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! Copyright (C) 1983, 1984 by
! TOPS-20 Packetnet System Interface Gateway Version 1.1
! DIGITAL EQUIPMENT CORPORATION, Maynard, Massachusetts 01754
! This software is furnished under a license and may be used and  copied
! only  in  accordance  with  the  terms  of  such  license and with the
! inclusion of the above copyright notice.  This software or  any  other
! copies  thereof may not be provided or otherwise made available to any
! other person.  No title to and ownership of  the  software  is  hereby
! transferred.
! The information in this software is subject to change  without  notice
! and  should  not  be  construed  as  a commitment by Digital Equipment
! Corporation.
! Digital assumes no responsibility for the use or  reliability  of  its
! software on equipment which is not supplied by Digital.