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TOPS20 Change Order Number 4.2542

Written by: DBELL		23-Oct-79 14:43:12

Edit checked: NO			   Document: NO
  TCO Tested: NO		Maintenance Release: NO
Hardware-related: YES

Program: dx20ld
   Routines Affected:	vrfdx

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In verifying the DX20 microcode, DX20LD does a poor job on an error:
	1.	It quits on the first comparison error found.
	2.	It doesn't tell you where the error was, or what the
		good and bad data were.

Code is stupid.

Add code so that on errors during verification, DX20LD will tell you
where the difference was found, and what the good and bad data are.
It also won't stop after the first mismatch, so you can check all of
the microcode.