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	UNIVERSAL	X25SYM	X.25 Gateway Access Routine Universal Symbols

; X.25 Port States

XS%UND==:0			   ; Undefined
XS%OPN==:1			   ; Opening
XS%CAG==:2			   ; Calling
XS%LSN==:3			   ; Listening
XS%CAD==:4			   ; Called
XS%RUN==:5			   ; Running
XS%SYN==:6			   ; Synchronizing
XS%UNS==:7			   ; Unsynchronized
XS%CLG==:10			   ; Clearing
XS%CLD==:11			   ; Cleared
XS%ERR==:12			   ; Error
XS%NCM==:13			   ; No Communication

; X.25 Returned Codes

XC%SUC==:0			   ; Success
XC%RSS==:1B18			   ; Reset seen
XC%VSK==:1B19			   ; Version skew
XC%BTS==:1B20			   ; Buffer too short
XC%BTL==:1B21			   ; Buffer too long
XC%SDL==:1B22			   ; Source DTE subaddress too long
XC%DDL==:1B23			   ; Destination DTE address too long
XC%NIC==:1B24			   ; No interrupt confirmation is requested
XC%AIC==:1B25			   ; Awaiting interrupt confirmation
XC%NDN==:1B26			   ; No destination
XC%INA==:1B27			   ; Illegal network access code
XC%DFT==:1B28			   ; Data field truncated
XC%FFT==:1B29			   ; Facilities field truncated
XC%UNN==:1B30			   ; Undefined network name
XC%NIN==:1B31			   ; No interrupt to read
XC%NDA==:1B32			   ; No data to read
XC%PER==:1B33			   ; Procedure error
XC%IAR==:1B34			   ; Insufficient access resources
XC%IGR==:1B35			   ; Insufficient gateway resources

; X.25 Returned Errors

XE%IUG==:1B6			   ; Invalid user group
XE%VSK==:1B7			   ; Version skewed
XE%DDL==:1B8			   ; Destination DTE address is too long
XE%SDL==:1B9			   ; Source DTE subaddress is too long
XE%FFT==:1B10			   ; Facilities field truncated
XE%DFT==:1B11			   ; Data field truncated
XE%NCM==:1B12			   ; No communication with the Public Network
XE%UNN==:1B13			   ; Undefined network name
XE%UCN==:1B14			   ; Undefined circuit name
XE%INU==:1B15			   ; Circuit in use
XE%IGR==:1B16			   ; Insufficient gateway resources
XE%UNK==:1B17			   ; Unknown error

; Bits for data I/O

XM%MOR==:1B0			   ; More bit
XM%QUA==:1B1			   ; Qualified data bit

; Port status bits

XM%IIC==:1B0			   ; Incoming interrupt confirmation pending
XM%OIC==:1B1			   ; Outgoing interrupt confirmation pending
XM%DAT==:1B2			   ; Incoming data is available
XM%INT==:1B3			   ; Incoming interrupt data is available

; Miscelaneous symbols

.PBSIZ==:^D140			   ; PRTBLK constant length

; Local Modes:
; Mode:MACRO
; Auto Save Mode:2
; Comment Column:35
; Comment Rounding:+1
; End: