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The various .CTL and .MIC files used in the weekly monitor build procedures
must be done in the following order:

1)	SU START		!Must be first

Once START completes successfully:

2)	For each monitor module which is new this week, do

	DO NEWMOD modulename

	and check with its author that the appropriate .FIL file
	(one of TOPS10, DECNET, MPE, or UNSUP) has been updated for it.

3)	DO SCC,,BUILD		![DEC only] Build updated sources in
				! BASE: from the engineers' edits

4)	DO COMPILE FGEN		!If necessary
5)	DO COMPILE MONGEN	!If necessary

After FGEN & MONGEN are successful:

6)	DO GEN 254		!or whatever is this week's 3-digit load number

After GEN is successful:


After UNIV has been verified:

8)	DO COMPILE x		!for each changed module "x"
	(Actually, DO COMPILE UUOSYM can come anytime between START and DONE.)
				!These batch jobs may be run simultaneously

When step 8 has been verified:


Then verify each of the BUILD & COMPIL jobs submitted by step 9.

Software Engineering will DO DONE once the monitor has been verified, usually
sometime Wednesday morning.