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	D"f\Aq@f\Aq@f\Aq@f\Aq@f\Aq@f\Aq@f\Aq@f\Aq@f\Aq@ !	D"f\Aq@f\Aq@f\Aq@f\Aq@f\Aq@f\Aq@f\Aq@f\Aq@f\Aq@	 #&&'(*0%FTNWRN   No?FTNFTL   L\ BB	D"f\Aq@f\Aq@f\Aq@	f\Aq@	f\Aq@
 fatal error and  fatal errors and  warning

[ No errors detected ]

 Size:			no	 $ code +  data words
 Run time:		
 Elapsed time:		
 Dynamic memory used:		 ,no words

 Compiled:	 Source lines at:	.  lines per minute
 Co	 5mpiled:	 Executable statements at:	.  statements per minute
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KyIk`33gdu^zGi`G3`d(pW:SbaTEFoc@d	Wq`$;:Hg"pC	D"b,cLFgm!%mge&DeV`P`@baTEF2c@d	W3c