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 0(IH @/	 "E:x,~	` 2
&3@@Oj	j&,% J * J 
N	j',%`J+	"E"E * J 
N	j',%@@ 
O	j6+ B17+! 
1::[(0V~	"T"1V+%6O8P:P.1:0*j *0/
.(VXB17+%"X	(A*U* <2Q<~
&Q	*U*T"",G
&Q	*U U"*+&
h**,+m	(( 3Q*
&n a,p,~
&~	*; a,p,~
 a,p,~0x+@@	(P
(D O@,}+ HpO@,~
&,,~ JpO@,~
&,,~ Jp	 L JpO@,~
&  a,p,~ 8,,0L+)(J> JpO@,~	*AP
&+ a,p,~0x+5O@@@ ,}+< HpO@,~
&= a,p	 A],~ 8,,0L+I, ,,0L+I,^Q
&J	*D Uf a,p+j 8,0j+WXJpO@
&X a,p,~ 8,0j	(An+`QJpO@,~@@ 
(1J+y5Xu0J1J+q:0xB+f2*0	  Aw2j=7/*J+q
(4X:0xB+f *J+
+/.N	 @ 1N+0.0n/,~4Z~0.0n-,~0n0. +~,~
/0/.+(Pl0 .08.N1N+0.0n/,~4Z	 
0.0n-,~0n0. +,~ a,p,~ 8,,0L+j,>,	 A*,0L+j,^Q
&k+&+ U*T !
BaD +%+ 
N	j'+(	`INXCBf9@Kb( ((1`2	(2)   This program allows each installation to specify several parameters
of the A	 ;PLSF system.  The defaults for each question appear in
parentheses, and typing just 	 Ca carriage-return will take the default.
   APLSF must be on device DSK: under the n	  Lame APLSF.EXE.

Now read the distributed file 	 TAPLSF.DOC for installation instructions.

Installation name, max 24 SIXB	 @]IT characters
(DECSYSTEM-10 APLSF): H% First 24 characters used.

	(G e
&b * 
? Only SIXBIT characters are allowed.

2	(n++If two PPN's differ only in the project number, do they
belong to the same prog	 vrammer? (NO): @@wO,~? Please answer Yes or No.

2+5In a clear	  workspace, should the automatic save facility,
.BXAUS, be enabled? (NO): @@p	 DO,~
2+;Name of billing file (ACCTSF): ? Name longer than 6 char	 Dacters.

2+@H? Only A-Z, 0-9 allowed.

2+@Dir for th	 e billing file (5,31) : Dir for the library area and the HI file (5,31) : Defau	 !lt setting for the maximum workspace size, in K (20): ? Invalid decimal integer.
2+NDisk structure for the library area and the HI file (APL): ? Structur	 @2e name longer than 6 characters.

2+U? Invalid structure name (no colon 	 :allowed).

2+UUnless otherwise notified, answer <CR> to this question	 C.
terminal codes (36,4): ? Invalid terminal code.

2+\What is th	 Ke standard protection code for permanent files
3 octal digits (000=system standard):	 "T ? Invalid protection.

2+eWhat is the standard protection code for	 @\ libraries
3 octal digits (100): 
2+j? String may be a maximum of 132 ch	 earacters.

2+p? Invalid PPN.

2+? Cannot find the .E	 mXE file in your logged in directory.
? The .EXE file is not the distributed versio vn.
? Unexpected error.
bf:}@ ee ee
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(TK$q(TK%u(TK%y(THHp	D(THH	`(TWe(TVw(Tv
@P$EgP$TT	WDZ.@	@ ^\'_
({zJS_Y\ ~(1@T$sT0^!`u^v
P3{g|1122	@5KJ)q|([=";-9P;.?AmoP	`&moV:	`'/$A	/$D P>BPbKVKP@
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