC -- Doc file for KS10 microcode V130                    Page 5

4.0  Installation Instructions

KS10.ULD is installed with SMFILE.

5.0  Internal Changes

Comments and pagination have been adjusted.  See also section 2.

6.0  Suggestions