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 7	\[	\[4	\^x	\aM	\e	\e*	\e1	\e@	\eA	\eE	\eG	\e{	\ff	\gD	\h?	\k;	\kw	\m	\m	\mc	\n	\n#	\r.	\s\	\t4	\t>	\tC	\x	\x	\xQ	\z	\zf	\zx	\{	\{	]
B	]
K	]
L	]
i	]
k	]
	]	]	]	]0	]N	]
$	]
&	]
8	]
<	]
I	]
[	]
_	]
d	]
u	]$/	])g	]*	]*!	]*2	]*9	]*F	]+F	],*	],=	],K	],M	]24	]2t	]8=	]?S	]B~	]D	]D	]Dg	]Dk	]Dn	]E	]E1	]E>	]EO	]ID	]Jd	]K		]K	]KH,I
hH , g:@	 DDH",S:HH%,
ShH'	""",[(H,,M@H-,	 i&hH1,-gVhH4	(",]hH5,"GH6	 @*,'GH:,-KH>	" 3,0cV(H@,3S?0HA	(;,8M?0HC,;MVpHE,?MS	 DDDHG,BMZh#HJ,FKR`~HN	"""L,Ie&0$HR,MCJ
HV,P	 UK>0
 Hb	(f,bo

Hj,iM`	 DDn

,	]X }H,G3}H,I`	"A}H,MH,eKx	(@@!H",eIxH%,"]yH+,&	 *]N zH-,)S|H/,-	  2Sh|H3,1Bp}H6,5S	 @";}H8,9g:hH<,?	  CgxHA,BS0$HG,FGH	 @  LHJ,Ja>H(HM,OG0	"DT)HP,RS6x)HV,VSVpwHZ	 @@],ZeH],^KO0xH`	 @e,akO8xHb,fCO8xHd	" @n,jIR`
Hg,n]HHi,r	vSCHl,vi60Hm,y]NH	"Ho,}SHp,]G	(@Ht,GHx,G^`H{	""",,ASH(!H&,ES^H(#H)	 @@K,HS((+H0,LkR(0	H4	( T,Pk6(0	H7,TkRx0
H:	( \,Xm:p0H>@,\]0HA@,`	   e]K0HD@,dS2p0HF@,hS30	"mHK@,kG0HM@,ogR`0HQ@	(v,reB(0H@,vg;00HT@,y]3	 DA~0"HV ,}]0*HX@,SO0*	(@@H[ ,g;0+H^ ,SO81}Hb	( ,_O81}He,S>(1HHh,	  IF(1'Hh,KR1'HkCan't get DBMSDBMS 	  not loadedInternal FOROTS error at $PINQUIRE not implementedFOROTS internal	 ) error in memory managementMemory fullFOROP function code exceeds rangeCPU t	 1ime $Y   Elapsed time $Y$D$3T$A$A$A $U $FCan't create page $O (PAGE. error $O)	 :Can't destroy page $O (PAGE. error $O)Enter correct file specs$AInteger overflo	 BwFloating overflowFloating underflowOutput field width too smallFormat and	 K variable type do not matchAttempt to WRITE beyond fixed-length recordReading in	 Sto FORMAT non-standardAmbiguous repeat countEnd of fileBad format binary fi	 \leRecord $R has not been writtenIllegal record number $DRecord length negati	 dve or zeroAttempt to WRITE beyond variable or arrayRecord size different fro	 mm that specified in OPENFound unexpected continuation LSCWCan't backspace image fil	 ue with no RECORDSIZEBLOCKSIZE ignored: device is not a magnetic tapeIllegal at	 ~tribute $A for unformatted file - ignoredDISPOSE='SAVE' assumed - device is not d	 iskCan't queue file, QUEUE. error $OUnknown OPEN keyword $D, ignored$Z in CLOS	 E is meaningless - ignoredNo filename specified-- DISPOSE='RENAME' ignoredCan't	  rename file to $F: $ECLOSE failed $ICan't delete file: $ECan't rename to	   $F across devicesRandom IO requires /RECORDSIZERandom IO requires RECORDSIZE 	 (specifier in OPEN statementToo many open unitsNo such device $S/ACCESS:$Z ille	 1gal for this device/MODE:$Z illegal for this deviceCan't OPEN file: $EIncompatib	 9le attributes /$Z$Z /$Z$ZNo filespec information allowed for SCRATCH filesSame 	 Bdevice open on unit $D with conflicting specifiersIllegal value for $ACan't	 J do $A I/O to $A fileIllegal for DIRECT (RANDOM) filesCan't determine whether f	 Sormatted or unformatted $AIndustry tapes must be opened MODE='IMAGE'Illegal un	 [it number $DREREAD not proceeded by READ$A keyword value /$Z$ZUnknown switch 	 d/$SAmbiguous switch /$S$A string too longNo device specified with ":"Illeg	 lal PPNToo many SFDsNull SFDIllegal character $C in $A argumentPADCHAR mu	 ust be single char in double quotesCan't $A an $A-only fileCan't write a file with M	 }ODE='LINED'Illegal character in formatData in IO list but not in formatIlleg	 al repeat countIllegal Hollerith constantIllegal field widthUndefined data 	 type or internal FOROTS errorReading into character format illegalIllegal charact	 er in dataUnit not specifiedWrong number of argumentsBad IO listIlleg	 al MTOP valueIllegal keyword valueDump mode IO list too longIllegal DUMP mo	 (de I/O listIllegal to initiate another I/O statement while processing $AIlleg	 0al length for character expressionUnexpected TAPOP error $OUnexpected MTCHR err	 9or $OUnexpected TAPOP. error $O trying to set $AVariable $S not in namelist	 AFound "$C" when expecting "="Missing right parenVariable or namelist does not start	 J with letterIllegal SubscriptCan't convert constant to correct typeAlpha stri	 Rng too longSign with null valueNull string illegalFound "$C" when expecting	 [ ":"Illegal substring descriptorString not within single quotesCan't switch to	 c input: $ECan't switch to output: $E$IDisk full or quota exceededPleas le EXPUNGE, then type CONTINUE|I'o	P [hP [|P
YYZZ[PbKUV;/	VKP@PRGg?%vgA^gD1ggGhp	\e*o	\e1'	\e@R	\eAJ	D"	\eE+	\eG	\e{	\ff	\gD	\h?
B-	D"	]
Kw	]
LF	]
i9	]
kL	]
	]E	]1	]	]0	D"	]N	]
>	]
,	]
$h	]
&k	]
8V	]
<:	]
	D"	]
[	]
_7	]
d8	]
uv	]	D"	])g"	]*	]*!r	]*2	]*9`	]*F&	]+F}	D"	],*	],=d	],K)	],M}	]245	]2t	]8=O	]?S3	]B~^	D"	]D)	]DM	]Dg	]Dk	]Dn[	]Ev	]E1"	]E>	]EOi	D"	]IDB	]Jdb	]K		]K?	]K