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-,~,>,>,P1B+1B/+1B?+)1B+(1B+-1B	(D(+51B.+;1B+B1B+I"67@h:,^,^,~7`h+,R &	 7`hf,22&+ $7`hd,D,R ,R,. +BHb	"D 3BH+\"8*+
7`h+$,R,R7@+<,2 &7`hf,K,R	"  !7@+ ,R,. +BHb3BH+\"=*+
 "7O	"  )7`h++$BH+bBH+,R,Rl ,>,>7`h+1$7	 2,2,^,^d`+,~,R,R,>,>7`h+9&7,2,^	"":,^+,R,R7`h+A,>,>&,2,^,^+\"A*+
,R	 C,Rl ,>7`h+F.7,2,^d`+,~,R,Rl ,>	"K7`h+M/7,2,^d`+,~O@h/,& \$T@	 T,~
 The CALCULATOR command will work as a general calculator and number
converte	 \r. Input and output bases can be set for conversion. The permitted
input base ranges	 e from 2 to 10 and output base ranges from 2 to 36.

Factorial (!), exponentiation (	 m^), multiplication (*), division (/),
modulo (\), addition (+), and subtraction (-) 	 vare supported. Unary
minus and plus are allowed. Parenthesis can be used to change t	 ~he
precedence of the operators. Normal FORTRAN precedence is the default.
HF	 /?.	 ?@HpGIII K &I K &II 	 Host name or numberSYS:HOST.EXEGatewaysHostsANONYMOUS.SAFET	 $YQUERYCOKEISITSYS:SAFETY.EXEANONYMOUS.TACNEWSTHUMBTACKSSYS:TACNEW	 ,S.EXEANONYMOUS.NICGUESTRACHMANINOFFSYS:NIC.EXEThat is only allowed from	  5 network terminals.O\$2+8That account doesn't exist; contact NIC@NICO	*(=\$8+8LOGIN Failure -- \$>+8@?@	pCouldn't set TIMER -- 	*@F\$C+8Couldn't get program -- @\$G+8Couldn't create a fork -- \$K	((
N+8GET% failure -- @\$O+8Couldn't start fork -- @\$R+8%_ %2	 WM%1?%?%_/Y;P%_ Autologout%_0Z+<Register is not avai	 _lable yet.  Please send mail to REGISTRAR@SRI-NIC.ARPA%_with any additions or changes	 h to the NIC network user database.%_Ident for WHOISSYS:WHOIS.EXENo hi	 @pstoryCommand stringa Hq	Quoted imbedded string (s	("
yHuDecimal command number (xHy/`|x}6$:.]+VComma	 *nd not foundCommand not found in list %1M[y.w>+q[.>	*(
+{Hq :~+Input expression as a` H
`Input base	 ( as a decimal numberInput base must be between 2 and 10`Input expr	 essionOutput base as a decimal numberOutput base must be between 2 and 36	*@#`?Null expression illegal.\"$+u?Illegal character in expression.	*,\"(+u?Unbalanced parenthesis.?Illegal format for expression?%??Arithmeti	 4c overflow?Should never get here.?Non-integral factorial illegal. $,2	(=+?Non-integral real exponent illegal.?Modulo not permited on floating values. E!^*/\+-HelpQInput-Base:Output-Base:	6w,b%t
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