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 	]Qp	]Qq	]Qq	]Qv(J"DV"mWQ^D|GpZJq~uJr\z0(JH @a
	"@U(,C" B,~,^,@@+,^,C"96@C"	*U(Q" B+,^,C" B  N& 8 D" D! 8 D# D"C"8 Bu 8	"
`b@,& 81B,! B'0B++7 #7B 4BC#  x Bx>	*QU ,
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 # B$,#  x>""	*( ".B56B,6B,#@@#@@$@@7v,~_X1b13"=,~6@,~	 
U** X5 
,R L' B%  B$@@,i,3C" B7@+Z,Z+	"Q*T 36@+^ % BC$ D&,^@@  B&O@35^7 +
O@,~,^&	*Q
U*;, % B &  D"  D#,i,^C" B+Z,^& ^', &	"*Q*D  D"  D#@@%@@,i,^C" B+Z[RD\G,^& ^', & 	(E*U*L D"  D#  B,i+R,w+T,p+U+[,V,^+Z,V+Z	*U"E
',R B% B  B$ L',~,z,r"".BS*<	"U(P],~ &,6@,, = B( "w/e B(, 8`b+``b+_	"@ f`b+ t1B +,~ &7$,~0$,~: 1F,~ "1"	(
"n H#2h:x,~7@:x,~6Lp7 ",~  " Cp % Cp # Cp	*Q(w5r7""+1"j7L:x,~7"",~1"x7L
y,~ L  " Cp %	"
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0B+"@0"0b+$$.$h+ Dt!$v[#0B*d5$Z#	"U*U*!,+,+$.\-,
V8$4,4NL=T'dtt?|U	*U(P**\3C$S,/DLL7> "56`&7 ,~ "?,V / &	(T25W P
;,,^." 5,!A 
5V $4D@)B."0B,+?,!	(D@"C @4DH 4D?@)B.",+E Q$A@4BE.",+I	(P"L,!,>[,W ",,^ "5W,!4BJ,>1"7@ ",,^	"TD
T#+W6@t+P,! &)Bn(D'"4B[,>,W,^ "5 ' 	 D]/"7@ "5W,!."&"&"2,>,f ",,^&".", "	(Ae5&"4Bq,>&"4Bl,> ,7 ",,^,na,q ",	 E*n,^&$ ", "5&$ "0B, "5,! B,y7B+x	*U*Uv, 5Q 
'@@v,R4L|2$v2d+yDv+y7Lv7"A,VB,y7B+,Z,W "5 
 7	*T*A+5,!4BQ,> ",,^ C5DH	"*&"4B,>,,^4D "0b."0b-/"1B "+:u> eBf	"!,~:u 1b+%Pu ,~. ,~,~  `B`+0"	""*)0b+1 $.$} D#5B.$D0D+3&""41B+1 "
=5V "D,V	(U*2  5W "G5V6$
x_cmCidIe99~3~5	  :Gj<(~D#	
BR~|HM unit H[Mc@ at  in  (PC 	 CH"
PUnknown FILOP error, code Wrong direction for deviceNo such fi	 KleNo such directoryProtection failureFile is being modifiedFile already ex	 TistsRIB errorDevice is not availableCan't OPEN deviceDevice fullDevice is 	 \write lockedInsufficient monitor table spaceCan't write a directoryDirectory 	 eis not emptySearch list emptySFDs nested too deepAll structures have NOCRE	 mATE setCan't update fileLocks still setNetwork fullTask not available	 vNo such nodeSFD in useFile has an NDR lockMonitor use count overflow	 ~Can't rename SFD downwardDevice is downDevice is restrictedDevice must be 	 mountedDevice is assigned to another jobIllegal data modeFunny space full Too many open units	"Q"A, "7,V  7@# B#S
,W  Pd,(81Hd,"91B	"T(Q ( 0(+"D
<9n= &  >">0B*d4$!G&+ ,0(l,0?	*EQ # ,)7@ "@7N0+(,V0.,86B,V9
$ "6@),RP?X$ u	"*U*+A&? A	b6+ ,~YAACQD@(FP GX Ix(K@@LP@DY N@8OH8P	*U*U"4P0QX0NAPG;@FPGXSGxTpHWpX_pYgp[pK7BPX+@ B,	(U(< ]	b+@ `7`, b7`- d,~7BPX+G B, e	b+G`b@+G	"P
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M5W,!4b7T,~ ", k, "-5V t/u ",=dT,~	(*V,!Q"A` 4BN,+W4B^, ab +^[8Q"lY,C ",	(
^@@u,~"",@@e,/" $0d $ Ds/".", k Bf s	(UU(g<fi,,n=fg,g,s &#/s7`P+m,i,s=fk,{51B?""	 (o1B "1"+wBf:e,~1B?""1B "1"+xBf:e,~:s	"U*x $/Df." Bf ".Be,~@Bf k B( e B(5c k s<f	"@
U@``l, "/B@B k B( s B(5~@@e / $0d	"U*	 $ Ds/" /&0f# &# Fsb Bf k Bf s<ff,n=f	*U*@f,s s/sf,s=f,{5,BiIH?,B	 *U iIHmzyz{y{|,BiI	"("Hrzy{|,BiJHxiJ
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,R4L[ Lx By Dy F{  FzC" B&,^C"& B&,^ 
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P$$( @	"T*(D8=jAC" yC&3DC"! B&,^,^,^,^ By Dy F{  Fz	*U(M6@x+3C" B&,^+[ILIUFUOSDIOGXCUH4LX 03B+n7@]d"/"	*TU B|RB},q=
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	"@o@  &?,~`b~,~R "Z3b+xZ&4Dn0b,~[&/$	  U*wd0":x,~@@@@@@6B',4B,+ B D F /	(E*P B,~ B. D@@@@~@@} 3b+_1$`D,~ `h@	 T,~l(@. DC$~ 3F+/$2$++ afP3f3&~	*E((+ B F~d(@ H} H~+7B,~_. B3D+."3"	*@*E"+ +& 8 D~ B~ B}O@0H+  +&3d3d~	*D ("+# D~ B}.&=h :x ~,~ C$3d3d~+,,1+, D}	"E
*C& F~@@."3"+&:x }7@d"@ ~ ~,~ 4$ud$@&$	(@(34Dt0F+3&$0&0f+45D4,~IO error P"
P@ 	 @;@
~4.4$ (?, card too largenonbinary 	 Dcardchecksum errorwrite lockedparity errorrecord exceeds BLOCKSIZEEOTblock	 L incompletechar lostnot assigned^C typedecho checktape fullimproper m	 Uode (whatever that means)data errorblock too largeend of file,	  
]quota or storage exceededX]quota exceededXastructure fullXc,@D	 PfRIB error@f@Fdevice error$$P?, CONI H-Hg@$S$1T($O)$31T$[	 n$[--$36T$S$1O$1T($O)$71T$D$75T$A$S$1T($O)$31T$[$[--$36TERRSET subroutine call$71T$	 wD$75T$A      Name (Loc)               $[$[--       Called From (Loc)          Args 4  Types[Mc@hwHv....gR~ ?6+k:]mwH>	D"`$3G`$4`$Lbu+%)0OD
u&u	D )VeW;C	Vb Xr R&Y)
bR.0H.8Q	{D8];ZP$(?	Da'3zLC@L}auU.yPc23;gi&	`gi:w@giL9A	":?GP	a	`	])g`	]K		]Qp	]Qq	]Qq 	]Qv&	*fv	D"u-v7	-jrv)1s	-j'z	.jp	.swz"|Y0
x+[&f=/	Kw]at	D"]gtM]ls]me	Ky;[^>Bs^?&f^R^U"#`Pq	DaZE	Mg&HL:	`6c%
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"Z;4	"Z)I1T=?eI|A	4AxAG	D"65AIIAIOAISC>KG(>/e$>0.
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AX/(P4hAY&(gAY2	D"A^'gA^/nQA^BIA^Bb$A^_g$A^aM"A^aM#A^aN#A^le'	D"A^o&&gA^xzwgA^ykgA^zCoA^{%gA^{J|gA^{V{A_		Bds	D"P"gB u	=gB,7[$gB.1sT`
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