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LINK 6.0 Field Test - LINK 6(2361)                       Tape #2

The current list of known problems and "aspects" follows.
Problems described here will be fixed on the final field test


     1.  FORTRAN    users    specifying     the     sequence
         "/DEBUG:FORTRAN/TEST:DDT" among their LINK commands
         will  observe  that  DDT  is  started  rather  than


     1.  Map files in this version  show  slight  formatting
         differences  compared to those produced by previous
         versions of LINK.  This is a side  effect  of  work
         done to assure neat display of long symbols.

     2.  Autopatch tape #8 includes Edit 3086 which modifies
         the  SPLFK%  JSYS.   The modified SPLFK% is used by
         LINK 6.0 to replace  LINK's  image  by  the  loaded
         program.   TOPS20  5.1  and  4.1 sites lacking this
         edit will still be able to use LINK 6.0.  At  these
         sites  users  will  observe that LINK is creating a
         temporary file  in  the  connected  directory  when
         loading and executing a program.

     3.  LINK now marks the high  segment  pages  in  TWOSEG
         programs  as read and execute only.  Self-modifying
         programs that previously ran may  fail  because  of

     4.  Although LINK will accept and resolve long  symbols
         the  symbols are truncated before being placed into
         the debugger symbol table.

     5.  When using  the  /NOJOBDAT  switch  the  programmer
         should  use  a TOPS-20 style entry vector.  See the
         TOPS-20  Monitor  Calls  Reference  Manual  for   a
         discussion of entry vectors.

     6.  Those  using  extended  addressing  will  need   to
         install Monitor PCO 20-Monitor-555, edit 5.1(2979).
         It prevents loss  of  created  but  empty  sections
         (zeroed static storage) when saving an image.