Trailing-Edge - PDP-10 Archives - BB-X140B-BB_1986 - 10,7/703mon/ctls/builds.pth
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MON:/SEARCH=DSKB:[10,7,703MON]	!Standard sources (from tape)
SCUMS:= DSKB:[10,7,703MON,SCUMS]!Accumulated FILCOMs (your area)
CTLS:=DSKB:[10,7,703MON,CTLS]	!Source control files (from tape)
LOGS:= DSKB:[10,7,*]		!Where to leave tracks (your area)
BASE:=DSKB:[10,7,MON]		!Updated sources(your area)
!<*>! FGEN areas, used to produce TOPS10.REL (your areas)
KL:=DSKB:[10,7,MON,KL]	!KL monitor TOPS10.REL
KLF:=DSKB:[10,7,MON,KLF]	!KL Fast monitor (FTMP=0)
KLI:=DSKB:[10,7,MON,KLI]	!KL monitor with everything turned off
KS:=DSKB:[10,7,MON,KS]	!KS monitor
KST:=DSKB:[10,7,MON,KST]	!KS Tiny monitor
!<*>! Build areas, used to produce MON.EXE
L:=DSKB:[10,7,MON,KL,L]	!1026 standard monitor
N:=DSKB:[10,7,MON,KL,N]	!1026 triple monitor
Q:=DSKB:[10,7,MON,KL,Q]	!1026 quad monitor
A:=DSKB:[10,7,MON,KL,A]	!2476 ANF only monitor
B:=DSKB:[10,7,MON,KL,B]	!2476 DECnet, minimal ANF, no NI/CI/RP20
C:=DSKB:[10,7,MON,KL,C]	!2476 Compact monitor (netgen=no, no ni/ci/rp20)
D:=DSKB:[10,7,MON,KL,D]	!2476 ANF, DECnet, no NI/CI/RP20
F:=DSKB:[10,7,MON,KLF,F]	!2476 Fast "A" monitor (as above)
I:=DSKB:[10,7,MON,KLI,I]	!2476 Itsy-bitsy "C" monitor (as above)
S:=DSKB:[10,7,MON,KS,S]	!4097 standard monitor
T:=DSKB:[10,7,MON,KST,T]	!4097 Tiny monitor