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+o,^,^,^,^,^,^+:>,>,>,>,>,>	v	&6t&6,&6,,[ 4`@ 4,Y,^,^,^,^,^,~QXx,[[x <+a LGOUT   L-QUE   <-,a\"	b > /3F=2B>++  F= B>,' "Q"	b+& 42,Y & 3F=2B>,'-4Y]
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d,` L7 L3 
7V:+5,*7@9,-,. :,27@9+:,+7@:,-@,. 9,2``, 44,Y 2."&"j07V+@,] 45,Y&$t ,]&&, ,[ 46,Y ;ab0+K 2 4R,Y,] 4S,Y 3,] 4U,Y6 >27@86@874+e!$2@`B+S V	d!$Lu W	n W "@a`l"
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,~"BS8BT<BT!"YRBULS+[aB:x,~ZU4V-4AUFDLOOKUPS!"2BQ+@f,+@@:+ZU 4[,A+``+#,,+# : B] : B^4B/:3b]+l :@J <,a @;,4 4],Y ],] 4,Y :/],]-4Y blocks
,~@@:@@: " B_ < B_!$YR 8 ,g,604+PDx,>,>@vk@f0P+O6Nk8,Z+R4V= Vl,,@@0,V=
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RRN`7B`+>T_+S c.N:*faN@@f*f.N: .cNf+>R`,>k,>l,>_ (g H_,6,^_,^,^k x R=
8lB` D` HZ6 4`,A,b/H,~Z` 4b,A,b+>7.l+X,Z,~:k*nY Nl 8+ d Nl@@l
P`V ,~A6@-4A Directory read  4d,Y `,4R`4Bf,,47H_,~ <-,a[4Vk,^,
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Z ,^7B +&,
,49nO@@J " B < B < B " B "@7F;+z7 J9v,","@,"E9v $/"Q$	d7V,~-4A STRUUO  =1"+ " BO @; DP < BP e	b``+l ,~ =1",~ " BO e	b,~,~,>_#`<
Q, $ D0	l!++ $>9,>!` 
,%++,^,^,~,^1D>9 $1Dk+.$aD.$+,^0D>9+,,>e+-4YWait PLS....
 4,Y+Accounting system failure....
Call the Operator.
 Dh 6
 Vg "!$>9@a`l"
-6D f@h & 8L+N,E6`$fJ(6|.6ZVh(6A6?
l@-6D!Xk1B~+97@aV-6D/L+5av+< g BXk*v; 0 BXk.6*l<!"~ BXkJQVj 6jXVj@@j-h
l@-6D:x:x,,~ f h h	f!&^ 8l+J,~,^Z0V-6D 6	v
?`g+D+*`D-6D,E@vh:h+<	d&$:&&.` *0& * .$&$0F *.(} $$6.^$n4d\&$2/0F1.	d	 ")	'h 
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d$ D/\$	d@ D0\$
	d@ D0\$j	b,~,~7.l+ d Nl@@l
l`,~*n Nl 8+ 4j
&P6@4,Y+k,	,	 <+a <+a <+a-4Y
	b&" 6,]&"  & 4,Y 6 +]-Jan--Feb--Mar--Apr--May--Jun--Jul--Aug--Sep--Oct--Nov--Dec-,Y[<,^,
Z<+^ 4,+&Another job still logged in under [ <,a 4m@7B@;+Y6@@J9#,4,	9#Job , User []  Logged off -4YDeleted-4YSaved-4Y all 4q1V 4r4VY <,a,]+Y,]-4Y blocks)
Runtime  Min,  Sec

. 4s,Y+-4Y
May not logout with logical names for File Structures
 <,a @;,4,Y 4u,Y,^-4Y)
@N	b6$U
N@X0h(iSLI:mn@ H4Total of  disk blocks read,  written
h xMYC&<	b(Q 9+y UFD RENAME  logged out quota  exceeded by  Directory LOOKUP  File LOOKUP x on OM@@xj?`L\
q	bX/
? Please deassign TTY
UFD interlock busy
Wait Please...
 files ( file (?JOBSTR failure
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