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0{H	*A(&%T&X',Bh,;"9,A,Bh"2,Ad@@h,$),	*"D!X'&*1F+*,,+$h5"C0B1B+1B*<+ D9I9J 	*D&%VJX' Dh, Bh, h$M1D+%0D MaB P h	*"&+S0V h "!4Y0[,~-<d @@h,;@@h@@h $^,*.X,+P9b9b 0'p170<7H=7xA 1'~3<0d<Pf<hh=j=(k=8l70<=Pn=hp>q7H=> s>8t>Pv>hx 3x	 
; "`,<Q"  Bh Bh,~@@h+@O@h "87@h "::h,A&%Px	"TED7@hP~T'X', Bh,+   "17@h "2,A h7@h+6@h	(D* L,{@@h $
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 Dh,.X'&*1F+E1F+/,/,P h h	"U"U*U@@h5FP+M $,OX',S+PFX' "[+A +LX',	"Q(
]  "_+A )Dn+ "a+A!"GBH,~ "d+A!"+b $,W	*E*Q*fX' "h,X +A + $(,eX',g  "m+A3D(+) )	((n+-<  " B_L,X',]:_0d  /.$^ BQhX"*" $6	*D
w,jX7(*1H+qh "_+-<o B ",<  $+	( -<{ B ,} Q# .&*" "+AQ/9X"l"8	*Q(+r9X',F  "+A-< D & ,QX"l"Z	*T*T*+ $@,wX',k  "+A A+ "+A!"+b "+AO@h	" ,~-<  B~7@~,~ ~   F,,+#, ~ 	(
E"!,_  B~+7 +",+ "&+A!"+b "(+A!"@+bRB	*U **X' "++A ,+ "-+A!" BBH,~ "0+A!" +b F,,~	*T"Q2 G+TGX',r  "7l +A K+ "+; "+; "+;	(;-< B5RK 2@ *H "QBH XBH:@,~ h,(4,(4	"C,(4 Hh,~,$,/
QJ@ h B@>@h+PZHa`0B+P h	""L(4P (4P M, Bh+	, Bh "7D+T +R Bh	 T, ", Bh h B h, h B h B@@,7@h,],	 ],~O@ h+_-<; B~, ~,@@] "Q B}7B+n 2D~	*e+c,T B~ ,O B ~ , " ~  F}, } } B	(P n,[ +o-<_ B 0B 2 @ B~? ~,~1R+N[H.6@	(Dv"OZH1B+P1B+Q1B+V1B+0B+\ H+  N H	 @*(, $D@D H,  ~ "!, 0]+s H	*PD,,	+s-<o B `64i 0l,~ h Bh h3Hh	  ,~ ( Hh,'+-<	} H~(ohod"[BZB~  	 @."(0"@ p "(!$ &}bD| }QZ&.*" $.QD( ~XB(	 !:H[(.j/QBH,~@@B u*"C 0B 2 "
XB@ "bu: Bh	 E
*) B@,~-<*&,h,  &+2-<*&,h $x,X',,, 	 ""2 $l$ Fh, h40H+:20F+9`D `D 	 <:,,~Px	Q $ ;	(P(U"=-<-&,h,1 & $+2-<=&,h $,/X'(*1H+ Dh.xE$GRh++PRhQ@S G	(A(I7 " Bh,P  h	,,~,> & $+2 , h0B	"
R1B+! h h? h+42`D,~+S-<@&,hZ6F#(tZX' Dh$]Rh(+F+PRh(S( ]	 "_ ( Hh:h,P+f h $+L ( Hh,P+f+LaD 7`h	*UD"g+L )&.V/X',	 Bh& '(C1H+10H 3_,{\"h	 "p h& &\$g\$h!",,: Bh,~&.,,Nad@ 6,{	"*x`d"9,t+-< B D~ F~@@}`d,~(M3F<+1H	(*T*+?  ~ ~ }ad A E I&.JM+""+
VPX' 	 E
	'ad Qad S,v,U+z h+  *4 
`d@ad	((u+'2B=j7b,~0V(Y@$[0[+\,
+P[h[0[ 	 " ,+ +T "	5D,~-<{ B " B~  $ &~	 "#4 ~0B+,~NAMEStructure name`(6$,0,P	(@++,0B1B+
1Bm+ructure %3M: was not mounted%	( 4,, h0B1B1,000,~Structure %1M: dismounted%NOWAIT	 AA <REMARK:REMOVESTRUCTURE-ID:3@A$$Only tapes	 E or disks may be DISMOUNTedSTRUCTURETAPEName of tape to dismount$$	 "MDevice is not a magtapeDevice was not MOUNTed "^,60B^,S h,+R	( @V+%[Tape dismounted]0X1B,~,M, logical name %2M: deleted]
^0TAPE or STRUCTURE required?@CHECK-SETNAMEDENSITY:eDRIVE	 @"g-TYPE:LABEL-TYPE:iNEWcNOUNLOAD%OPERATOR'PROTECTION	" o:)READ-ONLY,SCRATCH`START:VVOLIDS:oWRITE-ENABLED	(x/Logical name, first six characters will be tape set nameName structure will 	  be referred to as, six characters or less, terminated with colon,G+  Bh+L	"A '	`3	`1NUMBERYVOLID\APAh	"Number of volume to start with, 1 means firstVolume identifier of	  volume to start withANSIBYPASSEBCDICTOPS-	 q"20UNLABELED(ChCx(D!D #D8$% $ ),	"+!"+bName printed on tape volumeToo many VOLIDs in one tape setComma to s	 3pecify another VOLIDH2Invalid VOLIDRemark for operator, in q	 <uotes7-TRACK9-TRACKGPG`$?6-digit octal protection 	 Dfor new volumesPhysical name as written on packs[H. "H	"DM0"@,+> 2@+v H B~+s"H+sMount request %2' failed - %1?	  
U+H1BT+st~*R+sUnrecognizedmessageNfromQUASAR*Y+s[%2M:	E^UdefinedasE%1M]%%%Structure %2M: already mounted%Couldn't increment m	 fount count for %2M: - %?,4 1B0a0B*d,~Structure %1M: mounted%	 oFF|Too many entries or switches in MOUNT commandh BF@/ENTIRE-VOLUME-	 DwSET`;Hv%%Use DISMOUNT to relinquish tape obtained with MOUNT,i	   h1D0Bp,
umber of fi	 
@(les or records to skip 8HH6,*+PFILES@I@NRECORDS	(@JDevice or data errorpIllegal operation for labeled tape h,	* "+S Decimal number of files or records to backspace@_@cLoad point reac	 *hed before end of backspace requestDEVICEName of tape unitl"@),T	(3+n%1H: Device is not a magtape%1H: Cannot be assigned [Already assigned to you	 
D;]  - Use MOUNT command,+\"< B}+%1H: Already open by job 	 D%3Q%%4M%1H: Already assigned to job %3Q%%4M%1H: Unavailable, under control of 	 LallocatorDevice name or * for allDevice name%1H: not assigned%1H: not assign	  Ued to you?Device %4H: open on JFN %1P%%_%Close JFN? YESCommand aborted"]... \NO^	PH$RmxxR#	RuC=RuDw@m;R\"d`	"`5<vb-%O`flHj`flNgz#,JD89w+`	D"
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UUWI@	"W	OMW%?;i8cEAPcEMMcE,A>P@#x;.PUkVI	Uk<Uk	wUk&tUk=2@UkPQUkVX?;`}(X	=rF=tZ=|V=( ~;o0e%P@9<*fd;S(`%qI\	=}&=d3Ry(fr/*J>T2o"7JWL?KY	D"Ko?Yq?YAA0/&[/fEplNXW&ZLhW&pv7h	'RS]P12whP2ZHhW'ykl}P4U=}W(:[?|W(:\W(:^)~(]l=1	P6[~P9NPKW*ImhP;9Hh&P?(W+e]:hW,ghPD%3}	PDztPF<hW.%~PK3gW.GPhW.OvhPH3}W.c<7~W.rkh	W/*ghW/=DW0AxhPqi~W1ywW1NX
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O2&x	W(F3O-|O-|O.4=I\=Pimv-cNOtNOV	Og|OqKWKkWK}@WLfWLW[/W[[W[}g	W^(W^2W^kW^iW^HW^ W^ %O(,O(2	O;\O;cOCOC"OnEO`<O`
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