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&	6F F'.|+,~%LNKLNS	Low seg data base not same size}py+  
 A0B6@?@@A" " B,#@@  97@ D :7@ D ", @@qZo_o/.$Zp,Zp,"rQ"!BcZu"(B	(D.n0$+	 n(D|X" Bc!"D@ B7 q."$"2&"- B5,#n P@@XB5.5 B^G"3bU+//U#
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/$SXZ.(*&' /PXG5!&Gf'~d&Xs F  T ZV :rP!F ,'+a  $ ab,~.$.&+s O@@ B\SX$*%SG" BS " BaO@s:s(D.$ Do,NQ"D@ Bp:
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.MPNh h D?,^.PQ Xh[, $D[ (D. Ph D8 B8..*nN@bZ
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.i5\b_h$(.hZ/"pXBxPi5:wZZi6B\3BN1,U h h,x+p+ (ab+pZVp@@p.<6B\3BN+p "B\`\.:*zhZ2<+wS"pX"p@@p*"o/#.(B.Bi7Jj+@_i$
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M.M*"o ..$,/$5N6B\3BN+ "_0`\`\B\8$6Jj+|4N &!|(`e -@2ny Ny ~QBh }/~A"?.M $Q"d*"7Je+3,74L3(,7 ., "Po.,!B|SL{.
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.[{(D|[o.$XD{(` M/" }/~A$?.~.~/}G$?"$Q@h+;,h6B\3BN+IZ}..,U " .6@b\`\*d? ~ }/&$	 .($$@_.SXNX"@h+I,h6XA7B+}@@@@@O@s_ 
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,v,#`X`DSG"/3DO+W`",*@@sO/"P@H7,g/(.OB\`G$/$Da"/,.$(D|.DoX`LX"@h+s,h6B\3BN+}B"/NB$@"SXoB((D|.DoXNX"@h+},h[o((#,N/"Pc,>!u  Z[H F4D&*b%*b!+,^@h1,h#Z",6@+1 $,N BSX*$
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,v, X DS_# B B@G"/3DO+E ",* /(.O B\/S#Ba O/"P@H+
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,oZ }/~(&|.8`(Fq "G"?Q8""QXMX"@H1,g.MSX"d*"j_h_i$($
.Zh5D]Zi4Dn/~ .G"? }/~D$?/[.$/4Bm.[Q 
,b/,5l XNX"@H,~+gOS2 Overlay segment phase 2+,^+6 * ,,v,+R,u+ 
e,jUSC Undefined subroutine  called from link number SNP Subroutine  in link number  not on path for call from link number &$QFx6@,Q[x.$D,~ARL Ambiguous request in link  for , defined in links ~TMA Too many ambiguous requests in link , use /ARSIZE:HfABT Load aborted due to %LNKTMA errors, max. /ARSIZE needed was +| s.$,N,>,>"Q 
,,l tP.l!1J+F`d+C*BA6@+=,L4BM+= *DE6@,, +<@
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K@j,^,^+ /~&"	6@."/w.N3bS+U,b+O /~&"	/wGY.N B\,~HD@<840,($ 
,0 * ,,v,Q"@@PB\ "$ B`,~,>m }|m,>m }|q &}|t`vIOV Input error for overlay fileOOV Output error for overlay fileLNC Link number  not in core7 6+4T6,+|.
5!51N+4B~=pz7 q+$',~Q
(ab`:x:x,~7 6+~[.P2T+~ ad+ `dad+ }|8 ar+
Z2JFj 5&*@4J;1*@,~/*@+,>q@@q,>,>,>,>"5S,>5 5(B/".B5,#n /P4B x &
<` @@5 5.$&$$$,\X5,>5XB57Bp+,,>.P   ar+* `dad+A }|8Z,y,^Q C5*|",^Z,^.$&$$$,',^,^,^,^,^q 5$7&"2//	 B6+x &}|B@ESN Extended symbol not expected9
RGS Rehashing Global symbol table from  to d2+*ISN Illegal symbol name + E 
@@2*"BO@s:4,F " B 7D:77 D77@ D7D, & D4, h$_hd_ad1+S,,{ZH 6@ "	,.= B2 " B3 "	B B8,	% "	E,/G [!"Z6 7/ ,/ ",/G,.m ",/G,.t,	!,	!@:A7$r+4(D.$,	,NQ" B>,	@@s+m@@3 "	B B8,	! " B47D+m(DZ9, 
s,	,M+ ,	 XB "
,/G s,/?7@{+u,"N "d	H,/G "	I,/GZ`,$ "	K,/GZ`6@/",$ "	L,/GZ`Z`/,>,$ ",/G,^ C4BG."0D+(B{,	? "(,/P,	!5X
ZZ/6@9v ",/GZ},$ ",/G_i4B$.i/}e" ",>,$ ",/G,^,/? ",/G,	!_
O4l,	 *,v,,	 "2B;7@s+( ",/G |[
OQ*D@ O/"Q"@@H1,,/?4B( ",/G",/?+$,	!  O/"P@dH7s,(" 3 DA4"QE> O.@@S$X$*%SG" BS+V,/N "d	H,/G "	I,/G `!,$ "	K,/G6B`/".`!,$ "	L,/G `,>,$ ",/G,^ C4B@G."0D+(B{,/? "(,/P,	!7@7@ +V947 r+N,	@js,o  M/"Q"@@H70,g B7+	6@+7@&+!,	 $0,N/"Q"P@
J+#,	,>& }|R,/N GC/.",/? "&,/G7@ +_ ",/G  GC/ .",/? "),/G,	!,/N .	,/? ",,/G .	$"2&"-.",/?,	!7@+m "2,/GZ,$7@+q "4,/G ,/8,	!+q6 r7@s1+q "6,/G,	!6 ?7@O+,W7D+x D:(D,	,N B9Q"I B9,	@z+7B? /4/((B&".,	,NQ B@,	S$IX C,e+	]+Q,++5Z%,/N R6  V6,/8!",}+
 ,/86B,/8+,/N 6,$,/N 6`r+`r+`r`+`r+`r+`r+: ";ar "=,/G ">ar ",/GLb?5B,	!4Z,~ "@,/G+ "A,/G+ "B,/G+ "C,/G+ "D,/G!",}+ ,	8 ,/? ",/P++d%+'+!4)T(Vat@l4TV++7":+	 fFed+7ab,~(d0;x+.,~:>@BB<.`d+/ab,~+/d$ab,~+/d$ab,~+/d$
ab,~+/d$`ab ,~+/Z@/4h(TX@,
Z@7Bh+K(Bx.O   ,+GZ@[@,6@?,F 4.O   ,~`r@+6@?,F`r+O V?@@8,	!,	6,	4+ ,	!  T8,/8`r+_ !3)B(Dab@l"B9D9? :+N!"@ G,}+e ,/86B,/8!"@ G,}+e+a H H,}+{ "I,/G ,/8,/L,> J J,}+o ,/8 ",/P6B,/8,^4V{ "-,/P ,/< K!(x,}+z,/M ,/84Vz,/M ,/8 K!(x,}+z+t ".,/P!"D!(x,}+,>4T "K,/G ,/8!"D!(x,}+ ,/86B+,^d64V0v@ \	[,/G+,^4V "K,/G_2"M0b	@ 
	R,/G+!"B!(x,}+4V "M,/G ,/4T ",/G[,.n ",/GZ$"t,.u+!"B!(x,}+4T "N,/G+,	!@x7!"@@,}+H[[1BP0DX1O@7[`Z`3D+O,/N "d	H,/G "	I,/G[`,$ "	K,/GZ`6@/",$ "	L,/GZ`[`/ B`,$ "Q,/G `,	8 `,/? ",/G,	!5XH.87B`+H`b+" .O/(2xS+ "R,/G `,/8 "S,/G[`,$ "	K,/GZ`/",$ "	L,/G[`Z`/",>,$ ",/G,^,/? "U,/G,	!.6 `42Var+5,	! :7 7`b+x "X,/G,	!,e+	]+Q+L  DZ+!2,++,	!,/N R6 ZV6,/8 "],/G 6,/?,	!+7B-,~!(XG"?,@@(,>>@@>,B0b/" * 
4L^,	,v,,	,^> S/O B-+; 4.O."2bS+l62~+f  /O B4:x`r:x,~7@-,~ -."2b,~Q"~[/(.D(.D-".D4# -3f={ /(G$ G& F- O. FS@@Q&.&*'X.",;+e7475.O.$2dS,	 &~ F57&~,~Fd&f5Fa ~   D5:x,~7@-+	 -."2b+	/O 4D"/,> $AD4.B(.b-2",	S(X-,;,^.O,~/D"".B-.S $@@Q.$*%S BS,~,^,~? 
+	B,~d+	,	,>c  Dc+
p 2,.= B2,~>`3+/1 " B3,/1 ",/P 8,/G 4,/87@7+	* "i,/G 7,/6 r7`s+	. "j,/G s,/? "k1 "l,/G:3,/?,	! 31B,~6B8,/8+	! "3b3+	@@3+	! "	M,/G+	!!$}3"	<*d	8 "Z4D	,/P=d	;,~P't20b1+/? $*,/P*+.{		LINK symbol map of		Produced by LINK version Low High segment starts at	 ends at	 length			*************	[End of LINK map of	mmnopqrrstuvwwxyz{|}~
@@86@?,F,	!,	6,	!7@+	q 31"@@3,	! 
 ,/? 0b " 
,/G,	!,	! 
57O5+	o.P 8`bab`+	o 8,/8,/N 8,/?,	!<j	p=,	h,	!,	67@+
,	4+  
 ,/? 0b " 
,/G,	!,	! 
57O5+	.P 8`bab+	 8,/8,/N 8,/?,	!<j
=,	x,	!,	6+

	Index to LINK symbol map of	 <b
5 3/A4b
5@@3 "
 B8,	! s(" 34"
5  H H2bH+
 H H.2*r
*T	=
  9 0bh "h/8 &"!2~ BH<> :H<*r
!2~ .:.:Q"I BH:.H<.H< BH;*r
$!2~ "
',	!,	!!2~? H<+
1,/NH:H:(D)B,>,/8,/N,^! $,.{*r
*,	!!2~6`H<+
,~7 r+
l:s3br+g@@3 "
f B8Ozs,	! r.8 0bh "h/8 &"!2~ BH<> :H<*r
>!2~ .: BH:.H< BH;*r
B!2~ "
D,	!,	!!2~? H<+
O,/N ",/P:H:,/?,/N H:("4"
[> $,.{*r
H,	!!2~6`H<+
l(D,	,N B9Q"I B9,	,	! "
i B8,/G 4,/86@7,
,	!,	![u  [("4"
R	>)F(Haf@l&F9H9`D+
\,>Zu B,
l	Index to overlay numbers of 	Index to overlay names of ,	! "	O,/G 4,/8 ".,/P,/1,	 
t, O./( B\/S#Ba@@s ;3B
~ S/O/".B( S/",*O@- ;3Bc+2B
,~, &	`@@;,  " B, +$ "
p6 r,~+
MPS MAP segment(3 on  at 	Overlay no.		name	 = (B{,	? "%+	Control Block address is , length ~_h4B$.h+ (octal), . (decimal)	Path is	,	+g, XE>+/(B{,/? "%+C M / B7,~ " / D7 $0,+	 words free in Low segment words free in high segment Global symbols loaded, therefore min. hash size is 	Start address is , located in program 	No start addressMultiply-defined "8+Relocatable Absolute    SuppressedEntry	Global	Local	Undefined	Common	length	~wL@?+	!	from 	created by  version 	created5XH7@O@793 (octal),Psect  starts at   , (decimal)`r+5+H	Zero length moduleTTF Too many titles found	block level	 S/O0"+b ,+`bF,~+~OEM Output error on MAP file, file closed, job continuing	version 	#	page 		page LINKUNKNOWNF40COBOL-68ALGOLNELIACPL/IBLISSSAILFORTRAN-10MACROFAILBCPLMIDASSIMULACOBOL-74CBL79BLS36BASIC /UNKNOWN /KA10 /KI10 /KL10 undefined global symbol undefined global symbols multiply-defined global symbol multiply-defined global symbolsXE>+
	Name	Page	Overlay	PageZ>+
N "i,/G 7+/S	>+
_EMS End of MAP segment	No symbols to output
 @@2*"B 2b B 2b B7 r+
) *,v+
1 M/"P@H7,gZB[B+
J@@& V BQ/M B+,%+
+@@&  V BQ/M B+.""SXM/"@H7Q,g/M.&3b~+
A ~G" /&.M3DV+
A DQ@@Q$X$*%VQ&, Q/M .&2$~+
5 ~."?D"?/&+
5 8 V6 r@@ " 7@	 B	@@>7@#6@1,6@-6@(+
V6 r7@-1+
V@@- ", 8+ @@7@+
Y " B, , 6@+,
l $,N B4/"Q"|@
L,~,> }|U $0,N B47@&+
J,~,>}|RQMX$0*",~7XA 87@?7L+
`Q *`,v,7@`*+
} G" B`*,} 
`&7A+"#D6Q(D	X.`!6@+74 M D'.`L/`& 
@UX3DA+A,^+@B@ 8,^,~6@+74 M7D:7/ D/ D:6@?+
,,}6@g 	,
`L@@s7A+74 M.`!ZP'ZP6 "/a B27 A7 ` $ D3/`&.`L B`Z 7 A7Z`/	6..`!,a+Ed4@,a7,+E B2@@3,~#..
.	GC.&.P F6 F'+PS`&X`*,d7 A7Z`D$ D`&G$*`*2D`*+S`Qd$X`L "*$Z`L."2"`Q+Q@@."*#`Q `LG" B`Q "g7@L= Q.$2$`L,~/$ DUZ"Q`LZB`L *"!Q"X"@@l$[D`Q*",~,1,~52`r@+[`r`r+,i`rl4@`r+*`rl4`rl4,a,~7 2,6+,a,~,>!",X+,il4@,^Q +',>,~"".\3"O+0 B\   "".b2+^ \G" S/$4D^SX&@@*S*& ".D2"6@-.D-,~6@-7@(,~6BO=A  D"3bO+H &2fS SQO*"ZO@@Q."*"  BX BS/OD".BO.B\ ",7,B(BD"4B2b( (".BO $7@L=Q Q2&O9! O/& FU.B(S(X-,;+^ \.$2dS+_7&,~Fd&5FX   :x,~7@-,~ &}|#&:`Z7dB+l,>/M.&3"B+'7@A+i & D( -`A.+k & D(0>`Z,^,~3b`Q+p2"`U+w $.D`Q6@`*.D`*:`Z T V6B\3BN+^`\arg "B\+^,~6@`*+  $,z+p,0O@s 
]@@s,~:`Z`B#TS`&X`*,d27>, `ZA"G`L B`ZaB T VG" B`Q+^ "+  "+  "+  "+ 6@O,:7@-+%6 -+ /"G"Q(ZB-,,% -D"2B(,~ "7@L= O/Q/$(DD$2d( (".DO.DU.D( -/"Q(+;6`r7@s+( X+)6BO=) 3BS,~ BX/S,> S/O.(!XSQ"dB 3!&gp, S X BS,^.O/"Q,* /(.O B\,~ L/$7@L=8 DU,~ 3BT,~ BX/T,> T/O.(!XTQ"dB 3!&gp, X BT,^.B].O/"+*6@+7
M('Z`Z/`L.`&3f`+L F` F`.`!/$QD('QD67 >,
M6b>,),,6 r+Y,7@-+Y ", 8+ 6@+Q+:,i`r+g 3Z`Z/`L.`& B3/"4DaQ,>,>!"@,X@t6@ ,^Y,^,a,~+l4@Z+' @@)B$4.

 " B  B,
!$  D]6#(D| D :7@ D, &,,{_6_6##.$Q$7B6 6Z/`!/`&.`L/",>,>,> DR6 D_#P6 D_6_6./$SX$@d+7,^,^,^,>9  D9,~,01B *1B *7@(*+> (Q/(L.(& B(*L(L.(Z4B1.(&Q(&,,V (Q/(L@@(& B(*,,Q0J+6 ZQ$+7 Q$`/$ E(L,,V "1J " , $  :7@ H+p " B  B,
!$ D0J+D ZQ&+E Q&`Z/& G(L(D| D :7@ D, &,,{ (L/(ZSX(LX"@b+ ,>@  D9,~ 
M,Y[((6 r7@61[(-GCXB(-+%6D/$6 r7B6+]_#.$SD(-ZQ!D((ZD((GCZD(!$X@7@( D( ('Z4Lk2"" D06B /"."GC7D +j7@(+j/$GC.$Q B(&  B( B5@6@; 7 < (XB;,~4L^Z 6@(=CQ(*!B0 (( B0 ( B0!(-7@(+xaBP."!B0 (/ B06B7+{7B8 9 B0 /"GC."3"" "(B{SB0ZB(,~@@+6@,~ ", 8+ ,~@@+ ", 8+ ,~@@- ", 8+ ,~!4XMZ$/*" 4 $0,@@47@,~ "?+!4XMZ$*" 4 $,@@4 "?+	 " B  B@@,
!$P D (D|.$ D :7@ D,, &+{, "SXMX"@j1,#, + ,>  DD,~7@M+,7B+++Q',	 +/' B+@@',0,p6@4, $,N B9 D:7@++D6B@+JS&X+, @ B& Q BU." BM7@+8 M/" BV+:7BO7/" BV/M/"G".M BQ/M /@G&3"+L .& B+Q&.M FQ,%,7@&,	 " B  B,
!$ D6D8+J7D7 9 D 8RD@@ .(D|.$ D :7@ D,, & , ++R6@6@+T,@@U 8 X9" 
S@l@p!2~X9 @0&+\ M/"+iX4/"Q"Pbm0+" JH LHX**ra*rb 1f0+' U 0d0+T @ 
(L{XM/"Q"~+mQ"~@bm0+."..0n+X,+k &3f`Q+y2n`+X `Q/`L.& N`&.`&0f & F`*2f`+YS`&X`*,d\ `L "Q"~ (8.(2h`+]Q&~6@+*f{`p+apa0,l0d0+k0x+^2n+^,>,> U U 0d+ l1n+`.82xX+ U d0.+c6 r+Z6_6/Bdl2.2n+,^,^+^,^,^lp+,d0.,,~, JH`pR`H, LH&d`p.*.,d,~,~.
dl0d0+k@b1+`p+eap,l0d0+kab+' (B" ` `G"G&/4F-Q
d,RJH, LH6@`*,de0X+g6 r7@6+n+1,RJH, LHZ6 &"/B/,lh, JH, BH.(F{/.
 $@,N B7/"Q"@@1,@+Ab+i+,>7@-+PS(X,@@(7@+G R BV+H Q BV." BO  DX/D@ B-3"+j G" .O DS,;,+X 87D`U=8Q/`Q@3$+XQl  OP6//"@+b,^ $@ *.
O** S/O.(3(+k"/&7@  O/$7@/$Q,>@b1+28+m (."'@ B(.2"   B-Q(,;Z/(."7@" ( x28Q@+b7@M+|7@++t R/M."D"/" B+.M BR 8Z
l*`Bl* M/" 
"(L{@n 0&9i"Q9i q, BH 2H/9Q2 91f S9#9Z9/"Q"~@b1+0F+q 9 $,+ *r^,>#9 9Q2 " H`F.BH.2*rZ9/"Q"~@b1+ &.f9(F/&( (((HQ B1+b1+X('}*hZ9Q2~SX"H@@H*"H:(B",^,~,>@ }|v " B, 6@,$  B7 r++ " B , , H+)6@_+(++,>y }|"k,d6@;+;7@|+.@@+$!>0*>+	`+ @`*#	`	` Z \+*>	`zz{||}{7@
&~7@;5 56 <7
 *":7 <+R5DY7D7 9 @)B."B5DDD7B   D:  D:7B+L ad!$K{RD;@@;@@< 6.7 B<1"= "=Q" $:Q+2 < %
8   B7 D83B{@
   B6 D7+G
&Z+.?LNKDLT Execution Deleted	b+ 
&8	d+	`[LNKXCT  Execution]
 "m6@G,/G7@,~ " B7B+ , H1+ ,> }|"k[LNKELF	End of log file]
 B,>   2F+w,^ , H7,~,> }|"k, $ &l&|G+@+ t (F|.&,^,>,>,>,> 
  B F!$  D $ D, &,,{,B (.$?D$?D"?2d 7@ $@,N (2d "
X,@ (n+@+ (n+@+ (&4H"Q
	f!&^GF,~ " B,
,, & "  :7@ F , $,p@@,~ $,N 
R:X$KU D D8!$^ D D8!$Lu D,Pp7@;g ",
Q & D ,~ &D ,~,Y,p7@+6@+,J6@6@1,6BMcBC+"/C/"GC3"Q+."QM R/M.$ZBM DR*"Z"GC@@Q$!*$+"  fBCGC..QfBCGC."`b+,3b+S	b+, "7@L=Q  DU 
M Q R Q." BM.G" BQGC BV4L." BM. G" BRGC BV4Ld3,M+x2nQ+7BV V2b	b+ 4Ld 8,k 8,k 87@`L/8 `Q2"`U+j."Q"@B*#`U=xf,~ `L.`&2B`,7@`*,~Z`&<"p@@`&,d `G"3b`*+t*`*S"X`*,dZ`Q3B`U,~Q"@@."*#`U,~ M/"0.' /(7!Xl(Q"dB 3  
'+ M.& Q7@+7Q.+*" 
&+` `L/`.`& `/`.(!X`Q"dB 3!&gp+7@`*+ `L.`& Q`.`**",~ `LQ`*#`Q,~ R/M QGC.3bV+	b,  BV+ Q.Ml( MGC." /MQ"dB,>M DM.& FR 3!&gp,,^@@Q." M*"6@+$
&~6@4,	6@4,6@,$6@,6@,,d M  DU *"TSM. BL Q/MXBN7B;+2Q"XaB7 <+3+8  BS!"Z6@;PB77 <+X MZ6@7@;+;  BS h B8  *"> M / B27BR Ql" BT6BM/"ZBT!$7@ D17B7 96@=+H   @)D.$D5FEF BU6B/"GC3"6 6 BL  <$QGC3$7 7."3"" "0BQBT.$QDL 1"0 "0ZL2"+"XBPQ." BM %*(+0 < %
8   B= D=6@;2B{+^7B+8Q"X BS   B< D<+;	b+ 	d+?72 B/[L  B
 )*! BM	f	h+9
&>!>L	`*>+	`[LNKXCT  Execution]
ed+CZ`L7A	` BS
&D	`?LNKRME	REMAP error%LNKRME	REMAP error, high segment origin incorrect
*l	b+F)@`*%Z`\+*>EXS EXIT$segment(3RED,Reducing#low segment to 07"BZBB7@`.d.p`,^,~NPS NON-EXISTENT PSECT SPECIFIED U /$ DB+
.LO,v+,^,^+>FNDNIC,^+lISS Insufficient space for symbol table after PSECT --Table truncated--table truncated	4(STC Symbol table completed,^,^,^+ OES Output error on symbol file, file closed, job continuingCSF Creating saved fileGC9rOEX Output error on XPN file, file closed, job continuing3"&+0 B&+C.& B+Q&,%+CECE Error creating EXE file - ,>@ }|N,RJH,S@d$.$ DH+e,+$ `G& F`*/`&.`L F`Q+v%0 `/(8"QQ+{ d1.+
+ XU+6$ .
d+k0X+n+|6$H/,@+>,;+X"&'@ /80+_,^x 8 7 $@,6@-,+n?xB(F$&.2 S9"b++EOE EXE FILE OUTPUT ERRORDDTFORDDTCOBDDTSDDTSIMDDT[LNKNSA No start address]
B;P2H7[LNKDEB FIN LINK finished@
`@EOO Error on outputEOI Error on input6$P68NCL Not enough core to load job, saved as NCX Not enough core to load and execute job, will run from Z BV+d3b`+
+%0%0+`B\0	`B; <H= FP+T!&Z3b+!!&8 FP+V
+  r@@2*"B Q."	b+  U 2"+sQ."@@*".$ D( t@@M*"P u@@Q*"U u@@V*"Y s$$.$2,N"Q B2 " B  B@@ 97@ D!$7@RD!$p D!$3 D :7@ D, `d+E`d@+O $ D % &7@` B`7@` D` &7@a Ba,,{*2Z6x,&Y*2, $++ $ D ' '7@` B`7@` D` (7@a Ba $8,N B3+K*
*,>,>,>,>O4Lo1L9h_0#0.9h ."87D9haDG$[D(QD([!u[3B+lZ5Dc@QF( D(@@(@@(,^,^,^,^*
*,~&(bD+f(H=mt7@t"QB(@b(+b(32BDU+0PMR`V4Lx.,D,(U/(Q3"+{.L(Q.L(^:x,~0*+6B(V6@(Q+/(M3"+.L(M.L(U+x,B >./B5$6@8+5".6@7" ".3$7 2f5+	f+ &$"@0Z "7@L=
)@!$/{X$(,C3"+N/,>"$(S L Bc*d'!$/|X$( Q."0D"+..Q/L."D"6@M Bc*d,,^(B{^$(#!$/{X$(@6@L3D-1.&*d3&"6@."(B !$/{X$(@*D>7@L+93D-+=.?@/".Hc+9!&@ g/P4BA.B5@,F+ 2"L+3bP+A6@+I Q/LQL.c*",J+A,+A7Bc,~O@u/L.BL.BQ.BZ,~4Ja "/7DU="O/Q/4$a(D{&$.(D."1J.D5.DU6@+].D(Q.D(ZS(L.d(LP*%(Q (Q@@Q&X&*'(U+.(L D(c !&@,,;@@(c+1j+x"S,C/4"x"S (6@L3D-1.(*ff(B{&" 6@."(B"S7HL*fl Hc7@L+t.Q/L2D-..(D(7@M*fq Hc?@/"*fm!&/{X&(*Fw6BL Bc*fv+>!$| L Bc &.Q/L."D"1J.7@M+ Bc.&*dz,>,B/(B{,^&6F."(B!${+9.Q/L77@ L*hah+	2" L+A6@+I Q/LQ4(..Ll( c/Ll" B,I4(3D.+0,J+A,>,>,> 
L.,4*"" Q+ " L(
{(L{(N{ .Ql(,:.=l,^,^,^+J6@,;!$| 7BM*f"/"7@Q+&2BUO@u BU*d"  "7@L=( DUO@@6@+!$|ZQ4B37@u+3@@u."Q"."7FM*d/4F31f+3@@*"*d+ "7@L=4ZQ."Q."Z1f+@@*"+ H\*f{+<3F1,~_.&@ F\![X&\	f2,A!&@,~ &}|2@!${@.U/Q*dCD",~*dG!${ c2BL;x*dG,~DYLCHCASRTLSFXBGGS,> *,],^,~,> *+O,> *+O,> *+O,> *+O,> *+O,> *7@O,|+O,> *+O,> *+O5d_ }|62d(l+t!&(g!YaB+t `F.(L!0d+`![6@/(LXHXZ(l/& F(l1D+o,>,>Z[."/F,),^,^[@@SX& .(0D*& ,~ (^/"4"x B(^ (Z.*(Z,~,>,> 
(^,v+,^,^+t,>,~,^,~ "(7@L=b U/Q0$+,>9,0 , *,v,"".B(Q.B(^7@(*,~+,++
+++.B(*+7^-,~.B- (Q."Q"@@+$*",~+U,D(U D(Q"$.dU.$+D(L@@ D(Z+",B(^0J,~:(Z>(^,~,>7*,),^,~,>**+,>7*+,>,*+,>@*+,>@*+,>[*+,>2*+,> *+4D{2"(L2b(Q,81$+5 .&2F(Q+5;G&=*(QQ@@.&*&+D&".F(ZA$4D{SD.D(l6@(g+9/(LZB(g,~}|94((g+;QYQ`F.(L!1d+A`f+:/(LXB,~`H+E/(LXH/(L.(LXB,~/(L!/(LXB.(LYH,~,0+*+V,0 *+V,0/*+V,0+*+V,0 *+V,0/*+V,0+*+V,0+*+V,0 *+V7@(l,~@@(l+(g.(L ZD(gR`ZB(c7B(g+e.(LZZD(gR`+(c@1b+b.Z5F^XB+Z5HdXFZB(c+ZXFXB+Z7(cZ4Hl [.$Z0D+fR`D@.D@@+g!.(^3D(Z1"+x+G$ (Z D(Q/F(ZA"(B(^D"(c1,Z0D+sR`Q.&@@*&7B(c,~+ZD(c[,)+x,>[*,1:,^,~,>.*+|,>@*+|,>,*+|,>Z*+|,>[*+|,>[*+|,>/*+|,>Q*+|7D(g,~Q+QZ4D{.(L0D+|.[/&[/(.O/$Q@n,~,>K }|LZ2d0 D0[(D|6[/&[/'.N/$Q@v,~,>O }|OZ3d/+( D/(D|*[(D|
[/&[/&.M/$Q@J,~,>D }|RZ3d0+3 D0(D|,[(D|
[/&[/'.M/$Q@L,~,>H }|UZ3d1+> D1(D|.[(D|[/&[/(.O/$Q@N+:,>K }|XZ3d0+I D0(D|6[(D|[/&[/'.N/$Q@V,~,>O }|[^%0F^;^^^^	^^^^ S/OD"4B{ 
_6b>0B+b " B, [+b 7!&Lu  B@@ $ D F $ D :X$K D!$K8 D@ D S/O(D} D ", +,u,> 
O/* , .O.* J(O@- ,^,*,?+z,>K }|b,~ R/ND"4B{ 
h6b>0B+ " B, [+ 7!&Lu  B@@ $ D F $ D :X$H9 D!$K8 D@ D R/N(D} D ", +, [/ND",>/",,^' [D"/",*O@,,?+z,>O }|k,~ 
p,> 8+ 
t,> 87Adw+ dx B, [+ dw7!&Lu  B`@@ F $ D $ D :Xdy D!$K8 D@ D `(D} D "`, +,dz `Q/`L B`* $(D{(D1$ $/",>7@mZ",dC,^4B1 B`&.`L/",*,?,1: `Q/`L.`& B`*,^,~,>D }|{,~,>H }|,~7@#,~,>,>,A,^,^4B{d"G"+ $,N B,~@@$Z#.OZ.$[#.OZ3d-3&(,~/$.&2$(2f-+K # B$@@#+[ "#[4B{.OZ.$2d-+LZ4FQ.OR`/O!B$.O[4B.OZ2$(+S /OQZXD$.OZ`YFPBZ$.OZQB[$.OZ."XBZ$4B{.OZXD$Z[ .O/(,f $,$+_nqskkk,>!"GB,^/&+fZ.XF!& +t[.QF!&@+t.H!&`!(cH+7@P+,>,>,>,>,>,>,>,>   ,x+}+ ,^,^ (ar`+ar+.*7l(+`l+al++ `f `r X(`f@`r@P(3H(g!(GH,^,^,^,^,^,^Bf`f`,~!&BF,~ af@+XH,~ af@+QH,~6&af+XHah@h6@YH,~6&af+^:@QH_:@PH,~,>  D	,^,~EXP Expanding low segment to CEF Core expansion failed0cMOV Moving low segment to expand area p ,>./.+
Q(l(+xPUF PAGE. UUO Failed, error code was AZW Allocating zero words~RUC Returning unavailable core,>+-qsMSS MAXCOR set too small, expanding to 	OLC Error outputting area LCOHC Error outputting area HCOLS Error outputting area LSOAS Error outputting area ASILC Error inputting area LCIHC Error inputting area HCILS Error inputting area LSIAS Error inputting area AS+PLS Area LS overflowing to DSKELS Error creating overflow file for area LS -
	PAS Area AS overflowing to DSKEAS Error creating overflow file for area AS - PLC Area LC overflowing to DSKPHC Area HC overflowing to DSKKJ68ELC Error creating overflow file for area LC -
	EHC Error creating overflow file for area HC -
	 &#+R "#+XSFU Symbol table fouled up 6B,~ }| w,
 	d D4D k $7 ,~(EA5D 8,> }| z,
 $Q$PG+@+ iZ$	d +4D$ 0F+[1&Q$3D+0*4D(,$+',# Z@@ $+,
 4d 8[Z$$ +,
 h$_hd_ad1+6 [Z$$,N    D+0,
  D([Pddm$jQ$hG+@  D(,~@@@@,~ 
 $D}(D|(D~(RD(D~( 8.$*bB,~,
 l$| af+NX$+@,~  D $ DQ$	d$@@+ 7X$+@,~+ 7[x B $7B,N \B ^x B:x  
SBRB (7B "B7B(c++B7B(a,RBa(XP "(+kbD(+j   (ad7D(+i	b$@aF7! "(  Z7@+! H
9$ D."7D+q+Dy7D++x  	b$@aF+x (ad7D+!$Lu Z D+,[4D Z` d&pG  +@=d $7@+ ,>,,
@@ $Q$~G af.$,>+@, o,^ Z`,~	

, $4B 8Z4D "@@!&tG+@ d&pG  +@=d  $7@+ !,>,,
,^+ ,,
6D,~6D9+ *R:X$KU D,~S(D  DX$l$P+@+ iX$h$. +@,~ Fd$X$+@X$l$
+@,~ Fl$+@,~:x,~, ;,~h$(R+@+ 7S(D SZX*&l$p+@X$l$
,>+@+ E@@h$&+@+ E:,^ SX&@@*&,~,>, $,^ &l&|G,>+@+!,^h&&X&(!6@h!  HZXH,>+@+ T,^+ 7,^Z0H,~,>,>* , =+!,^,^+ H, h$_hd_ad,~:x  (D D,,
7D,Q &*$,{ 	f' Z *\B  H+ E,> }|"r ,>1B+ n }|"o a|"o,~ Q,> `d +! "g,~,> "i,~ }|!INS I/O data block not set upIDM Illegal data mode for device P6$. H+q,^x,~6$6$/!,~ Z1DT`+ rODV Overlay file must be created on a file structure JZ 
#**Y 15+
! 4*!+
!!!^!","++!U E<B!ZZ,"G,/Gaj+!""V:1 1b"VaJ,"RZaj+!1b7W $"V+" E1"+!!""U0"+$ $"U ".0$+!(7@F7`G7+!(6 G+!(,>#,>+"I,/P,"G,/1`j@7@G1,/1""U2"E+!?Z`G0"
Z7bF+!1,.=@@F:1+$$ $,N @Q!B@@@@
&!87bF+$,.=@@F+$[	Please retype the incorrect parts of the file specification]
 "!S6@G,/G&",>!*xZ	b4B!H (ZB[0BK8+!HZ, 8+ *j!B,^ "$"U2bE1$	` BE@@G@@F [Z1B,	` G,.=
&#	b+$ 	[END OF LOG FILE]
aj+!+""U:11b"UaJ,"R+!Uaj+!!""U:1 1b"UaJ,"R+!Z x`j`+!g  ^0d
,^(0dGBFZ"v`h6`1Z"u,"G,/GZ,"G,"W+!,^+!+ZF0d,"G,/G "#
1H,~ "b"U,~""""""""#"*,"G,/G+!,"G,/8+!,"G,/?+!,"G,/?+!X
(Z,"G,"W+!,"G,/P+!." C0D+# $((B{,>,"G,/?,^,"G,/P+!/*XJ1+!""V3"D+"56@F+#7@G+"5:x,"M""V3"D+": G,.=,>,"A,^,.=\`G+":""V3"D,~:x6@F+":ZH,.=ZBF,"A (d BF E<B"?Z,"G,/G9
"6 "F,"G,/G9
"6$"U "-0$ "2$E "1B-+"F
6+ ,/P "#+/G6 G,~,>+A G,.=*x+A,^:x+.=,.t,/O""V $,.{,/O""U $,.{+/O,^,^,^,>X
00$$   ,/8,/L  ,/8R   `d4B"]l("},/8 "  `d+.O .#+.O   ,/8,/L  ,/8R l("},/8 " +.OFEE ENTER error FLE LOOKUP error FRE RENAME error GSE GETSEG error NED Non-existent device IFD INIT failure for device }|#}|#a|#a|#a|#a|# a|##}|#'}|#*}|#-}|#/}|#1}|#4}|#7a|#;a|#>}|#A
#E}|#H}|#K}|#Qa|#Va|#Xa|#Za|#]a|#ba|#ea|#h}|#lCNW Code not yet written at X!([	Type CONTINUE for more information]$0 STATUS 
@ FOR  $%(B{+"&:x+":LNK(2) directory full (0) Illegal file name (0) file was not found (1) no directory for project-programmer number (2) protection failure (3) file was being modified (4) rename file name already exists (5) illegal sequence of UUOs (6) bad UFD or bad RIB (7) not a SAV file (10) not enough core (11) device not available (12) no such device (13) not two reloc reg. capability (14) no room or quota exceeded (15) write lock error (16) not enough monitor table space (17) partial allocation only (20) block not free on allocation (21) can't supersede (enter) an existing directory (22) can't delete (rename) a non-empty directory (23) SFD not found (24) search list empty (25) SFD nested too deeply (26) no-create on for specified SFD path (27) segment not on swap space (30) can't update file (31) low segment overlaps high segment ) Unknown cause `7 7."#t4B#s6@62"63"5+#n B5,~ }|$x}h~_X{h}_h~Xu_8zh{_HyX#|_H'w+~]x/|83~^x7{X;z_?~HC|_8G}	8K{	_XO~
HTL Symbol hash table too largeab+$	Z,>[,$,^+$,> $,/O=d$
 $/$	&$4D/? ,/O=d$ +/?(b$ $/$	&$4D/?  ",/P=d$ +/?,> ",/P,^,/? "+/P,> ",/P,^,/? "+/P $+CY:^8w $+CY:]Kr [Z1B,+$$ $&*"^ JX $&+C 1d"+0ZY:\\Y,~,>,>XZ/6,>.&y XZ",>,>&y,>&y,V/&z 5X$/+ XZ&,> X[
 ,>,&H/&z XZ",>,$=/&{ XZ$,>,$\/&{ XZ&,>,&/&{@/&{,^,~,>,>XZ/6,> NX RX.&|@@X,>,> $,N BQD,^,^,> _[h,>,>X,V/&z 4T$R6JX+$L _XXh+$MXXH Z:H,>[H,>,&H/&z,>,$=/&{+$U6JX+$X _S& F+$X 
_ H( D(:X+$A@/&{ X X/&{,^,~,>,>XZ/6,> LX NX PX RX.&y _ @Z@4R$h `2$H+$gH,>,$\/&{ZH+$b3n`+$sZ*@ 
Z@4R$w X 2&H+$u 

H* ,>&|,>,>,>H,%o/&} 2n`+$u N@ +%
ZH+$j X 4P
Z@4R$~ P2&H+$|  Z*H 
ZH+$y X0T
+% N@,>,%F/&{ `3&@+% @+%
 P& ,>&|,>,>,>P,%o/&} 2n`+$w N@7@ 
X X X X/&{,^,~,>,>XZ/6,> RX.&} X 2$_~+% X 
_~ J  _}Z  
X ( X	&~ _~ FX 
_} JX*
_~ JX7D3+%& _~ X X 	,>,>_,>X,>_,(/&}4R%C _} 
_} JX*
_~ 6D3+%/ _~ X X 	,>,>_+%3,>X,>X,>X,>,(/&},>X,>,>_~,>,(/&} TX,>_~,>X[H,>ZH,>,>H,>H,'/&yZ
H4J%A,>,>X,>~ ~ X,>,>X,%/&~ Xb~ZH+%&@/&z X/&{,^,~,>,>XZ/6,> PX RX.&{S8   DX82d`+%J X(3h`+%Q ` ZX+%RS"bX ZZ$ @ XS( H4R%b H3bX+%`  ( H,>&,>X,>,>,%o/&} Z*@ 7H  RXZH+%V X3t
_ (" B(,>&,>X,>,>,%o/&} S* Xj@/&z X X/&{,^,~,>,>XZ/6,> NX.&y,>,> $,N BQD,^,^ _ F` _}XH` 
_~ (XD` ,>,> $,N BQD,^,^ _}XF`S( H` 
_~Z(XD`QT` _~XXR`(/&P.X  H` HP _}0DP+&
S* Xj+&
X ( F` FPS( X.h  X/&{,^,~,>,>XZ/6,> RX.&y `" S$@ Xd7H3+&,>,>&y,'/&z _ X,>,>[H,>ZH,>,>H,>H,'/&y,>,>`,>&y X h Xh,>,>,%/&~,>,&:/&{6J3,-v,>_,&+/&{@ X/&{,^,~,>,>XZ/6,> RX.&y _Z4R&7ZH5F&5Z
H1*P+&6[H,>,&+&6,>,&+/&{ZH+&0@ X/&{,^,~,>,>XZ/6,> NX RX.&y _Z4R&B,>,&:/&{ZH+&?,>,> $ _,,^,^@ X X/&{,^,~,>,>XZ/6,> LX NX PX RX.&{ & BX _~  Q$A` DX _< 
X X X X/&{,^,~,>.' `&"6@h"Xh$6 B` `&&6@h&Xh(6 F`' FX 
'JX&fS( HX' FX

' JX	 $@ DX a&"6@h"Xh$6 Ba,>,>,>`,'/&z 53H'+S" BX BX@@X,$'X,~ /'	`0@8P H ,
(PHh LfsLf P  3L0Z.(B* x.(B x x y  D;  D< <(A,*"51D+(N!$ D<"f< <(?,** <(=,**+(N  B<  B=,>,>(C,>(C <,./(D,^,~Z.(B* x.(B v w w x x y  D6";F F9  D7 ;F F9 < D7 ;D D: < D8";D D: 6 D8 9 D; 0dO+'B (D F?!$`<D~6 D< ;D~9 D= <D~ D=,>,>Z<x,> <x,(S/(D,^ @ D> <(9,-D!$	`<D~6 D< ;D~9 D= <D~ D= R> P> V? <(6,*f+( 0DP+'g6D3+'X"<D~ D6  D9 <F F7 ;F~ ;D D9 <F~ < D7  D: <D D8";F~";D D: 6 D8 9 D; (E D?!$`<D~ D<";D D= <$@ D= <(2,*f!$	`<D~ D< <$@ D= X= R> <(/,-D+( 0DP+(6D3+'{  D6 ;(@";F F9  D7";(@ ;F F9 < D7 ;D D: < D8";D D: 6 D8 9 D; (E D?!$`<D~ D<";$@ D= <$@ D= <(+,*f!$	`<D~ D<";D D= <$@ D= R> <((,-D!$	`<D~ D< <$@ D= X= P> <($,*f <(",)|+(NZ.(B* x.(B w x x y (F D?  D6  D9  D7  D9 <(,)|+(NOd5+(NTREE ARC  `69(F(G`69(G(GP<==>(H(GP<==>(H(HP<==((H(IP<==>(H(HP<==((H(IP<==>(H?P<==>(H(Hh(J(J(Kh(J<(Kp5ah<=*    $    @    =    !v@ ~(LY\(MQ<X\(N*+/(QS.(R*<,~+hM2| p+(WS; +(USO p+(`M3!d_P@M7 8B(ZBV,~M3!d*_PXM7 8Z(_ZV,~SAd% *5"(bh"`(.7 "`,~Kc#@ p p+(pKc#K  ,(p @,~Kc#J  ,(p @,~Kc#I  ,(p @,~Kc#H4B)5@(s5"(+@(Q0
(rU ,~,>,>,>!$ @ B5"({#`+ ),({!"B,~+ )(BdB+ )5B(z ,^,^,^,~ +7`+)`d +@(Q0
)U `d @6 +(~ `B"`+(~/)id +)+@(Q0
)#,> <),);,^ @,> <),(S,^@,> <),),^+)U",({+ )+(x! ,~xxKc p3")4+)3b)3+) +@(Q0
)U ,~+@(Q0
)  ,~,>,>@%"j"%)2)/;`:XD).5f)'aF+)'.&@(|h&f )1)2 )1 )0D)3@,^,^,~!t0_'"S'qf!um.	.#Y% !vyO^	RXC2|t(,> p4P)L,> <)U,);,^):,^,~{e^bC2|p,>,> p5`)?4@)L+@(Q0)V#p3@)Q+)O)r. !@! n@(|h")Q )R B )R)S)S)T,^,^,~+@(Q0
)M )T,^,^,~  ,^,^,~ 0_i/X3 6P'M 5( bB W
R`@xATTEMPTTOTAKELOG`OFNEGATIVEARGG?@p)z)z++)bg&t@p)z++)bG?p){+)bg&pmp,>B#`3b)y+)u,>){3b){+)m%"(D?d$p"@($)B	p+*/*S.**<,~ : Z $ Z 6/&/6 : V Z . 8g . :o,>,>,>,>* <,**/*,^ 8 X .Z; +*	+*ha2~L`,> p Ja7@3+*#,> 
a,>4<.1,(U,^S@(@w5`*(&*<BJC$*&*JC,^!*`7!*@PJ4,^@Ap,><.3,**,^,~OAp,^,~a2~@Z..4* x..50pDp,*=/.5S..5*<,~6@3+*3?`4

.6,> <.1,(T,^ @ 

.6,> <.7,(T,^ @ 
@ 06  0/
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*4J*a4L*Z (`l+*X(Ll
"`(L  L ,G.
dlA,*0=j*\F@vZAD@4XA6!p+*e7@3 p,>,>p <x,)Z/.8,^ @,>,>p <x,)]/.8,^ @,>,>p,>p,>.9 <,**/.9,^7`++Q4A`7@3+*z,.$ @<0+R+*x? ++!.A XL+[L+4H*z A A


 ",>  ,> * ,x 2,>,>,>,> <,**/.9,^/.9=h*~+*z/.5S..5*<,~4+TL+V|+X$+[$+\\+]<+`,+a\+cl+eL+h<+jt+ld+od+r<+u<+v<+x<+y4+{4+|l+~L,,4,$,4,,,,,	<,$,

,,,,,L,|,,d,,,,$, L,!,,#<,%,&4,',)d,)$,,T,-d,0,,3\,4\,7$,9
c!@@@Lfd@A@$!a0*A04BA @H LF3@02@ H04@a0L0B	@JH%
A@8!L	DBA	 D`$0
B	A`F8#0	-fA@B" 	0D8a`F0$j!H@(

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(!0fA @& 
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`J@&#@ `#@Dp$`0#	@D@ 
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fA@B3 @Hp"8#!AL`A
`0!`Jp&41@ `BA`Lh&0	HcB)A`@8S+ALHB	A`L@&$T*BA`0B
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pD8"j5Ba	 03apD0#
J5a	0DP3BAAP0BA`Jh%0Th3B@`a0B`%0	HSB"0P#,*B
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3@ @PfB+A	`@`  
	d2A 03A`P&(
`H8$8	N@ Jp(LA`0a`L01A`0	`Hp&0	# `+APLX%(	`Hp&0	#L0+APLX%(JcA@A`L@$(
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