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From-the-terminal-of: Steve Jenness
Subject: DN60 SWSKIT entry

This is the list of files I have supplied you for the SWSKIT.

FELOG.MAC	; Source of logging routines
FELOG.MEM	; Memo describing what it's all about
FELOG.REL	; Obviously generated from FELOG.MAC
FELOG.RNO	; Used to generate FELOG.MEM
RDLINT.HLP	; Introductory HELP file ... to be on HLP:
RDLOG.EXE	; Interpretation program of log file from FELOG
RDLOG.HLP	; Main HELP file ... also to be on HLP:
RDLOG.MAC	; Source that RDLOG.EXE came from
RDLOG.MIC	; Commands used to make RDLOG.HLP from RDLOG.RNH
RDLOG.REL	; This is a hard one .. REAL(!) MACRO output
RDLOG.RNH	; Source for RDLOG.HLP .. needs RDLOG.MIC