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User-Definable Commands

User-definable commands are available at both the  system  programming
level and at the monitor command level for the timesharing user.

As a timesharing user, you use the DECLARE command to define a command
to  run  a  specified program for your job.  This can be done during a
timesharing session, or you can  include  the  DECLARE  command  in  a
SWITCH.INI  file.   Any  program  can  be  invoked with a user-defined

For example, you can  define  COMPAR  as  a  user-defined  command  to
execute the FILCOM program as follows:


You can also use DECLARE to display  your  job's  command  list.   The
commands in the following list were defined previously.



Use the COMPAR command.  Use CTRL/T to display the  current  state  of
your  job,  including  the  name of the program that is running.  Note
that, although CTRL/T  is  shown  here,  it  does  not  echo  on  your
terminal.  CTRL/Z is used to exit FILCOM and return to the monitor.


     Day: 14.83 Run: 0.14 R2.5 Wr:6 FILCOM 3+4P TI PC:401570
     Input wait for TTY70:

For more information on user-definable commands, see the help file for
the DECLARE command.