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;   IBMUSR - Sample user exit module for IBMSPL

;		  COPYRIGHT (c) 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982
;     This software is furnished under a license and may  be  used
;     and copied only in accordance with the terms of such license
;     and with the inclusion of the above copyright notice.   This
;     software  or any other copies thereof may not be provided or
;     otherwise made available to any other person.  No  title  to
;     and ownership of the software is hereby transferred.
;     The information  in  this  software  is  subject  to  change
;     without  notice  and should not be construed as a commitment
;     DIGITAL assumes no responsibility for the use or reliability
;     of  its  software  on  equipment  which  is  not supplied by
;     DIGITAL.
;	TITLE	IBMUSR - Sample user exit module


;Version information

	USRVER==1		; Major version number
	USRMIN==0		; Minor version number
	USREDT==3		; Edit number
	USRWHO==0		; Who edited last (0=DEC)

	%%.USR=:<VRSN. (USR)>	; Set value of edit level/version

; Print title/version information to log during compilation

Define VOUTX ($S1,$S2,$S3,$S4)
 <TITLE $S1 $S2'$S3'('$S4')
  PRINTX $S1 $S2'$S3'('$S4')>

 IFN <USRMIN>,<VOUTX (IBMUSR - Sample user exit module,\USRVER,\"<"A"+USRMIN>,\USREDT)>
 IFE <USRMIN>,<VOUTX (IBMUSR - Sample user exit module,\USRVER,,\USREDT)>
    > ;End IF1

  This module contains the user exit code; each of the following entry
points is called from IBMSPL with T1 containing the address of the beginning
of an ASCII record, and T2 containing the number of ASCII bytes.  The user
exit can only modify register T2 (the most useful being to set it to 0 to
delete the record), and should be careful not to wipe out other memory.
The user exit can also modify the record, but it must do so in place (i.e.
it cannot change T1 to point to a new buffer).



Revision History

Edit	Date		Who	Why

0(0)	3-Dec-78	K. Reti	Original module
0(1)	19-May-79	KR	Made version numbering standard for IBMSPL
				to print it
0(2)	23-May-79	KR	Make IBMUSR cell global
1(3)	1-Nov-79	SMJ	Throw the version stuff and make simpler,
				faster to assemble.

USRCDR::				;user entry for card record going to IBM
USRLPT::				;line printer record coming from IBM
USRCDP::				;card punch record coming from IBM
	$RETT		; Just return