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?p  @@@ ?x+#|[ql\qPH0JANFEBMARAPRMAYJUNJULAUGSEPOCTNOVDEC@L21 pHEINXgB,@Kb(\INX`phc,&(''(0  ) p2`p4B		@p p	T p	V	]	g pD pE paik p
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[]wx'.Y]wx'3'6#$%&'()*"ooprpqrqx	';+'>6+,-./012!ssttuuvvx	(7B@>(9(: p) p+ p+  p+  p+! p1[ p4 p4
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<,8<1`<50 <8H <;( 	<?8 %<Q( )<S -<Up 1<W 5<Y 9<[` =<]H A<^p E<ap I<bx M<d Q<e  U<iP Y<m ]<p  a<r` e<t0 i<w m<y q<} u<p y= }=x!=@!=	!	=
H!x!=h!=8!=@!=X!!=(!%=X!)=s0!-=$0!1='@!5=)!9=,X!==.(!A=1!E=30!I=5!M=8`!Q=:!U==0!Y=@@!]=C !a=EP!e=I !i=L@!m=NX!q=Q0!u=T@!y=V !}=Zh"=\ "="	=aP"
>.(>2h>50>7(>9@(>;H(	>>`()>S@(->U((1>X((5>Z(9>^(=>`(A>bp(E>fH(I>iP(M>k(Q>nH>p(>t`pq p? != pA: pA: pA; p	C{ pD pD pD pD/ pD0 pD1 pD3 pDJ pDL pF pF pGi pHql\+qP#xgC;v,~ @0 '* 4,^x,x (*  0,~, ~ ~ P(@1F+ 
[4B, ",,Z, "1F,@B P1,~5" 
",&#`QDx6@,[x."0b."B:,~, ~ P( ) &.(H=f @H,~, Z H@  BA@@@1PO@@ ) ^?,H=A,Nm N1,~A? @ 0
",~, ~+7,,Wh ,S *,Q+Q,,Wh[.S .E,A "D B1,~,Wh,~, ~ ,SP( 8 *,O 8dx$0dx. @9 ( (P=hIJ 7,Q *J * *,O+Q,O,QJ,~,Q.0P,~,>,U,^,~,d[/(&(Z ,6@&*6$(.* "@5L\ & (=
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,j)B}&,ln+,~,&$H0 H B1,~,@@1 (XB* +	b+u B\ BY ,	b,/ B] $X"2Q"	b@4B| B]1$9x 0 0 &4H.(H=f} 0P7@]+
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.(H=f	9
 0.P@P,~ &@,,~,!"X"Y	b,4,~,  @@Y 51P+/0P+Z"Y	b,9,~ ,~ ,~ ,~ ,~@,~B,~b,~
&>@@1,~1HH0A0H<x.x/Can't get PPN of program ",+%HIH\Unable to return to SPEAR.EXE "1+%HYCan't find the selected program "5+%?SPEAR  Monitor call failed
,/+@@dpa,~Failed to pass enough keys for this table pCount item was not skipped p
,>,>,>,>,>   @a,>|,>|,\/ BaaB+ ,z Ba e6b d b2 +^  2@a+^ eZ5@(,>,y /c eZ @e:b c b.4b0T+0,>c,>x,>d,>d+\0T+4 e c.  .F+!0T+F e .& c.0V+@ @(}aP+>  ,>,>,+Y   @+!Z,>  ,>,3/`B:H Re:b+!0T+J1V+!,>c,>x,>d,>e+\0T
+O e c.  G@+!0T+S e c.  A@+!0T1T+V0T	+Z,>e c.  ,>,f/+!,>c,>x,>d,>e,y/f "+_ a,^,^,^,^,^,~<@?  @@@f."1b+g 5Bl $f De+l BeO c b . (~`D+s (~aB+xaD+v e0Bf (+ eZ4B Be+v e.",>,>,3 /5( eZ4D eZ De+x`H+ e0Bf,~0H+ eXBf[ De,>,>,/,~,>e,y Be e.$ c b. (}aB+,>,>,/+  B e[0Bf+ ~ D/c,~Linkage error found by SWEEP_CHAIN routine p@@a,>,>,\/ BaaB+.,z BaaB+.,>/,v "cBa+% e0"f+),>c,>y,>d,>0,y/0 ",~ e1bf+-$/5D- Bx, Be+)/c a,~$(TABLE_BUILD improperly indicated bottom of tree p0,>,>@@a,>~,>~,\/ BaaB+A e !  b@+?,z Ba e!  b@@@a aaB+u e e$w4D`Z De:b e!$ bD3B+OZ1df+LZ De+F[ De>b e!$ GD+F e!$ cD+R@+u c b. $bD+Y,>c,>z,>d,>w,y/f "+u d b. e.$ c. (}aB  D+C e d b2 +sZ :b.b c 
b . (aF+o   @e e.& (}aD  F eZ @  eQ@@+` .& (}aD  F+` e!  G@ a,^,^,~26@@a,>,>,\/aB+~,zaB+~ e"b,~@,~@@a,>,>,\/aB+,zaB+ e"/,~@,~Linkage error found by SWEEP_CHAIN routine pLinkage error found by RESTART_RETRIEVE p
@@a,>,>,\/ BaaB+),z BaaB+),>
,v "cBa+ e0"f+,>c,>{,>d,>*+% e!$cD1Bf+)[ De e0bf+',>c,>{,>d,>+,y/0 ",~ e!$ BD+/c a,~Caller did not retrieve table before reading list p+Item to be read is not designated as LIST item p1@@a,>,>
,\/ BaaB+Z e[ De6@e+@,>c,>|,>d,>[+L,X / Db9D eZ Fe=$C /d Bb c b. (`B+N,>c,>|,>d,>[,y/f ",~ e  De e1bf+Y d b. e.$ c. (}aB  D e eZ F+Z@@a a,~06@@b " Ba  Bb  Bc  Dc c  Dd@@@f."1b+b!"GBh d0bf+j "cBa+i,>n+k@@a+m,>d,>~, Be/ a,~fOut of items before end of key search pnFound item other than key before end of key search ps,>7@b+ "2Ba+>b eZ5B $cDa+@@@f."1b+ eQBf "f+,>c,>},>d,>+ Be:b "cBa+
 c. +c. $cD+,>e,>, Be/+z,>c,>},>d,>,y/f "+ a,^,~ry,>,> ~ . ,>,>~,3/5"!Z@1`f+!Z@+`B+#0Pf+9  c@a+93BG1Pf+,@@@f."1b+&[@Q@f E`EQPg,>n+,,>,M  ." c b. (}aD+54F5,>~,>,/+6 ~ @@6`b "bF/c+9@@a  c@a+C  c@a+C F0@+?! G@@! b@@+B F. `F!  B@@ ,^,^,~4@4h2@<@XPORT returned bad address for free-core pG,>,>.R`  `p  `p@@x,>q  ,>,>
,>r,83`B }0pf+[,>c,>~,>d,>r,y/s "+n zXB@[Q@@[Q@@ q`EQP[@4BbXP+e! c@@+d Pd+e[@XP[@! b@@+m /0@+j! G@! b@+m /. `//s /,^,^,~$$6$4:
LP0XPORT returned bad free-core address. ps,>,>.R`  `p  `p@@x,>  ,>,>
,>,83`BX}0pf+,>c,>~,>d,>,y/s "+
 QP/s /,^,^,~:
x,>,> ~  `0 ~@@ ~ ~"11B+  `1 ~Z,>,>~,>/+b1 ~Z,>,>~,>
,>2,83 { 4H. { .$ 10@++  
ZO+) . . 
,>,>,>,> } @ } c b. (}aB+_4D_@
Z@5@= *+> }Z5@D }@Z5@A $A1D+g0J+l+c p0@+Y@Z@Z3  "1B+c }@Z@Z2` $1D+l @ } 
@Z@O+W . . 3P+W  
,YB0/0+m@+ hh$35"0B+dO+m@3H},"0B+h@+m@,}h>h$2`!"0B+m (+,^,^,^,^,~$$@Called>SWEEPCHAINwithinvalid long blockpp./e0"f+{,>c,>,>d,>,y/f+ e!$@cD+ZBZ DeZeZ1Df+Z+~/e[,Dx,>~,v/c,x,Be6@e+/ Be4e$q0D+("f++e@[5F,>,E /+< ~@@,>~,>,E B}. /+7,^,^,~,>. } .$Z7@+M,>,>W,>
,>W,8r/0 ~XB "bp "bp } Bx ",>,>W,>
,>W,8r/0 /,^,~:
,>,>   d 
@.7,>8,>8,7/7aB+L,2,$dM,>,>:,>:,. "XB~,"bN,"bN 2 B~ "~,>,>O,>:,>:,>:,8r,>8,>8,/O/7,~$$$~6$~P.7 k B4,>k,>4,>:,Y,>,>4,XyXB3@@x,>l,>l,>:,>m,BN yXB% "bi "bi,>BZB,>,Xm B& xXBz "bj "bj y Bz@@x "z,>,>l,>:,>m,?ZB B B B/m/7,~$$%6$%$$z6$zH3BCfx  B@@ "% B& "% B0,>8,>8,x/74bu,	k+u,	 ",~   D." B  D   D "% B& "% B0,>8,>8,x/74b	,	k+	,	 ,~Message Writer can not find ID in text file p	ID:  p	EOFFLAG:   p		Additional info: p	,>.7@@   @ X@  `6  `7  @x,>:  ,>,>:,D\XB	! G@
@@+	9,>	L,>,>	L,>	O,Y B@7@ "5B	;,>,>	L,Xm B Z,>,>Z,>,>,Y B@7@ "5B	:/	O+	</	P/	P+	6@+	D  b@l,F "b	I,>	J,>:,>	J,),>	Q,o /	Q`@+	>  `	I,>	J,>:,>	J,./	R/7,^,~$
f		CDEdh08 HBEGIN p	R@@BEGIN p	TBEGINRequested message has no text in the file p	WID:  p	\Additional info: p	^Message Writer can not find ID in text file p	aID:  p	fAdditional info: p	h,>,>,>,>,>.7   @@  @1  3@1+	s   @1,>8,>;, B@@ "bB+	z,>8,>	L, /7,>8,>	L,7 B 2 B' "cB+
  @XD} $d6 $d6 H D~@@ Bx "},>,>;,>:,>;,H/	QaB+
,>8,>	L,7 B/7+	}`@+
/7. 1`+	v`T@`V+
   @1.61v+	v a@+
)  "bBla@+
)  c@+
),>3,o ,>8,><,7 B/<+
"aT1T+2  3@+2   @ ' @H  @G  	S @   @(   @1 H! b@+
N  .2@@x,>9   Q 	,>,Y/  X@@  `7! ~B@@  `7  `8 H X@}  `6  `6  @~@@x  },>,>:,D\XB@! G@@  `8 P@@x,>=,+" H  `M B@@x,>=,)/	P@ 0~.0`R+ H! b@+  c@+  X@~  `9  `9 H  @@@@x,>=  ~,>,>;,>:,>;,Gk/>aB+
y HZ1`+
w/ X@~  `9  `9,>,>	L,Xm B@@@x  },>,>>,>:,>;,BN  F @ G ZZ2`+
v  XF{ "b: "b:  B@@@ @x  {,>,>;,>:,>;,Gk/	Q`B 2/	P+  	V @+@@x,>?,>,>;,>:,>;,H/>aB+ H.  @(,>8,>;, B/7 H  `M B@@x,>=,)/9+
O   @(  @1  b@l,F H! c@+ aR+,>	K,>,>	K,>?,y G @K,>8,>@,>@,>A,>A+,>	K,>,>	K,>B,y G @L,>8,>B,>C,>C,>D,>:,
   @ H! G@  `M B@@@@x,./OaR+"   @1aR+2  c@+2 H! b@+2 H.  @( @x,o B  c@+",>8,>;, B H  `M B@@x,>=,)/<+"/7/7,^,^,^,^,^,~$$}6$}$$@$$H6$H$@$$~6$~$${6${Cf3:
H(FI	\	`JKK	f	jLLMPACKET .:qR`o "b\ "b\ ] Bp "
XBpZ`p,>:,>^,>^,>:,>_,?,>_,>q,>:,@+@@ Bx,>^,>:,>_,?@@x,>`,>^,>:,>_,? "oXB "b],>`,>:,>a,.i@@l/a,~$$o6$o$lMoCf	N{:
	@@MSGWRT can not output all variables pbMessage ID:  pgSTATUS:      piAdditional info: pl,>,>.7 }   @Z@5@xXP  `],>`,>:,>
  X@  `6  `7 @ @x,>:,>
,H/	P BaB+
s B/9+
,>	K,>,>	K,>
,y  @Q  @R,>	L,>
   @/O /7,^,^,~:
OCffnPQRTTY:     ,>,>,>.7R`  `
f  `
j @  BX@Z`! c@+
   { @S+
k,Y/  X@f  `
g! ~B@f  `
h  `
h  X@g  `
l,+"  f @S/	P  c@}+
7 S {X@  `M,>,>:,>
l,.i y4r
] "~ .0O+
[ "bB{+
m,BN/	Q z.  D@@x,>,>
m,? x.,> x.,>,>
n,z "b
i "b
n B@@@x "z,>,>
m,? "bBv+
[ S $XD $dM B@@x,>
l,.iR` "b
f "b
j B "BXBZ`/9/
o. 3 +
:  c@{+
c S  X@  `M B@@x,>
CfTSX#%! p
o\#%! p
p\\,>,>,>,>.<R`@` " G,>
p/-/--/01234567890123456789: MSGWRT: Unsupported variable type p
++^+Y,>	K,>,>	K,>#,y z @-,>8,>$,>$,>%,>%,>:,
@@/O+,>|,>&,@R`,>`[`&@#,>X@!Z`!R`!,>`,>`|0@Q`@@",>X@"Z`"@,>?/	Q+X00`+X@@x,>,,>+,>:,>(,?0@+R<<",E*@@@@x,>+,>:,>(,?+WZ%/X@%@@x,>+,>+,>:,>(,?/9/	PZ!+,>,,>{,>|,	>3@{/0+,>-+1@6@|+b0 } 
X@@@@7@+RR`o "b\ "b\ ] Bp "
XBpZ`p,>:,>d,>^,>:,>d,?,>_,>q,>:,@+@@ Bx,>^,>:,>d,? "oXB( "ba,>e,>:,>e,.iR`1 "bb "bb f B1 "
XB2Z`2,>_,>w,>:,@+@@ Bx,>f,>:,>d,? "1XB( "ba,>e,>:,>e,.i/gR`: "bc "bc g B; "(XB;Z`;,>_,>,>:,@+@@ Bx,>h,>:,>d,? ":XB( "ba,>e,>:,>e,.i/	R ",~$%$$16$1$$:6$:@Cf!:
.182:?SPEAR  Program error in module   -- Routine %SPEAR  Event file error detected in module  -- Routine %WARNING from module  --Routine -       ,>,>,> }0@+~,>!,>",>{,>"+0@+,>!,>#,>{,>#+5@	,>!,>$,>{,>$,>{ <~,E*@@ @x,>%,>:,>%,BN/; 0! b@+,>:,>%,>:,>:,>:,>:,
/	P! c@+  b@+  AX@  `],>`,>:,>&,.i/<,>.,>&,>',>| <,E*@@ @x,>%,>:,>%,BN/	P.01p+
HI  BL   DM M  DM M .$ DN  DJ N  DJ " B "cB+>,>?,>8,,>~,>~,7 B }  DM M  DM M .$ DN  DJ N  DJ/	Q+1 ,~NPKET_TAB found empty p
?Status:  pCAdditional Info:  pETIME_STAMP_MSG2 pHTIME_STAMP_MSG1 pK "cB+x,>{,>:,7 B "3B+[,>	K,>,>	K,>{,y  BU,>8,>|,>|,>},>},>:,
/O R BS  DS S." BT  Dh  Dl,>{,>8,x BT,>T S,>,1 B,>{,>~,7 B/77@+p R BS  DS ." BT  Fl@@x,>,1 B/9+e h2Bl+s,>~,v+w,>h,>l, B "j Bk,>,v/7/	P,>{,>:,/7 ,~NBGUUVRVY::,>,> ~/~ @a,>a,$,>,>5,$ Bx, B`   @dS`d,>d,$ Bd,>`,>d,  Bb,>b,# B_ _ @],>b,>_,$ Bx, Bc,>c,>5,$ Bx, Bc,>c,# B^ ^ @`,>c,>`,$ Bx, Bc,>c,>5,$ Bx, Bc,>8,$,>,>	L,$ Bx,  B_,>c,>_, Bc,>c,# B^,>_,>],>;,@+ ,>.,>^,>	L,@+ ,>.,>^,>	L,@+,>6,>,>6,>,>7,> <~,E*@@ @x,>7,>:,>8,BN/8 ,^,^,~
XefjCf@STK_ERROR calledPCword on stack: STACK address: , STACK length: , STACK depth: $STK_REMOVE operation failed$STK_TOP operation failed$STK_INSERT operation failedInvalid STACK operationRE-initializing stack,>,>,>.7,>6,>:,>:,>,>	L,> <~,;D,>6,>:,>:,>,>	L,>,>w,>:,@+,>,>,> <,E*/> @x <~,;D,>6,>:,>:,>,>	L,>,>s,>:,@+ ,>_,>r,>:,@+ ,>_ p ,>,>:,@+,>,>,>,>,>,>,> <},E*/m @x <~,;DO2@t+u,>6,>:,>:,>,>	L,> <~,;D/	P6@t+{,>6,>:,>:,>,>	L,> <~,;D/	P  2@t+,>6,>:,>:,>,>	L,> <~,;D/	P t3 O+1`+,>6,>	K,>:,>,>	L,> <~,;D/	P,>6,>:,>:,>,>	L,> <~,;D pO2@q+@@+   @ p@@ p. / /7,^,^,^,~:
RDFILE pGET_VALID_REC pGET_FULL_FILE p!GET__VALID_HEADER p$READ_BLOCK p'RESYNC p)SKIP_ENTRY p+GET_ENTRY p.!#&)+-/FATAL - Bad date in period arguments! p4Minimum Time:	 p9Start Time:	 p;Stop Time:	 p>Maximum Time:	 p@   Additional data: p	CFATAL - Error opening input error file! pFSTATUS:         pK2ND Code:       pNIOB Status:     pQ   Additional data: p	TDate / Time:    pW             =  pZBuf Index:      p]INFO - Starting new period!  p`,>,>,>,> | } }  h h"2`+q  xh h"3 +q  yh h"3`+~,>J,>1,>J,>K,y 01@+v2@K+} x @{ T| R| y @},>J,>L,>L,>M,>M,>N,
/N/O "+E R3@x+2 R @x OB@@! G@@  G@@  `H,>,>N,>P,+" 0@+
 "@bH+,>J,>1,>J,>P,y 01B+2BK+ @ @ B"I B,>Q,>Q,>R,>R,>S,>N,
/N/S+/ Px,>T,2 1@+0@+ "+ /O+E q h"h$3"++ 01B+"2BK+* q B q B"H/" B,>Q,>T,>U,>U,>V,>N,
/N/V+1 Px"I,>,q 1@+0/W +E/V/V+/V+9,>,>T,2 1@+90@+7 "+8 /W+E  qh"h$3"+@ Px,>X"I,>,! /V +E! G@@  `H P@@x,>X,. "/Y,^,^,^,^,~$@ @$@@$q8Ey{}0 :5JV8qc(t:
,> ~,>~,>,21B+^/W+a,>},>} $b,>,!/W,^,~$CHECK - Premature EOF detected in error file! pbHDR_WRD_0:   phDate/Time:   pkBuf Index:   pm   Additional data: p	pINFO - Internal EOF found - RESYNCing psCHECK - Bad header found - RESYNCing pxHDR_WRD_0:        p}Last Date/Time:   p               =  pBuf Index:        p   Additional data: p		SYNC_WORD:   p
HDR_WRD_0:   pBuf Ptr:     pBuf Index:   pComp Code:   p2ND Code:    pIOB Status:  pINFO - RESYNC values! p
CHECK - Premature EOF detected in error file! p!HDR_WRD_0:   p'Date/Time:   p)Buf Index:   p,   Additional data: p	.,>,>,>,>,>,>,> { |Zp/ "3"+<,>,2 /V0T+\ . `Zp0.  @H64VD0V1V+D h 2 +l1V+F0V+L,>,V 0T+[,>J,>2,>,>,y/O+[,>J,>2,>,>,y 01@+Q2@K+Y H @ H @ H @ P,>J,>,>,>,>,>N,
/N@\x,V@/Y1T+]/V+ B  @ p @ p @  @,>,>,>,>,>,>N,
/N/V+6@+ .Zp/ "3"+,>,2 1T+0T+,>J,>2,>,>,y 01@+y2@K+ H @ H @  @ ,>Q,>,>,>,>,>N,
/N/O "
+/V+Zp .  @@.8 38+m0V%+  $` . ` ",^,^,^,^,^,^,^,~ p6$H
H$@p@p@w|1 FATAL - Read request with input file closed! pCHECK - Error reading input error file! p"STATUS:      p'2ND Code:    p)IOB Status:  p,   Additional data: p	.,>,> ~! b@@+9,>J,>2,>J,>S,y/O "+Q  @X@@  `R  `H,>,>N,>S,) 1@+@0@+C "BB@/Y "+Q1@+P,>J,>2,>,>T,y 01B+I2BK+O @# @ B$"I B$,>Q,>T,>U,>U,>V,>N,
/N/O/Y ,^,^,~$$@!:5&1"#%,>,> ~ _. `_,>,20B+]Z@ `/ `H/V,^,^,~0 @$CHECK - EOF encountered while skipping an entry! p`HDR_WRD_0:   pfDate/Time:   phBuf Index:   pk   Additional data: p	m,>,>,> } H.~Z@3 + Z@/ . ,>,2 1R+
0R+,>J,>3,>,>,y 01B+2BK+ q B( q B( @),>Q,>,>,>,>,>N,
/N/O "+	 /V+
/V+t`H ",^,^,^,~ep&()CHECK - Premature EOF detected in error file! pHDR_WRD_0:   pDate/Time:   pBuf Index:   p   Additional data: p	,>,>,>,>,> | |O+@ .ZH/"$E3$+<,>,2 1T+;0T+:,>J,>4,>,>E,y 01B+12BK+8 q B, q B-"E B-,>Q,>F,>F,>G,>G,>N,
/N/O "
+: /V+B/V"E."bEZH$E.  D@. 3 }+% ",^,^,^,^,^,~ H +,.L_KEYWORD pGL_KEYSTRING pIL_LISTWORD pLL_LISTSTRING pNL_MULTIWORD pQL_MULTISTRING pSL_TALLY pVL_COUNT pXL_OR pZL_AND p[umping table  p]D p`********************************************** paENTRY  pg Status returned:  p	i      pl______________________________________________ pn  pt Type  pv =  px  py  p{ six =  p|, oct =  p~, dec =  p, Type  p  pRest of list (if any) is below pdata =  p
Next ASCII list  p
 six =  p, oct =  p, dec =  pNext WORD list  pError reading table p	,>,>,>,>,> },>,>
, B1 V2 2  @2 2  @3@@1:0 0 @>,>
>c@1+:1>V@@x,7 B1 1a@+ 1 B@ @A,>
 3 @+~@@2 2. 3/  22b+D 43F+D:2+@ 3.  @/ 2 (}aD+R /$	0D+M B Rx,>@9,4+Y RD @9 BD @E,>,>,>,>,>+W RI @J @J @K @9 @K,>,>,>,>,>,>
/ 2. (aB+~@@x,>,>
 1 @0 Vx 3.,>,7 B1  c@1+| 3.  @/ 2. (}aB+s /$	0D+o B Rx 2 ,>9,4+x @O,>
,>,>,>,>+w @Q @R @R,>,>,>,>,>,>
/ Vx 3.,>,7 B1/+c 0 @1//.23r+=/+-7@1+@@x,>,>
NOOPQS0Xh  p Type BLOCK --  p  p!**** CONTENTS OF A BLOCK **** p# six =  p', oct =  p), dec =  p+Next block item  p-**** END OF A BLOCK      **** p0,>,>,> }Z  } @U ~ @V,>
O+I .  DY  DY  DZ,>,>S,>T,>T,>U,>
/. 3 +A@@x,>U,>
/V,^,^,^,~"TUV&/WYZ3@  '$Q@@)w'&Q@QDhXFh  h D,~  %$Q@)w ,~@4Bb9` ,~,>,> ~   X@  `t  `t@@,>u,>,>u,>v,>v,>v,83 @ { "Q"@   ."B. 1`+o/w,^,^,~$$6$:
  `@@@XB  `  `
 },@x,>v,D\@@ B Px,>v,>,BN//
,^,^,~$$@6$@$$6$Cf(,>,> }4`O+ 
~ . ~ . 
 L.&3&+,^,^,~ 4hO+  . 
~ J.$3$+,~@,~ &"Q@  &".$ &"/6b.&5"'/&$&Q@ ,~,>,$,>,>-,$ Bx, /-,~SPRCOM p-Compute_Main_Routine p
/CMD_File_Valid p3Build_file_list p5Find_AVAIL_files p8258;SPRCOM.SPE% Warning: no data for selected period p?% Warning: file scan / table load failed pD% Warning: Invalid command file pJO@\!"BB\ "bBj, " Bj,qR`  "b} "b~@@ ,>,>,>,>,>,>,83@@x,>,>,Y/ "XB{ "b~!"~BB{ "b "b,UaB+x,~aB+w "XB{!"GB "GB@@ "b,>,>,>,+",>,>,P,!AaB+r W BQ X BQ,%c,'? "bBV,
,/,~$$ 6$ $${$$~6$~$ :
z{>D(INhCRLSPRCOM.SPE,>,>,>.C,>,>W,  B,>C,>X,  3p~+:@@x,>,>,Y/  X@{  `~! ~B@{  `  ` } @Q,>C,>|,   2b  BQ  |,>,>D,V,>D,> ,5 <=,E*@@ @x,>D,>,>E,BN <@,E*@@ @x,>E,>,>E,BN  X@{! G@  G@@@  `,>,>,>F,+",>,>F,P,>G,>,,!AaB+7 W @Q X @Q,%c,'?,>C,>s,  Br/G+/H/C,^,^,^,~Xw Xx iCf:
u8 SPRCMD.TMPcannot open command file p
ILAST-WEEKTHIS-WEEKOTHERSINGLE-REPORTMULTIPLE-REPORTSEARLIESTLATEST.,,>,>,>,,Y/ "XBy "b!!"~BBy "b! "b" "	XBy!"GB} "b",>-,>,>-,+"/,`B+g,>.,>=,>,>.,y// "+  "b",>-,>,>-,)/,aB+nR`z "b# "b#@@z "b",>-,>,>-,)/,aB+v@@x,>/,>0,>,>0,BN/HR` "b$ "b$@@R` "b% "b%@@R` "b& "b&@@R` "b' "b'@@ "b",>-,>,>-,)/,aB+
@@x,>/,>D,>,>0,BN/H,>D,>1,>,>,>1,5`/aB+@@x,>2,>2,>,>0,BN@@x,>3,>3,>,>0,BN@@x,>4,>4,>,>0,BN/5R` "b( "b(@@R` "b) "b)@@R` "b* "b*@@R` "b+ "b+@@ "b",>-,>,>-,)/,aB+,@@x,>/,>E,>,>0,BN/H@@W,>E,>1,>,>,>1,5`/aB+< " BW@@x,>2,>5,>,>0,BN@@x,>3,>6,>,>0,BN@@x,>4,>6,>,>0,BN/5 "b",>-,>,>-,)/,aB+M@@x,>7,>/,>,>,>0,Gk BT@@x,>7,>/,>,>,>0,Gk BU@@x,>8,>/,>,>,>0,Gk BU/8@@V@@S "b",>-,>,>-,)/,aB+[@@x,>9,>/,>,>,>0,Gk BS@@x,>9,>/,>,>,>0,Gk BV/: "b",>-,>,>-,)/,aB+n@@x,>:,>/,>,>,>0,Gk/aB+e@@Q+n@@x,>/ "},>,>,>,>,>0,A<aB+l z Di,>D,] BQ// "b",>-,>,>-,)/,aB+@@x,>;,>/,>,>,>0,Gk/aB+y \ BQ+@@x,>/ "},>,>,>,>,>0,A<aB+ { Di,>D,] BQ// "b",>-,>,>1,. "cBS+ "cBT+@@x,? B} "},>,] Bx,  BQO@x,>Q,  BQ/; "cBS+ "cBU+,? B} "},>,] BQ@@x,>Q,  BQ/;@@k,B SFV@6`k &A T.U.U@1D "A B\/< \/,,~$$y$$|6$|$}$$z6$z$$6$$$6$$$6$$$6$$$6$$$6$$$6$$$6$xy:5/L8~zCfk:
mnp`			x		P		0cannot parse IN_FILE_SPEC p
<AVAILSYS.A,>,>.,@@k  	X@t  `}  `~  k @u,>0,>1,>,>,>,5`/`B+P,>.,>=,>,>,y/H "+{,>,>,>,>,>,>,Gk /<,>,>,>4,>,>,>,Gk/<A ~0@+\@@v+w UGV "XB "b "b q B,>,> "~,>,>,>,>,Gk /<A  X@  `  `,>q,>,Xm B~/;,>  ~,>  ,>,>C,>,>,>,A<//aB+s x @vA 0@+x,JaB+z,W,+z,J`B,W@6`k "/,,^,^,~$$t6$t$$6$:
?	oCf		 .A,>,>,>,>v,>,@+,>,>,>,>,> <~,E*@@ @x,>0,>,>,BN/,^,^,~`	"	$	#CfX.SYS,>,>.;@@	!Zp/  @	!R`	"  `B  `B@@	"R`	#  `C  `C@@	# <D,E*,>,>,>,>,>I,BN 	!4`,X@}  `F  `F,>q,>,Xm B|@@x  |,>,>,>,>I,BN/< v+4 @v,,JaB+4 "bBV+2 "cBU+3,W+4 v B	!. 1`+-  b@T7@	!+: 	! @v,,W <G,E*@@ @x,>0,>,>I,BN,J`B,W/I/;,^,^,~$$	"6$	"$$	#6$	#hmno$$}6$}h	"	%	#Cf@ "zXB]!"GBa "bV,>V,>,>,+"/,aB+U "bV,>V,>,>W,. "/,,~@,~$a]:
 "z Bu:k,>[,>C,/;,~	&g "	` c,$,$,$,$,$ @z
,O/	b+b	*COMBLD pcLoad_Tables peGet_Next_File phCheck_TOPS_File pjScan_File pmEnd_cycle poSave_cycle pqSave BUGcheck ptSAVE_USAGE_DATA pvgjmoqsvy@@,@@5,>,>,,aB+,^+/ ",~	&Reading file:  pINFO -  pcannot find input file p
,>,>8,>8,Y/ "XB] "b6!"~BB] "b6 "b7@@/@@4@@0@@0@@.@@,@@x,>9,>9,@@x,>9,>:,,>,>,7/`B+!/:@,~ 	* B6,>;,>;,><,><,>=,>;,
 	*XB]!"GBa "GBb@@x "b7,>=,>,>>,+"/>aB+/,E B++3,>?,>{,>?,>@,y/@ ",~:,@6 + "/A,~$$]$$`6$`$a\	?H8
566]:5eA,>@ "@XBb "b[ "b7,>=,>,>\,)/>`B0`+W. Zc \2D+F@1@ "0B+S@+Z@1@ "0B+W "+Z,>?,>{,>?,>],y/]O,^,~$$b:5 D @@+@@*,>=,>	,>	,Y/> B\aB+~:,,>
,] B-,>
,] B- -/- B. -/I B/\"}3b/+l "2B+, `6@I+x , BJ , BKR`O "b "b@@OR`P "b "b@@PR`N "b "b@@N . BH - BH , BK - BI,/+_7@I7@++ + BH, `, j "b7,>=,>,>,./> ",~$$O6$O$$P6$P$$N6$Nqtqr:
HARDWARE: DEX or EBUS error from FES..BUGHALT:,>,>.]  M0@
1@,++Zv0BA+ K,>,> U,> U,>,> V,?+&0@ +':0@@I@@J,> V,] BM u @M . @@@@xZt  tQ `,>,> W,w@@xZv  tQ `,>,> U,w/ W+ K0@&+):4+ K0@$1@&+++,,!+ K0@+B:0,>
,] B1_y @~Z~l 3G @~  ~,>,> X,c 5 @1 , @2   @26@M+@  X@~  ` M  ` N  X @~  ~,>,$ B}  },>,] BM/,!/>+ K0@+F,>,>-, 3". . B*+I0@+J,>,>-,  B+/+ K0@+w:0R`F  ` N  ` O@@FR`G  ` O  ` P@@G J @A K @B , @K/  @B u @D,> Y,] B?,> Y,] B@ *5@\ ?/@ @?,> Z,] B@,> Z,] BA@@xZt  tQ `,>,> [,w,> [,> U,c  X@z  ` P  ` Q G @{@@x,> \  z,>,> \,>,> V,Gk/ WaB+u:0 ? @1,> [,> X,c 5 @1 , @2   @2,!/@@*, j/ ]+ K0@!+ :0,> ],] B1,> ^,> X,c 5 @1 , @2  Q @2,! 13`H+ ,> Y,] BM u @MZO5@ @@xZt  tQ `,>,> W,w/+ ,> Y,] BD u @DZF5@ @@xZt  tQ `,>,> [,w/  2@2+  w @C,> ],] BC B?6@?+  ? @? . @@,> ^,> ^,c < R,E*@@ @x,> U,>,> V,BN/ _/]+ K0@ + K:/ u&"t ,>
,]/ _3`+ =  S0@	+ 5Zt  T3  `+ 5 } @D u&"t 3 @+ 5.&t.&,>,]/ _3"?+ 5 u&"t B@Zt. t. ,>,] B? ?/@ @?/ _  S0@+ KZt. t,>,] BDZF5@ J@@xZt  tQ `,>,> [+ I  S0@	+ BZt$ T3$ `+ B } DD0@+ KZt. t,>,] BMZO5@ J@@xZt  tQ `,>,> W,w// _/],^,^,~6$q$$~6$~$$F6$F$$G6$G$$z6$zvp9E6$vxtxt7GCfuO(3vvuvwFw8@E056@?, j,>9,>:,>9,@@@@@x,>9,>:,/ W,~STOPCD*OTHER*Unknown. C3b?+ m C B?6@@+ o ? B@ZG5B yR`G "b O "b P@@G7@C+ u,>,>!	+ v,>,>!	,> U,>,>!
,BN/ WZF5B },>,>!
,> [,>,>!
,BN/ W:5 "	XB "b! "b! "? Bx " B:,>!,>;,@@x,>9,>9,/]/,~$$6$:;Cf<=,>!,>!,/,~B,~COMGEN p!Init_OP_Scan p!Gen_Results p!Log_Reload p!Test_Cycle p!Fix_Overlap p!Fix_Time_Lines p!!!!!!!,>!,,>!-,>!-,@@x,>!-,>!., "H BP "? BP,>!.,>!,,/!/,~	?H=8SPRCOM.SPE p!/SPRCOM.SPE Load:	 p!3 Crash:	 p!5 Reload:	 p!7 run		 p!9 down		 p!;DEBUG - adjusted data p
!=,>,>"q,,>"r,>"r,P "bBK+!G,$T,$m " BK,!$@@Y@@Y@@a@@^@@e@@x,$ Bb B_ Bf@@f@@c@@` \ Bg Bc B` BW@@_@@^@@e@@bR`O "b"n "b"o@@O,>!.,>!,,7/"s B\aB+"8,>!-,>!.,>!-,,>!- A,>,>!., H H 
I Q2(2h+!b +!e2(2h+!e   Q2"2b+!h 
 / @L / @L3h3"+!q7 L+!q6 L+!r."s+"7 W2b  BW JX FH DH JI  c@K+",>!.,>"s,V,>"t,>"t,V,>"u,>"u,V k @p l @q m @q,>L,( Br,>L,( Br,>"v,>"v,>"w,>"w,>"x,>!,,
/"x L4b".B^,>_,>,$,>,>L,$ Bx,/"s Bx, B_ L3"` ` B`:^ L2b` ` B`/"s L4b".Ba,>b,>,$,>,>L,$ Bx,/"s Bx, Bb L3"c c Bc:b L2bc c Bc/"s,#aB+"0:Y L.@e,>f,>L,$,>,>L,$ Bx,/"s Bx, Bf L 3"f f Bf4d"- 2bg g Bg:e   @S DS/"s+"2 L @T   @T "y @Q M @Q M @R,#,>"y,>"z,/"z+!V X/W @S ^.a @R ^/_ @Y R&Y Bd R&e Bh ^&^ Ba a&b Bd e&e Bg `3@\@@` g3@\@@g c3@\@@c,>e,$,>,>R,$ Bx,  BZ,>e,$,> e.^,>,$ Bx,  B[,>"{,$,>,>"{,$,>,>Z,/"s Bx, BZ,>"{,$,>,>"{,$,>,>[,/"s Bx, B[! c@+"b  `"o,>"|,>!,,>"|,./"}@@x,>"},>"~,Y/  X@{  `"p! ~B@{  `"p  `"q@6`R $@6`S "A/"~,^,~$$O6$O$$${$$~6$~!1!1kHlIm!@npspOu@2{:
,>#V,>!.,>"s,V,>"t,>"t,V,>"u,>"u,V,>L,(SBM,>L,(PBN,>#HARDWANXMHUNGCMLOOPPOWERSTATICOPRPMNEWSCHEDSAOTHER*,>,>,>$D,>$D,>$E,>$E,>!,,>!,,>$F,F@@M@@x,>$F,>$G,,>$G,>$H,>$G,>O,>!,,YB/$H@5B#) 01P+#6,>$I,>$I,>$I,>O,>!,,YB/$H@5B#/  1@+#6,>"z,>$J,>"z,>O,>!,,YB/$H@5B#5 $0D+#8 L @U   @U+#y,>$J,>$K,>$J,>O,>!,,YB/$H@5B#=  1@+#D,>$K,>$L,>$K,>O,>!,,YB/$H@5B#C $0D+#G L @V   @V+#y,>$I,>$L,>$I,>O,>!,,YB/$H@5B#L  0@+#O L @W   @W+#y,>$I,>$M,>$I,>O,>!,,YB/$H@5B#T  0@+#X L @X   @X+#y,>"z,>$M,>"z,>O,>!,,YB/$H@5B#]  0@+#` L @Y   @Y+#y,>$J,>$N,>$J,>O,>!,,YB/$H@5B#e  0@+#i L @Z   @Z+#y,>$K,>$N,>$K,>O,>!,,YB/$H@5B#n  0@+#q L @\   @\+#y,>$J,>$O,>$J,>O,>!,,YB/$H@5B#v  0@+#{ L @[   @[   @M+$A,>"v,>$O,>"v,>O,>!,,YB/$H@5B$  0@+$   @] L @]+$A,>$I,>$P,>$I,>O,>!,,YB/$H@5B$  0@+$
@^LS@^+$A,>"z,>$P,>"z,>O,>!,,YB/$H@5B$  0@+$   @ L @+$A,>$K,>$Q,>$K,>O,>!,,YB/$H@5B$  0@+$   @` L @`+$A,>"z,>$Q,>"z,>O,>!,,YB/$H@5B$"  0@+$%   @a L @a+$A,>"v,>$R,>"v,>O,>!,,YB/$H@5B$*  0@+$.   @b L @b+$A,>$K,>$R,>$K,>O,>!,,YB/$H@5B$3  0@+$6   @c L @c+$A,>$I,>$S,>$I,>O,>!,,YB/$H@5B$; $@7@L "A0B+$?:+$A   @d L @d/$S M,^,^,~P=OCfQ#(##################H,!$,>!.,>!,,7/"s B\aB,~ A  DP P P /#@1f ( /#@1d "A0B+$k P P  F F1B?+$h,>!-,>,>!-,/"} "? BP P P  F+$T P BP+$T,~COMRPT p$mTTYReport p$oLPTReport p$qBUGReport p$tCALCEFF p$vCALCSD p$xUSGREPORT p$z$q$s$v$x$z$| pq p%From:  p% To:  p%COMPUTE Summary Report  p%	period length (HRS):	 p%	, usage cycle =  p%
%USER Availability %   :	 p
% p% p%Total Reloads		 p%	MTB Reloads	 p% p%!Total Crashes		 p%"	MTB Crashes	 p%% p%( p%)Effectiveness	Six minutes	Thirty minutes	One Hour	Four Hours p%+	 p%2	 p%4	 p%5	 p%7  factor p%8  p%:		Run times	Down times	Crash times p%<	 p%@	 p%B	 p%CTotals	 p%E	 p%G	 p%H	 p%JMeans	 p%K	 p%M	 p%O	 p%PMaxima	 p%R	 p%T	 p%U	 p%WMinima	 p%X	 p%Z	 p%\	 p%]Std. Dev. p%_V p%a.&y,>&z ",>,V,>&z "~,>,V,>&{,>h,(z B\,>&{,>h,(z B\,>&|,>h,(z B],>&|,>h,(z B],>^,>a,$ Bx,>_,),>,>&|,$ Bx,  B@,>b,>d,$ Bx,>b,),>,>&|,$ Bx,  BA,>Y,>g,$ Bx,>f,),>,>&|,$ Bx,  BA@@x,>&},>&},>&},>&},>&},
 o BC p BC,>&~,>&~,>&,>&,>',>',
,>S,( BF,>R,( BF,>&~,>',>',>',>',>',
 Z BI [ BI,>&~,>',>',>',>',>&},
/' "bBV+&*@@x,>',>&},>&},>&},>&},
/' Y BL,>d,( BL,>&~,>',>',>',>',>',
/' Y BO,>h,( BO,>&~,>',>',>'	,>'	,>',
/' \ BS \ BS ] BT ] BT,>',>'
/' "bBV+&r@@x,>',>&},>&},>&},>&},
,>^,( BX/'
,>a,( BY/'
,>e,( BY/'
/',>a,( B]/'
,>d,( B]/'
,>g,( B^/'
/',>`,( Ba/'
,>c,( Bb/'
,>f,( Bb/'
/',>`,( Bf/'
,>c,( Bf/'
,>g,( Bg/'
/' @ Bj A Bk A Bk,>',>',>',>',>',>',
/'@@x,(=/' "/&y,~WX48 %%	BCD%EFG%HIJ0%%"KLM%)NOP%*%2%:QSU%;%@%FWXZ%M[]^%S`ac%Zdfg%`ijl %bXReport file name:  p	'%w p'cannot open report file p'SPRCOM.SPE p'"SPRCOM.SPELPT_HEADER p'&LPT_SUB_1 p')LPT_SUB_2 p'+LPT_SUB_3 p'-LPT_BAD_HDR p'/LPT_MON_NAME p'1LPT_RELOAD_DATA p'4LPT_GOOD_HDR p'7LPT_MON_NAME p'9LPT_RELOAD_DATA p'< "XB{!"GB "GB@@ "b(",>(",>&},>(#,+"/(#aB+'M ($ By,>',>($,>(%,>(%,>(&,>',
/&y+'O,>(&,>$~,>',>(',y,>(',,>((,>((,P,>&z,>(),V,>&z,>(),V,>S,( Bw,>^,( Bw,>a,( Bx,>(*,v,>`,( Bw,>c,( Bx,>(*,v,>`,( Bw,>c,( Bx,>(+,v,>a,( Bw,>d,( Bx,>(+,v7`Y+(,>(,,n,>(,,>&},,>(,,>&},7/&yaB+(7`"+'p,>(-,v/'
+'q.(-+',>#,( Bo,>$,( Bo,>%,( Bp,>&,( Br,>',( Bp,>(,( Bq,>),( Br,>*,( Bq,>",( Bx,>(.,v/(-+'j/(# Y3bY+(,>(.,n,>(,,>&},,>(,,>&},7/&yaB+(6`!7`!+(,>(/,v/'
.(-+(,>+,( Bs,>,,( Bs,>-,( Bt,>.,( Bt,>/,( Bu,>0,( Bu,>1,( Bv,>2,( Bv,>!,( Bx,>(/,v/(-+(/(#,>',(= "b(",>(",>&},>(#,./(0 ",~${:
'1uP'9),`BUG_HEADER p(0Bug/Stopcode	count p	(2BUG_REPORT p(5    p(8	 p(9H p(;,>,>.&y,>(s,>&},R`?  `(r  `(s@@?@@> |aP+(F,>(t,n+(J@@x,>(t,>&},>&},>&},>&},
/',>(s,>&},7JB} }a@+(O@+(S@@x,>(u,>H,>(u,>&},>(v,H/(v B}a@+(U6`>+(W "cB}+(dZ?4b(daP+(Z,>(w,v+(` "? BD > BE,>&~,>(w,>(x,>(x,>(y,>',
/(v@@>,>(u,>(y,>&},>&},>(z,8r/' J3"W+(m J2bX+(m "cB}+(l@@x,>H,>(u,>&},>(v,BN/':>a@+(o/&y+(p/&y+(J/(#/&y,^,^,~$$?6$?B(2(5?Cf(@(<CDE:
,>},$,>,>},$ Bx, ,>,! B~,>)  },> <x,YY @x,>Z,/)/'
,>~,>|,$ Bx, ,>,>|,>{,/'
 Bx, B~,>)  },> <x,Z/' /'

,>,>,>,>,>,>,>.+ wZ@ @  @ @  @ @x^@1@+)#  @+)- x@@   @@! b@@+)'  !m+))! b@@+)*  !e +);  b@@+)/Z@5`)/   M  @   1+):  c@@+)2 +0@+)8  c@@+)5 +0@+)8  c@@+)< +1@+)<   M  @   % x @.+++,>,GL`B+)?   E+*9 ~Z4@)E "cB@+)E " E  B " m+*:1`+)H   E  @   1+*L v .<! b@p+*q +1@_+)O  @  @   q+*LZ` @}! c@p+)c ~Z4`)cR``  `,>+Z`,>,>,>+,>+,BNaB+)],>+,>+  `,>,>+,>+,?/+`B+)a   E | @ } B/+++"+
&/+ v  c@@+*0R`@  c@@+)j Px,0[1B+*q0B+++)k:@ @ v! c@+)s
&)|vZ4@*q!+G@+*$v!,b@@+)|PxX},>,10B+){Z@4@*b! G@@/++*$0B+*f/+r}1R+*$5R*} 3@@+*$Z@5`*4R)kZ@3 +*!R`|(X`+`+@@|Z@.X(,>k {,>,>+,>+,>+,>+,83/+aB+*,Xm   @|  2@|+*/Z@/ X@@+*'/+++ vR`@ }Z@3t+*N  @,>,>+,>+,>+,>+,8r/+`B+*;   }  @  B++R`|  b@@+*?  c@@+*@  +*@  `+  `+@@| Tx  |,>,>+,>+,>+,>+,83/+aB+*I | @~ `B+*M "!  B +*z ~ @@XT@ ."  b@@+*R  c@@+*S +*UZ "Q"	  v@+*j! c@@+*^
&) vZ4@*q! G@+*l Px  },>,10B+*eZ@5@*c/++*q! G@@/++*l1B+*g/+++/+ }@ vZ@. X@@.23r+*W v  c@+*o X@Z2 }++  +*z v .<! G@p ."!  c@p+*yZ[.Z3 +*{    @++! G@p Xx,>+,>+,./+aB++ Xx,>+,>+,+"/+aB++! B@p  
,@`+)J ,`@7w w4B+/+ v  b@++! B@/+ /+,^,^,^,^,^,^,^,~$$@6$`L`$$|6$|$$z6$z@@F(0 TTY:+++,>,>,>,>,>,>,>.. h .< .8^P5@+1 .h/ 5@+1 .	h/ 5@+16@p++1  X@P  `.! ~B@P  `.	  `.
^P1@++7  @ @p   1+,3@@`@@x,>,3&/.aB+,4! b@P++=! c@P++>! G@P! b@P++I! b@P++I,>.ZP,>,>.,>.,>.,>.,Gk/.aB++I! G@P! G@P! b@P++K! G@P  b@P++P  b@P++Q  b@P++Q  G@P! B@P^P5@+T  X@P! c@P++V  !u+,  c@P++Y  b@P+,  c@P++\  b@P+,  c@P++_  b@P+,7@P
++b  c@P+,! b@P+, .0 ."! c@P++n  B@P  b@P++k  c@P++l  ++l  `.
  _`.! b@P+,! b@P+,,>.ZP,>,>.,>.,>.,>.,>.,F/.aB+,!  G@PR`@  `.  `.
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z!y0comparison error:  ,>,>,>D,Ew,>},F,>|,E},>},F,>D
,>D,>D,>w,>D,>v <|,;D/D |,^,^,~08perror copying ,>,>,>D,Ew,>},F,>D
,>D,>D,>x,>D,>w <|,;D/D |,^,^,~1`error appending  to ,>,>,>D.,Ew,>},F,>D.,E},>},F,>D
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,>DJ,>D,>w,>D,>v <|,;D/D |,^,^,~4567error converting  to binary,>,>,>DZ,Ew,>},F,>DZ,E},>D
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7Z (W,> ,S:aB+S,W , +S7Z,> Q,S:aB+S,W4.S[,W,WZ,V6@,R|^"7`
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Eh0_kpCI%8ChpGi@L2B+J+JNo option ]>tSOSP?
?SCNPDL PDL phase error
Equal sign missingFile switches illegal in output fileOutput switch illegal in input fileExcess arguments starting with "Kb
S_Illegal character "S2Sc" following word "Junk after indirect commandToo many indirect files@@OO@+S3Run linkage failure e24SoWildcard illegal in /RUN specificationh0C NF BF+KagF/BEFORE and /SINCE don't overlap/ABEFORE and /ASINCE don't overlapgp?f`6h.k`+N@,^5bNA+N@mho[ .8+LV]>tP!.+LaC2` .+LaTLd 4"LkO@+Lk~,Mo5bX/4*Lq4JLr +Loh0Q 0`f+Lz,G+L+LzjC6@I+M+NGCan't write tmpfileIncorrect tmpfile argument format% I can't help you, please read the manualSwitches are:Standard ones:
	Zanen1B+M?4BM?0"	+NK "(B?X+M?`j+MA,G+Mh+MA0[0BaB8+MLZ`nh`B8+ML+MK,Q-0P,Qp+L.Double file name illegalDevice wildcard illegalNull device illegalDouble device illegalDouble extension illegalComma required in directoryDouble directory illegalRight bracket required in directoryImproper project numberImproper programmer numberSFD depth greater thanNull SFD illegalUnknown switchAmbiguous switchNo switch specifiedUnknown switch valueAmbiguous switch valueUnknown default for switchDouble switch illegalNo modifier allowed on switchSwitch value too largeSwitch value negativeSwitch value required onLength values inconsistent; specify min:maxParenthesis nesting too deepUnmatched open parenthesish`9m`nR~X.+OR~+OMnemonic date/time switch not implemented%x:D(afQ+OH3"~+ 2b~_XDate/time out of rangeDate/time must be in the futureDate/time must be in the pastNegative number in date/timeNot known whether past or future in date/timeField too large in date/timeField zero in date/timeUnrecognized month in date/timeIllegal year format in date/timeUnrecognized name in date/timeMissing day in date/timeValue missing in date/timeHH0
$ "dU.,Q(+P90P+PO,Q(+PIB
Illegal character or field too large in /VERSIONB n5JHn|Hn|Unknown guide wordAmbiguous guide wordIncorrectly formatted guide word L@@L1P 0+Q^ L@@L1P^0+Qa^0+7@4,~Z"+Qw@@N+R,^>,~6@O@	,~xpHpIndirect file LOOKUP errorCan't OPEN indirect devicef 2Wildcard illegal in indirect specification,QA+S,

. &,>,>,>[A"?1B6@+Uh
8+ O@,Vr,W,Uv ,^abS``H,Vy,^`FaH@+Ur ",WZ,W ",W,WZx`H,W,^A(X,~\"	b "ab`l"`fU~(B}D[`Gd"`Bl7@l,~c*
,~[1,Vy,Wyb",WR,Vy "+V 7B+V	,Vy,W`h+V`b+Vu ([/",>Q(} "-,W  2BW4"W6 x+W,V}*HV6 x:7@ +V,W  ,Vy+V,^x+Vx!`)"w,>!`,V#,W,^iB+W
,+&	")B5BV(=fV%*")B."`d0",W=fV',~,WS,>	,V/,WR$,V<,W,W,~." ,> "/+VP1"+VN/",>
VW?",W,^,Vy}"+W1"0+W/",> ",W,^+WK>7K>gC3 E`iYmPMGHKN
TXzV"W!6@,W"W!4BVb>&"WZ,W ",W$W"4DW ",W +W`B?+Vp W"+Vo4BVp W#U$*DVn W#bB+Vp&" 7!(+,W[+W,> ",W ",W,^,~,> "-,W,^4"W$,V} ".+W 4DW ")B.",W+Vz,>[,W,W,^Z7W% &5"W  ",W &#`QDx6@,W[x."0b."+WQ"A`aB,~,>x4BVt,W+W
 "+W "+W "+W "+W "aB?,~6@
",~,Vu+V[1D7@ ,~+V,Vy+V  ,V+V-Jan-Feb-Mar-Apr-May-Jun-Jul-Aug-Sep-Oct-Nov-Decmn@0$$B
?X,Vy+Vx,X%7N!.Lu N 
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"+XI-"XUIOE I/O error reading help file-"XUNHF No .HLP file on SYS:
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&Xl /Xl,^ZB([	b+ ,^,^,^,~Q3X<X=X=XR:"".Bx+XI%HLR; I'm sorry, I can't help you
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Ql\{s _/Qg^X1Kzl,>Yw,Z%Y&EXP: result overflow,>Yw,Z%Y&EXP: result underflowgGC@7cp+Z
,Z#+Z,^,~>,>Z,Z%Y&SQRT: negative arg; result = SQRT(ABS(arg))M?\G L
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