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ATTACH command

The ATTACH command attaches a job to your terminal.


     @ATTACH (USER) name (JOB #) number
     PASSWORD:  password


     name                     is the user name of the job's owner.

     number                   is the job number

                              Default the only job, or only detached
                              job, or only job other than your current
                              job, logged in under the user name you

     password                 is the associated password.  A password
                              is not requested if you are currently
                              logged in under the same user name as
                              the job that you are attaching.


     Current Job Detached

     If you give the ATTACH command while logged in, your current  job
     is  detached.   You  can use the LOGOUT n command to log out this
     detached job.


     Using ATTACH to Restore Phoned-in Jobs

     If you log in to the system by telephone  lines  and  service  is
     interrupted for any reason, use the ATTACH command to restore the
     connection.  If you do not do this within the time limit  set  by
     the  system  manager  (usually  five  minutes),  your job will be
     logged out automatically and you will have to log in again.


     Attaching Attached Jobs

     The system will ask you to confirm your choice  with  a  carriage
     return  before  attaching to your terminal a job that is attached
     elsewhere.  If you attach an  attached  job  that  is  running  a
     program,  that program may be sent one or more CTRL/Cs, which can
     affect programs that handle CTRL/C  themselves.   To  avoid  this
     possibility  you  must give a DETACH command from the terminal to
     which the program's job is attached, then attach this job to your
     terminal with an ATTACH command.

Effect on Memory, Terminal, and Job

     The ATTACH command affects neither memory nor the  job  that  you
     are  attaching (but see Warning, above), and leaves your terminal
     at TOPS-20 command level unless a program is  being  run  by  the
     job.  If a program is being run, your terminal is left at command
     level, if any, in the job.  Your terminal's characteristics  will
     be  those  established  in the job from which you gave the ATTACH
     command; if you were not logged in, they will be reset to  system
     default characteristics.

Related Commands


          For finding out the user name and job number associated with
          any job.


          For disengaging a job from your own terminal.


          For disengaging a job from any other terminal.


     1.  Attach your only job, which is presently detached.

         @ATTACH LATTA

     2.  Attach one of several detached jobs.

         @ATTACH LATTA
           Job 37, Detached, Running DETACH
           Job 54, Detached, Running EXEC

     3.  Check your jobs (your current job is marked with an  asterisk
         [*]), then attach the only detached job.  Verify the system's

         @SYSTAT LATTA
           37    26  NEWRUN  LATTA
           58   DET  EXEC    LATTA
           59*  231  EXEC    LATTA
         @ATTACH LATTA
          Detaching job # 59
          Host AURORA  Job 58, TTY314
          User LATTA, PS:<LATTA>, Account 341

     4.  Start a program in one job.  Then detach and continue it, and
         attach another of your jobs.

          Host AURORA  Job 9, TTY26
          User LATTA, PS:<LATTA>, Account 341
         @RUN FFACTOR

          Detaching job # 9
         ^C  !Not displayed on terminal
          TEDDY, Controller Dept. TOPS-20 Monitor 6.1(7)
         @SYSTAT LATTA
          9     DET   FFACTO    LATTA
         45*     41   SYSTAT    LATTA
         @ATTACH LATTA 45
          [Attached to TTY41, confirm]