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	universal domsym	Domain block sizes and offsets
	search	  monsym,macsym

domsec==000000000020	; Domain section number         
  dclb==000000000000	; Class lower bound             
  dchb==000000000003	; Class upper bound             
  dtlb==000000000000	; Type lower bound              
  dthb==000000000020	; Type upper bound              
 fname==000000000015	;                               
pagema==000000000035	;                               
filebk==000000000050	;                               
zcdata==000000002656	;                               
 dntbl==000000000377	;                               
   plt==000000000401	;                               
 rrtbl==000000000104	;                               
 rdtbl==000000005000	;                               
stgmap==000000000022	;                               
poltbl==000000000002	;                               
srvrty==000000000110	; single server definition      
srvrdv==000000000442	; multiple servers definition   
 maxdc==000000000400	; Max chars in a dname          
 maxdl==000000000200	; Max labels in a dname         
 maxlc==000000000077	; Max chars in a label          
labelh==000000001761	; Hashing modulo                
 maxsb==000000000012	; Number of search blocks       
gtdfmx==000000000013	; Max GTDOM function            
 rnfks==000000000500	; Putitive number of fork slots 
dbvern==000005000001	; Justifiable paranoia          
hslots==000000000062	; Host slots in tgraph          
tslots==000000000310	; Time slots in tgraph          
;	PASCAL structure definitions

define record(rn) <
	define	%%%rna <rn>	;;remember record name
	loc 0>			;;start using fake location counter

define rend <
	%%%rna ==.		;;remember length
	reloc>			;;restore location counter

define rc(rcname,rctype<1>,rcrep<1>) <
rcname:!block rctype*rcrep>	;;allocate (fake) space

define ptr(x) <1>		;;all pointers are one word

;	encoded values

	record	dclass
	rc	dclb	;low bound
	rc	din	;Internet class
	rc	dcs	;CSNET class
	rc	dchb	;high bound

	record	dtype
	rc	dtlb	;low bound
	rc	da	;Address
	rc	dns	;Name server
	rc	dmd	;Mail destination
	rc	dmf	;Mail forwarder
	rc	dcname	;Canonical name pointer
	rc	dsoa	;Start Of Authority
	rc	dmb	;Mailbox
	rc	dmg	;Mail group
	rc	dmr	;Mail rename
	rc	dnull	;Null RR
	rc	dwks	;Well known service
	rc	dptr	;Domain name pointer
	rc	dhinfo	;host information
	rc	dminfo	;Mailbox information
	rc	dmx	;New mail agent RR
	rc	dthb	;High bound

	daxfer==^d252	;Zone transfer request
	dmailb==^d253	;Mailbox related info request
	dmaila==^d254	;Mail agent request
	dstar==^d255	;Everything

	record	labels		;label string
	rc	lstext,<<maxlc+4>/4>

	record	dnames		;dname string
	rc	dntxt,<<maxdc+3>/4>

	record	dstbl		;dname string table
	rc	dstcnt		;count of label pointers
	rc	dstbp,maxdl	;global one word byte pointers to labels

	record	ulabel
	rc	nodept		;pointer to first node with this label
	rc	next		;pointer to next ulabel
	rc	ultext,labels	;label string

	record	labuse
	rc	labptr		;pointer to unique label
	rc	casemo,2	;case modifier bits

	record 	dname
	rc	dlabel,labuse
	rc	more		;following labels in name
	rc	dnamec		;next name this size

	record	rdchun		;rdchunk
	rc	rdmore		;pointer next chunk this RR
	rc	rdchai		;pointer next chunk this level
	rc	ckind		;zero for litstring, 1 for dname
	rc	litdat,0	;pointer to litstring
	rc	rrname		;dname pointer

	record	node
	rc	nodela,labuse	
	rc	nodelc		;next node with same label
	rc	upptr		;father pointer
	rc	sidept		;side pointer
	rc	downpt		;down node pointer
	rc	downtb		;down table pointer
	rc	rrptr,0		;rr pointer
	rc	zonept		;zone entry pointer

	record	rr
	rc	rrnext		;pointer to next rr this node
	rc	rrnode		;pointer to node owning this RR
	rc	rrttl		;time to live
	rc	rrtc		;type and class
	rc	rdata		;pointer to rdchunk
	rc	rrchai		;pointer to next instance of this kind of RR

	dtl==^d36-^l<dthb>	;length in bits of a dtype
	dcl==^d36-^l<dchb>	;length in bits of a dclass
	defstr(rrtyp,rrtc,dtl-1,dtl)	;macro defs for subfields

	record	lock
	rc	lockwd		;aoje lock
	rc	share		;shared count
	rc	exclus		;exclusive count

	record	zoneen
	rc	zchain		;pointer to next zone at this name
	rc	znode		;pointer to zone node
	rc	zclass		;zone class
	rc	loaded		;is zone loaded
	rc	zsoa		;pointer to node with SOA
	rc	zsoarr		;pointer to SOA RR
	rc	ziscac		;zone is cache
	rc	zonelo,lock	;zone lock
	rc	zconfi,zcdata	;zone configuration data
	rc	dtable,dntbl	;dname table
	rc	ltable,plt	;primary label table
	rc	rrtabl,rrtbl	;RR table
	rc	rdtabl,rdtbl	;rdchunk table
	rc	sadata,stgmap	;storage allocation statistics
	rc	zpools,poltbl	;pool tables
	rc	zpages,pagema	;page map

	record	serch		;search block
	rc	slock		;lock variable, -1 if unlocked
	rc	sbnext		;pointer to next search block
	rc	sbidx		;index (zero offset) of this slot
	rc	ldores		;non-zero if reserved for LDO
	rc	sbzf,0,0	;first location to zero
	rc	sbcpb,0,0	;first location to preserve across resolves
	rc	erttl		;recursion counter to kill infinite loops
	rc	tstart		;MSclock when query started
	rc	tquery		;absolute time query was started
	rc	fcode		;JSYS function
	rc	sname,dnames	;domain name for search (plus a little extra)
	rc	stable,dstbl	;dname string table for search name
	rc	stype		;search QTYPE
	rc	sclass		;search QCLASS
	rc	sbcpz,0,0	;end of region to preserve across resolves
	rc	lock1		;pointer to first held lock
	rc	lock2		;pointer to second held lock
	rc	locked		;counter of times waited for lock
	rc	azone		;pointer to authoritative zone
	rc	alabel		;pointer into SBPS for SOA label
	rc	lmatch		;pointer to last match during auth zone search
	rc	derc		;error code
	rc	outcnt		;count of RDATA characters
	rc	outins		;XCTed to output an octet
	rc	outbp		;updated output byte pointer
	rc	cnptr		;ANCOPY temp for CNAME RR pointer
	rc	anret		;number of RRs used as answers

	rc	adeln,ptr(node)	;pointer to node from azone with NS delegation
				;RRs attached
	rc	adell,ptr(sbps)	;value of LABEL when adeln set
	rc	cdeln,ptr(node)	;pointer to node from cache with NS delegation
				;RRs attached
	rc	cdell,ptr(sbps)	;value of LABEL when cdeln set

	rc	dnbp		;dump routine byte pointer for data
	rc	dncp		;dump routine byte pointer for case mods
	rc	dnlc		;dump routine counter

;	resolver interface

	rc	rtimeo		;time of next activity
	rc	resttl		;watchdog inside resolver
	rc	rflags		;value of FLAGS register when resolver called

	record	hgre
	rc	hghost
	rc	hgtout
	rc	hgtbac
	rc	hgtt

	record	hgraph
	rc	hgra,hgre,hslots

	record	tgraph
	rc	touts		;times started
	rc	tbacks		;times completed
	rc	ttotal		;total time for completions
	rc	tquanta		;time slot size in ms
	rc	tdelay,tslots+1	;delay histogram in units of delayq

	record	msure

; tuning parameters for JSYS code

	rc	infttl		;limit for restart (see infchk)
	rc	plttl		;ms wait interval for primitive (AOSE) lock
	rc	lckttl		;ms wait interval for database locks
	rc	rwaiti		;initial ms wait for resolver
	rc	rwait		;subsequent ms wait for resolver

	rc	ripoll		;resolver idle poll interval
	rc	rbpoll		;resolver busy poll interval
	rc	qtoi		;query initial timeout
	rc	qtor		;query retransmission timeout
	rc	qtoq		;query quiet timeout
	rc	rmttl		;resolver max ttl

;	GTDOM% related measurements

	rc	dcalls			;calls to GTDOM%
	rc	dbyfn,gtdfmx+1		;by function
	rc	dscall			;calls to dsetup
	rc	dsbbsy			;busy sblocks found by DSETUP
	rc	dsbbl			;all sblocks busy in DSETUP
	rc	dedoa			;sblock busy requests cancelled
	rc	daztry			;authoritative zone to search
	rc	dazne			;authoritative search gets name error
	rc	dazdel			;authoritative search gets delegation
	rc	dazstr			;authoritative search gets * match
	rc	dazfnd			;authoritative search finds node
	rc	dcache			;attempts to use cache
	rc	dcnmba			;cache uses allowed by MBA
	rc	dcans			;cache found answers
	rc	dresol			;attempts to use resolver
	rc	drnldo			;resolve uses allowed by LDO
	rc	drrip			;resolves left going in background
	rc	drdism			;DISMS in rsolve
	rc	dcncal			;CNAMEL calls
	rc	dcngo			;times CNAMEL infchk OK
	rc	dicdie			;infinite loop check failures
	rc	dpwait			;times waited on primitive lock
	rc	dewait			;times waited for excusive to leave
	rc	dferr			;DFINIS with error
	rc	dfok			;DFINIS without error

	rc	dfgra,tgraph		;DFINIS time graph

;	resolver related measurements
	rc	udpgra,tgraph		;delay statistics for UDP
	rc	udphst,hgraph		;host graph for UDP
	rc	rpgt			;resolver page traps
	rc	rpgf			;resolver page faults
	rc	rpgtim			;resolver time in paging routines
	rc	rrtime			;resolver runtime

	rc	nsugra,tgraph		;name server response time graph
	rc	nsuhst,hgraph		;name server host graph
	rc	nsucod,<^d16>		;name server response distribution

	record	master
	rc	dirty			;file is dirty if not zero
	rc	uplock,lock		;update_lock
	rc	update			;last update time
	rc	jsysin			;file initialized by JSYS code ?
	rc	dbvers			;version of database (avoid ILMNRFs)
	rc	prijfn			;JFN for primary database
	rc	secjfn			;JFN for secondary database
	rc	prifn,fname		;Filename for primary database
	rc	secfn,fname		;Filename for secondary database
	rc	mbase,ptr(master)	;correct origin for master block
	rc	allocl,lock		;memory allocation lock
	rc	usedpa,pagema		;used page bit map
	rc	szone,zoneen		;zone entry for search tree
	rc	cachep,ptr(zoneen)	;pointer to cache zone
	rc	msgfil,filebk*3		;log files
	rc	sbloop			;pointer to search block circular list
	rc	rcom,maxsb		;resolver commands
	rc	rwaitw,maxsb		;slot wait words (well, one set of 'em)
	rc	rderc,rnfks		;per fork error code array
	rc	iaorg,dnames		;domain name for invers address tree
	rc	starbp			;byte pointer to "*" octet
	rc	stard			;word with "*"
	rc	sbarra,maxsb,serch	;search block array
	rc	tzero			;absolute time of database creation
	rc	reshan			;resolver UDP handle
	rc	resprt			;resolver UDP port
	rc	resjob			;resolver job number
	rc	logrn			;non-zero for normal resolver logging
	rc	logri			;non-zero for all resolver incoming
	rc	logrp			;non-zero for all resolver peculiar
	rc	logue			;non-zero to log UDP errors
	rc	logua			;non-zero to log all UDP packets

	rc	resads,srvrty		;resolver addresses, etc
	rc	resdsv,srvrdv		;resolver default servers
	rc	msrdat,msure		;measurement data
define flipfn < asciz /<domain>Flip.dd/>
define flopfn < asciz /<domain>flop.dd/>
define	dcheck <
ifn   dclb-000000000000,<printx   dclb consistency failure, should be 000000000000>
ifn    din-000000000001,<printx    din consistency failure, should be 000000000001>
ifn    dcs-000000000002,<printx    dcs consistency failure, should be 000000000002>
ifn   dchb-000000000003,<printx   dchb consistency failure, should be 000000000003>
ifn   dtlb-000000000000,<printx   dtlb consistency failure, should be 000000000000>
ifn     da-000000000001,<printx     da consistency failure, should be 000000000001>
ifn    dns-000000000002,<printx    dns consistency failure, should be 000000000002>
ifn    dmd-000000000003,<printx    dmd consistency failure, should be 000000000003>
ifn    dmf-000000000004,<printx    dmf consistency failure, should be 000000000004>
ifn dcname-000000000005,<printx dcname consistency failure, should be 000000000005>
ifn   dsoa-000000000006,<printx   dsoa consistency failure, should be 000000000006>
ifn    dmb-000000000007,<printx    dmb consistency failure, should be 000000000007>
ifn    dmg-000000000010,<printx    dmg consistency failure, should be 000000000010>
ifn    dmr-000000000011,<printx    dmr consistency failure, should be 000000000011>
ifn  dnull-000000000012,<printx  dnull consistency failure, should be 000000000012>
ifn   dwks-000000000013,<printx   dwks consistency failure, should be 000000000013>
ifn   dptr-000000000014,<printx   dptr consistency failure, should be 000000000014>
ifn dhinfo-000000000015,<printx dhinfo consistency failure, should be 000000000015>
ifn dminfo-000000000016,<printx dminfo consistency failure, should be 000000000016>
ifn dmx   -000000000017,<printx dmx    consistency failure, should be 000000000017>
ifn   dthb-000000000020,<printx   dthb consistency failure, should be 000000000020>
ifn daxfer-000000000374,<printx daxfer consistency failure, should be 000000000374>
ifn dmailb-000000000375,<printx dmailb consistency failure, should be 000000000375>
ifn dmaila-000000000376,<printx dmaila consistency failure, should be 000000000376>
ifn  dstar-000000000377,<printx  dstar consistency failure, should be 000000000377>
ifn  fname-000000000015,<printx  fname consistency failure, should be 000000000015>
ifn pagema-000000000035,<printx pagema consistency failure, should be 000000000035>
ifn filebk-000000000050,<printx filebk consistency failure, should be 000000000050>
ifn zcdata-000000002656,<printx zcdata consistency failure, should be 000000002656>
ifn  dntbl-000000000377,<printx  dntbl consistency failure, should be 000000000377>
ifn    plt-000000000401,<printx    plt consistency failure, should be 000000000401>
ifn  rrtbl-000000000104,<printx  rrtbl consistency failure, should be 000000000104>
ifn  rdtbl-000000005000,<printx  rdtbl consistency failure, should be 000000005000>
ifn stgmap-000000000022,<printx stgmap consistency failure, should be 000000000022>
ifn poltbl-000000000002,<printx poltbl consistency failure, should be 000000000002>
ifn srvrty-000000000110,<printx srvrty consistency failure, should be 000000000110>
ifn srvrdv-000000000442,<printx srvrdv consistency failure, should be 000000000442>
ifn  maxdc-000000000400,<printx  maxdc consistency failure, should be 000000000400>
ifn  maxdl-000000000200,<printx  maxdl consistency failure, should be 000000000200>
ifn  maxlc-000000000077,<printx  maxlc consistency failure, should be 000000000077>
ifn labelh-000000001761,<printx labelh consistency failure, should be 000000001761>
ifn  maxsb-000000000012,<printx  maxsb consistency failure, should be 000000000012>
ifn gtdfmx-000000000013,<printx gtdfmx consistency failure, should be 000000000013>
ifn labels-000000000020,<printx labels consistency failure, should be 000000000020>
ifn ulabel-000000000022,<printx ulabel consistency failure, should be 000000000022>
ifn labuse-000000000003,<printx labuse consistency failure, should be 000000000003>
ifn  dname-000000000005,<printx  dname consistency failure, should be 000000000005>
ifn dnames-000000000100,<printx dnames consistency failure, should be 000000000100>
ifn  dstbl-000000000201,<printx  dstbl consistency failure, should be 000000000201>
ifn   node-000000000011,<printx   node consistency failure, should be 000000000011>
ifn     rr-000000000006,<printx     rr consistency failure, should be 000000000006>
ifn   lock-000000000003,<printx   lock consistency failure, should be 000000000003>
ifn zoneen-000000011055,<printx zoneen consistency failure, should be 000000011055>
ifn  serch-000000000341,<printx  serch consistency failure, should be 000000000341>
ifn master-000000021370,<printx master consistency failure, should be 000000021370>
ifn  rnfks-000000000500,<printx  rnfks consistency failure, should be 000000000500>
ifn dbvern-000005000001,<printx dbvern consistency failure, should be 000005000001>