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;                    COPYRIGHT (c) 1980, 1981, 1982
;                        Maynard, Massachusetts
;     This software is furnished under a license and may  be  used
;     and copied only in accordance with the terms of such license
;     and with the inclusion of the above copyright notice.   This
;     software  or any other copies thereof may not be provided or
;     otherwise made available to any other person.  No  title  to
;     and ownership of the software is hereby transferred.
;     The information  in  this  software  is  subject  to  change
;     without  notice  and should not be construed as a commitment
;     DIGITAL assumes no responsibility for the use or reliability
;     of  its  software  on  equipment  which  is  not supplied by
;     DIGITAL.

@def nspbli: nsp:
@run bli:blis16
@delete nspdat.obj
@copy nspdata.req nspdat.req  ! Need 6 character name for BLSCRF
@def BED: NUL: ! To handle the conditional require
@append v3p0:ff,nsp.xrf nsp.lst
@append v3p0:ff,ns1.xrf ns1.lst
@append v3p0:ff,ns2.xrf ns2.lst
@delete nspdat.req,nsp.xrf,ns1.xrf,ns2.xrf
@append nsp.gxr,ns1.gxr,ns2.gxr nspdat.gxr
*sort/record:150/key:1,40,alpha,ascend/ascii nspdat.gxr nsp.sor
@delete nspdat.gxr,nsp.gxr,ns1.gxr,ns2.gxr
@delete nsp.sor