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)`INXQF:zs)6@{rE@@6aljh0 `!(I[(2\(+2 Rb NbO@|	`:(  @`c   *${ iSHRP7+<-$;Cannot INIT TTY,:^d 7Db!$Lu@b D1
+C `R` b HcB+C+M!$>9 D1@b
+I4`R`@hcB+I+M@@1-$L%Can'tfindRFGEN.HLP@,*4|."7B|1"+P	` B!$LuED^,URB9BX|1$+X0D+W!$T+X!$;2+X!$X1ZD@@@@e2r(4R^,s0R+^lH^,s"INXRh7+e ^-$d?EDevice**,notavailable@,*+P,>($dD(
Bd"-$*@,)+"-$File ,*7B^+-$*:,* -$*,*R-$.*,*7B+ ,> .[`-$[*,,)Z-$*],),^ RU-$$ Closed [*GEN finished]@@,*+3-$-UNIVERSAL	F - SOFTWARE FEATURE TEST FILE OUTPUT BY MONGEN DIALOG@@@, "-$1INTERN	M.F@M.F==*@XLIST@,  	 Bt@,>( B^,>t (Q$ DZ(.$
3d+=	d7+=-$<Insufficient user core@,  	,+P  
@,-4RJ1R+J02 0r-7+H020r7+H0R1R+H0R+O/2`dpR+? I(,r3Hx+M0R+J+O!(GI(+O I(:(+6 (Q$ D @@Z(Q*(
 D(Z/ H ,^x@4BK-$c@Only standard settings have been tested by DEC
all other settings may produce incorrect operation. @@,*<Be,+W-$~Type "switch,value"(or LIST or EXPLAIN)[
For any feature test switch to define,
type "switch,value", value=0 for off or -1 for on, or
type LIST or EXPLAIN to list or explain switches.
Type one per line, extra carriage return when through.]@@,',@+e4R),>,s,^[d1Bm+ 
,	,0+e,+e0R+$d(`4H$,Z,>,>,l4R0R+$,l5R$,^,^5$!&BG6@GG+!$"(Dn6@m$d$` l"m,>-$%New switch *(Y,N)[if Y, keep switch, else ignore it]: ,g,^4Be!"s6A *b5"" E +e-$#XP *@,C+e-$(? Not "switch,value" or keyword@,*9e _-$3Set each switch(Y,N)[List each switch with its current value and ask for new value]: ,g4BJS 7C+H(B,>,>  x6!+>-$=FT*,-1(ON,OFF,LIST,EXPLAIN,END): ,s+C-$BFT*,0(ON,OFF,LIST,EXPLAIN,END): ,s x1B+I=bJ!&BG0BGG,^,^*d5+J,^,^+K,+7-$M@LIST@,d @  
,+P,+U-$U% Can't find file header in help file@,*S 7C+d,>d"`l"m,> x-$[XP *,, 6!+_-$^-1,+`-$`0,,^,+b,-$c@,,^*dV-$h	IF2 <PURGE XP,XPL,XPP>@@	END,,^(,~-$rSUBTTL HDWCNF - HARDWARE CONFIGURATION DEFINITION FILE OUTPUT BY MONGEN@@@,-$vDEFINE XP(A,B),<A==:B>@@@, "-$yXP M.MON,*@,,] *-$|XP M.KI10,*@, +-$XP M.KL10,*@, +-$XP M.KS10,*@, !-$XP M.1070,*@, !-$XP M.1080,*@, "-$XP M.1090,*@, "-$XP M.1091,*@, #-$XP M.2020,*@,7B#6B"+ "-$Cpu's(1,1-*)[Total number of cpu's in the system]: ,W B) B~ )-$XP M.CPU,*@,-$#Customer name - Type 24 characters or less: ,(0b
7+*-$)%AMore than 24 characters@,*+* "b 
<	ASCIZ	&*&>@,C	d&$:.$),>-&$,>@"-$5DEFINE	SYSDAT,,I-$7ASCIZX&*,@B/,^6"-$:-*,+B/,^-$=-*&,tB0,Kn/-$AXPsM.MON,*@, /-$DXP M.DAY,*@, 0-$GXP M.YEAR,*@,@p -$KCPU* serial #(1-10000): ,W B@,<0T3B@,7+S -$R? Cannot be same as CPU*@,*+G=0M @7@+6@++\ -$\# DK10's on CPU*(1,0-2)[Real time clock]: ,W B@#7@O@.B&:30)+H ,-$bXP M.C0SN,*@, ,-$eXP M.C1SN,*@, --$hXP M.C2SN,*@, --$kXP M.C3SN,*@, .-$nXP M.C4SN,*@, .-$qXP M.C5SN,*@, #-$tXP M.RT0,*@, $-$wXP M.RT1,*@, $-$zXP M.RT2,*@, %-$}XP M.RT3,*@, %-$XP M.RT4,*@, &-$XP M.RT5,*@, &-$XP M.RTX,*@, "-$	XP M.RTCO,*@, B( (-$
10 micro-second time accounting]: ,g B'5B--$,DK10 software(Y,N)[Include real time clock service routine]: ,g B( '-$0XP M.RTCA,*@, (-$3XP M.RTC,*@,@-$6XP M.ACV,*@, "6@+6@!+O-$NMOS memory(Y,N)[Include support for the user mode MOS memory diagnostic THGA
which collects statistics on single bit memory errors and substitutes the spare
bit when a single bit error is determined to be hard]: ,g-$QXP M.MOS,*@,.B~O@6@++1;BO@	7 	O@	2")+
"6@"+h-$^DOYOU HAVEHANYDF10's,DF10C's,ORPDX10's,ONCPU*(Y,N):,g$Bz4Bhn-$gHOWMANY'DF10s,BDF10Cs,KDX10s1AND/ORRH20sAREON CPU*(2,0-?):M,W+n-$mHOW!MANY.RH20'SUNDERTESTFORCPU*(1,0-8):,W7@+p@@{+{0B+rO@{9{B0-$xDOYOUHAVEANY$TAPEPUNITS*ONTHESYSTEM?(Y,N):,g4Bz0+{:O@{.0-$}XPM.CHN,*@,4B"B0@@l "7@z+(-$Channel* Type.(DF10,DF10C,DX10,RH20):,s0b."@B-$XPM.CH*T,,$-$H10S for RS04'S(0-3)[Controllers for RS04 swapping
disks on channel *]: ,W  -$MXP M.*FS,, -$O*@,`@@@4Ph 1-$SXP M.FS*F,,@@z "d@@-$W*@, 1-$ZXP FS*CPU,, -$\*@,:1:."("}-$a  # Units on FS*(1-8): ,W,> 1."("}-$eXP M.FS*,,,^-$g*@,=pQ5Xu7Bz+ -$t  # RH10S for RP04'S,RP06'S(0-3)[Controllers for RP04,RP06
disk pack units on channel *]: ,W+O@z -$  # RH20S for RP04'S,RP06'S(0-1)[Controllers for RP04,RP06
disk pack units on channel *]: ,W  -$XP M.*RP,, -$*@, 3`@ B4P) 3-$
XPM.P*F,,@@zX"d@@-$ -$*@,:`2:3."("},>-$  # Units on RP*(1-8): ,W*x-$XP M.RP*,,,^-$*@, 3/4 -$ XP M.P*T,,6B -$#*@, 3/"-$&XP M.RS*P,, -$(*@,=p7B+57Bz+5 -$4  # RH20S for RP20'S(0-1)[Controllers for RP20
disk units on channel *.]: ,W  3d@ B4TE@@z-$C    Dual ported?(Y,N)[Does this RP20 controller
dual-port the drives on another RP20 controller?]: ,g"0S`.4 -$GXP M.*RN,, -$I*@,4Ti,>>x 3-$MXP RN*CPU,, -$O*@,:3."("},>-$U  # Units on RN*(1-8): ,W*x-$WXP M.RN*,,,^-$Y*@, 3/4 -$]XP M.N*D,, x-$_*@, -$aXP M.N*A,, "@-$c*@, -$fXP M.N*T,, -$h*@,*pK,^x6B=j  -$mXP M.*DP,, -$o*@, 4d@ B4P 4-$tXP M.DP*P,, -$v*@, 4-$yXP DP*CPU,, -${*@,:4."("}-$  # Units on DP*(1-8): ,W,> 4."("}-$XP M.DP*,,,^-$*@,=pq6B=  -$
XP M.*TB,, -$
*@,:5d@XB.MT*T,1@,-$XPM.T1*P,,  DX20's (0-1)[Mass-bus tape controller for
DX20's on channel *]: ,W  -$&XP M.*D2,, -$(*@,d@@@@
4Pj:	 -$-XP M.D2*T,,?T 4: -$1*@, 	-$4XP M.MT*T,6@, 	-$7XP M.MT*C,, -$9*@, 	-$<XP M.MT*P,, -$>*@,:6 "+N /"-$N  # DX20's on RH20 * (1-8)[Programmed Device Adapters
driving up to 8 TU7x tape drives through a TX02 Tape Control Unit]: ,W  	-$QXP M.MT*U,, -$S*@,@p 
@@z-$Y  # Units on DX20 * (1-8): ,W.,> 	-$\XP M.MT*, 	$&O@  -$`*,,^-$b,*@, &6@ 9c B :
.0=tT 	-$hXP M.MT*,, -$j*@,5Xw7Bz+ -$v  # RH10's for TM02'S (0-2)[Mass-Bus tape controller for
TU16's and TU45's on channel *]: ,W+7Bz+O@z -$  # RH20's for TM03'S (0-1)[Mass-Bus tape controller for
TU16's and TU45's on channel *]: ,W  -$XP M.*T2,, -$*@,d@ @@4P`@@z "G.B
 	.4 -$XP M.T2*T,,5X 1.2./
: -$-*@,+?T 4: -$*@,:6:	-$XP M.MT*T,4@, 	-$XP M.MT*C,, -$!*@, 	-$$XP M.MT*N,, -$&*@, 	-$)XP M.MT*P,, -$+*@, 6/"5X8-$7  How many TM02's on RH10 # * (1-8)[EACH UNIT CAN CONTROL
UP TO 8 SUB-UNITS = TAPE DRIVES]: ,W+B-$B  How many TM03's on RH20 # * (1-8)[EACH UNIT CAN CONTROL
UP TO 8 SUB-UNITS = TAPE DRIVES]: ,W  	-$EXP M.MT*U,, -$G*@,,>@p -$MHow many drives on TM03 * (1-8): ,W.,> 	-$QXP M.MT*, 	$&O@  -$T*, x-$V,*@, &6@ 9W B ,^.0=tI,^ 	-$]XP M.MT*,, -$_*@,=p7Bz+l7B+l -$k  # RH20's for TM78'S (0-1)[Mass-Bus tape controller for
TU78's on channel *]: ,W  -$nXP M.*T7,, -$p*@,4P	 "G.B
 	.4 -$vXP M.T7*T,,?T 4: -$y*@,:7:	-$}XP M.MT*T,7@, 	-$	XP M.MT*C,, -$	*@, 	-$	XP M.MT*N,, -$	*@, 	-$	
XP M.MT*P,, -$	
*@, 7/"-$	  How many TM78's on RH20 # * (1-8)[EACH UNIT CAN CONTROL
UP TO 8 SUB-UNITS = TAPE DRIVES]: ,W  	-$	XP M.MT*U,, -$	*@,,>@p -$	#How many drives on TM78 * (1-4): ,W.,> 	-$	&XP M.MT*, 	$&O@  -$	**, x-$	,,*@, &6@ 9	- B ,^.0=t	,^ 	-$	2XP M.MT*,, -$	4*@,=pz+	 	-$	8XP M.MT*C,, -$	:*@, 	-$	=XP M.MT*P,, -$	?*@, 	.
."("}-$	E-$#	Units.on*MT*(1-8):,W,>T	-$	HXPM.MT*,, x-$	J*@,,^,~ -$	T  # Controllers(0-1)[TX01's or TX02's for TU70 Tape Drives on channel *]: ,W  -$	WXP M.*FH,0@, -$	ZXP M.*DP,0@, -$	]XP M.*RP,0@, -$	`XP M.*RN,0@, -$	cXP M.*FS,0@, -$	fXP M.*TB,0@, -$	iXP M.*TC,0@, -$	lXP M.*T2,0@, -$	oXP M.*D2,0@, -$	rXP M.*TX,, -$	t*@, 5d@ B
::3"0++ " B -$

XP M.CH*T,, -$
*@, -$
XP M.*RH,0@, -$
XP M.*RH,0@, 8.X4.X -$
XP M.*TX,0@, -$
XP M.*TX,0@,6B<  -$
XP M.*FH,, -$
*@, 1d@ B -$
#XP M.*FS,, -$
%*@,`@@@ -$
)XP M.*RP,, -$
+*@,  -$
.XP M.*RN,, -$
0*@, -$
2XP M.*DP,, -$
4*@, -$
7XP M.*TB,, -$
9*@, 5d@ B
=XP M.*D2,, -$
 "  -$
CXP M.*T2,, -$
E*@,d@ @@ "G.B
 	.4 -$
KXP M.T2*T,,5X
Q 1.2./
: -$
U?T 4: -$
T*@,:6:	-$
XXP M.MT*T,4@, 	-$
[XP M.MT*C,, -$
]*@, 	-$
`XP M.MT*N,, -$
b*@, 	-$
eXP M.MT*P,, -$
g*@, 6/" "  	-$
lXP M.MT*U,, -$
n*@,,>@p ".,> 	-$
sXP M.MT*, -$
u*, x-$
w,*@,,^.0<,^ 	-$
{XP M.MT*,, -$
}*@, "  -$XP M.*T7,, -$*@,O@{+
 1/-$XP M.FHD,*@, -$
XP M.FSD,*@, 3/-$XP M.RPX,*@, 4/-$XP M.DPC,*@, 3/-$XP M.RNX,*@,  
-$XP M.MDF,*@, 	/	-$XP M.TAPN,*@, 	 B	 1.2 B
@@+R-$!XP M.FHD,0@,-$$XP M.FSD,0@,-$&XP M.RPX,0@,-$)XP M.RNX,0@,-$+XP M.DPC,0@,-$.XP M.MDF,0@,-$0XP M.TAPN,0@,+R@@:O@	-$;Disk drives(1,1-8)[Total number of RP06's and/or RM03's
on your system]: ,W,> -$>XP M.CH*T,4@, -$AXP M.*RH,1@, -$DXP RH0CPU,*@, -$GXP M.RHX,1@, -$JXP M.*TR,0@,,^-$MXP M.RHA,*@,,x:-$UTape drives(1,1-4)[Total number of TU45's on your system]: ,W,>:6 -$YXP M.CH*T,4@, -$\XP M.*RH,0@, -$_XP M.*TR,1@, -$bXP M.TAPN,1@,-$eXP M.MT0T,5@, -$hXP M.MT0C,*@, -$kXP M.MT0P,*@,,^-$nXP M.MT0,*@,,x:-$rDEFINE MACKN0 (X),,I,K-$vDEFINE MACK60 (X),,I,K+
" -$zXP M.*FH,0@, -$}XP M.*DP,0@, -$
XP M.*RP,0@, -$
XP M.*FS,0@, -$
XP M.*TB,0@, -$
	XP M.*TC,0@, -$
XP M.*T2,0@, -$
XP M.*TX,0@, -$
XP M.FHD,0@, -$
XP M.FSD,0@, -$
XP M.RPX,0@, -$
XP M.RNX,0@, -$
XP M.DPC,0@, -$
!XP M.MDF,0@,,~ -$
%XP M.CHN,*@, 1-$
(XP M.RC10,*@, 1-$
+XP M.RH1S,*@, 2-$
.XP M.RH1P,*@, 2-$
1XP M.RH2P,*@, 4-$
4XP M.RH20,*@, 3-$
7XP M.RHP4,*@, 3-$
:XP M.RP20,*@, 4-$
=XP M.RP10,*@, 5-$
@XP M.TX01,*@, 6-$
CXP M.TM02,*@, 6-$
FXP M.DX20,*@, 7-$
IXP M.TM78,*@, 5-$
LXP M.TM10,*@,7@++
OXP M.R11D,1@,-$
RXP M.TRH1,1@,+
UXP M.R11D,0@,-$
WXPM.TRH1,0@, 	40
jSpecify which drives (M-N) are 7 track drives.
[Type one number (M) or one range(M-N) or ALL on separate lines.
Type extra carriage return when through.]@,' 	/,>-$
oDEFINE	MACKN* (X),,^."("}-$
sFor controller MT*@,F=0
k-$cify which tape drives (M-N) are capable of 6250 BPI densities.
[Type one number (M) or one range (M-N) or ALL on separate lines.
Type an extra carriage return when through.]@,' 	 	/,>-$
DEFINEoMACK6*e(X),,^."("}-$O@:2")+-11 front end communications]: ,W B|,> -$
onlyMtimesharing,(DH11)lines,"notrCTY,ordKLINIK]:(,W,^7@7.".B8-$,g,>Z-$	XP M.JOB,*@, "-$
XP MD.2RR,*@, "-$XP MD.SEG,*@, "-$XP MD.DDT,*@,@-$XP M.CORE,*@, "-$# K total system core(128-*)[ONCE-only reports if
less core at startup]: ,W-$ XP M.NKC,*@,-$'Clock ticks per second(60,50)[Power line frequency]: ,s7@m "-$+XP M.TPS,*@,7@++/-$.XP M.RTD,0@,+2@-$2XP M.RTD,*@, "-$5XP M.LOK,*@, "-$8XP M.MGC,*@, "-$;XP M.HPQ,*@, "-$>XP M.METR,*@,-$@XP M.SYSC,*@,-$CXP M.FPS,*@,-$EXP M.MSG,*@,-$HXP M.PSI,*@,-$JXP M.IPCF,*@,-$MXP M.EQDQ,*@,-$OXP M.MBTS,*@,6@++
O@:2")+q )1p+V-$Von CPU*:@,' "-$\# CDRs(0,0-*)[Card reader on the I/O Bus]: ,W.Bw-$_XP M.CDR,*@,.B6@ "-$cXP MD.C10,*@,-$eXP MD.C10,*@,-$iCDP(0,0-1)[Card punch]: ,W.Bx-$lXP M.CDP,*@,4Bv-$sCP10D(Y,N)[Special Systems unbuffered card punch]: ,g-$uXP M.CP1D,*@, "4B}-$|Type(VP10,340,VB10C)[Answer VP10 for Type 30]: ,s:9 9-$XP M.VP10,*@, 9-$XP M.VP10,*@, :-$XP M.340,*@, :-$	XP M.340,*@, :-$
XPM.VBXC,*@, :-$XPM.VBXC,*@,@7@96@:,"-$XPCM.DIS,*@,-$XPM.DIS,*@,D"-$#TD10s(0,0-*)[DECtapecontrols]:0,W-$XPM.TD10,*@, 4P/:."("}-$#  # Units on DT*(1-8): ,W,> ."("}-$'XP M.DT*,,*x-$)*@,*x-$,XP M.DT*,,,^-$.*@,=p "-$4LPTs(0,0-*)[Line printers on the I/O Buss]: ,W-$7XP M.LPT,*@,.B,>6@ "-$;XP MD.MOV,*@,,^4BR  -$ELPT* Lower case(Y,N)[Does LPT* have lower case capability]: ,g,> ."("}-$IXP M.LP*L,,*x-$K*@,*x-$NXP M.LP*L,,,^-$P*@,:=p= "-$UPLTS(0,0-*)[Plotters]: ,W.Bx-$XXP M.PLT,*@,-$]# PC20(0,0-1)[Paper tape punch]: ,W.By-$`XP M.PTP,*@,.By-$cXP M.PTR,*@, "-$fXP M.XTC,*@,-$hXP M.XTC,*@,-$kXP M.XTL,*@,  
,Q:x>@;+,^x <-$XP M.0D60,*@, <-$XP M.1D60,*@, =-$
XP M.2D60,*@, =-$XP M.4D60,*@, >-$XP M.5D60,*@, ?-$XP M.6D60,*@, ?-$XP M.7D60,*@, @-$XP M.8D60,*@, @-$XP M.9D60,*@, A-$"XP M.AD60,*@, A-$%XP M.BD60,*@, ;-$(XP M.D60L,*@,6@+q <-$,XP M.0D60,*@, <-$/XP M.1D60,*@, =-$2XP M.2D60,*@, =-$5XP M.3D60,*@, >-$8XP M.4D60,*@, >-$;XP M.5D60,*@, ?-$>XP M.6D60,*@, ?-$AXP M.7D60,*@, @-$DXP M.8D60,*@, @-$GXP M.9D60,*@, A-$JXP M.AD60,*@, A-$MXP M.BD60,*@, ;-$PXP M.D60L,*@,+q -$S@For DN60 *:@@,)-$bWhich port is the DN60 connected to (0,0-13)[
DTE 0-3 ARE PORTS 10-13]: ,Z1"+d>|,>-$nDecimal lines on the DN60 (1-12)[
EACH DN60 CAN SUPPORT UP TO 12 IBM BSC INTERFACES]: ,W.B; x B<,^x,~+Q w-$tXP M.CDR,*@, x-$wXP M.CDP,*@, -$zXP M.TD10,*@, -$}XP M.LPT,*@, x-$XP M.PLT,*@, y-$XP M.PTP,*@, y-$XP M.PTR,*@, <B "/+	 "#-$XP M.PTY,*@,+5 "-$# PTYs(20,0-*)[Pseudo-terminals - each operator
service program and Batch stream needs one]: ,W-$XP M.PTY,*@,-$LPT(0,0-1)[Line printer]: ,W-$XP M.LPT,*@,-$"XP M.LPT,*@,4B8 -$%XP M.CH*T,5@, -$(XP M.LP0C,*@, -$+XP M.*RH,0@, -$.XP M.*TR,0@,,x:-$5Lower case(Y,N)[Does LPT have lower case]: ,g-$7XP M.LP0L,*@,-$;CDR(0,0-1)[CARD READER]: ,W-$>XP M.CDR,*@,-$@XP M.CDR,*@,4BN -$DXP M.CH*T,6@, -$GXP M.CD0C,*@, -$JXP M.*RH,0@, -$MXP M.*TR,0@,,x: -$QXP M.CHN,*@, " -$]# KMC/DUP Lines(0,0-*)[Number of DUP-11 synchronous
line units attached to a KMC-11 controller.]: ,W-$_XP M.KDUP,*@,-$bXP MD.MOV,0@,-$dXP MD.C10,0@,-$gXP M.CDP,0@,-$iXP M.CDP,0@,-$lXP M.VP10,0@,-$nXP M.340,0@,-$qXP M.VBXC,0@,-$sXP M.DIS,0@,-$vXP M.TD10,0@,-$xXP M.TD10,0@,-${XP MD.DTC,0@,-$}XP M.PLT,0@,-$XP M.PLT,0@,-$XP M.PTP,0@,-$XP M.PTP,0@,-$XP M.PTR,0@,-$
XP M.PTR,0@,-$
XP M.DC44,0@,-$XP M.XTC,0@,-$XP M.XTL,0@,-$XP M.DAS78,0@,-$XP M.DN60,0@,-$XP M.0D60,0@,-$XP M.1D60,0@,-$XP M.2D60,0@,-$ XP M.3D60,0@,-$#XP M.4D60,0@,-$%XP M.5D60,0@,-$(XP M.6D60,0@,-$*XP M.7D60,0@,-$-XP M.8D60,0@,-$/XP M.9D60,0@,-$2XP M.AD60,0@,-$4XP M.BD60,0@,+5-$7@RADIX	10@,-$9RADIX	8@,-$<@DEFINE	SPCINT,,I,K _-$@@DEFINE	SPCDDB,,I,K _-$D@DEFINE	SPCSAV,,I,K-$G@DEFINE	SPCEDN,,I,K,~-$RSUBTTL	NETCNF - NETWORK CONFIGURATION DEFINITION FILE OUTPUT BY MONGEN DIALOG@@@,-$VDEFINE XP(A,B),<A==:B>@@@, "-$YXP M.NET,*@,-$\XP M.RSS,0@,-$^XP M.DS10,0@,-$aXP M.DP01,0@, }4Bc |<bq-$qNetwork software(Y,N)[
Software to support remote computers: DECsystem-10's,
PDP-11's, PDP-8's (requires FTNET to be -1)]: ,g-$sXP M.NET,*@,4B@@p : ~ B)O@:2")+G6@+
6@}+-$How many DC75NP's or DN87/DL10's on CPU*(0,0-8)[Network
front-ends connected to DL10's.]: ,W Bp p-$XP M.DC75,*@,7@p+
 q-$XP M.0D85,*@, q-$XP M.1D85,*@, r-$XP M.2D85,*@, r-$XP M.3D85,*@, s-$XP M.4D85,*@, s-$XP M.5D85,*@, t-$ XP M.6D85,*@, t-$#XP M.7D85,*@,@@q  *$v -$/How many DN87S/DN20's on CPU*(1,0-3)[Network
front-ends connected to DTE-20's]: ,W Bp p-$2XP M.D87S,*@, p-$5XP M.D87S,*@,7@p+9 <,Y.:>@p+7 q-$<XP M.0D8S,*@, q-$?XP M.1D8S,*@, r-$BXP M.2D8S,*@, r-$EXP M.3D8S,*@,@@q  *$r+w "-$JXP OURNNM,*@,-$PName of central site[Six characters or less.]: ,(0b7+V-$U%More than 6 characters.@,*+J-$Z@DEFINE	SYSNDE
	<SIXBIT	&*&>@,C "-$g# of remote TTY's(1,1-*)[
Maximum number of teletypes on network nodes to be
handled at any given time.]: ,W-$iXP M.RMCR,*@, "-$lXP M.RVTM,*@, "-$oXP M.RCDR,*@,-$rXP M.RLPT,*@,-$tXP M.RPTP,0@,-$wXP M.RPTR,0@,-$yXP M.RPLT,0@,-$|XP M.RDX,*@,-$~XP M.RJOB,*@, "-$# of connects(*,1-512)[
Maximum number of simultaneous connections.]: ,W-$
XP M.CONN,*@,+Y-$.DC75,0@,-$XP M.0D85,0@,-$XP M.1D85,0@,-$XP M.2D85,0@,-$XP M.3D85,0@,-$XP M.4D85,0@,-$XP M.5D85,0@,-$!XP M.6D85,0@,-$#XP M.7D85,0@,-$&XP M.8D85,0@,-$(XP M.9D85,0@,-$+XP M.AD85,0@,-$-XP M.BD85,0@,-$0XP M.D87S,0@,-$2XP M.D87S,0@,-$5XP M.0D8S,0@,-$7XP M.1D8S,0@,-$:XP M.2D8S,0@,-$<XP M.3D8S,0@,-$?XP OURNNM,0@,-$B@DEFINE SYSNDE<>@,C-$DXP M.CONN,0@,-$GXP M.RMCR,0@,-$IXP M.RVTM,0@,-$LXP M.RCDR,0@,-$NXP M.RLPT,0@,-$QXP M.RPTR,0@,-$SXP M.RPTP,0@,-$VXP M.RJOB,0@,-$XXP M.RDX,0@,,~ -$]For front end number *:@,)5\f-$eTo which DL10 port is the DC75 or DN87 connected (0,0-7)[]: ,W+l-$lTo which DTE20 is the DN87S/DN20 connected (1,1-3)[]: ,W  " Bq,~-$vSUBTTL	TTYCNF - TERMINAL CONFIGURATION DEFINITION FILE OUTPUT BY MONGEN@@@,-$zDEFINE XP(A,B),<A==:B>@@@, "-$}XP M.TTY,*@, " B)O@:2$)+x  "7@ BB  "7@ BB  "6@+ BC B-$
XP M.DC10,*@, B-$XP M.DC76,*@, "-$XP MD.DCS,*@,7@B+7@B+,> 
,3:x B2Bx,3,^x7@B+,> 
,o:x>@C+,^x+1-$#XP M.DC10,0@,-$&XP M.DC68,0@,-$(XP M.DC76,0@,-$+XP MD.DCS,0@,-$0TTY lines(0-32)[Total number of TTY lines]: ,W BJ F-$4XP M.D70N,*@, G-$7XP M.D71N,*@, G-$:XP M.D72N,*@, H-$=XP M.D73N,*@, H-$@XP M.D74N,*@, I-$CXP M.D75N,*@, I-$FXP M.D76N,*@, J-$IXP M.D77N,*@,-$KXP M.D78N,0@,-$NXP M.D79N,0@,-$PXP M.D7AN,0@,-$SXP M.D7BN,0@, C-$VXP M.TTG0,*@, D-$YXP M.TTG1,*@, D-$\XP M.DSG0,*@, E-$_XP M.DSG1,*@, E-$bXP M.68L0,*@, F-$eXP M.68L1,*@, J-$hXP M.DZNL,*@, J-$kXP M.DZNL,*@, C.D(B.F.G.G.H.H.I.I.J.J.E.F-$wXP M.TLTL,* ;TOTAL LOCAL TTY LINES@@,+6@+ "<  -$|DEFINE	OPRLIN,,I-$~@	OPRL	*@,,K-$@,-$DEFINE	MACDSD,,I,K-$DEFINE	MACTAB,,I,K-$
DEFINE	MACRMT,,I,K-$DEFINE	MACHLF,,I,K-$DEFINE	MACSLV,,I,K-$DEFINE	MACFRM,,I,K-$DEFINE	MACINI,,I-$@L CTY@,,> }4B" }-$"@L 4,*@,,^,K-$%DEFINE	MACFLC,,I,K6@B++-$*DEFINE MACDIS<>,+2-$-DEFINE MACDIS,-$22741 lines on DC-10 interfaces[]@,+,~ -$5@For DC10 *:@@,) "-$@# DC10B[ or 632] 8 line data groups(1-*)[
1 is TTY0-7, 2 is TTY0 - 17, ... 8 is TTY0 - 77]: ,W  BC-$F# DC10E Data set control groups(0-*): ,W  BD -$JDEFINE	MACCR*, 7@D+b-$aCorrespondence of DC10E lines to the DC10B lines(M-N,P)[
Type M,P for one pair and M-N,P for a range of pairs
where M is octal DC10E line, M-N is octal range of DC10E
lines, and P is octal DC10B line]@,8,~,I+K -$f@FOR DC68 *:@@,) "2-$m# Octal lines on DC68, including its console TTY(1-*): ,Z  BE,~ -$r@For DC76 *:@@,)-$
Which DL10 port is the DC76 connected to(0,1-7)[Each PDP-11
is connected to a DL10 port. If there is only one -11 it
is always connected to port 0. If there are 2 -11's one is
connected to port 0 and the other to port 1]: ,W,>-$Decimal lines on DC76(1-129)[
Each DC76F is 16 lines and the console teletype is
one line. A DC76 with 2 DC76Fs has 33 lines]: ,W x BF,^x,~0Bm d -$+Switch(switch to list or explain)[
Type name of switch to be listed or explained or ALL or /HELP.
Type extra carriage return when through.]@@,*,@+4R5,s7@+3 -$2? Unknown switch *@,*+3H +6,<++, _,~S ,>7I+:d(`l(m,<+ ,^*d7,~[d0Bm7+B -$A? Unknown switch *@,*,~d(`6@+G-$F? Unknown switch@,*,~,Z l"m7 +M-$L? Unknown switch *@,*,~,>6!+Q-$P*,-1,*+R-$R*,0,*,^:x``+V-$U@,*,~,+X,-$Y@,*,~S U"A2B*dZ,~-$`DO YOU HAVE A KL10E? (Y,N): ,g B}." B:!0B+e:+,~7@;*:+,~,!t0D+j!t7@u0D`7+q-$pASKYN called without (Y,N) in above message,4Brg ",~,!t0D1D`+w!t0D1D`7+-$ASKLST called with (Y,N) in above question
- Edit MONGEN to call ASKYN instead of ASKLST@,,~ ,,Y xZ,+Z,	,@+,09+\Q$A`,>,>6@+-$? No (ANS0,ASN1,...) in above question - Edit MONGEN,0R+
,s0R+5H* x Ht0b7+-$Too many prompts in above question - Edit MONGEN@,1R9@@t,^,^1R,~-$)Special character inside () above
Edit MONGEN and remove it.,-$.Error in above question - Edit MONGEN@,,s+8,s7@+8-$7? Type one answer followed by carriage return@,*,~d @b4HQ $($G$cH+:(D} t3F+Qf2F+H Bl`7+H-$G? Type enough to uniquely distinguish answer@,*,~6Ft9=a`7+Q-$P? Answer with one of the choices inside parens@,*,~ 7@t7+W-$V? No default allowed@,*,~+? ,+Z ,l @+[ ,d @,Y xZ,+O@@@!$p DZ
Q*A`4Rp0R+`,m0R+e5Bp7x,+b1R+v1R1h0R!+m5Bp,s "<@2H a`@+m2H +p "=7  B1R+|1R+b-$vAbove question must have(...,min-max) - Edit MONGEN, B,m1R+z0R+{7x!"p,0R+p B,@+[4R,m4Ra`@7+-$? Type single number followed by carriage return@,*9[1R1h0R!+5B,s3H +7+-$? Type octal line number or CTY followed by carriage return@,)9[!"=+'!2B 3B +'!`6 +-$? No default allowed, type a number@,*9[3B+'2"2b7+' -$$? Must be in range *,* -$&-*@,*9[+\,Y xZ,+,@+(+\ ,,I,Y xZ,+,@+-4R\d ,b7@+6-$5? Type octal M-N or M@,)9--$7L *@,C+. ,,I,Y xZ,+,@+94R\l ,b0R+?,m4RD-$C? Type octal M-N,P or M,P@,*99-$EL *@,C+; ,,I,Y xZ,+,@+G4R\,R7@+P-$O? Type octal M-N or M@,)9G-$QKN X,*@,C+I,m1R +V0R,~ 2r+m,s!"2H  2 ,~*x,>,>,LZ+,K ,^,^+%,m5B?1R1h0R!,~+g,m1R1h1R!+g0R,~ 2r+m,s!"=3H +j 2!,~a` 2r,~ ,+m , ",4R?02020+$."Oh+n,> +t,> , (  4Ra`+y1R+~0R1R+~020r+{+~020h02 0r-+/2`dpR+@x+u,,^x,~+@0R1R+,~,@,~ (4R?,s4H	0R,~`H7+-$? Device-mnemonic must be 3 char or less@,*,~,l0b7+ "-$? PI-channel must be * or less@,*,~+?0R1R+,~,> !" +,l ,> !" +e l d  ,/42'5R  adp+*4B*,/42'4R!020/20BOp++!``l` ,~d @+a`+?,/4r 0R+++?,/52?@,~``@+7$gg+? c RaD`+?l `,>( 2 R(
 R4RH,}1"(d 9B-$G? Line too long@,*9%d  
 d +?,> $ ,	,/9U4RT0R9U $ ,	,09U4BT/"d +{d 9|e ,> "^-$xMONGEN for * monitors
All # are decimal unless stated otherwise
Unique abbrivation allowed everywhere to all questions
/HELP reasks a question in next longer mode
/HELP:xxx sets mode permanently.  Modes are:
SHORT is short
PROMPT has choices in ()
LONG has choices in () and explanation in []]: ,s1BO@1B " B_ ,^,~,,~0R1R+,~,,~+?`7+@+
&-$@? Internal MONGEN error - ,,^,	`l  ,+m  ,Q$A`,> +@x4R%1R,5,M+ ,Q$A`,>x4R%,>1R+# 1R,5,M,^+,^xd ,~7
,,>,,^++,++i,Q$A`,>+@x4Rd1R-l,``4n31Rl,``4.21R,5,^1RdR1R.d-+,,>abp+:uI4R>.2+A`hp+7+>y	A1ba`+>N2,,@,^:x,~&$0QFx4DB,@[x.2+$Q$A`4R?1R+G,M+D,>N$y,,^+DN2,M+L2,M2,MN2a`,~1R+L6@l`+S,>T2,b,^d`0a`+X,>2,YI2,Y2,Y,^1RlB$6@A,b?`,R,~2,^21R+\6@e`+b,>2,b,^?`-$JMTA,+I-$MMTB,+K-$OMTC,+N-$RMTD,+P-$TMTE,+SQ<;SiSL;S]$;SLgg+qggI6jnI%f@R@X@^@d@jM-`Q3~cL8dW26[MP0(,LIST,EXPLAIN)Q
? Internal MONGEN error - Hb,~+