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;XS:<5-GALAXY>LPDQSR.MAC.17,  4-May-87 14:55:12, Edit by KNIGHT
; Close the stupid file in check for PostScript file
;XS:<5-GALAXY>LPDQSR.MAC.16, 22-Jan-87 13:48:34, Edit by KNIGHT
; Check for %! as the first two chars of a file - if so it's PostScript
;XS:<5-GALAXY>LPDQSR.MAC.15, 22-Jan-87 09:53:07, Edit by KNIGHT
;XS:<5-GALAXY>LPDQSR.MAC.14, 21-Jan-87 17:00:13, Edit by KNIGHT
; Clear up QUEUE% argument block errors
;XS:<5-GALAXY>LPDQSR.MAC.13, 21-Jan-87 14:42:31, Edit by KNIGHT
;XS:<5-GALAXY>LPDQSR.MAC.12, 21-Jan-87 10:24:19, Edit by KNIGHT
; Convert CREATE to QUEUE% JSYS.  Makes things MUCH easier
; flush previous edit history

	title lpdqsr - quasar interface for lpd
	search monsym,macsym
	search glxmac,qsrmac

; this is the galaxy interface for lpd, which is supports spooling from
; berkeley unix to TOPS-20 printers with tcp.

; note: galaxy and macsym have conflicting definitions for
; register names and various macros.  we search macsym before
; the galaxy files, so macsym definitions have precedence.

; this module assumes that columbia and cmu modifications have been made
; to quasar and friends.  if not, removing the code involving non-DEC fields
; and removing the code which sets the owner name should make this work.

; some of this code is adapted from EXECQU and DAPLIB

	search lpdmac			; only stuff for cancel at moment

; there are three local features that are included under the "cu" conditional.
; the first allows you to specify orientation and single/double-sided output.
; the second allows the use of arbitrary strings for the owner field; this
; is easy to change in the vanilla galaxy, by changing a few lines in qsrque.
; just change the code that does an rcusr% to validate the username string, so
; that strings rejected by rcusr% are accepted iff the requesting job has
; wheel privileges.

; finally, network printers are selected by "unit name", so you'll have
; to change the code in routine "miscre" to use the sixbit printer name
; as a forms name (I don't have a vanilla galaxy to test this with).

stdac.					; standard ac definitions
a=:1					; plus short names for temporaries

defstr pageno,,26,9			; page number field from address
	subttl getpid - get quasar's pid

; creates a pid for this process, and determines quasar's pid
; returns:
;	+1 failed
;	+2 success, with
;		qsrpid/	quasar's pid
;		mypid/  pid for self


getpid::acvar <<argblk,3>>		; allocate argument block
	gjinf%				; get our user number
	movem a,userno			; save it for quasar
	movei a,3			; a/ block length
	movei b,argblk			; b/ block address
	movx argblk,.mucre		; function code
	movx argblk+1,ip%noa!.fhslf	; flags
	mutil%				; create a pid for me
	 erjmp r
	movem argblk+2,mypid
	movei a,3
	movei b,argblk
	movx argblk,.mursp		; function - read a system pid
	movx argblk+1,.spqsr		; the pid we want is quasar's
	mutil%				; get quasar's pid
	 erjmp r
	movem argblk+2,qsrpid		; save it away
	retskp				; return success
	subttl create - submit a printer request to quasar
; accepts:
;	a/ jfn of file to spool (need not be open)
;	b/ pointer to owner name string
;	c/ pointer to printer name (6 chars max)
;	d/ pointer to note string
; returns:
;	+1 failed
;	+2 success
create::asubr <jfn,on,lp,note>
	movx a,qu%nrs!fld(.quprt,qf%fnc)
	movem a,qsrpag
	setzm qsrpag+1
	movx a,fld(^d50,qa%len)!fld(.qbfil,qa%typ)
	movem a,qsrpag+2
	hrroi a,quefil
	movem a,qsrpag+3
	move b,jfn
	movx c,fld(.jsaof,js%dev)!fld(.jsaof,js%dir)!fld(.jsaof,js%nam)!fld(.jsaof,js%typ)!fld(.jsaof,js%gen)!js%paf
	movx a,qa%imm!fld(1,qa%len)!fld(.qbcop,qa%typ)
	movem a,qsrpag+4
	movei a,1
	movem a,qsrpag+5
	movem a,qsrpag+7
	movx a,qa%imm!fld(1,qa%len)!fld(.qbodp,qa%typ)
	movem a,qsrpag+6
	movx a,fld(2,qa%len)!fld(.qbact,qa%typ)
	movem a,qsrpag+10
	hrroi a,[asciz/LPTACC/]
	movem a,qsrpag+11
	movx a,fld(10,qa%len)!fld(.qbnam,qa%typ)	; requestor's name
	movem a,qsrpag+12
	move a,on
	movem a,qsrpag+13
	movx a,fld(2,qa%len)!fld(.qbnte,qa%typ)
	movem a,qsrpag+14
	movei a,quenot
	movem a,qsrpag+15
	move b,note			; get note string pointer
	call tosix			; convert to sixbit
	movem a,qsrpag+17		; store them
	movem a,quenot
	setz a,				; clear second word
	skipn c				; string exhausted?
	 call tosix			; no, convert next six chars
	movem a,quenot+1		; store them
	movx a,qa%imm!fld(1,qa%len)!fld(.qbjbn,qa%typ)
	movem a,qsrpag+16		; store them
	movx a,qa%imm!fld(1,qa%len)!fld(.qbpnm,qa%typ)
	movem a,qsrpag+20
	move b,lp			;get pointer to unit name
	call tosix			;get it in sixbit
	movem a,qsrpag+21		;save the printername
	move a,jfn			; get the jfn
	move b,[xwd 1,.fbbyv]		; we want the byte size and page count
	movei c,d			; and we want it in d
	gtfdb%				; get them
	 erjmp r			; failed...
	load b,fb%bsz,d			; get the byte size
	lsh b,^d30			; set up for openf%
	txo b,of%rd			; open for read
	move a,jfn
	ifnje.				; we SHOULDN'T get an error
	  bin%				; get first character of file
	  caie b,"%"			; percent?
	  ifskp.			; yes, check for second char !
	    caie b,"!"			; is it?
	    ifskp.			; yes...
	      hrli a,.fbctl		; change that word
	      movx b,fb%fcf		; change the file class field
     	      movx c,fld(.fbps,fb%fcf)	; ...
	move a,jfn
	  move a,jfn
	load c,fb%bsz,d			; get the byte size
	caie c,8			; is it 8?
	  movx a,qa%imm!fld(1,qa%len)!fld(.qbfmt,qa%typ)
	  movem a,qsrpag+22
	  movx b,.fpf8b			; yes, tell lptspl and friends
	  movem b,qsrpag+23
	  movei a,24			; length of arg block
	  movei a,22			; ...
	movei b,qsrpag			; get address of arg block
	queue%				; queue the request
	subttl cancel - cancel a print request

; accepts:
;	a/ address of argument block
; returns:
;	+1 failed
;	+2 success, with
;		a/ request page number
;		and argument block set up for sndqsr
; argument block format (see LPDMAC)
;	0/ pointer to request owner name
;	1/ job name (or zero)
;	2/ job name mask 
;	3/ request number
;	4/ pointer to foreign owner name (e.g. can pri */user:lougheed)
;	5/ lpt name pointer

cancel::acvar <ma,ab>
	movem a,ab
	movei ma,qsrpag
	trze ma,777
	 addi ma,1000			; set up pointer to message page

	setzm (ma)			; clear the page

	hrl a,ma
	hrri a,1(ma)
	blt a,777(ma)

	movx a,mshsiz+rdbsiz+1		; request length
	stor a,ms.cnt,.mstyp(ma)	; store it
	movx a,.qokil			; request type
	stor a,ms.typ,.mstyp(ma)	; store it
	movei a,.otlpt			;queue is always lpt, nowadays
	movem a,kil.ot(ma)		;put queue name in slot
	skipn b,cn.jn(ab)		; get the job name
	 call tosix			; convert to sixbit
	 movem a,kil.rq+.rdbjb(ma)	; save it
	 setzm kil.rq+.rdbjb(ma)
	skipn b,cn.jnm(ab)		; get the job name mask
	 call tosix			; convert to sixbit
	 movem a,kil.rq+.rdbjm(ma)	; save it
	 setzm kil.rq+.rdbjm(ma)
	skipe b,cn.req(ab)		;request number?
	 movem b,kil.rq+.rdbrq(ma)	;stuff it in block
	hrroi a,kil.rq+.rdbow(ma)	; point at owner name field
	skipn b,cn.fon(ab)		;foreign owner?
	 move b,cn.ron(ab)		;get request owner name
	movei c,^d39			; max length is 39 chars
	setzm d				;  but stop on null
	sout%				; copy the string
	 erjmp r
	load a,pageno,ma		; return the ipcf page
	retskp				; all done
	subttl sndqsr - send a request page to quasar

; accepts:
;	a/ request page number
; returns:
;	via rcvqsr

sndqsr::asubr <pn>			; must match storage for rcvqsr
	acvar <<argblk,4>>		;  "     "      "     "    "
	lsh a,9				; convert page number to address
	aos b,unique			; get unique message number
	movem b,.mscod(a)		; save it
	setone mf.ack,.msflg(a)		; say we want an acknowledgement
	movei a,4
	movei b,argblk
	movx argblk+.ipcfl,ip%cfv	;.IPCFL/ flags
	move argblk+.ipcfs,mypid	;.IPCFS/ sender's pid
	move argblk+.ipcfr,qsrpid	;.IPCFR/ recipient's pid
	move argblk+.ipcfp,pn		;.IPCFP/ pointer to page to send
	hrli argblk+.ipcfp,1000
	msend%				; send the page off
	 erjmp r			; failed?
	jrst dorecv			; go get first response
; rcvqsr - receive a response page from quasar
; accepts:
;	a/ page number
; returns:
;	+1 mrecv% error
;	+2 success, with
;		a/ address of message text
;		b/ zero, or page number if more messages follow

rcvqsr::asubr <pn>			; must match storage for sndqsr
	acvar <<argblk,4>>		;   "    "      "     "    "
dorecv:	movei a,4			; length of the argument block
	movei b,argblk			; it's address
	setzm argblk+.ipcfl		;.IPCFL/ no flags this time
	move argblk+.ipcfr,mypid	;.IPCFR/ recipient's pid
	move argblk+.ipcfp,pn		;.IPCFP/ length,,address of block
	lsh argblk+.ipcfp,9
	hrli argblk+.ipcfp,1000
	mrecv%				; wait for a reply
	 caie a,ipcf16			; the usual error code?
	  ret				; nope, return now
	 movei a,4			; yes, try a page-mode receive
	 movx argblk+.ipcfl,ip%cfv
	 hrr argblk+.ipcfp,pn
	 mrecv%				; try again
	  erjmp r			; failed, just return now
	came argblk+.ipcfs,qsrpid	; was it from quasar?
	 jrst dorecv			; no, ignore it
	move a,pn
	lsh a,9
	move b,.mscod(a)		; get the acknowledgement code
	came b,unique			; does it match?
	 jrst dorecv			; no, listen some more
	load b,pageno,a			; return the page number
	move c,.msflg(a)		; get the message flags
	txne c,mf.fat			; fatal message?
	 setzm b			; yes, no more will follow
	txnn c,wt.mor			; no, more follow?
	 setzm b			; neither, say no more messages
	txnn c,mf.nom			; but no text?
	 skipe a,b			; no, another message follows?
	  jrst dorecv			; yes, go get it
	 movei c,.ohdrs+arg.hd(a)	; get address of message blocks
	 move d,.oargc(a)		; get message block count
	  load a,ar.typ,arg.hd(c)	; get the type field
	  caie a,.cmtxt			; text? (what a stupid symbol to use!)
	   movei a,arg.da(c)		; yes, return the data
	   retskp			; ...
	  load a,ar.len,arg.hd(c)	; else, get length of this block
	  addm a,c			; update pointer
	  sojg d,top.			; loop if more blocks remain
	  movei a,[asciz /no response from Quasar/]
	 od.				; return dummy message if none found
	retskp				; return
	subttl listq - return queue information

; accepts:
;	a/ pointer to printer name
; returns:
;	+1 failed
;	+2 success, with
;		a/ pointer to reply string
;		b/ non-zero if more info follows

listq::	acvar <ma,pn>
	movem a,pn			; save the printer name
	movei ma,qsrpag
	trze ma,777
	 addi ma,1000			; set up pointer to message page

	setzm (ma)			; clear the page
	hrl a,ma
	hrri a,1(ma)
	blt a,777(ma)

	movei a,mshsiz+.ohdrs+2		; size of request
	stor a,ms.cnt,.mstyp(ma)	; set it
	movei a,.qolis			; we want a list
	stor a,ms.typ,.mstyp(ma)	; store it
	setzm .oflag(ma)		; no flags yet
	movei a,1
	movem a,.oargc(ma)		; we're sending two blocks
	movei a,2			; arg block length is 2
	stor a,ar.len,.ohdrs+arg.hd(ma)	; store it
	movei a,.lsque			; we want to list the queues
	stor a,ar.typ,.ohdrs+arg.hd(ma)	; store first message block
	movx a,liqlpt			; we want the line printer queue
	movem a,.ohdrs+arg.da(ma)	; store it
	move a,[xwd 2,.lsuni]
	movem a,.ohdrs+arg.da+1(ma)
	move b,pn			; get the printer name
	call tosix			; convert to sixbit
	movem a,.ohdrs+arg.da+2(ma)	; save it	
	load a,pageno,ma		; return the page number
	endav.				; flush acvar symbols
	subttl tosix - convert a string to sixbit
; accepts:
;	b/ pointer to string
; returns:
;	a/ sixbit word
;	b/ updated pointer
;	c/ 0 or number of trailing blanks in a (source string exhausted)

tosix::	acvar <tmp>
	setzm a				; clear a
	tlc b,-1			; check for -1,,address
	tlcn b,-1
	 hrli b,(point 7)
	movei c,6			; initialize count
	move d,[point 6,a]		; set up sixbit byte pointer
	 ildb tmp,b			; get a character
	 skipge tmp,ascsix(tmp)		; get it's sixbit equivalent
	 idpb tmp,d			; deposit it
	 sojg c,top.			; loop if count not exhausted
	subttl data area

; ascii-to-sixbit conversion table
ascsix:	repeat <40>,<-1>
	repeat <100>,<.-ascsix-40>
	repeat <40>,<.-ascsix-100>
qsrpag:	block 3000
quefil:	block ^d50
quenot:	block 2
qsrpid:	z
mypid:	z
userno:	z				; my user number
unique:	z				; unique message id