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                       THE SWSKIT TOOLS PROGRAMS

     Included on the  SWSKIT  are  a  number  of  utility  programs,  as
summarized  below.   These  tools  have been found to have at least some
usefulness in the past  in  a  debugging  environment.   Most  of  these
programs  require the user to have WHEEL or OPERATOR privileges to work,
but also most are of the "show and tell but don't  touch"  category,  so
they are in general "safe" to run.

     We have cleaned up some of the old ones a  bit,  added  a  few  new
ones,  and  checked  them  all out to the extent that they will all run.
There should even be some documentation, at least a HELP file, with each

     While we do not actively "support" these  programs,  we  are  quite
willing  to  accept  complaints and suggestions and submissions from the

     These are the "standard" tools;   the  Marlboro  Support  Group  is
generally  familiar  with  their  operation and quirks, and in providing
support to the field may request that one or more  of  the  programs  be
used  at  a customer site to diagnose or assist in correcting a problem.
This is generally more effective than random poking  about  in  DDT,  or
trying  to  learn  the  peculiarities  of whatever the customer may have

     And now, the current collection:

          PROGRAM                       DESCRIPTION
          -------                       -----------

          ACTDMP              Converts an ACCOUNTS-TABLE.BIN  file  back
                              into  a  sequence of commands that created
                              it for debugging purposes.

          CHANS               Produces system configuration, and  status
                              information on tapes and disks.

          DIRPNT              Lists the contents of the blocks in a disk

          DIRTST              Checks the format, and lists  any  invalid
                              data in directory files.
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The SWSKIT Tools Programs

          PROGRAM                       DESCRIPTION
          -------                       -----------

          DMPTTY              Produces internal monitor  information  on
                              the state of a given terminal line.

          DS                  Provides    software    diagnostic    help
                              concerning  the  disk file system.  It can
                              also  perform  the  functions   of   READ,
                              FILADR, and UNITS.

          DSKERR              Provides a convenient listing of the  hard
                              and soft disk errors that have occurred.

          DX20PC              Traces the microcode PC in the DX20.

          ENVIRONMENT         Types out  CPU  and  memory  configuration

          JSTRAP              Produces information in a log on any JSYS,
                              including the PC and arguments used.

          MONRD               Allows you to easily examine  the  running

          MTEST               Allows you to insert  MONITOR  instruction
                              execution tests anywhere in the monitor.

          REV                 Allows you to easily alter, edit,  delete,
                              obtain information, etc.  on files.

          SWSERR              Produces  a  convenient  listing  of   BUG
                              HLT/CHK/INF occurrences.

          TYPVF7              This program is useful for typing out  the
                              contents of a VFU file in a readable form.

          UNITS               Produces  status   information   on   disk