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4t8u8v8w8w$	 @	`ZMT Size modifier  treated as FNA A function without an argument list	 DIS Opt - program is disconnected - optimization discontinuedMVC Number of 	 variables  the number of constants in DATA statementAGA Opt - object variable, of	  assigned GOTO without optional list, was never assignedCUO Constant underflow o	 "r overflowNED No END statement in programLID Identifier   more than 6 char	 *actersWOP Opt - warnings given in Phase 1.  Optimized code may be incorrect	 3VNI Opt - variable  is not initializedRDI Attempt to redeclare implicit type	 ;CTR Complex terms used in a relational other than EQ or NECAI COMPLEX expression u	 Dsed in arithmetic IFIFL Opt - infinite loop.  Optimization discontinuedICD 	 LInaccessible code.  Statement deletedSOD  statement out of orderICC Illegal ch	 Uaracter, continuation field of initial lineXCR Extraneous carriage returnICS 	 ]Illegal character in line sequence numberFMR Multiple RETURNs defined in a FUNCT	 fIONVND FUNCTION return value is never definedNOD Global optimization not suppor	 nted with /DEBUG - /OPT ignoredPPS PROGRAM statement parameters ignoredDXB 	 wDATA statement exceeds bounds of array VAI  already initializedSID Slash	  (/) in Dimension Bound - use colon (:) insteadIUA Illegal use of an array - use 	 scalar variable insteadCAO Consecutive arithmetic operators illegalDII Previ	 ous declaration of intrinsic function  is ignoredCHO Global optimization not y	 et supported with character data - /OPT ignoredWNA Wrong number of arguments for 	 !statement function IAT Illegal type for argument  of statement function 	 *TSI Type of symbolic constant  ignoredRIM RETURN statement illegal in main pr	 2ogramDIM Possible DO index modification inside loopIDN Opt - illegal DO nes	 ;ting - optimization discontinuedPAV PARAMETER used as associate variableCNM 	 CCharacter and numeric variables ACB Argument out of range for CHAR, high order bi	 Lts ignoredAIL Illegal length argument for ICHAR, first character usedFWE 	 TFound  when expecting FEE Found  when expecting either FEE	   or USI 	 ]  used incorrectlyICL Illegal character  in label fieldIAC Illegal ASCII c	 eharacter  in sourceUMP Unmatched parenthesesNRC Statement not recognized	 nMSP Statement name misspelledISN  is not IDT Illegal or misspelled dat	 va typeIIP Illegal implicit specification parameterLLS Label too large or t	 oo smallLAD Label  already defined at line: DIA DO index variable  is already	  activeILF Illegal statement after logical IFISD Illegal subscript expression i	 n DATA statementAWN Array reference  has wrong number of subscriptsIDN DO lo	 op at line:  is illegally nestedDTI The dimensions of  must be of the type integ	 !erEXB EQUIVALENCE extends COMMON block  backwardsABD  has already been define	 )d IDV Implied DO index is not a variableTFL Too many FORMAT labels specified	 2ECT Attempt to enter  into COMMON twicePIC The DO parameters of  must be inte	 :ger constantsRFC  is a recursive function callMCE More than 1 COMMON variab	 Cle in EQUIVALENCE groupIED Inconsistent EQUIVALENCE declarationIZM Illegal  	 Ksize modifier BOV Statement too large to classifyDVE Cannot use dummy var	 Tiable in EQUIVALENCEVSE EQUIVALENCE subscripts must be integer constantsNIR 	 \Repeat count must be an unsigned integerNIU Non-integer unit number in I/O stat	 eementIXM Illegal mixed mode arithmeticCER Compiler error in routine DID 	 mCannot initialize a dummy parameter in DATAIOD Illegal statement used as object of	 v DONNF No statement number on FORMATDSF Argument  is same as FUNCTION name	 ~CQL No closing quote in character constantLGB Lower bound greater than upper boun	 d for array EID ENTRY statement illegal inside a block IF or DO loopIAL Incor	 rect argument type for library function NLF Wrong number of arguments for libra	 ry function LTL Too many items in list - reduce number of itemsLFA Label argu	  ments illegal in FUNCTION or array referenceDLN Optional data value list not suppor	 )tedDDA  is duplicate dummy argumentEDN Expression too deeply nested to compile	 1ENF Label  must refer to an executable statement, not a FORMATVNA Subscripted var	 :iable in EQUIVALENCE, but not an arrayOPW OPEN/CLOSE parameter  is of wrong type	 BNEX No exponent after D or E in constantLNI List directed I/O with no I/O list	 KLED Illegal list directed NIO NAMELIST directed I/O with I/O listSOR Subsc	 Sript out of rangeIID Non-integer implied DO indexIBK Illegal statement in BLOC	 \K DATA subprogramSNL  statements may not be labeledFNE Label  must refer t	 do a FORMAT, not an executable statementEIM ENTRY statement illegal in main program	 mIDS Implicit DO indices may not be subscriptedIIS Incorrect INCLUDE switchIVP 	 uInvalid PPNNFS No file name specifiedCFF Cannot find fileINN INCLUDE st	 ~atements may not be nestedCSF Illegal statement function reference in CALL state	 mentDFD Double  name illegalIUT Program units may not be terminated within IN	 CLUDEd filesIFD INCLUDEd files must reside on diskSAD Array  - signed dimensio	 ns may appear only as constant range limitsDFC Variable dimension  must be scalar	  , defined as formal or in COMMONRIC Complex constant cannot be used to represent 	 (the real or imaginary part of a complex constantDNL Implied DO specification witho	 1ut associated list of variablesMWL Attempt to define multiple RETURN without for	 9mal label argumentsNUO .NOT. is a unary operatorDPR Dummy parameter  referen	 Bced before definitionVSO Variable dimension allowed in subprograms onlyIFE 	 JATL Array  too largePTL Program too largeDDN DO loops too deeply neste	 Sd - reduce nestingEIL Expression illegal in an input listTDO  type declarat	 [ion out of orderITL Illegal transfer into loop to label IND Improper nestin	 dg: DO at line  has not terminatedINI Improper nesting: IF at line  has not termin	 latedNIF No matching IFAHE IF at line  already has ELSEUEC Label  previously u	 used in executable contextUFC Label  previously used in FORMAT contextIVH 	 }Invalid hollerith constant - 0HIVC Invalid character constant - ''NCC Can't	  store numeric constant in character variable CSA Can't split string across nume	 ric and character variablesSNC Substring of non-CHARACTER variableICN Illeg	 al combination of character and numeric dataCEN Character expression used where num	 eric expression requiredIOR Substring bound out of rangeNWB Numeric variable mus	 (t be aligned on word boundaryNWW Numeric variable  must be aligned on word boundary	 0OAG Octal or logical argument illegal to generic functionLND Label  must re	 9fer to a, not a declarationSTD Statement  is a declarationIBD Illegal substri	 Ang bound in DATA statementFID Can't initialize character function name ZLD 	 JZero-trip DO loop illegal in DATA statementCNE Character and numeric entry points 	 Rcannot be mixedCEL Character entry points must have the same lengthCFL Refer	 [ence to character function  must have a fixed lengthOBO  may only be specified o	 cnceUKW Unrecognized keyword IXS Illegal  specifierWIF  is illegal with in	 lternal filesOUB Only upper bound of last dimension of  may be asteriskAOA 	 tAssumed-size arrays only allowed in subprogramsASA Assumed-size arrays cannot be 	 }used ISS   illegal in SAVE statementNLS  may not be declared length star	 CEX Constant or constant expression requiredMST  must be ECS  EQUIVALE	 NCE-d to COMMON is illegal in SAVE statementEXI Exponent must be integerRUS Relat	 ional expression illegal as UNIT specifierUNS UNIT may not be specifiedNMD 	 No matching DOSMC Size modifier conflict for variable IOC Illegal operator for	 ' character dataION Numeric operand of concatenation operatorIAN Illegal as	 0signment between character and numeric dataNYI INQUIRE statement is not yet implem 8entedIFS Illegal format specifier8x(8x-939	8*^,,b^:Z^,,J^: