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Algol-10 -- Changes From Version 7 to 10
January 1977

Copyright (C) 1975,1976,1977
Digital Equipment Corporation, Maynard, Mass.

This software is furnished under a license for use only  on  a  single
computer system and may be copied only with the inclusion of the above
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Title  to  and  ownership of the software shall at all times remain in

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software on equipment which is not supplied by DEC.
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Algol-10 -- Changes From Version 7 to 10
January 1977


Version 10 of the DECsystem-10 Algol system is being released to support
the Algol dynamic debugging package ALGDDT.  This was present in Version
7,  but the default option of the compiler was not  to produce the extra
symbol information needed by ALGDDT.  With  this  release,  the  default
option has been changed to include this information in the .REL file.

Version 10 also includes many bug fixes  -  not only all those published
in the Software Dispatch,but also fixes for several unreported problems.

This version of Algol has been tested under 5.07,6.01 and 6.02 Monitors,
running on both KA10 processors and KI10/KL10 processors.


The major external change is in the default setting of the compile  time
switch controlling generation of ALGDDT symbol information. In Version 7
the default switch was /NOSYMBOLS, whereas in Version 10 the default has
been  changed  to  /SYMBOLS. In order to produce .REL files which do not
contain ALGDDT symbol information, it is necessary for users  of Version
10  of  Algol  to include the switch /NOSYMBOLS in the command string to
the compiler.

The ALGDDT command "CONTINUE" now has an optional integer parameter.  If
this  command is given in the form "CONTINUE n" to resume  execution  of
the users program after a breakpoint, the program will not  pause  again
at this breakpoint until it is encountered for the n'th time. (Users who
are familiar with DDT will note the similarity to the DDT n$P command).

A new ALGDDT command EXTEND autolist-name has been provided. Use of this
command enables users to append extra ALGDDT commands to an autolist. If
the autolist has not been previously DEFINEd, the EXTEND command acts as
a DEFINE command.

A new library procedure - INLINE - has been provided. This is an integer
procedure with one parameter (of type string).  This procedure will read
the  next line from the currently selected input device into the string,
and will return the (ASCII) value of the line terminating  character  as
the  result  of  the  procedure. This procedure is primarily intended to
simplify interactive dialogue with the terminal, and should only be used
with ASCII input devices.
The exact action of the procedure is as follows :-
Successive bytes are read from the  input  device  (ignoring  nulls  and
carriage-returns) until a paper motion character (ASCII codes 012,013 or
014) is read.The ASCII value of this character is returned as the result
of the procedure. The string parameter will be set to  contain  all  the
characters read from the input device with the following exceptions :-

1) It will not include the terminator, or any carriage returns.

2) Any square brackets will be inserted in the string duplicate, so that
   a subsequent write will work correctly.
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Algol-10 -- Changes From Version 7 to 10
January 1977


It is not possible to open any device except the controlling terminal as
a bi-directional I/O device. In particular this applies to PTYs.


The files ALGOL.SHR, ALG741.SHR, ALGLIB.REL and ALGDDT.HLP should be put
on "SYS:". It is reccommended that installations using .EXE files should
convert the .SHR files to .EXE files before  use.


The following lists all the edits made to produce Version 10(741).

	Original Version - Algol V7(717)

#720	SPR-none.	F10CALL handled long real arrays incorrectly.

#721	SPR-10770	ALGDDT looped if a null command was typed.

#722	SPR-none.	BLKIDX being calculated incorrectly.

#723	SPR-none.	OWN variable typeout did not allow for breakpoints.

#724	SPR-none.	1044-blocks lost if only one data word long.

#725	SPR-none.	UNWIND command not working correctly.

#726	SPR-10773	Formal type conversion incorrect on storing.

#727	SPR-none.	GETCHR did not convert LC if NEWLINE called.

#730	SPR-none.	ALGDDT not delocating address of local array headers.

#731	SPR-none.	OBJECT command relocation incorrect.

#732	SPR-none.	ALGDDT fails if it cannot get core for TTY: buffers.

#733	SPR-none.	Change DATE and TIME not to use GETTABS (for DECsystem-20).

#734	SPR-none.	ALGDDT can be confused if DL currently set to an
			outer level context (as when executing a thunk).

#735	SPR-10769	ALGIMR if doing INSYMBOL to a real variable.

#736	SPR-21111	Comparison of strings not behaving as per documentation
			when strings only differ by trailing blanks/nulls.

#737	SPR-10765	PRINT not relocating variable address.

#740	SPR-21525	Multiple-line COMMENT fails.

#741	SPR-10766	Error messages not always typed immediately.
ALG10.DOC							Page  4
Algol-10 -- Changes From Version 7 to 10
January 1977


6.1  Software used to build DECsystem-10 Algol version 10.

 Algol Version 10 has been built using MACRO Version 52.  Because of the
differences in the Universal file format introduced with this version of
MACRO, any site re-assembling ALGLIB,ALGOTS,ALGDDT,ALGCON or ALGSTB with
an  earlier  version of MACRO must first re-assemble the parameter files
ALGPRM and ALGSYS. To re-assemble any of the other files (ALGDEC,ALGSTM,
recompile not only ALGPRM and ALGSYS, but also ALGMAC.
It is strongly recommended that any site re-assembling any part of Algol
with an earlier version of MACRO should  re-assemble  the  entire  Algol
system to avoid confusion at a later date.

6.2 Software needed to support DECsystem-10 Algol version 10.

 To utilize the Algol debugging system (ALGDDT), LINK Version 3A(560) is
needed to handle the Algol symbol information inserted in the .REL files
by the compiler.(This information is put in a new LINK block, identified
by the code 1044). Any site not using this version of link must tell the
compiler to exclude this symbol information from the .REL files,  either
by  including the /NOSYMBOLS switch in the command line to the compiler,
or by editing ALGPRM.MAC and changing the defined value of feature  test
switch FTSYM to zero, then recompiling ALGPRM,ALGSYS and ALGCON. If this
course of action is taken, sites should bear in mind the procedure to be
followed  if  using a version of MACRO prior to version 52. (See section
6.1 above).