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CSAVE command

The CSAVE command makes a non-sharable copy of the program  in  memory
and stores it in a file, in compressed executable format.


     @CSAVE (ON FILE) filespec (WORDS FROM)    loc1     (TO)     loc2,
     loc3 loc4,...


     filespec            is the file  specification  under  which  you
                         want to store the program.
                              Default filespec - program name.EXE

     loc1 loc2,          are  pairs  of  octal  numbers  or   symbolic
     loc3 loc4,          expressions  that  specify  the  span(s)   of
     ...                 memory locations you want to save.

                              Default loc1 loc2 - 20 to last  location
                                              occupied by program


     Inefficiency of CSAVE Compared to SAVE

          The CSAVE  command  saves  in  a  compressed-formatted  file
          whatever  program the system finds in memory.  When the file
          is returned to memory, this format prevents other users from
          sharing  the  in-memory  copy  of  the  file.  Therefore you
          should ordinarily use the SAVE command instead  for  storing
          programs in executable format.

Related Commands

     GET      for putting a saved file into memory

     LOAD     for putting source or output files into memory

     RUN      for running executable programs

     SAVE     usual command for saving programs in executable format


     1.  Save your currently loaded program in  compressed  executable

          DMN.EXE.1 SAVED

     2.  Mount a magnetic tape set.  Then load an  ALGOL  program  and
         save it in three places in executable format:  once in a disk
         file under the same filename, again in a disk  file  under  a
         new filename, and once on magnetic tape.

         [Mount Request TAPBAK Queued, Request-ID 140]
         [Tape set TAPBAK, volume TAPBAK mounted]
         [TAPBAK defined as MT2:]
         @LOAD TESTA1
         LINK:   Loading

          TESTA1.EXE.1 Saved
         @CSAVE BAK
          BAK.EXE.1 Saved
         @CSAVE MT2:
          MT2:BAK Saved
         [Tape dismounted, logical name TAPBAK: deleted]