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UNATTACH command

The UNATTACH command disengages another job from its terminal.


     @UNATTACH (USER) name (JOB #) number


     name         is the user name of the job's owner.

     number       is the job number.
                       Default number - the  only  job,  or  only  job
                                        besides      your      current
                                        (attached)  job,   logged   in
                                        under the user name you give.

     password     is the associated password (not requested if you are
                  currently  logged in under the same user name as the
                  job that you are disengaging).


     Log-in Not Necessary

          You do not have  to  be  logged  in  to  give  the  UNATTACH


     Freeing Hung Terminals

          The UNATTACH command is useful for freeing a terminal  that,
          because  of  program  or hardware errors, is no longer under
          control of the user.  The command UNATTACH  n  can  be  more
          effective than LOGOUT n for this purpose.

Effect on Memory and Terminal

     The UNATTACH command does not affect memory and leaves  your  own
     terminal  at TOPS-20 command level.  The other job is left in its
     current state (usually suspended) and the disengaged terminal  is
     left in the state before log-in.

Related Commands

     ADVISE     for sending commands to another job

     ATTACH     for joining another job to your terminal

     DETACH     for disengaging your own job from its terminal


     1.  Disengage another user's job from its terminal.


     2.  From a terminal on which you have not yet logged in, give the
         UNATTACH  command  to  disengage your only logged-in job from
         its terminal.

          BOSTON (KL2871) Development system, TOPS-20 Monitor 7(7)

     3.  Give a SYSTAT command to find out what jobs you have running.
         Give the UNATTACH command for two of them (you must specify a
         job number for the first one so the system  will  know  which
         one you mean), and check them with another SYSTAT command.

         @SYSTAT LATTA
           28    26  EXEC     LATTA
           36*  230  EXEC     LATTA
           40    27  EXEC     LATTA
         @UNATTACH LATTA 28
          [Attached to TTY26, confirm]
         @SYSTAT LATTA
           28   DET  EXEC     LATTA
           36*  230  EXEC     LATTA
           40   DET  EXEC     LATTA