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 	]Qp	]Qq	]Qv(J#DV#mWQ_A^BID|GpZJq~uJr\z0(JH @W
	"E(Q",C"B,~,^,h  N# 8 D! D  8 D! D C"8 BQ 8	"E*1B,t B$0B+!7 !7B 4B  x Bx>,m,, !	 *P(6B D"".B,~7@+!,m,, 
,~7@,~`x@,5 "X, "P57B,~, 5 
0	*U"Q*" L$," L# B"@@,S+E6@++ " BC$ D#,I@@  B#	*U*D**O@%,I5E,^#,h # B$ " B #  D!  D!,S+E,I	*T(E*35E,^# ^#,h !  B$ #  D!  D!@@"@@,S+E,I	(UU";5E[RD\G,^# ^$,h #  D!  D! 
$," B" B  B" L#	*T(*D,S+E,I,_,Z"".BS*<,~ #,q6@,U,m ")Q"A`	 PL, 8`b+6`b+5`b+V`b@+e O1B +,~ # 4$	" *U0$+T: 1F+U V3f:x,~7L,~ ! B " B !	*U ] BC<e507"!,~1"U7L,~ B " B ! BC<e50`@	*U(A
f@@@@@  B  .y*   .@,~,q O0B-	(D
n+p ".,r@BB,~ 8 z BB "w BAC"8 BQ 81B,t BO	 @ 
w1B  ",/4B0B+@0"0b+~$$.$h+{ DP!$v	(T*U*[0B*d5$xZ,+x,r+x$\|/$
+!	*U*UdHtD%,h$$L85,LW4T',7z "5r 4"y	"A
A,> "{,,,^ &51 P
+,t5",> ",r,^# &+1	(AP,t0"5r,> "/,r,^." 5r "4D@)B."0B,r+	(@* !,t 4D@)B.",r+",t,>[,0 ",r,^ "50	* U*,t4B",>1"7| ",r,^#+06@P+*,t &)Bn(D'"	(A 24B4,>,1,^ "5r # /"7@ "50,t."&"&"2,>	(@";,? ",r,^&".",r "5r&"4BE,>,? ",r,^&$	"U*C ",r "5r&$ "0B,r "5r,t BZ,J7B[+L,k \	*U*P*L5* 
#@@Q,"4LQ2$Q2dZ+M DQ+M7LQ7
77 |," Z/	*U*U*T5* "},,  BZ,J7B[+b,k \,* "},, ],k "~,,	*E(U][4B`,0 ",r,rZ,0 "5r 
Q	*E("e |," Z/,*5\,t4B*,> ",r,^&"4Bn,>,k,^	(T n4Di "0b."0b-/"1B "+r:P> ABB,~:Q 1b+x	(vPQ ,~. ,~H)unit [Mc@ at  in  (PC 	("U*,t0"0b+.B!&""1B+ "
5, ",, Q506$
@H_x5a`C	"@[c rD_~)~+%i@1w~:gbabF~Unknown FI	 LOP error, code No such fileNo such directoryProtection failureFile is be	 ing modifiedFile already existsRIB errorDevice is not availableCan't OPEN devi	 !ceDevice fullDevice is write lockedInsufficient monitor table spaceCan't	 ) write a directoryDirectory is not emptySearch list emptySFDs nested too deep	 2All structures have NOCREATE setCan't update fileLocks still setNetwo	 :rk fullTask not availableNo such nodeSFD in useFile has an NDR lock	 CMonitor use count overflowCan't rename SFD downwardDevice is downDevice is 	 KrestrictedDevice must be mountedDevice is assigned to another jobFunny spac	 
ETe fullToo many open units, "q,,,tS
,0  Pd,(r1H	"(Q"\d,"r1B ( 0$+eD
<snw &  w"x0B*da4$dG&+a 	"U
"e,0(l_,0x ,%7y "z7N0+l,,0.,86B,,9
g "6@%,r	 DU*mRPX$ QA&? z	b6+ ,~Y{A|Q~@(P X x(@@P@~	*U*U*vY @8H8
Wp_pgpp	"Q*P*~7BP!+ B( 	b+ 7`( 7`) ,~7BP!+ B( 	b	(D" +`b@+ P" aB  ,~ !,~@ "!,,"#	b,~,>	*  "#,,,^50,t4Bn7T,~7@P,~ P," ",r7BP,~,"	 D "6@P,rRP,"7@P#,~ "-,r P#,&C"P$,>7Ax+" ",r	""E  x,":x+,^x ".,r,~ P/P ",r=d&,~,tQ"A@ 	"U )4B.",r+),tQ"A` 4B),r+-4B4,r ab +4	 E1[8Q"lY," ",r@@P,~"",,/" $0d $ DO/"."	"T*D*:, $ BB O<f>,,C=f<,<,G &#/O7`P+B,>,G=f@	*
B,N5P1B?""1B "1"+KBB,~1B?""1B "1"+LBB	"U K,~:O $/DB." BB,~@BB $5L $ O<dS "B=dR	  S "/B@B $5P / $0d $ DO/" V/&0f# &#	(U*U*\ FAb BB $ BB O<faB,C=f_B,G A/OB,G=fc	**U*d,N5PZ FO"&f FB $ BBZe<fkB,C=fjB,G,N	*""m5P,3iIHx,3iIH%VU	*U*uUVTWW,3iJH*iJ
9' ^$ ^#,h@@	*UU*~ 
$,"4L- LT BT DUP FW  FVC"n B#,IC"x B#,I 
T	*E*," LT,>,>,> T/ HV1L70  HU@@R 1*"S 1 BW	(T"T  W_"HW7HW+1h+Q&x 2 HS 1"2&" 
 $$( @	*P
**fC"q B#,I,^,^,^ BT DUP FW  FV6@T+C"n B#	(*" 5IOLIUFUOSDIOGXCUH 03B3+A7@7d"`bp=
" 07@$d"	((RBX/"[d0Dap=
" `f+8ZPX	 
(1`fC%[0Fj+8Z 2H3+8 l$d$C%+8C$4 afp	(*9+@ `h+@ZPX`hC'!0(0h5H@=
	"@B@ e &y,~1"0,~3b+W6D&0b,~[/$0":x,~@@[	**TJ@@\@@] '4DP,Q+P B[ D\ F] Z/\ B\,~C( HZ_#	"Q S.@h[@@Y@@X 3bZ+__7 `D,~ZC& `h@,~.	*U**[3fZ3&Y+U B[ FY HX HY+U7B[,~_. 3dZ3$Y+f,j	(Q"d+f DX FY."3"[+a:x Xd"@ Y Y,~ 4$Ad$@&$	(@(l4DE0F+l&$0&0f+m5Dn,~IO error ,$P
P@ 	 @u@
~4q4$ (y, card too largenonbinary 	 }cardchecksum errorwrite lockedparity errorrecord exceeds BLOCKSIZEEOTblock	  incompletechar lostnot assigned^C typedecho checktape fullimproper m	 ode (whatever that means)data errorblock too largeend of file(	  
quota or storage exceededXquota exceededXstructure fullX(@~	 PRIB error@@device error$$P, CONI HC$S$7T($O)$16T$[$[---$23T$S$1O$	 (34T($L)$48T$O$54T$AName   (Loc)    $[$[---  Caller     (Loc)        Args  Types&@0[Mc@
 RHR....gR~ ?6+k:]mw	D"`$3G`$4
u&Q	D"'eR)PVe-;C	,b Xr5R.0H.8Q	ND8];EP$(	D"ejHirkHi3	e'3ULC@PL}aPU.TPc2
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'dRBgi 3~gi&	`gi:wgiL9:?P	a	`	])g	D"`	]K		]Qpm	]Qqq	]Qvx	*fQ	-jZ	-j'_z|Y0xq	D"|Y0ym|Y\wp}1qMx~H#Mr+tC+
L+[&B=/_{	KK	D"]aP]gt)]ls~]mA^>BO^?&B^R^U"`Pq	aZEPcP
.oSP HL:	`6c%\c%c'vW	D c%_`ra}	VS:x
2I(J#<P [hP [|	D"P
NuN"(T`E8(T`KA	(T`P@P
@	D ]?sGBxe<]@I@]@6r>P&&)^gbOS_Y3@S_YzS_Y	S_Y\ S_YcS_Y@S_Y,9_.Gd}{%__.CIa_.CIa_.Q7e	}|P
]&K"qS}6T"YYM"Y\,"Yo&T"Yxx	DT"Y{^
"Z;"ZLAG[65UAIO	D"C>KGl>/eg>0.
DV#</RqY1!+$gb	D"4\
	\zh`[S5P4"."	D"SGC%ek/$	k3xQ5P71|!4zc	6U5xx
	@".&W:x3VU<(3UE"pZTLjenMNhRUVaFW*(j	D"WblrhY\s4ZY\{J%aY]3TfY]9[]Y]=g[Y]Dh\Y]YQ	Y]og\XYYZZNEUlr0OUlrz	D"
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'PNyPNzP3UfP3	P4g?_	@ P}_b@.iWSPLjg@1B5PLkg@H/@xbWAa	A=_U	D A=_UA=_VA=__eAUmP4hgAY2VA^$A^BIA^_g"	D"A^aM!A^aM!A^le#A^o&#gA^xzZgA^yXgA^zCXA^{"gA^{J`	DgA^{V`A_		BdsP"gB,7[ gB.1s'`
L'RgCxG?AP|Eh8a Eh8a PM*,gFQPK0gF|Q$*gG&~iP%-P%-	"GpZ3`M:E`t2kgH4/QogIDtB6gIMx3gIMx; gJWbgJX-	D"gJX-gJX.WgJ3,gJB:gJ#{ggJ'bBJq~u}Jr\e$Jr\z,	@gK$hcK8I/WxW	V/W=![[l{&\)7\2g'WTT	WM2WaEWaFWjWjW"=W5&W5)WN)WgyH@	])g|'((5]