Trailing-Edge - PDP-10 Archives - SRI_NIC_PERM_SRC_1_19910112 - 6-1-monitor/mscpar.unv
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,5z@P:GrUkQ:GtQXGu[Q:Gu\qQGu}Q:Gv,Q @Gv:Q @GvJQ G"t;rP K,(YP @K,(ZP  K,[zP K-KsP K.9<P Kt(YQ @Kt(ZQ  Kt[zQ KuKsQ Kv9<Q M4sP M4t(2P M4t;ZP M4tLuP M4txyP  M4v	 P M4v9P M4v9P W>t;rP X:P X:
X:mM7P X;L\P 
X;=P;	X;>6P;X;JP;	X;\P;X;&(uP	X;-  Yv;YP Yv=1P @[D;ZP [E;ZP [F[WP  [F[ZP [tQ @[t;8Q  [t<rQ [t=qQ [tKQ  [t\YQ [t^Q [t^Q @[ti:Q  [u3Q @[u6Q [unQ  [uxUQ [v
TQ  [v);Q [v*8Q  [v-rQ @[v8tQ [v8vQ [v91Q [v98Q [v99Q @[v:Q [v<Q  [v<tQ  [v=xQ [v[VQ [vkvQ @[vxWQ [vx[Q _@,WP _@,PP  _@,VP _@,[RP @_@,xyP _@,}9P _@-{VP _@.8qP _@.=1P _@tWP _@tqP _@txP _@tPP _@tVP @_@t8rP _@t;8P _@tH8P X_@tM8P _@t[RP _@t\SP 0_@t\YP _@tkP _@txyP _@t}9P _@u{VP H_@v)P _@v)8P (_@v,P  _@v8qP  _@v9<P 8_@v=1P P_@v|@P _@v}P  `LP `\zP 
`4(UP`d+@P`v)1P:`~rP:`~LSP:`=P:` `:mP `:mP `:
xP `:)@P `:K7P `:P 	`:&lP `:-IsP `:4(UP `:5IyP `:5Y7P `:5|VP `:>,P `:FK7P `:d+@P `:lYP `:mM7P `:myP `:o
zP `;	2P `;L`P `;%2P `;%YqP `;%\uP `;&(QP `;&(uP `;-iVP `;-j:P `;-l}P `;-mP `;6,wP `;699P 	a/XrP a/\qP a/\zP a/hrP a/XrP a/\qP a/\zP a/hrP g-mVP gumVQ gP,VP gP,+zP gP,;2P gP,H:P gP,[zP gP-YRP gP-\uP gP-yVP gP-{VP gP.)P gP.K P gP.|P gPtWQ @gPtVQ gPt+zQ  gPt;2Q  gPt;8Q `gPt;ZQ @gPtH:Q gPtJ0Q `gPtL[Q `gPt[zQ gPtk:Q gPu
zQ gPuYRQ gPu\uQ `gPuyVQ `gPu{VQ @gPvvQ gPv)Q gPv=1Q gPv=1P gPvKQv@gPv|Qv@krUkQvkt;9Q kt;;Q @ku