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				Paul Malquist
				Brigham Young University
				403 CB
				Provo, Utah 84604
				(801) 378-6553
				July 23, 1984

       Chris Hall
       Access Technologies
       6 Pleasant Street
       South Natick, MA 01760

       Dear Chris:

       The enclosed tape contains the latest version of SED for the
       VAX.  I have also placed my latest copy of COMPIL on the tape as
       a separate save set, though I don't know if it has changed since
       the version I sent you.  The changes to SED since the last tape I
       sent you are described in SED.SHF; I started keeping an edit
       history right after I sent you the last tape.

       In this version of SED, I have enabled the global Passall mode
       of terminal I/O.  SED seems to be reliable now that we don't need
       the ability to abort out of a loop, and there are advantages to
       having ^Y interpreted by SED instead of by VMS.  For those who
       like the way it used to work, I have defined a SED$DEBUG logical
       name.  If SED$DEBUG is set to "YES", then SED runs in debug mode
       and doesn't put the terminal in passall mode.

       Several of the enhancements I outlined as future possibilities
       on the last tape I send have not yet been implemented.  For
       example, SED can't yet use record-oriented devices (such as
       mailboxes).  The xon/xoff problem is not yet solved.  (I've been
       told that version 4 of VMS has a PASSTHRU mode that should allow
       me to get SED to work right with xon/xoff enabled.  But who has
       4.0 yet???)

       Let me know if you find problems with SED; I'll try to get them
       fixed.  Meanwhile, happy SEDding!


       Paul Malquist