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?p``?xY>=@Kb)B<hbB`INXg#	t{#A);[{BE@I>yM}
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,3FA!&@FlFF^aflb@BmkC	b!"=EB]	bBpaf3B]l!9s	f&@oFp4F/C$ Bc	b B\+G@4HPlease KJOB or DETACHI do not have JACCT.x0X(hGX " B;l ,4b[@,n+
+Z lab +d 6, s,$,
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 p,, l laf+l s,
+kl H+,{+w+y D_S0B3F]l @@ 5Bt 	fO_`/&5&w!&+x4\w(F.&wx+t7
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@"+,2+<+R+6@+R6@+R!&}.7@+;:@+R8*f8R7@PTZ7@XT+R " B; G H2B	+H e e5BD``+H@ 6
@BaDagaF6@e+MBeDeaF+} " B;,m, B\5D
\2Jd+2.+R-"6InvalidargumenttoG/DSKPRI:d:x,G`@H,~6*Bt``+ &,{ ",5=fo,} 8 .,
=ns,~ ",z,{,z,{,z ",z ",z+},, "+,	b	.b0l"$$"~Z&. 8@,
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TOVLI6Y&Y&mY>]lP]8]>e@]>t]`]?87]?L@]?`]?$P]?%r]?<a%BGtcV~H g
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@oN@eVpIHC3<9g>l]]4\@*@.T"E"M "U$A&A,A"I"a$Q(a2YKc$Kc$ 
JOBuNUMBERJOBNH	%8,(hG$}xs4N+l'+Password:#$%&*@######@@@@@@Password: < l```+,aD+ 2;P :]l:,
,[&"0$0dlloDo	b	&t!$a`u$a`("`(D Dm,d!" cBl`t+M!"bBl+
+wnB(B7\[&l\."pZ&1bp+hS`	b+*bz4"}7@<Z/<"
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`:ul:,+'```F7+4```F7+4``+, 2Db3D`+} ^```+/ $`b $ `b@ $@cD+4 fbDm+/ 2;z :wl:,
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,%s``+Q6@;+B@@8 {*"Ed  {a`,5 e e G;@+H G H Ba Da6@/+L2T.+L |*"8+Q p`b+O""+TS4HS |@4DT$"."x+QO(BA"`a`+WG _+XG s BAd} ` BA!"GBA, BB,~System not availableNo remote users. Try again later.`@Job capacity exceededOnly batch users may LOGIN.hTimesharing is overTimesharing will cease in  hours  minutes.]
No operator has expiredPPN not valid for this time of day'9$'+H$$A``
``+= d B` i Bb@fE	b	dl``XB` ` Bb	b+	b
+``9b2,x:7l:,:	b+"S
:X"Q	b@2B`+Z3Ds+m@+ 6:,Z,$*l 6;,,
26+<*maB@+<,\ " B!,;+B"!">9@B"Oo,B!@@ED!+A6@+&,/3B+<6 +(,8+< (D..$Z&3d+-S	b+,//$ DQ$O@,
2\`+5,N;&,;d,l@`|l2a`l,+sld !"fcB+z 2i2 :Tl:@,
R+:]l:,,+[,3\+bS`5$aX&2\+a+b```+ 2<P :ml:,
+L8X'/8,U@f r*" @F7+7`B+!O@:5D0 N  V X4V',U s B " B $f+$&7@q:q+'``+
 N  V X `B+s"t$u&u(FG"3"q+A2Bq+@3$r+A Bq Dr2V+F2Vv+F6BY3B0+F l"+ d `bfl 6DY3D0+W28 7  l"mb+`@+	d+v :	d $ "$S` "3Bs+W B 0 B ` B "	b+W+*dQ@@< x*"I!"`@ B>l" B? ` B?O@@ 0 D<@@!"  B= B> B@ BA BB BC BDO@EO@F@b D
+L@@Z@@O@[+x	b+o:@q+l.2)a:yl:,[+v 6}, 0, 6~, "	`H, "	`H, "	`H, "	`H , "		`H@, "	
`H,+l,,B"	,,,>,##,^,~7@+$"	,,/,$D"	,,"	0"O@  $,U	b	&"j0	d,>b	d	,^(DzduO@:&76@!@@+' 6	, 6	,)+++' 6	, 6	,)++ 6	,,^,N+RZb1B=d. 0,,Z,$,+R "	b
,~O@:@	b+4 B^,~ ^	b+6+F 2=4 :	 l:,
0l+El@+D,>,>,>@2Z1:	+l:@,Ea`+K2XZ	:	0l:,b,~O@:+R "
 B,`@B!"YR*B,b,B7"N,~A"(B1O@1d  	6	b+n4Dq8Dq> D(24Dl 	7	b+p (22D0+ll  (B~Fab+Rh(@ F(3 H(3.*+a 6	7+	,N 6	<+	d`+|7@2+u.$0D(+r+x 1d+x 2 B3=u 0 B2@b3``l"``l" B3.* "0Q"(	b+,~4BN,> 6	@, 6	B,,N,^,$+,> 8,
a`+ 6	E,,^, 0+,+,N:`+< n(D~0d $6`,~ "	b
+,FZ.1BZ`XB.@@ " B
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7	I4"	I,,,^,$,"	L,, 0, ",5 0, "	M,, .,! ,
0".,5+rB(.,*j,~OtherejobscsametPPN:,]g%X8Can'tfindtSCDMAP.SYS.  Please call the operator. 29Y :<l:@,
Search list does not allow createsSearch list is emptyFormat or read error in AUXACC.SYS.  Please call the operator.CORE UUO failed.  Please call the operator.High segment messed up.  Please call the operator.Can not read AUXACC.SYSNo entry in AUXACC.SYS@O@r+'0,
?3D`+W+NH=Recomputing disk usage$,"a+l%LGNFEA  FILE ERRORS ARE:
%LGNFED damage%LGNFEC close after crash%LGNFER error restoring%LGNHRE hard read errror%LGNHWE hard write error%LGNSDC software detected checksum error IN[LGNQTA  IN: OUT: USED:]
l,\%LGNULF  UFD LOOKUP failure %LGNUEF  UFD ENTER failure %LGNNUC No UFD created
Can't unlock high segment.  Please call the operator.Can't lock high segment.  Please call the operator.UFD Interlock busy for .  Wait please . . .
UFD Interlock busy too long.LGNOFF OPEN failure for !LGNJUF System error - JOBSTR UUO failed for LGNDUF System error - DSKCHR UUO failed for LGNCAS Can not add  to search list -- code=(1) %LGNSND SFD's nested too deeply(	E%LGNSEF SFD enter failure () .SFD[7"F+	PQ" ,,\"	b+	Y"GEQ" .dp, maB+	Y7"J+	YQ"
 1,$2(D7bG+	^0"+	^0b(B1b(B2" Q" 4,6 ,~ maB+	h 4&2(56@:6@:Q 9,6 +

":Sh"hb+	sXsm:	d57+	s3D:+	s 2]3 :;l:@,

 ?	b+

4B	Z"&Q	b+

5B	2=y:?l:,	b47+



6$$$$$ maB,~ H	b,~ B1 " B0 I B2 " B2Zf B3 s B3 B1 I	b1+
!" B0 I	b1+
,0aB`,~ 2\t :Jl:@,
*** *,*4*8*@	*P*h*p*x*H
\"	b+
9"(BZF(DG g`d@l6@`d l 0(DA$`GQ" X6@I,O@0 0 "	b+
?> D0,+
:^" B7"X "." B
 Y	b$+ @@
^"~ B7"J "4B
7"H "4B
 Y	b$+ 7$K+
U1D "1D "Q" Z,7BZ+
YQ" [ 6[	d(,7"Z+
[ 6_	b, bZ$;@N+
a	b+ +
d+2-R :cl:@,
m &7"M+
m7`K7@Ll f k,7@U+
p BT BX k,
}0b "(B"
@b (
~: "7D(+
z	b#+
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u,~>,282::ll:@, 6n, (,,
|7@U,~, p,
[  4(ZdDl
 p`Lh	j'+*b
,~1J+4J3Jp+,> 6q, xZd,$,,^ 
p+ *< u $ p	b',~ (	h
=j,~	b7,~,>,
2+"v,,Rx,"v,,Zx,,,^+1b$"(B{,~t2=g:zl:@,e limitgd2 $$fmaximum virtual and physical limitsgZl5$jENQC. UUO failed.  Error code = $j0&CPU class quota is zero: you would never run@(SCHED. UUO failed.  Error code = (2 0Error from [SYSTEM]IPCFError in send to [SYSTEM]IPCFError in receive from [SYSTEM]IPCFIPCF quotas may not be set correctlywatch bitsg^WHdisk fullg4Y%LGNSDP can not set disk priority.
XBad argument to /DEFPROT switch(current virtual and physical limitsg4g
&Could not assign device  logical name t
-%LGNTUF TRMOP. UUO failed.  Function code = %LGN SET UUO failed attempting to set Please call the operator,C@b 
0000p=7/08Gp2J,~SX(	h@ah@,~+RO	b,~ 	b&,~
,`b,~SX"	b,~2B
2 8,
"iSHhH	`,~7 8,
!1X@@<08:<,~,W,~ 2Z1 :
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Z`,	&"j0&",> ,
&\&" ., . ,
 o 6
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I;@ BI " *,
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l7`Y,~ "
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C2`gSic'7@,~SX"*"+@@!" @GB GB! 
p I1B+
2 L,,1`J+4 ", ",5R", "!,3+
2,> ,$,^,~ 81n,
$~+|l:x,~-8+l--Aug--Sep--Oct--Nov--Dec-WedThurFriSatSunMonTueHC\@PROJECT-PROGRAMMER NUMBERError in BATCON - LOGIN aborted!j0
?LGNWFS  Waiting for 
?LGNPSO  Please start over
You are logged in as ]

RAW	8!P$
",#xK6+ lab@+
+,~,2V@:3l:@,\ BB  BC 
,%s``+ :8l:,
26b7ab, 8,
2`z1>`z,?`z,@`z@ A`z,Ba`+CZ,,l2Iw ,,4 "h,,`z+
M+ 8,
 lax+ 8,
[x 8`,
?LGNCAJ  Can't ATTACH to jobLGNMNL May not LOGIN LGNMNA May not ATTACH local
data set
remote CTY or OPR
as a BATCH job subjob
as a BATCH job
LGNWFV Wrong Format Version Number in system files
?LGNCTO Please call the operator.
>g4gLGNMLB May not login as MFD PPN
LGNP1P Project 1 may not be PTY
LGNIPS Invalid path specification
LGNBPN Invalid format for project-programmer number
Attemptto+assign=too@many@deviceswith9/ASSIGNCan't accesssystem files.  Please call the operator.?(5)|>?(4)|??(3)|@%(1),A[\B[,5+
3,h,>7Hh+\7Fh!&>9@j i@v4 f 7@*#@@( *"9 \84H5@l+4 <	|@	bQ"X"7@	b+ 	b	` "Q	b+
X		b"++@h4 +]Please wait for Control-CLOGIN aborted by Control-C - job is LOGGED-IN@4Al 4DDT
&+	`(hAXAX`}I ^@@,L[,5 Fc,5ZFl`F[`F 
,5[FoZ`,>,57@ & Fm4FSX([0f	 &	*(,5[FpZFo,5 Fp^0@@q q*"/O@	b
+  Bb0J+:(O@)O@}O@} "7@1J BZ,^,!O@q	b
,2QBl Q( Bl@b!$Lu
+. b!$YR (	h q@+."r$"j0(D~A$pA&G, Bn6@,07@(+6!"K8 B,0+M (&".$)D}=h3[,~7@c+M
6+MO@,?4p:4N94NM1P8J9 s7 ,a+D4pM1P+A
6m0,\+>O@-Zc^0 Pr+G c,a+MO@*0P,!$cDpO@)7`@@rZcZ"/,~
6m0,\5pKO Pr,~,Q x D Q( Dl,L r ^,,5[FgZFh,5`faF+W[FiZFi,5[FjZFj,5[FhZFk,5ZFkZ^/:@q+_6@)+k2^+ lYB(d"2B	b+ 6@+g6@(>(6@t+k6@),^6@.+k3Pt+t7`^0Z",!,QO@-@@/@@06@g,g,>5B_,,,P6@.+,Z ,1P 5" 
z+0d~@l@|A$A<A,"bBk6r-+s6`s+7`q6`q+,i+4J "bBk6 -7+O@/:- "bBk+ jbBv+Lt7@6 t+,i,(4,5pq6@/,~6@+6@),~+,)@@r 0+o w*"O@.,~ w*"u@@.+,Q ^,,5 
,5d&/&( FfZJe[.&( Ff,5 FnO@/ q,Q2^+,3pt,3pt,~Z"7@),!^0,T+2 r5p,>:@?@+' n,5+'1P+-1P ,)4p'+,L,>r,>s@@r@@s,>rZ^r,>,> $f D,>/@@/ ,$ D7 x+B 
t@@t,u+f J Lt,55FE\&	f+fafp+f6@+f Fm x*"k@@l x*"uO@q y*"t,*,u7@+`:@> *80`Opr@@r,? m`bp+yh"*bS2N*bS5"Y7@1P+V+[6@0P+Y,?3N+[4pN,p+YO@4pN0P1P 00P+,T+[ r+[5Jf 6 x4Nf |,faB+e ,,,,^/,^,^,^r,^s,^r@@m,~INXg^NHtS:O@@0@@/ x D ^ q1D $5dt7 *@@q6`*@@*#`*,Q $ r3Pt $7@6` $.Dx7`@@q^s6@q7`7+}6` Dq2PtOpr4B[,5 Fc.&Q& Fc,5[7@7}Q( HeZ7@7}Q( Hd,5Z7@7}Q( Hd,52F}+\&	f & Fg7`r@@r@@vO@,S6 /,P@@u@@",W,~^0 Pr7@m7@+^,,~
2	b+-"/KNl-"/M6|-"/M6L7 ,>d,f ,^aD+C,, ,b6@"7@+' ",, 7$" ", ",5+C,Z5": "7@ BZ7@ PZ7 \06@W, " $	,(7BU"8v B7@O@7BSl B7B+:	b`b O@Y? Z+<\"4p:7 /+:1P+! .Od+-"<UL .Od+-"<i6L,Q7Bt,~1B+,=4"^
8+  "t $~ &,.+X,  B ~!"bBv!$>9 D7"} "1b(B BS}X"6 }+Od"6@(l"	b ,> ,f ,^aD+V,$,4 "t,*,,
2 (+ .tO@-"<e^L,C u,u+]O@u,W,<1P+4Nc6@h+b,,~ Nh BiO@u1P+0P1P-+1P+1P+
6@u7"/7+m1P+|1P+]7@h,!&GFj &1P+&1PG&1P &1P &fvcu,~@@hD!*$uO@qGy*$t6@h6@7,h!"GBjGBj,~,T+t,Q7+5"'`b+(7@u:u+(L"4Nd5Bc6@h+e Nh!"BBj+\,<,~6@i+fY" Ni+'6@v+:v,+[@@v,P+],<+'!*bJj+hGJjGJj,7,~0P+6@,+gBJj,W+%`b4."0P+g6@,`n`N+kRNkRBk,7,~6@,`n`N+mYNkYBk *k0P+%.*0*q+o,<,~ N( B(4Nq+0P.1P75pj5p\O@u+]1"0+) &?6@u7 / &/,0d
|',~ jd&DGF jd&GF (w0h ("`S` 	3F}  q F	:*hL,~@@[ +*"cO@d +*"g6@h+h,~,F,?4NR:u:x,7+_5bsh.k``n`+,h.k`,>(N,+-,^!"0cC0+rQ,@@+ u1b+eZ00"h0bt7+e2"e2bf+r 0Z`daN7 8`d Q. N@@ .*"! 0`d+/4,`dQ"6@++|1P+w6 /+s4ps0P,+w`d@+ab5B5"o4Nx+4B|7 /+| ,\,*0H+|@@qO@+5b,?4N 0,a+/0 .+5"w " )B!( cI0+3N0+13N2+20BW+,>  0,a+,^/0\.+4N1P+7 /0P+,? 3,a+u ./.A.+,^2N45Nv .!$ bE0!. 0h"`ib`5B+o,+o+ "]<s_0_8 * c,a+4 ,c 
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,o*%0R*/*+R/",~O@,~,+i,$+i,+i9*",Zh06@k1Lo7+9Z[06 /7@+46@m+4+y,( <*"u+R,6 s3Ns+96 /+= Ns0P+R,3.s+,~ 07@O@ .,~,?d4NS0P+S,>,7,^ &!$qbF*dD6 >"$S`X$ >	f7+R,> INX+R!`Pl!$K8@f`+R,^ $
64Jg .+e,2=ne "L,, .,4 (,*jc,=l^,W+G[06D 0`d `d +o4Bo4.~2n+},~ 0 0P
`j$+Ld,6@k1Lo+t+Rad`l$	(U1(:0hd&`af`l&	"3N+6e/3B}+1(4B`j@+U+y0h+`jp0H+!`1Nm.`NeY`GN`N+[`BN+nO@1(b u7 /0H+d$0$h0dt+/$
S;H6g^NHtiF@KZ-`_ aJ,j<M'=G>vJ7

C&)9-"2It[-"2o4]-"/]4`-"2I4b-"2IDd[`-"6Gg,7-"6Ij[`-"6elaN[`-"6SBTpaN[`-"6SB<s .h $-"<g$v-"/]N4x-"2k/z-"2C|-"/]O~5"w-"2kO4-"2CO4 0-"2k6@m+ 0-"2INL 0-"2]6

-"4gZd 0-"2g[-"/YZL-"/a:$6@u7 /7,~6Bh B[6Bh B[ i6@ D\6Bi B\ !"bBj*$g j jBD]GB]GD]!$| q2B} Bd*d6@j+j,~,W@@*@@):)0P+:*,W,#3.#+,~,W@@*O@)0P+>*,W,#2n#+,~,W@@*@@)0P+!:*+"0P+#>*,W6B* B)O@ *", B#000p+(+H,@4N' 6,a+% ./.(0.+77B)+  B*[#&$/7 ..R#6 )m/.S.,>,
Zx,^P+ ./.+0n+= N0P+&,4n0n+! N+`Z1D37nn7+1D4+1D4+/$20d+F[#..S`6 )l+4 -"2[ ,4.0P"+O ) B*4B 0.+! N,W,
 .Q+Z0P+X0n+!4N" N,W000p+\,4n0n+!*0n+!+_,+Y7@*+q7 *".#+,@ 6,a+# ./.+ N0P+l@n,W000p+e$...Gh9a4B$0B0b+$ &$2&&1bO@1BO@ H F D>>,
7`)+q " B B " B #,w &&t.$ ( &$$6  +)@@ af B 2B +z1HZ=ht7  @@ =hz[4N, )+@$++7`)?8:8,  "M B"2.,+4-"/I?, $".$".$"t $$.$$.$$.$$./$+0P,~,4.0.
+!0N0P+,0.+!4.,N0P+,0.+!4.(N7"`"$"6.$"6.,$)w'"Q@++R-"/]$/-"/]C2-"/]:$5-"/]B48-"/Id=-"/IT@-"/klC-"/S3F-"/ktJ-"/[$M-"/IRlPo%i9i#.,rMJLH<g&\RgVtH<[>tH<iV.9UvX9M-0[:CC[HUVtPUVgCV>\zgI6%xR]?4[1I[1sI9i>$ i>m|YY>=@]>}`[&%j3YVt:I&ui9$+~,(,W@n,0P+:l+>O@00 +@+C,W@n,0P+@S.  $,WO@,+O@0P+MO@,,W0P+F(D(Nl+B000p+J($l(N..Gh+B,-6@O@,O@)D+ " B" " S S,Z,W6@s+V0P+T`fpB+V,Q+Y`fp`/0`hpP.0,WO@,+P0P+/0`hpP,WO@,afp+B+]7@, $ D"+4 +&,W,Z@n000p+h`np+}(NpT,W+c,Q+o000p1+},W $G`4BU$"
$B"+4,W+"1P "1P,W .0000+
("6B"1P((N1P%(N1P!(N0P!1P++0P(1P%7g,W+4,W1P+$,51P+)000p+$...Gh,W+1P,W "$,B"+"1P%`"t1P&,^1P#,W$0b,W+3,W,5,> *000p+*(N..Gh$*.*Gh,W+&1P2,^1P++"$0B"0"1P%+"1P&0"	1P#0"00 :x,~,\100,~1p=/0,~1P6@s,~ Ps7@,~,p7@s0P,~,S S $,p4pf1P+f,W00 0p-+n/0`bpP+`0P,!"{X"y,&+k/"y 0,W,~ 5"m-"2k<a-"2C<c -"2S<f,>6@q+i6@s^s@@s6Br+6`^0-"+
6@q+w+u Br Pr,^,~6@q+l,(7`s+4p2Ps+,(3Ps+4p, 0@@s4p1P+1P+0P1P+6 -+7 /0P7+n0P+,(5p+ Pq5PR 0*q,~7 +#6@),~6@+o
8+ 6@p+p7  "
(1P00P1PR07@-6@)6`*,~0PG\`Y,S " $
,&.+,X"4BQab*$ $ab D,W,j+i60Wap`6@.+[,[80i,> X1"+X WaB+r ",[80h=bY,^>`X+e7@W+i:Y 0G4Pb,j+i70Y+i0p@@+d
` +i X PX W000p+t@@.,~,^^0,~,S7`(+p uS v	b+p$" BX v BW+

+(BQ$	dadga$@(	hbH(d$5H,>("DB( $;2SD+rd$6@m,7+6`(,+@@)@@(>(+ .O@+-"<Sdw^0,W,~[
[7@ZlPl B@@Z`Y+k .Od+-"<S|z0D	1D
+R<dR9R7@,~6@W7`(+'O@(7@W+%,j+'@b@f + +' }S v	b+ @@@@+  Z@@Z@@W }*"Y,~ .Od+-"<S^L~ (#+I7Z,> ,f+C7Z (+77Z ($+77Z ($,> ,faB+C,4 , +C7Z,> Q,faB+C,44.B[,$,4Z,*6@+,'^"7`/7@7 Br,, r7@m@@t 7 /+'7D+P Dx "7@/+n D}X$O Dx+_,^	`7@0,~@@0,> r6@W+W
27@)7 -^0+Z,>
66@W5p2Pt^0@@q@@r@@s@@s2Pt^0 Pr,^,~,Q,@@(@@)@@-6@o+o,=+d	`	b,~7`
&	`,SZ[`6@Q"8wQ$6@mQ$ ~Z&, B~,>6@m,,^,W,~,",/,=,J.q,eVpgR-tr,5pk+_6
j=@@hBY+TNo option ]>t{|?
?SCNPDL PDL phase error
Equal sign missingFile switches illegal in output fileOutput switch illegal in input fileExcess arguments starting with "Kb
Illegal character "S2" following word "Junk after indirect commandToo many indirect files@@tO@+^Run linkage failure e24Wildcard illegal in /RUN specification=h Nk Bk+;`k/BEFORE and /SINCE don't overlap/ABEFORE and /ASINCE don't overlap;0[<@dh.k`+r,^5bs+rB8[ .8+
]>tP!.+C2` .+T 4"!O@+!~,!5bR4*'4J( +$=v 0`f+0,k+4+0>hh6@m+9+yCan't write tmpfileIncorrect tmpfile argument format% I can't help you, please read the manualSwitches are:Standard ones:
	Zanen1B+r4Br0"	+} "(B?X+r`j+t,k++t0[0BaB8+Z`nh`B8++~Double file name illegalDevice wildcard illegalNull device illegalDouble device illegalDouble extension illegalComma required in directoryDouble directory illegalRight bracket required in directoryImproper project numberImproper programmer numberSFD depth greater thanNull SFD illegalUnknown switchAmbiguous switchNo switch specifiedUnknown switch valueAmbiguous switch valueUnknown default for switchDouble switch illegalNo modifier allowed on switchSwitch value too largeSwitch value negativeSwitch value required onLength values inconsistent; specify min:maxParenthesis nesting too deep=0^B0R#X.+4R#+EMnemonic date/time switch not implemented%x:D(afQ+w3"#+ 2b#_XDate/time out of rangeDate/time must be in the futureDate/time must be in the pastNegative number in date/timeNot known whether past or future in date/timeField too large in date/timeField zero in date/timeUnrecognized month in date/timeIllegal year format in date/timeUnrecognized name in date/timeMissing day in date/timeValue missing in date/timeHH0
$ "dT,W+h0P+},W+wB
Illegal1character+orfieldtoolargeYin/VERSIONBn5JH!H!Unknown,guidewordAmbiguousdguide wordIncorrectlyformattedNguiderwordiq@@q1P0+d illegal in indirect specification,p+W

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",~,+'[1D7@ ,~+7,+<  ,B+<-Jan-Feb-Mar-Apr-May-Jun-Jul-Aug-Sep-Oct-Nov-Decmn@0$$B
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$=, q+ Q+ M, q+$(+ I>>:@,~ %RF !"bB d$ F cB `d,~6B3BB+ f6@B,~7@ + f`b+ c $ Q"} F7@7@bF,~7@+ f.$*b ^+ fF 6@ 7@ bB ,~ $ K6` 	3b 	3" 	,~0d
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 $( P$( K$($($($( Q N P N P Q Q Q7@?6@?+!+!Search list empty for device g2,$CNo such d]N$$GDIl$H is empty	Non-existent]b$$LSome files protected g$NAll files protected C$QSome directories protected g$TAll files rejected by conditions C$WNo such files as ]N4$[No file name specified ]$^	d
0$0pP7B( ab 3B+!m B(  B(+!mOPEN failure on g|$j$-Null name in output wild-card]|$mNull directory in output wild-card]:|$pToo many wild-cards in input for outputi^$tInsufficient wild-cards in input for outputS^$y+  ".$ 8af +".8`fg +" 8[8+$+%P directory on ,"M+  :?,~Open failure for I|%
,^+$ in use by job >>:?,~>>,~]c,$L,^,^,~Lookup/enter failure  failureNon-existent UFDProtectionFile being modifiedAlready existingRIB or directory read errorNo roomWrite lockedCan't supersede directoryNon-existent SFDSearch list emptySFD too deepNo createError S>,%.,^,^,^,~ while reading MFD.UFD.SFD file  directory irectory  2 B4 2 D5+#G on 
`^	d
Fc`D+$+$ 43D,~ D2 5 D2+$ p,>,>,>,>( QDx@,>,>,>,>7%d!&>9Z(
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&%r /%s,^ZB([	b+ ,^,^,^,~Q3%J%K%K%]:"".Bx+%W%HLRIOE I/O error reading help file%HLRNHF No .HLP file on SYS:; I'm sorry, I can't help you
#`Q, $ D0	l!+%y,^+&,^	babO@M &Y	b &Y B(N $>9,>!`,&+&+&,^,~,^1D>9 $1Dk+&
.$aD.$+%~,^0D>9+&,&	,>&Z+%~-6&W%FCTWAT Wait please . . .
 6&,&W+&?FCTASF Accounting system failure....
?FCTCTO Please call the Operator.
 D(N .
(N(O,gR-.&4 &Z (N & (NL+&A,&5 (G(.|..ZN(G(.A.?>.
l@-.&4!81B~+&(7@aN-.&4/&[+&$an+&+ &\ B8*n&* 0 B8..*l&+!"~ B8/JQN(L ./XN(L@@(M-(G
l@-.&4:x:x,,~,&E &Z B(E (N B(F &\	b!"^ B(F (N B(E " B(Dl(D7,~,^Z(F0N-.&4 .	n
?`(O+&3+&`D-.&4,&5@@(G :(G+&+ "(DQ:@@(D*"(G,~*x,>,>,>,>,>,>,>,>&]Z( 
."O B(3b+&P	b-.&4+8 J(	j+ ,^,^,^,^,^,^,^,^,~7 M,~