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This is the first TOPS Software Update tape for  TOPS-20  KL
V7.0 and unbundled supported products.

TSU supports updates for  BASIC-PLUS-2  V2A,  COBOL-20  V13,
DBMS  V6.1, DECnet-20 V4, FORTRAN-20 V11, IBMCOM-20 ET V2.1,
IBMCOM-20 HASP V1.1, SORT-20  V5,  TCP/IP  V4,  and  bundled
TOPS-20 V7.0 components including GALAXY.

We recommend that you start with  the  product  distribution
tapes  rather  than the previous Autopatch areas.  There are
control files in the first saveset to assist in  setting  up
product  areas.   For  this  first  tape  you should use the
TSUALL.CTL file to load updates  from  the  TSU  tape.   For
subsequent  tapes  use  the  TSUNEW.CTL  file.   See the TSU
manual (TSU.MEM) for more details.

There are many files in the Sources saveset of  the  TOPS-20
distribution  tape  which  require  the  BLISS-36 product in
order to compile.  If you do not have  BLISS-36  or  do  not
want  to  maintain  these  files, you may delete these files
from your update area.  There is a file (DELBLI.CMD) on  the
first  saveset  to  accomplish  this.  You also will need to
modify the TSUNEW.CTL and TSUALL.CTL  files  to  remove  the
verification process which uses the T20SRB.VFY file.

The TSU update process does not  rebuild  products  at  your
site.  If you need to rebuild a product then you need to use
standard building procedures.  These are documented  in  the
installation  guides  for  the specific products.  Note that
standard pre-built components,  including  the  monitor  and
EXEC, are delivered on the TSU tape.

The DBMS V6.1 interface modules have been  included  in  the
CBLSRC  area.   The  TSU  process delivers a pre-built COBOL
compiler with DBMS enabled.  The library and OTS do not have
DBMS  support.  To reintegrate updated DBMS support into the
OTS and library submit the DBMS20.CTL file as  described  in
the DBMS Installation Guide.

The MX V1.1 components which were  distributed  on  previous
Autopatch  tapes  have been included on the TSU tape as part
of the T20SRC area.  Also, the ACJ package,  SYSDPY  and  an
updated  BUILD.MEM  file  have  been  provided in the T20SRC

All files for unbundled products are encrypted  on  the  TSU
tape.   Even  though the files have a normal name, they will
not function properly until they have been  decrypted.   The
TSUALL  and  TSUNEW control files will decrypt automatically
using the new APUTIL tool.  This tool uses file lists  which
are  supplied on the TSU tape.  The manual use of APUTIL, if
needed, is described in the TSU.MEM file.  You may also  use
the DCRYPT tool which is supplied on the TSU tape to decrypt
a file.  The required KEY files were shipped on  the  latest
product  distribution  tapes  or  have been recently shipped
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separately to maintenance customers of record.

The TSU tape has three major sections, as described  in  the
TSU20.MEM  file.   The  second  section, NEW, contains files
which are new  for  this  TSU  tape.   The  first  TSU  tape
contains  some  files  in the NEW section for products which
have no new edits.  This is a result  of  the  new  internal
process  we  are using to gather product updates.  The files
have not been previously  delivered  but  do  represent  the
latest maintained state of the product.

All files in the NEW  section  also  appear  in  the  UPDATE
section.   For  this  first  TSU  tape  users  should create
directories for the desired products and use the  LODxxx.CTL
files  to  do  initial loading from distribution tapes.  The
TSUALL.CTL file is then  used  to  restore  files  from  the
UPDATE  section  of the TSU tapes.  For subsequent TSU tapes
the TSUNEW.CTL file is used to restore files  from  the  NEW
section  of  the  TSU  tapes.   Read  the  TSU.MEM  file for