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&	6FCF'.|+,~%LNKLNS	Low seg data base not same size+ 
sY7@,),C+-_+ X@5@@R@@Ra@+7@6@B1+g6@+t+X5`@+,X"<L[1b+	u1b1"++S0b+#0"`+	u0"+:0B+%+&0"0bWW1+n &}|u` x`9 y Z
B4J- "z,EZ
A4J5R`A "( $Z
`Q *`,#9+:/`&.`L,~,dz+93.&,>2l+,?/&,~,> 8+A,> 8+KS`&X`*,d{ D"*`&/`*# /"0d $.`& D`*4"I.`L,&mS`&X`*,d|+k3l`/+A,%.`*3l+\ `*/`&.$(DD$0d $.2l+Y,>Z`&."Q`&,d},^.B`&.`L/",&m+K D"2B`&,d~2l`*+\+l,>,> *`/
`*,#9,#a,^,^ `Q/`L.`&*`*+l3.',f2l+,g/',~,> 8+A,> 8+K,> 8+k,> 8,m,^,~7@`",~@@$Z`".OZ/`!1X/~[`".OZ/`!1X/~3d`*3&`&,~2$`&2f`*+y `" B$@@`"+
 "`"[4B5.OZ/`!1X/~3d`*3$`&+zZ4FQ.OR`/O!B$.O[4B.OZ/`!1X/~2$`&+ /OQZXD$.OZ`YFPB,>>`$Z$4B.O,> ZXD$ $,%g,^[ZQX$,
=CI37:PRUg $["4B5.OZ5D5/~,~7@"6@#1,~,> 
,4B$G" 8,*+!,4B(/"G" 8,*+$,5B!,^,~*`*Q`&,d `*.`L/`Q B`&5"1.B`Q@@`& `LQ"X"@@*#`US`&X`*,d+d4D5,,OZ.XB,~4D5,,O[.QB,~4D5,,O.B,~6B\3BN+,> ,-j\`Bl8 ,^+6B\3BN+ ,> ,-j\`Bl8 ,^+ 6B\3BN+%,> ,-j\(BoG ,^+% }|4D5,,OXV,~4D5,,OQV,~4D5,,O V,~,` XB;arZ`; $ a/"4"W Ba .D.b\ R~ T V,~,/I,> * 
a,#9,#a,^,~,` XB;arZ`; a/"4"d Ba.D \.d\.
PQ*",~,o $aR6@?,~+X6A5+z:>6`r+x $,% R T V/PQ C5`rSB;,~ .P +u }|? ,`@+`@+GR(!2`Br( ( V(, $`r+,Xar,~+
 }|7 "X V*U,>,>,>"Z`",~,^",^,_U,~Z5.
PR(abgf BW.* (4"5ab+ /P,> 
O (`r@+*(,%,^.
O (  $,%gZ
4J`r+ }|,^.
P!2!"7`/~m2GB/~ "( $,%j6 (+BR(,~ar+'GW+F`r+9 (`B,-jZ,+:`r +1`r+5`rl8,@+ -jZ.(XB,~`rl8,@+ -j[.(QB,~`rl8,@+ -j .( B,~  (+  (`r@Q$`r Q$`rQ$`rQ$+,7@N,~,>!*GJ@
Z,,^Z,+E,~,>,>,>,>[4Bg.P af+Paf,Q V~ $,%j+H`f,."7f,af+O  (,j!& `r h&``rl&`[~.P A2F+_,w`f`+g? ,  
,^ (,Z+g 
  `f `h X(`f@`h@P(3D(+g ( ( ,J7 (,> 
  ~ ~,o,^,^,^,^,^Z4D52$(GH,~Z4D53$(+.O/(!& `r h&``rl&`,w   (+jBf!(af`BH!(`rGH,~ (.OQ(D@.(7`0"
+0"+~4B~1B9~SX2D+~/&` "B!B!`B>@'+~,>,>,>/O HT (.OSX"' BT,^,^,^,^,~,>Z (`r@Q$`r Q$`rQ$ar+!.$! 8/
O,^,~4D56@N,-j,+QXV[`+4D56@N,-j,+!PQV[`+4D56@N,-j,+"QV[`+%4D5,,OV,~Z0b,4,>$,%,^DV/OZ:`$6@`"+7Q B`",~,^Z` &}|#@[`".O@+;SX[ 4F=.OP2$+@+9QB XB`"/O.OZH,~aH+EXBQB .O/O/OXHQF,~XBQB`".O/OSF,~,Jl2+X (mb: B( ( & D'` +`9 ,` .@@@;,~`f+]." 4&]af+R,j`r`+]? ,!&BF( ,^*(  ( (,ar,~+
PSX .x*$*
xaf+.&7(+`h+ah+{+!(H/PH."/$,%j!"GB(/PXC5,^.!&64~BF~,~7"(`b+$,~Z5" T V /P,>,o,^,^/0+Z5.PZV,~ $,% R T V /O,~Z;4B1.O/([;6@.P4B12V,~ ;:x,~,e,L,Q,I,e,e,e,e,[,e,e,e,e,e,U,e,e,e@ @ @ @ 7@+e@@ T9SB>+e6@l+P6@@+3af+e+] &}|:@94Fe`f+X`f+e }|?4Fe`f+X`f+e }|? &}|C`9 K 6@@+^af+^ }|LZ`@,e B<B57 r7@M`@x,~l,~5jhh (bf7B+h "/+
c`h+k,~ah,~ }|R B @Zp4P,6!0BZ1B+ 8 U ,,+!2 R8!2ap.. R8.. R8!2XXp.. R8!2 h 6?~/M.&,G!2 V.6,}!2 W.6,} 8 UZp,6h" 5B,5h"Xab+h":`b+,> `Q"X B8 ,,+,^Q2 R8 W.. R8Z2@Q2X.. R8+Zp/0,6 8h0X`p+),6h"og`b9!"gp B8,5h"q``b+,5h"oo`b+)!"i` B8!2 X ,}.<*zm @_B#,%]O@@+ 2_,6h"ewab+%h"ewh"D4BX10H9 +!"Z B8,6h"Xab+Z10H9& & D[`9]+ `.l`2l L2l L6@++4.
Q *,#9+4/&.M,~,;+3.0 
 6@+,;.M 8,~ $,% b D R 4Q4~,>,X[1B+O,@+=Z4B51b	9D&"	$"	4DD."7,X*TG RP=6E,~/46@O34Om4/O $,%et.O* /O/) DQ4~*tF ",D,>,E,^,^QRP,>	,>
 " B
@@	+,Y+X,Y+`,/VZ
 $ D
SX*& $,%g,/Z,~,&Z
/"6@+ $,%],^
,^	+,E A7@?1B+b5Bk7T+p!2,	+t+t (.B@@7@+v!2 c@,	1+w+v,h@@@@6@,e[
B5Jh" " B,!O@@,,% &,~ ;2B+-b+-`2&X+ X U/8 U  32+j5x9~7@@+
@7U+Q8[U4G0r0+m:*UZ32@,R@@X7+U <xZU 22+2t 32    & Dn` q` q` r@5x=z
(,%]5J"+7@?+) "6@,,"d@@'@@, "+&c6B>1B1+&5B5!"@bB?7@N+& " B> $,% 
 9 B(!">6 B(,!|h  $,%]7@A:A7NZ,~ ,86@+,;.MZ  D8  D8R D87D+C`d+B7F Q F8!&X&8*&8,~ D8@@8,~!$QX$8*$8,~,^*x,>6@l6 r+Onu,R1l $,%!&>9 u F H!&)6O@TF,7`;+Xfu,> 
;7 (+U $,% ,y\`(Z
(5JR\`;,^,x+O7@<+a7@+nu $,% <,y <  D< $,%]7@<,x+O6@7`<+m\`<,> 
<!""(4Dg(BcB=+j $,%.$ &Q&(*&,Z
(5Jd,^nu,x7@+unu,,x7`;6@<+O6@>+m!2 c@,	1+w@@=Z`<,^,~ S,G+u,^=+C   F HO@ TF!( H6F H FO@Q$} 7F+ F O@ .(*d7@+  B B,~ B B,~ ?BB>6AP+
7B>,~(b >BB>,'+7B+3J,~ 5B $,%!$>9 D JO@!$)6TD+7B<+u ZD< $,%]+50CEK55565555QD55554CHK555@55N5OD5556 =+9 =`b+7,R+5 
v,6 =+9 
w+6 =+9  Dw@@= =6@@ab+=!2 3@,},R+@!2 } 6,G6 =+B  Dw@@= 
~+,R+J!2 @,}6@9+J  D 
	+!2 	@,} 
	+6@9+Q  D	 
		+S5"U7@ n		,~6BB<B57@ :x,~,X ? 
,~7@	+WB+X
b +f,> }|	
,`,~ ? 
+47@	+XB+`
b,~+\d@,i,^x6@,q++& D	2b` B`@@`,~Z $@@@+%]LDS LOAD segmentIRB Illegal REL Block Type  for  in ?LNKIMM ;c'B'L'h's'B'L>f &`"+ "`"+	,^,~FCF Final core fixups'B'L'h'sijANC Address not in coreSIF Symbol insert failure, non-zero hole found.$/
P,e+DUZ Decreasing undefined symbol count below zerow,{,^.
O+ISP Incorrect symbol pointer/*+# 1b}+~,~Q$+,Q$+,Q$+,IVC Index validation check failed at MDS Multiply-Defined Global symbol , in module 
	defined value = , this value = 4D52V,~+4M?9'Z`@`f+e!2 3@,>,>,>,},^,^,^+eFOV Cannot overlay F40 compiled code in CMF Cobol module must be loaded firstCMC Cannot mix COBOL-68 and COBOL-74 compiled code
	Error detected in module  from MSR /MIXFOR switch required to mix F40 and FORTRAN codeKIA Cannot mix KI10 and KA10 compiled code7DkyNd*, ++ "XB8+!"X+FSF Fortran subroutine  not in expected form, MIXFOR fixup not done@@A+k?=`?LNKUGS ,/OZH,-p,> "d@
+}l*  "z,E+x.8*U/8 UU+@@@+
POV PSECTs overlapped:   to  PSECTS   and Q$,,+_[H<U>H:S7DY&DFSI FORTRAN-10 requires FOROTS, /FORSE switch ignoredM?}M?J1Y&{F]%J1NDRAMP ALGOL main program not loadedC2=J1:-IwY&i6EJ1SMP SIMULA main program not loadedg&mJ1EID Error on input deviceNEB No end block seen for 7 6+	+4T	N,	#+	.
5!51N+	4B	=p	7 q+-o,~Q
 (ab`:x:x,~7 6+	[.P2T+	 ad+	 `dad+	 }|	P ar+	% }|	P[
Z2JFj 5&*@4J	S1*@,~/*@+	(,>q@@q,>,>,>,>"5S,>5 5(B/".B5,-0 /P4B	6 x &
	T` 	X@5 5.$&$$$,%X5,>5XB57Bp+	D,>.P   ar+	B `dad+	Y }|	PZ,	,^Q C5*|	:,^Z,^.$&$$$,%j,^,^,^,^,^q 5$7&"2//	 B6+	 &}|	Z@ESN Extended symbol not expected9
	RGS Rehashing Global symbol table from  to d2+	BISN Illegal symbol name B'T
QB2S@\D@\d@\s@\L@\c@\d@\@\)B3d)@\%@\%@\%@\%@\%@\%@\%@\%@\%@\%@\%@\%@\%@\%@\%@\%@\%@\%@\%@\%@\%@\%@\%@\%@\%@\%@\%@\%B5l%B5l%B5l%B=$%0"+	y`@+
	U+0"`+	{0"0+	+:0"+%^$~5$	~7	u[	e+1B + +%1B+
Z4B1b	9

&"	$"	4D


\ .O 
B `0b+
2l L2l L2r` R`3.~+
Q *,#9+/&.M,o+ R8<V9
%,>d N@7@+1.+,>,> "/"8@,(V0b " 
 * Q/M3b+
3.,,#9+ ,^,^& Q/M.&0b " B+,^+
$,o+Z*Q$ 8,,*<V9
= 80V+
 U2r` R`2l L2l L 8 V+
[2l  L 2l L6@++
R *,#9+
Y/'.M2r` R`+
W }| $0D+%,#!2,	+
o (34~+
d,o+ .= (:r &}|` <
m &}|`  ` #`9 $ +
>r &!| <
y &}|,E$,
y $,%!2  R V!2a@v R T /PZ5.
P+o "X&"	$"	6@." $,% /OQ"I!2R,^Q2R (RR,XR=d,~,k+ !2*,#6@l2`@@,,,,
+GVXeFV}e &|%` ` $`9 $ ,~ar,~,>Z,1:,^,~d4@ @&"6D2)D}1b+0&"6D2)D}1b+0&"6D2)D}1b+0&"6D2)D}1b+0&"6D2)D}6D
2)D} ,~		

m2l2ar7BB+N3Tm2*bI`r7d@+N/B.$ V,~6Bq+R,	+l+{3V(,~+H@@q,	+)+*O@q3V(,~+Hm2l2a@,~+Xh2Ba@,~7BAZ@3"(+`/(.O7$ad@+J QD DA+X,> Q$  VA 8,,,^+Xl2l2 ,>q@@q,	+i+s,^q+{,^q: $,%l2 R T@@!$ D T V,> /P,o,^d2+X,^q (`b`+{ ",r!$ D T Vl2Gr(/
PSJ;d2+X & D+@@@;,~l2,	+
3 G(aR+
 (+arg!2 RWd6avm2@l2 dv+
dv@h2D+'l2 ,# ,/,~!& `r h&``r!&`4B
,>,>   X(,j,^,^4D,>  Z(ar+
  `bab+0 }|	PZ,	++  ,^+S:d256o,>,
.+1,>",+!2,,~!2d6dvm2 l2@dv+2dv@h2D,~*,#*,/,~4D
<ZZ( V(4B2b+
7XB,~Zl6@ (`r+
F ",r/P,>!"GB(,+!2,^.P R T V,^,~ "(."7r+
PXV(,~ &}|,E3Z,X,X<T
U ,X*ar+
m, US`O[@3$(+
d:@RT:@RV+YQ$ 8,,+,^ 
*L+`@+l,U US` WS`+
Z[/"H6@	4B+
| 8QX" CUSWX*$ ".D.D W[/$H.D U `/"S 8 US`+
Z 8 CUSWX*$[/$H.D"".D.D U `."SO+
Z[/"P5b4[0"H,".D.D[/$P.D U `/"SO+
Z 8 CUSWX*$"".D.D W[/$P.D 8 US`O+
ZZ7@+2DC>R!.8,V6@",~3r`++B`@@`@@`@"M+B`4"'aB`1"+,B`++!`@+E/(.O6$ad@+Jad+`f+A2d D@@,X!2@=x
@@U\6D~+B!$BD~6@-,;7@	+b+7BB,~]#Z@@B+%]`@7D 8 U ` ` B`,~`@+Da@+
X*,'UZ"(/(.B(.O=&mZ@Q$D8,,+& DO` Q@9@,~ & DO` Q@9@,~l@,i`@,A,k+R,>,#`@+7@A6@B+d T9  B@@@A &4S@9:[xZ`xZ(DzA"0b	@0d@SB=XD= = ? 
5 ,> 4GGF=GF>GH?,^6@Q+,\BQ4B!2D V@[=0B1B+X,X Z!2@,X!2@ZQ 8 US`.`X@,X [QQX`,E+ Z5.
P,>(,>(,>( ( ( (,X,^,^,^,XZQ.B`+,7+Yel,^+ZB4B "B,+!`B+[B4B "A,1,~!`B "B,+[ "B,!`B "B,+
,++YZA4B "A,+,~[A4B "B,1+!`A "A,+\!`A,~Z4B.]7D,~3T+
*b/"+!2@9@,X@@;,0!2D@ =,X!2B$^"^b"$"SX@,X,;B"4D`6b@,% B@+ZQ1b+ &}|a` f@ g z7V~+3av ,X g ~R,X6V~`v,~ 8 h ` `4T,X.85V7,~!2@ 8 US` 87YUgS` QB@+X@7@W,
,k+h`@@,79+ D*54Q$ "0D+%,#,>!2@,	+R+R,^.(@,U+,},^ R T7 r,U+ R T 92Di3Dj,~7@ ~ = B>@b97jB4Da@)B1b1"+\1"1b
+[+\ 93Bk7B~,~ B9,~,o+3Rk+jZ[d`@@,1+d@
, +d & Dl  n +Z$HSDT,%/O XBT 6PQ6D@ VT/6Q2@.2.O.O RP@@P.4,>U@,o+[Z7 e0 PU4Bp1b+1"
0bX+ BU7@ \4D1d+q1d
+0$|+Z$0dX+ DU7@ \ RP9|0"~++0$~+ PU RP,o+9A0 RP,o+ PUZ9 }|t,^U T.O+`0"
.+|,^*/2[BTQ6@,#/2[BT T.O+.`0"
+~0"+.4B.1B9.Q,#/O/O,>!2,	+A+K,^.O.O/2` "B!(B!`B+.7@X,^+ &}|@:,>,>l2,>,>"!2,!2@ZT,+,),^,^,^.O.O:X!=<,>,> (`r+U ",r!2GR(/P,>!2@ZT,+,^.P!2 R T V+G.*7r(+]ar+U7R(+]Q2@ZT/
PXV(+G }|7V4,i &  FU,6 T.O02|+!02+b12+n0R0r
+l,6 Lz FU+b $,% B4 6Q6b V4,~ &}|@  4BqQ!@<&t,6Q",6+b7@U+v,V,V,V+@ 7fX _ z FU7`X/&+r ./$&AG(BFL",,#,,,,,(d & ,~& ,~3" ,~2b ,~2BgO,~,>^4547 #` 4W6BS+@,^,~,> ,#!2,	+7DO,^,~ _0D
++ _,L+ZT.O[T,%g@@T@@T,~8/.-%  &}|@!2@+/!2 +/!2Q,> $,% 
!" B( V(,^,F  $+%j  D@,~,>,+;,^ V,~Q$,^+,7BA,~Z@1[4B3"(+6/(.O7$ad@+J2T+? ."2"S,~6d+E4DH`d@,~`d2T+E/O.(@+
6@S+Q@$9,%Q"BSSX$@@*$,k+`@@,1+L44]<4V04 9`arl2HZ,+[ZSXBYSS+QQ$ ,,YSS+Q"`/404 9`QSS+Q & D
7@+,q D+,^V,X[0B+e+p`@+d $@,%ZB "\BV "	b`b \`ZQ"	 BQ
 $?*"O@V46Z,>q@@q!2,#,	1=~=vv,^q7@V+t@@V6 6 V VV+t (ab`ab9y,^q.V,>6@V+O@VZV1V+7 +
1V+	b!4Z	GT	6 X+BTXZX+
	bZ	[X0V+B++\ x4"h[+/V!.B
,^V+^4"g,>ZV+,o+ 8 U[ 6@Z+d212 2ZRR ."H2b` B`6@Z+" 6P VZ*SQ! 8,1 R8,o+Z.S[,+%7
 *<,k+ ,o@ $,% R T V!2)6 R,1+*Q"z*b2,>  (cH+:  x & 2H+38*b6,^ " $+%],^ "XBZ`(,~,k+!,#,B+=Z5.
P (.V`+= 8`@.8 UX`!2
,	+T+] (ab+RZ." ad+I[2d+M (,~  &}|` "` f` @9 &}|#`$l2 $,% R TZV!$ D T[V /P:x,oZ5 $+e (`b+R,	.$,%Z5.
P (l& F T ( F!&1dl& F T[VZ1d+kS&(X&Z(.(*& /$*,%j/
`@+r6@l@,o+(52t ",
\[Z .,
+r,k+* at+ X U3T+=xz@7@l2,% X XU+.42tX+ TU+,o++6T+ ,@@U:U X U3T+	=x+3XU+
 U*U*U*U CU,o++Z U U2v` V`6 `d2+,k+, ZRU4T.46/,o+,:U X U3T+0=x*,% X3XU+ U*U*U*U CU+a@+
,o+,>,k+ !2,#,	+*+*.(*(,^,#,
+-,^ & D2` $ ,o++-Z<H $,% BS&yX&.$*& $ D@@@@@@!$  D@@ " B,!: ab+# ,!AT+#  $,% Q:@,D ,D *,#4JU`@+=!2,>,,
,^+=<8F ,~4\P &"5DI $/"(B/< "SX"o@T1+S5\D/8.:+D,^x "o~ $,%],!L+g,>5 }|	
X5a@+X,+=d+Y,+5 T9 &4S@9  B@  B@:!2@,X@@;!2D 6!6,X!2B$^"^b_"_$"SX@,X,>,0,^!2@@t,X+= &}|7 ,o,~ `\+p@+
a\,~*|r,X Q<w,X@)X4X~[6@U+;a@+y !0d+y.8/ U `7@U/`7 `+." `.!Q!8)XaX+
Z6@U+<a@+ !0d+.8/XUl8 `7@U/`7 `+." `.!X:x,~ ` $}|= A@a@,~6@"32"+Ea@:x,~ &}|l` n .~+
 STL High segment code too long@DSC Data store to common DSL Data store to location  not in link number  for  in T.1UN+1URC Unknown radix-50 symbol code  O@q+lO@q+{ISD Inconsistent symbol definition for d2+
SY.RUHTSOCannothloadsagtwotsegmentmodulewinonesegmentd"Lz!$GD~+a@+(+134` `2t` T`@@`2t T+032` `2r` R`@@` /"2b  B +

,^`@+IBC Attempt to increase size of blank common from  to  "+M?IC2=xUH9[M`RBS REL Block Type  too short for  PU+ RP,o+ PU9IPX Invalid PSECT index1"|++`@@,+,,$+,^,$+1"|+.+>ISO Invalid store operator 
IPO Invalid polish operator [SZS@+ PSF Polish symbol fixups not yet implementedITT Illegal type 12 link number W2 in module T13 LVAR (type 13) code not implementedLII Library index inconsistent, continuing7 V+,^V+ "+;TEC Trying to expand common  from SNC Symbol  already defined, but not as commond@@d+ "+ "	+2~s@ "
+:e}g -@rU+@+d2GR+UAR Undefined assign for l+=Y&u0UNS Universal files not supported loading  U+y U+RPN Relocatable PSECTs not implemented--/SET switch required for PSECT:  a@@:x,~@\\@\%@\%@\%@\%@\%@\%@\%@\%@\%@\%B\$%@\%@\%@\%@\%@\%@\%@\%@\%@\%@\%@\%B[L%@\%0b+:0"+%`@+Y^$}s5$X7S[G+1B+%1B+%1B+%+\Z4B2"
,Z+]6@?+\Q<@,+7``+h S[:[>`:Z+d *7@N+l ,,#9,#a+f,%A:[>`:Z+f`@+ $@,% BQ"` B *l*@+t,`+z R(aR+z*js $@,% C B *Q*@+s "= B,>,>,>@@@@@@R@+-_aR+,X+Z5B,^*7}  `D+XB,>,`B,@@@@ 2B!+-_,^,^,`B,T`B D,^ ZB@@@@@@@@+7~ Z5D XB,~ $,%!$ D $ DZ[QBXF,~a\,~,`+9:x,~ &!|! ,~PEF Premature end of file in ``md`@+
 @@2*"B,2 B3,2 B3,2Q"@  B4." B4 $n D5 8`@.8 U X2 ` B`+3 $@+%,X[1T+: 4,d+3?`7+3,X 4,d+73R+l4 T7A2p4RD1R+81R+E1R+M1R+Q1Rp+V &}|` @973 31t?+K/4?6@+J,>,2,^ B+E +E. ` V,X *,#!2 `,,
 2+3,"!a7@6+UXW6XV6+3 V6 V6+3,X=tV+3 
!2lQ+] R0,~/
Q *,#9+X+X2,&2l*+b/
&.\ ,
 2+X,X? 5,gT4:`,~,2 $m D5Q"@  %4/$? B." B4,~,X4Rq.``@+q@,U 9 B,WZT7 `/` V9.`4Rx R7!2 , 2.7, *7.7 R8!2 , 2 2V8, 2,X4R R7," V<,X4R,( V:,X4R,( V:,X4R,( V;,X.r` R<,X4R0,( V; /" B7,>;:; ;:;!;dV,:,#!V=X<,E+ =.B<.B`Z5.
P W;:;>7>`7+
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1R+48dp1T+	0T1T+	,X+
 4 ",X=44"8=b4B,X +(30I4S Illegal F40 sub-block  in module @;cG>v=R-\in@,:9,:9*;c1I4T Illegal F40 table entry  4 T?:8+I4D Illegal F40 DATA code <DSO Data statement overflowFCD FORTRAN confused about data statementsB4R Bad F40 produced REL file for ,+@\%@\%0"0"7+@0"0"+%^$~~5$?7:[:+^${5$B7:[9+@@ 6J+{ ^N6@+6@,+6J+L6@=+=7j+0 JRY@@@@[
6@+7@ +T, + +C ( !7@( D( "7@(af1 D( ( $af+]abPPaBXP B(+e (`f+e  0 (ad7D(+c	b$@`F+eQ$$X$(*$(	!$Lu7@( D( (`d7D!+l  0	b$@ ! (`baF D( $2D@@ D (*z3Dz+r@@8,!:,!A7@,!:6@(+y `d+R:8@&".$)D}5Bv F(,!d,!q,# + [  $,%] 
 0 ( (`d+dh B06@0+ ( ( B0 D0 ( (`d+dh B0ah+ 1 ( 0adPB0aDXB0 H0 7@+ +
 ( B[(4BZ4D +R0PDR(PB0Z(4BZ4D +Z0XDZ(XB0 "( $,%]@@ N+C6J6@(+Z5B!`(O@ +L ( DZ $,%]6 +& ZB @@@@@[
4L2Z0QB 0,0Z[0,%]+&Z
4L3Z0XB 0,0Z[0,%]++:x ;1B+-`,~:x,~ 0 0[
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0,%]XL(5L9,~,^0,^ $ [4D 4 Z5DBXL Z
0QL(R`5L3,~,^0,^ $ Z5DHXL Z
0XL(R`5L9,~E],-jCr\C.tvCyC3tC5l.C:tWC6KD$ C;YC;L\C?xC@<C?yC?$zC?l~C@CA$C&43E],-jCN,sCl|gCF
CQ\RH69o'$:,G,/O7T  5!0,B,~"".B.B\ ".Ba!2D u .6,X!2@ u v,XZ5.
P,>(,>(,>( ( ( (,X,^,^,^ W .d2$ D+X1$(D/$ [/"3d3d,~ 	d1+ ,>	d+ 6,^	d+  /C3f+ 	d+	b+  &
)e@0  "7@L= DU,/I@j,#9+ ,~,GZH,-p,> 8 " 7,.z7[U++,/ h,.k,/,/ h,-M,/,/ h`b7Bh h,-M,.c38X9",^+-p b DO,~,G7@ 5RY,~O@<O@;?b06B</"(BXB< 
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(,^5L3,~,r[0.$,%R0 D 0 0 D F $!DZ( DXBXB(,~I M?IG>Ig&@g&@g&lIG>I4D3/$ D<,~,/O!27T+ / 0+G,G,/O 
5ZH,-p,>,> >7O5+i.P 8`bab+i:@x+f "o,.z "p,.z,/ 8,.k,/ 8,.q,.c=,_6 x+n "o,.z " ?,.z "p,.z,^,^+-p[LNKLSS Library Search Symbols (Entry points)]
 D6B6",~ D,~ DD,~O@;,~ D>,~7 r@@=,~7 rO@=@@@,~ "h6 r "-j B=,~3d5,~ D6O@6,~!`A!`B,!`A!`B "B+7T+ / "A, "B+5Dn ?,~!`A!`B,a`d!`A!`B "A+l7T,~ "B, "A+Z4DZ. @7D=3T,~*b/"Z5D,> $,%,^XBSD T,~Z4D3Z. @7D,~3T+$*b/"Z4D3+].$".$Z4F(Z+&7@+,. @6@*d) *@@,~ *,>,^[R` $+%] DD,~1$(D/$ Q.U/P.T/O.S/N.T/P."6@M."6@N."GC3$+A D5 [/$2$5,~ D5 & D @`0 C,~ & D D`0 G,~,G,/O]
B " I,>ZH,-p*x,.z ,(4LP@ $(Z4FL." $+Jl$|6@."*dM6L,.r0l , 4],.z`j+T " J,.zZ,,5*V ".,/,.c4L\d*l*|7N(+[,/ ,.k,.c*jXZ
/|5JW,^+-p+K,N QDC+q6r,~3CP2EO+qP@@QX$*%^."Z5/$,%j@@ "}$"-&"2 B6 O@@QX$*%\ $ D D." B\/S#Ba,~  D T,~l l7@?,~d d,~d d,~l l,~O@?@@>@@AZ4Bt@@ $,%]+t/$0d/$7 r DB,~ D	,~,/O!27T+ /@+}1$(D/$ D67D0,~1$(D/$ D7,~ D7,~l l,~O@@,~@@@,~,GZe V7B`,~."D" B`,~,d m ,dl,~[Z,~@,d m ,dl,~[ Z 6 r1D1@b,~  ,G 0 0@@Y7 RY 8avp++!2*,/O,	+I+I  (7[U+62Th+53Vh,~ 26h+= h36+L h & D X`  \`  ]@+=3xX9+,/O!2,G3T ]+ ^? X,O:X $,% CU CV  "6@"36"+?." B`* V GY6 Yd& F7@ V T V ` D ` ` D F,~ &}| ``  c@ }| e & D h`  k@,~ X.$,>,%SVX.$*&z,^,%SUX.$*&z/$ UXBUZ & FX,%] VXBVZ+%] DE,~d `dp+bd4D31D,~adp+f,G 0,/O @r,	+h+h ( D@d@@+w & D m@,~,G/$6 r0D+n  D p $1D+t DA0D+ u@@B,> ],^A6@M,~@,/O+
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=,,^+-pwz},G<D gGB>BB?,~,/O,>,>,>@@@@,>=,>!,E,^=,^,^,^,~>@7gOGB?,~ $,%.$S&(X&*&>0 D*<6C<S"(X"(@@(*"(O!27T+ /@ZH,-p,> "!,.z ,.k,/,	+H+I (,.q (`b+E "!,.z,.c,^+-p "!,.z (,.r "!+C "!+C (,.q "!+C7!@ B8,!"^PB8TB( ( B8,!|p+e6@?+ +, s B>!">6 B(,!|h+e,!"
 B(,!|x+e,_ o B;5"\  D!	!"X87@(TB(,!|+e,>,> $,%Q 
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!"Ks7@(TB(,!|`,"R6 F+u ab +r " B,!L+e,@@F[H BG,-p+ ab +~,!8@@6@,@@GO@FZH,-p4,| 
!+p7@+   3F+e 	f+	h+2F+  F+e,  B@@!$0 D " B,!:,!A,"'[H BG,-p4, 
!+e,& " B+!L &
! ,~,? $!,GGB 0,M+@=d+<,G $!,GGB 0,X+@=d+<,? $!,GG>@,M+@+<,G $!,GG>@,X+@+<,? $!,GGA 0,M+@=d)+<,G $!,GGA 0,X+@=d.+<,G $!,GG@@,X+@,~,? $!,G 0G=@,M+@+<,G $!,G 0G=@,X+@X"+@,~@@@@@@@@@@@ @ ,? $!,GG!@,M+@,~7B+L  `b+LS(B,~ &}|!@ 6 ,~,>,> $,%,^,^   af+! [ `f+T B,^x,~ 6 ,~,>,> $,%,^,^   aF+!!Z `F+_ B+W   @@ @   - - , , . . - -1D+!"($ }4$!#GB:,~+@` @ ,^Z0QD(*
R` &( Z5F XD5L3,~,^Z0XD(4D *
R`Z Z5F XD+9 0+dR@5 ( (ad B!7B(+  B! ( B" (ad B"7B(
 B*ad+!% (abPPaBXP B(!"(X"$*")+ + ( (ad B+7B(+ " B+ ( B, (ad B,7B(
+B*ad+!((abPPaBXPlB(!"(X".*"3O@c,~ eD!+,~  D!/,~  D!4,~ 0`f+S"(X"0*"0
M?IG>INo n@MTBtMAXCORFtooebig,tcusedMTS MAXCORBtootsmall,tatsleastbisorequired[LNKIMM SfromnfilenNorincludedsmodulesSmissingtincludedomoduleemissing2included,modulesmissingTDSnToonlateltoadeleteoinitialnsymbolsDRCbDecreasingurelocationlcountermfromLtoV"Lzde6]	XVBn+h	 (decimal)]unknown]	undefined]IMA Incremental maps not yet availableLFI LOG file initializationLFC LOG file continuationCLF Closing LOG file, continuing on BACKSPACEREWINDSKIPUNLOADMTAPEZERO	`DNS Device not specified for /QB+WXB+W } B:,~BB:,~$@$ (ad+ +@@$ !$+ %`. (ad+ +@@. !(+ *MSN MAP sorting not yet implementedSSN Symbol table sorting not yet implementedZSV Zero switch value illegal 6B,~ }|##,!8 	d D4D# $7 ,~(EA5D"d,> }|#&,!8 $Q$PG+@+#Z$	d +4D!P 0F+!I[1&Q$3D+!\*4D!T,!P+!S,!O Z@@ $+%],!8 4d"d[Z$$ +%],!8 h$hdad1+!b [Z$$,%    D+!\,!8  D([Pddm$jQ$hG+@  D(,~@@@@,~ 
#$D}(D|(D~(RD(D~("d.$*b!n,~,!8bl$| af+!zX$+@,~@aD7$ DQ$	d$@@+"cX$+@,~+"c[x B $7B,% \B ^x B:x "8SBRB ( B " B7B( + B7B( ,RB (
9$ D."7D+"+D%7D++"$ #+	b$@aF+"$ (ad7D+!$Lu Z D+!:,!:[4D"1Z` d&pG  +@=d"+ $7@+"0,>,%],!8,^+"),%],!8@@ $Q$~G af.$,>+@,#,^ Z`,~	

,"P4B"dZ4D"N@@!&tG+@ d&pG  +@=d"H $7@+"M,>,%],!8,^+"D,%],!8!$rG+@,~,!8!$pG+@,~,!86D,~6D9+"VR:X$KU D,~S(D  DX$l$P+@+#X$h$. +@,~ Fd$X$+@X$l$
+@,~ Fl$+@,~:x,~,"g,~h$(R+@+"cS(D SZX*&l$p+@X$l$
,>+@+"q@@h$&+@+"q:,^ SX&@@*&,~,>,"P,^ &l&|G,>+@+#-,^h&&X&(#.6@h#/  HZXH,>+@+#,^+"c,^Z0H,~,>,>* ,"i+#0,^,^+"t,!: h$_hd_ad,~:x  (D D,!A,!87D,#aQ &*$,"' 	f' Z *\B  H+"q,> }|,4 ,>1B+# }|,1 a|,1,~ Q,> `d +#1 ,),~,> ,+,~ }|#3INS I/O data block not set upIDM Illegal data mode for device P6$. H+",^x,~6$6$/#/,~ Z1DT`+#ODV Overlay file must be created on a file structure4L$;.,D, (U/(Q3"+#>.L(Q.L(^:x,~0*+#D6B(V6@(Q+#D/(M3"+#D.L(M.L(U+#;,% >./B5$#b6@8+&x".6@7)e ".3$7 2f5+#T	f+#T &$)e@0Z "7@L=#P DU0J+#D4L#=+#97@>+#V@@>+#DO@8 5 3b+#`	b1+#[/C=#W,> &$)e@0,^ "7@L=#^  FU3d+#S+&x }|)i )l@@c*"g ",%
)l@!$/{X$(,%3"+$/,>"$(S L Bc*d#j!$/|X$( Q."0D"+#q.Q/L."D"6@M Bc*d#o,^(B{^$(#!$/{X$(@6@L3D)p1.&*d#v&"6@."(B !$/{X$(@*D$7@L+#|3D)p+$.?@/".Hc+#|!&@ g/P4B$.B5@,%	+$c2"L+$H3bP+$6@+$
+Q/LQL.c*",$u/L.BL.BQ.BZ,~4J$$ "/7DU="$/Q/4$$$(D{&$.(D."1J.D5.DU6@+$ .D(Q.D(ZS(L.d(LP*%(Q (Q@@Q&X&*'(U+#S.(L D(c !&@,$U,$~@@(c+#S1j+$;"S,%/4"$;"S (6@L3D)p1.(*f$)(B{&" 6@."(B"S7HL*f$/ Hc7@L+$7.Q/L2D)p..(D(7@M*f$4 Hc?@/"*f$0!&/{X&(*F$:6BL Bc*f$9+$!$| L Bc &.Q/L."D"1J.7@M+$B Bc.&*d$=,>,%/(B{,^&6F."(B!${+#|.Q/L77@ L*h$Iah+$L2" L+$6@+$
+Q/LQ4()q.Ll( c/Ll" B,I4($R3D)q+)s,$
L.,4*$["" Q+$\ " L(
{(L{(N{.Ql(,$}.=l$^,^,^,^+$ "7@L=$k DUO@@6@+#S!$|ZQ4B$v7@u+$v@@u."Q"."7FM*d$r4F$v1f+$v@@*"*d$n "7@L=$wZQ."Q."Z1f+#S@@*"+#S H\*f#>+$3F)t,~.&@ F\![X&\	f2,%!&@,~ &}|)u@!${@.U/Q*d%D",~*d%
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,~DYLCHCASRTLSFXBGGS,> *,% ,^,~,> *+%,> *+%,> *+%,> *+%,> *+%,> *7@O,%?+%,> *+%,> *+%5d%" }|)y2d(l+%7!&(g!YaB+%7 `F.(L!0d+%#![6@/(LXHXZ(l/& F(l1D+%2,>,>Z[."/F,%l,^,^[@@SX& .(0D*& ,~ (^/"4"%; B(^ (Z.*(Z,~,>,> 
(^,#9+#a,^,^+%7,>,%A,^,~ "(7@L=b%B U/Q0$+%U,>)|,/I , *,#9,#a"".B(Q.B(^7@(*,~+,%K++%O+%O+++%P+++.B(*+%R7 -,~.B- (Q."Q"@@ $*",~ U D(U D(Q"$.dU.$ D(L@@ D(Z " B(^0J,~:(Z>(^,~,> *,%l,^,~,> *+%^,> *+%^,> *+%^,> *+%^,> *+%^,> *+%^,> *+%^,> *+%^4D#>2"(L2b(Q,%{1$+%x .&2F(Q+%x G& *(QQ@@.&*&  D&".F(ZA$4D#>SD.D(l6@(g+%|/(LZB(g,~ }|)| ((g+%~QY  `F.(L!1d+&`f+%}/(LXB ,~`H+&/(LXH/(L.(LXB ,~/(L!/(LXB .(LYH,~,/F *+&,/F *+&,/F *+&,/F *+&,/F *+&,/F *+&,/F *+&,/F *+&,/F *+&7@(l,~@@(l (g.(L ZD(gR`ZB(c7B(g+&(.(LZZD(gR` (c@1b+&% Z 5F&!XB +&5H&'XFZB(c+&XFXB +&7(cZ4H&/  [.$ Z0D+&)R`  .D @@+&*!.(^3D(Z1"+&; G$ (Z D(Q F(ZA" B(^ "(c1 Z0D+&6R`Q.&@@*& 7B(c,~ ZD(c[,%l+&;,> *,&N1:,^,~,> *+&?,> *+&?,> *+&?,> *+&?,> *+&?,> *+&?,> *+&?,> *+&?7D(g,~Q+&RQZ4D#>.(L0D+&P[+#=,> *,&N,^,~,> *+&U,> *+&U,> *+&U,> *+&U,> *+&U,> *+&U,> *+&U,> *+&U+%(7DL+&iQ.$@@*%Q U,>7@L=&g DU,^@@L@@Q@@U@@Z@@^@@g@@l,~[4D*Zb2d ,> $6@L3"L=&pZL@@Q.& BL,^*' L;L7@L=&v BU,~7@N+&|6@,+',(:+&|+#S7@s7@O+'6@-+'	,(+'+#S [/ND"4B&|.',>/"Q','_,^' [D"/",&m '.R/N B,+#S S/OD"4B' D",>/"Q(,'U,^( \D"/",&m+#S7@M+'  Q R/M/M1B0D+','%+#S Q R/M/M6@+7@++'3d+'5+'7 &3" &3,+*0J1J+,*+* Q/M0B+'#,'%+#S7@++(V+'57@5+#= Q.U/P.T/O.S/N.T/P."6@M."6@N.".GC3b5+#= [/$2b+#= B5 & D*@0@@8,~7@++(V,> 8+'87@++(Y,> 8 `Q/`L."(BD"4B'A,>.`&/"Q`&,d*,^.B`&.`L/",&m,^+#S,^,~Z2d/ D/[(D|*[/&[/&.M/$Q@j,~,>* }|*Z2d0 D0[(D|,[/&[/'.M/$Q@l,~,>* }|*Z2d1 D1[(D|.[/&[/(.O/$Q@n,~,>* }|*Z2d0 D0[(D|6[/&[/'.N/$Q@v,~,>* }|*Z3d/+'k D/(D|*[(D|
[/&[/&.M/$Q@J,~,>* }|*Z3d0+'v D0(D|,[(D|
[/&[/'.M/$Q@L,~,>* }|*Z3d1+( D1(D|.[(D|[/&[/(.O/$Q@N+(},>* }|*Z3d0+(
 D0(D|6[(D|[/&[/'.N/$Q@V,~,>* }|**!'h's(	*!'~*!*!*!*!'B'L'_*!'U*!*!*! S/OD"4B#> 
*"6b>0B+(% " B,#+(% 7!&Lu  B@@ $ D F $ D :X$K D!$K8 D@ D S/O(D} D ","W,(8,> 
O/* ,'U .O.* J(O@- ,^,&m,)+#=,>* }|*%,~ R/ND"4B#> 
*+6b>0B+(B " B,#+(B 7!&Lu  B@@ $ D F $ D :X$H9 D!$K8 D@ D R/N(D} D ","W,(T [/ND",>/",'_,^' [D"/",&mO@,,)+#=,>* }|*.,~ 
*3,> 8+([ 
*7,> 87Ad*:+(_ d*; B,#+(_ d*:7!&Lu  B`@@ F $ D $ D :Xd*< D!$K8 D@ D `(D} D "`,"W,d*= `Q/`L B`* $(D{(D1$ $/",>7@mZ",d*,^4B(t B`&.`L/",&m,),#S1: `Q/`L.`& B`*,^,~,>* }|*>,~,>* }|*D,~7@#,~,>,>*I,),^,^4B#>d"G"+'U $,% B,~@@$Z#.OZ.$[#.OZ3d-3&(,~/$.&2$(2f-+) # B$@@#+) "#[4B#>.OZ.$2d-+)Z4F*JQ.OR`/O!B$.O[4B*K.OZ2$(+) /OQZXD$.OZ`YFPBZ$.OZQB[$.OZ."XBZ$4B#>.OZXD$Z[ .O/(,)) $,%g+)")1)4)6).).).)T)V)Y)],>!"GB,^/&+))Z.XF!& +)7[.QF!&@+)7.H!&`!(cH+)Q7@P+)Q,>,>,>,>,>,>,>,>   ,	+)@+ ,^,^ (ar`+)Har+)N.*7l(+)N`l+)Hal+)D+)N `f `r X(`f@`r@P(3H(g!(GH,^,^,^,^,^,^Bf`f`,~!&BF,~ af@+)bXH,~ af@+)bQH,~6&af+)bXHah@h6@YH,~6&af+)b^:@QH_:@PH,~,>  D*L,^,~EXP Expanding low segment to CEF Core expansion failed0cMOV Moving low segment to expand area p ,>)q/)q+$OQ(l(+$RxPUF PAGE. UUO Failed, error code was AZW Allocating zero words%ARUC Returning unavailable core,>+&p'4'6MSS MAXCOR set too small, expanding to 'B'LOLC Error outputting area LCOHC Error outputting area HCOLS Error outputting area LSOAS Error outputting area ASILC Error inputting area LCIHC Error inputting area HCILS Error inputting area LSIAS Error inputting area AS+PLS Area LS overflowing to DSKELS Error creating overflow file for area LS -
	PAS Area AS overflowing to DSKEAS Error creating overflow file for area AS - PLC Area LC overflowing to DSKPHC Area HC overflowing to DSKKJ(y({ELC Error creating overflow file for area LC -
	EHC Error creating overflow file for area HC -
	 &#+) "#+)SFU Symbol table fouled up JZ 
,H**Y 15+
*S 4**Q+
*S*U+ +A+H,+m++ E<B+Z,,	,.zaj+*`",:1 1b,aJ,,Zaj+*_1b7W $,++W E1"+*c",0"+-c$, ".0$+*j7@F7`G7+*j6 G+*j,>,I,>+,,/,,	,.c`j@7@G1,.c",2"E++Z`G0"
Z7bF+*s,-p@@F:1+-h $,% @Q!B@@@@
&*z7bF+-_,-p@@F+-_[	Please retype the incorrect parts of the file specification]
 "+6@G,.z&",>!*xZ	b4B+
Z,"d+ *j+,^ "$,2bE1$	` BE@@G@@F [Z1B,	` G,-p
&,I	b+-c	[END OF LOG FILE]
aj+*m",:11b,aJ,,++aj+*c",:1 1b,aJ,,++ x`j`++)  ^0d
++)l*`,+S,+m++6Z,,	,.z,^4H+7X
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00$$   ,.k,.  ,.kR   `d4B,l("},.k "  `d+. .,S+.   ,.k,.  ,.kR l("},.k " +.FEE ENTER error FLE LOOKUP error FRE RENAME error GSE GETSEG error NED Non-existent device IFD INIT failure for device }|,T}|,Va|,Xa|,[a|,`a|,ba|,e}|,i}|,l}|,o}|,q}|,s}|,v}|,ya|,}a|-}|-
}|-a|-a|-a|-a|-a|-$a|-'a|-*}|-.CNW Code not yet written at X*j[	Type CONTINUE for more information]$0 STATUS 
@ FOR  $%(B{++h:x++|LNK(2) directory full (0) Illegal file name (0) file was not found (1) no directory for project-programmer number (2) protection failure (3) file was being modified (4) rename file name already exists (5) illegal sequence of UUOs (6) bad UFD or bad RIB (7) not a SAV file (10) not enough core (11) device not available (12) no such device (13) not two reloc reg. capability (14) no room or quota exceeded (15) write lock error (16) not enough monitor table space (17) partial allocation only (20) block not free on allocation (21) can't supersede (enter) an existing directory (22) can't delete (rename) a non-empty directory (23) SFD not found (24) search list empty (25) SFD nested too deeply (26) no-create on for specified SFD path (27) segment not on swap space (30) can't update file (31) low segment overlaps high segment ) Unknown cause `7 7."-64B-56@62"63"5+-0 B5,~ }|-Cx}h~_X{h}_h~Xu_8zh{_HyX#|_H'w+~]x/|83~^x7{X;z_?~HC|_8G}	8K{	_XO~
HTL Symbol hash table too largeab+-KZ,>[,-M,^+-R,> $,/=d-L,^(b-N $/$	&$4D.q ,/=d-P +.q(b-S $/$	&$4D.q  ",/=d-U +.q,> ",/,^,.r "+/,> ",/,^,.q "+/ -`+CY:^8w -a+CY:]X8 -c+CY:_
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