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t	:<Sx :<+x
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.l}"a`+z 4G,Za` +} 5T~d   4C,uO@R@@@@,
O@,<XDWlzTz\z.@d,$,~1\+.p0\$+ d`7@
+$-4Z%Response must be single letter, with optional STR list
l@bJ@F,$,~0\1|+*1\+*0<0d/<`tp\+$4V, VJ."0\
(F5fG,!+B,V+B,4+z ,8 4H,Z,t+Hd Pl ,L,B+K6@
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RL1,$+}0\+- 42,Z+z 42,Z+#Type H for help
+8 Q!$YR *,+ :R @Ca`+= @J!0y2D@C*p;50GZ`4D7@@+4 "a`l"@
+4,l@@BL+$ fJ B	 B
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+q:a`,~,>,>,>,>,>	v	&6t&6,&6,,\ 4`@ 4,Z,^,^,^,^,^,~QXx,\[x <+b KJOB    K-QUE   *7@
+q B "
 B Q B!"YR B,~ B Q B!"YR B,~,,~4N N ,,~RNR Q N  . N@@6@
+$ B D H+$,,~+t7.B+ N NB@@C
l ,~
l@,*n NB 8+$
LQVxd@[x,B <,b @C`` @J,8 4O,Z,_+B,4d <,b,> @C,8 4R,Z @4,^ 4T,Z,^,^ 4U,Z+B@7@@&7B@C,~ B V Wa`l+@,~ S63V,~ @-/@4/,~!&~R3B+%*f":x,~:6B+*P+  6@
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1&+. &f)0+ @b@f0+8a` ,~l`@+3 4W,Z6F
 & ,8 <,bR,8+BZ`0D,~``+? <p,b @C`` @J,8 4Y,Z	` Q!$YR * 	l&,,~ F
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+\~56\"`.6?(V|,^B4F+Z4^>Qan+a 4Ga`+$`` +ca`+$,u@`` +j 4,u!$~[o0B*dfZo,u 4`,u,$+e`` 0\1\,:x,51\,$,~+m$r\rtttallunpreservedtempwhatQTx,Za`+yd [x,Zl 
&P``,Z	` /@,+,$l @0<0|+
0< 0|-,~/<`dp\+,$l @0\1\+,~&$!(&$!"(D(F
Confirm: LOOKUP failed
. Blks   Other jobs same PPN

? May not logout with logical names for File Structures
In response to a file name, type
P to preserve it
S to save it
K to delete it
Q to report if over quota for this STR
E to skip to next STR and save this file if
    below quota for this STR
H to type this text

In response to CONFIRM:,type one of: BDFHIKLPQSUWX
B to perform algorithm to get below quota
D to delete all files
(asks Delete all files?, type Y or <CR>)
F to try fast logout by leaving all files on DSK
H to type this text
I to individually determine what to do with all files
  after each file name is typed out, type one of: EKPQS,
  or H to get more help
K to delete all unpreserved files
L to list all files
P to preserve all except temp files
Q to report if over quota
S to save all except temp files
U same as I but automatically preserve files already preserved
W to list files when deleted
X to suppress listing deleted files(default)
If a letter is followed by a space and a list of File Structures
  only those specified will be affected by the command.
  Confirm will be typed again.

Note: file size is no. of blocks allocated which may be larger than the
  no. of blocks written (DIRECT command).

A file is preserved if its access code is GE 100

To log off system, type KJOB optionally followed by:
<logdev:file.ext[ppn]>=/<confirm switch><str list>/<queue switch>etc...

If the log file is not specified, or not a disk or spooled device,
TTY is used.

Confirm switches are taken from the set: BDFIKLPQSUWX
Confirm: will be typed. Respond with H<CR>.

Queue switches are:
  /Z:n	specifies degree of queueing:
    0 suppress QUEUE(default if no spool bits set)
    1 queue log file only
    2 queue log and spooled output(default if any spool bits set)
    3 as 2, plus *.LST
    4 as 3, plus defered requests
  /VL:n	page limit for LPT
  /VC:n	card limit for CDP
  /VT:n	tape limit (feet) for PTP
  /VP:n	time limit (minutes) for PLT
  /VR:n	request priority
  /VS:n	sequence number for request
  /VD:v	specifies disposition of log file, where v is:
    D delete log after printing
    P preserve log
    R rename log into QUEUE area and delete after printing(default)
H0W*| H D	bab+Wabl +X%LOG file device is not DSK or spooled; will use TTY
?Illegal switch 
?Illegal switch value ?Cant OPEN ?Syntax error in Log File name
Type KJOB /H for help
H(	h:
:  No such STR
	b@@(POcV.Y xP UFD READ error, status =  Logged out quota  exceeded by  blocks	bDeleted:
: apparent UFD protection failure
6$6$Project 1
Delete  files? 
? Please deassign TTY