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 $2DY6&++	 2H+	5J(+0h+3$N9 `d@+6Fa2F7+7 n+Z5D $ .^6Hn2h^ ^3d]2f+"`.$5$@&$7F "`.5&@&&2.&+$$(D:+@@a+gU",^,~? Illegal BATCON UUOH?   Job # 
Subjob # -. 28+z)@BB,080x,E$;w+ 	` (	n+  F G@@, G*.o .[	n.+ .7 N[ H!0M 2@	n/oH@ N[O@Z $Z( B+ "\1$9 . NX	n
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,o:C7F+p,w,s+m <.,l,f,U`b,,,F pZZQ2	n%, pZ p	n%,Z``0r+~4R~@qZ,o,f,Ud"  af@+ &r,%,
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&	,,,az+v`b+&`	,>d,@C,^`fl,,Ul"d"+ BAJOB	BATCON version 13(1071) running d,0\1\+d0\1\+r1\+Z1\+Z1\+:0\+ol,-&P 	 Fa,B5FC1|1<+G-&Sd, <+oaf`+G 	
,t+G+G62LSab+H-&S`b+9,F`ld,dl,+fE<xE=G"^ZKK|@O?%pS[83]>.,W]>~	9_B.(:a2,reY:e5Rg&d[QGy
w@	@l,@-&pal,,`l@+`,s0\+\l",U+0\1\7+]0\+\d,@+_-&p,l+_`b `l7, @,0\1\+]1\9h4Fn  <,s=fm ,s+h &\ab`z+r+,2d,@+,l`z,~,T,U,+v,)6@C+B &	+"NQNd& FL,)7@C+xZ	f3fQ+ FQl
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,B1\+P`L +^7,0\+JaL@+D"NQNd&2&L+n+DaL2F	*7+b2FC+I3F	)+gaL +V,^x,^x,^x`	`C,,,>1\,,d
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,F	*`Cl	.,T,FZ$2&2212,2,pZQ2	n%,+T`b+waL+s&	11F+@	1`C,
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7NK+$.j0+,G,`	?@	@+f,l"+.d, pZ 	A	n%+ pZ!2	n%+ ,F`b ,@	A,w,xR,s 3F6@7+- <-,l[,o,wZ,o 4,`t+, TC:C7F+,,w,s+) <.,l@	B&	<,i&	<6@,< <,l <,l,l",U,Uaz,~,F@	C,f,U@	D,f,Uaz,~,k,i 	F,,+3&	P <),L  <),L[	 <&,LZ	 <!,L[	 <*,LZ	 <(,L&	P4FH <"0&+I+G7	Q <),>!&}R,s,w,^+l4FW,>,>!&}@,s,^,l,w,^+i6\L`b +T/Z#`2<	Q,,.,az`+Ql @az@+	R,R`b
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@`N@+cO@N+el0\/,~l,,1\/,~1|=1<07/<1|/1< +@/< ,~,i </,~`l+Dab,~&	}1f+Kl @,U,z@n@reb+q,v + +q6 ,~l @,U,z,v,RMd2+H7@N+	},>N,>A,>N+,^3\N+X/<5<V@ \Nl
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/,<+ZRB,v+W? A+\\@,~,Ul",>,>,>,U`b `l7, d",^,^,^+ZXQ&A`4\W,l+d <,l <,l+U&&QHx4Fk,i[x <p,Z1\l"`l,~+)F~PHx4Fq,o[x(\x+k  
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2 <+l <+l Z7@L FLd" l"&&j0,>&&,>,,,^,,,^&&t,d",~ <1f,&&QHx4F,[x <p+ab ,,yXQ&A`4\W,+
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8,~ @_ 
6 N` 
; _,~}@9@, [BATCON is now RESET] =j0  waiting for response BAOPR	gR~
***END OF BUFFER***x sequence  in stream  for HInput from Output to   BASUM	Job parametersTime:Unique:BRestart:sJob had both an AFTER and a DEADLINE parameterLOGIN 3T+q 4h+h [,w+m(LOCATE BTNJNR Job cancelled after a restart, it is not restartable.BTNBLA Beginning processing at label BTNBLI Beginning processing on line ,+v, BLABL	OPR--Respond with BL-OPERATOR <LINE>
 BAOPR	OPERATOR LBTNNLS No label specified or illegal syntax.BTNBPL Your use of BACKTO has caused a possible loop.ERROROPERATOR,k+OPR--Respond BL-$
tBTNIIC Illegal IF command argument or syntax error. TRUE	 FALSE	 BATCH	BTNICS Illegal character specified for .,@ R.,@M`BTNFFS Found %FIN while searching for , proceeding from %FIN<CBTNCNF Could not find label BTNECF End of the Control File while searching for  BAOPR	KILL KK|@]+y6
OPR--Please attach to the job and kill it. Then respond BL-$
(	p`ll" ,~Jobs cannot LOGIN. Stopping further scheduling'`L\BTNJRQ Job requeuedBTNJBC Job has been cancelledSET TIME SET SPOOL ALLCLOSEDUMPd" +Job cannot be put in monitor mode.
OPR--Type BL-$ to try again (or after you have killed the job)
Waiting...xBTNCRL CHKPNT or REQUEUE labels cannot be over 5 characters long.A6(Vd @+W@!02 o,~ PatU4,~H+
,>l,,,i,^+Q6$ 0+fBTNEWR Error while reading the CTL file. Status = BTNCFC Cannot find the CTL file. Error code = <ABTNSND CTL file structure is not a disk. Device is 
BTNCOD Cannot OPEN device Illegal structure for the LOG file. Structure - Cancelling this job.  No output generated.OPEN failedENTER failed
!LOOKUP error for the LOG file. Error code - OUTPUT failed
",~HQH+PBTNCWL Cannot write LOG file 	 File will be in H MONTR	 USER	 BAFIL	E%|(`,>,> <x`b+
A,>Z( :6.z(2z	z+ O	z+
B Zp`b7 ~ Zp`b+
H ^pS>dX>p!:y,>h*z
H,>(,>*@f\$	d+
	f!&LuSX(	h+
X*	j+
o  ( Fp Hp Jp ^p $pXD( $pZ*6@XD* $!&>9`b7 
p@j@n ^p!:
qX:p*:pX\pX\pX\p :,^h=:
g,^  p	z+
h p`b+
p Z~X\(,^`b@+
n2Z	z+ ,^,^,~INXc6
n	z+ `b,p	d+ < p yd", < p p p@j@!$	d+p	4F
b $ ^p,p	d+ < p+
b!:Lu 8	xg 8GYx,~g"$ < p.$x  Dp+p