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qI	 @	`MVC Number of variables  the number of constants in DATA statementCUO 	 Constant underflow or overflowCTR Complex terms used in a relational other than	  EQ or NEDXB DATA statement exceeds bounds of array CNM Character and numeri	 c variables ACB Argument out of range for CHAR, high order bits ignoredEXB 	 "EQUIVALENCE extends COMMON block  backwardsMCE More than 1 COMMON variable in EQUI	 *VALENCE groupIED Inconsistent EQUIVALENCE declarationVNA Subscripted variable	 3 in EQUIVALENCE, but not an arrayCER Compiler error in routine ISD Illegal su	 ;bscript expression in DATA statementIXM Illegal mixed mode arithmeticAWN Array	 D reference  has wrong number of subscriptsVSE EQUIVALENCE subscripts must be inte	 Lger constantsSOR Subscript out of rangePTL Program too largeNCC Can't stor	 Ue numeric constant in character variable CSS Can't split string across numeric a	 ]nd character variablesSNC Substring of non-CHARACTER variableICN Illegal co	 fmbination of character and numeric dataIOR Substring bound out of rangeNWB Numer	 nic variable must be aligned on word boundaryNWW Numeric variable  must be aligned o	 wn word boundaryIBD Illegal substring bound in DATA statementZLD Zero-trip 	 DO loop illegal in DATA statementSSC   illegal in SAVE statementLSC Length sta	 r concatenation not yet supported in this contextNLS  may not be declared length s	 tarSSC  EQUIVALENCE-d to COMMON is illegal in SAVE statementFOO Illegal operato	 r for type characterIAN Illegal assignment between character and numeric data ! Kh