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1.  Insure that the state of the system is what it  was  at  the  dump
    time;   i.e.   all disk files used by the program are present, and
    all mag-tapes that were being used are mounted.

2.  Start RERUN by typing, to the monitor:

3.  RERUN will type:
    Type checkpoint file name

    User responds with FILE.CKP, where FILE is the name of  the  COBOL
    program that created the checkpoint file.

4.  RERUN may type:
    Define logical-name (as) physical-name
    Type continue when done

    User responds by defining the logical name, then types CONTINUE.

5.  After reloading the COBOL program, RERUN  turns  control  over  to
    that program.

                           [END OF RERUN.HLP]