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By abbreviating  commands  and  command  arguments,  you  can  further
increase  the  speed with which you give instructions to TOPS-20.  The
smallest unique abbreviation for a command or argument will stand  for
the  entire  word; if there is a default choice for further arguments,
the system  will  assume  you  want  this  too.   (You  can  determine
sufficient   abbreviations  by  using  the  ESC  key:   any  correctly
recognized abbreviation will stand for the  word.)  For  example,  the
abbreviated  command  FD stands for the FDIRECTORY command; I L stands

There are a few cases  where  non-unique  abbreviations  stand  for  a
frequently  used  command.   For  example, DIS is the abbreviation for
DISABLE  even  though  two  other  commands  begin  with  the  letters

            Special Abbreviation              Command

            C                                 CONTINUE

            D                                 DEPOSIT

            DIS                               DISABLE

            E                                 EXAMINE

            EX                                EXECUTE

            INFORMATION F                     INFORMATION FILE-STATUS

            LOG (When not logged in)          LOGIN

            LOG (When logged in)              LOGOUT

You cannot use abbreviation (or recognition)  in  a  few  cases.   The
names of devices (including file structures), and jobnames (given, for
example, as arguments to the MODIFY or CANCEL command) must  be  typed
in full; and of course passwords cannot be abbreviated or recognized.