Trailing-Edge - PDP-10 Archives - BB-X140B-BB_1986 - 10,7/703mon/ctls/ctls.dir
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;List of files used in the monitor build procedures

BUILD.CTL		;Actual build control file
COMPIL.CTL		;Compiles modules going into TOPS10.REL
START.CTL		;Cleans up a PPN to start a build
SWITCH.INI		;Some convenient switches
TOPS10.TEC		;Massages TOPS10.FIL into TOPS10.CCL and TOPS10.CMD
TOPS10.FIL		;List of files to compile and where they go
DECNET.FIL		;List of DECnet files to compile and where they go
UNSUP.FIL		;List of customer-supported modules to compile
MPE.FIL			;List of MPE files to compile and where they go
TREE.TEC		;Massages BUILDS.PTH into micro to build directories

;You will need to create BUILDS.PTH, UNIV.CTL, and GEN.CTL to conform to your
;peculiarities, use the ones supplied ONLY as templates or models.

;List of files used by release engineering in the weekly update process

BUILDS.DCL		;Command definitions (CN, CPO, CM)
BUILDS.MIC		;Submits all the build control files
BUILDS.PTH		;Defines the build areas
COMCTL.TEC		;Massages COMCTL.MIC into a module.CTL
COMCTL.MIC		;template module compiling control file
COMPIL.MIC		;Submits a control file to compile a source file
DONE.MIC		;Submits a batch job to create .CFCs and move sources
DONE.TEC		;Massages data from DONE.MIC to produce DONE.CTL
GEN.CTL			;Runs MONGEN dialogs
GEN.MIC			;Modifies GEN.CTL to account for load number
UNIV.CTL		;Compiles all the universals in all areas
UUOSYM.CTL		;Compiles UUOSYM, rel->REL:, unv->UNV:, new DDT->SYS: