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 	\`B	\xQ	]	]w	]$/	])g	]6$	]7	]K		]L	]PG0(|,H @^L	 VMS incompatibility:Extension to FORTRAN-77:VMS and FORTRAN-77 incompatibility:	 "", g:@H,	ShH,
	 [(H!,M@H#,i&h	(@H&,-gVhH),]h	 @"H*, a8H+,%	   *E2XH/,)a H3,- S*(	"3H7,-KH;,4cV(H>	 @@;,8S?0H>,<M?0HA,@	   DMVpHC,CMSHF,GMZh	"L#HI,JKR`~HM,Ne&0$HQ	(U,QCJ
Hb	" @f,cSJp
 Hh,j	   no



H}	(,|S 
]XH,ENH,I`H",	   !G3H%,eKxH',$MK	"*xH*,(G'yH.,+e2zH4	( 2,/]N zH8,2S|H:,6	 ;Sh|H=,:BpHA,>S	 @ C}HC,BgxHG,G	 LS0$HM,KaBpJHO,!eI	 DDTxHS,SBpHA,VCCHX	"""],ZG0{H\,]ihH`,a	 eGHe,dGHi,ha>H(	(@nHm,kG0)Hq,oSVpwHv	" @v,G Hy,wGX"H|	 @,{G "H~,G8#H	"" ,seH,OKO0xH		" @,IR`
,KH	(@,KH,GH	"""!,G^`H,!S20H,%	H)I20H,(SJ(~H5	(K,HS70(H7,KS^H(#H9,O	tTS((+H?,SS2h0HC,k6x0	(\HF,Vm:p0HI@,^]0HL	o@@e@,b]K0HO@,fS2p0HQ@,i	hrcmS30HV@,mG0HX@,peB(0	"vHs@,tg;00H\@,w]30"H^ 	("~,{]0*H`@,~SO0*HcR,	vg;0+Hf,SO81Hj,	dO81	(@@Hm,Found	 u unexpected continuation LSCWCan't backspace image file with no RECORDSIZECan't	 ~ skiprecord image file with no RECORDSIZENon-digit in record delimiterRecord too	  large - memory fullBLOCKSIZE ignored: device is not a magnetic tapeUnknown $A	  keyword $O, ignored$A in CLOSE is meaningless - ignoredBytesize in OPEN dif	 ferent from FDB, FDB value usedCan't set FORTRAN carriage control attributeCan't	   rename file to$F: $JCan't delete file: $JCLOSE failed $JRandom IO requi	 (res /RECORDSIZE/RECORDTYPE:FIXED requires /RECORDSIZE/CARRIAGECONTROL:TRANSLAT	 1ED illegal with this /RECORDTYPE/RECORDSIZE larger than /BLOCKSIZENo such device 	 9$A/ACCESS:$A illegal for this device/MODE:$A illegal for this deviceCan't OPEN	 B file: $JIncompatible attributes /$A$A /$A$ASame device open on unit $D with co	 Jnflicting specifiersIllegal value for $AError translating PPN to DIRECTORY:	 S $JRandom IO requires RECL= in OPEN statementCan't setup to append to magtape fi	 [le: $JEnd of command file encounteredTape format conflicts with OPEN statemen	 dt or defaultCan't do direct I/O to sequential fileCan't do sequential I/O to dir	 lect fileIllegal for DIRECT (RANDOM) filesCan't determine whether formatted or unf	 uormatted $AIllegal unit number $D$I Carriage control character$I Keyword /$A$	 }A$I Trailing spaces in output record$I G format descriptor used with charact	 erREREAD not preceded by READ$A keyword value /$A$A$A string too longError	  in $A string - $JError in $A string - $J - $ACan't $A an $A-only fileCan't writ	 e a file with MODE='LINED'Illegal character in formatData in IO list but not i	 n formatIllegal repeat countIllegal Hollerith constantIllegal field width	 (Undefined data type or internal FOROTS errorReading into character format illegal	 0Illegal character in dataUnit not specifiedBad IO listIllegal MTOP value	 9Illegal to initiate another I/O statement while processing $AIllegal length for c	 Aharacter expressionUnexpected MTOPR% error: $J$J trying to set tape $AVariable $	 JS not in namelistFound "$C" when expecting "="Missing right parenVariable or nam	 Relist does not start with letterIllegal SubscriptCan't convert constant to corr	 [ect typeSign with null valueNull string illegalFound "$C" when expecting ":"	 cIllegal substring descriptorString not within single quotesCan't switch to inpu	 lt: $JCan't switch to output: $JDisk full or quota exceededMemory full	D"$uZ$x$%x$%*p$%@o$%Fd$%Fh$%G$%T]	D"$&f!$'m|$(?!$-($-c$3\\$8u$;:$Jk	D"$JkS$K03$KN/$LA$L %$L#V$L$i$L&m$L<K	D"$L[$LH$M,$Mf$M2$M4	$MXs$M}O$d/	D"$j2~$j9b$kF{$l=f$r4V$rt
dj%w%a	D"%6%ND%l^%"n	V*+	[w	^#	a}	b	D"	d4	j>(	zB6	zLK	ziB	{:	K2	"4>	(TO	D"	4>/	4k	5>$	9DG	\[U	\`B)	\aJ	\aM	\efw	D"	\eh	\ej{	\eo	\gl	\mlX	\r.4	\tCN	\xQ	\z@	D"	\zfG	\zxC	\{J	]
	]w1	]
d<	]$/	])g 	]*	D"	]6$%	]7-	]?S8	]DQ	]K			]L	]PG	]W8Z	]WY
	P [hP [|P
w2@ShmOPYPYPZPZP[PbK8V;/VKP@	W.GPyPRG`}g?%v`~gA^gD|ZgD1gFQ-D	@zFQ11gGhpH|>T~@hH|>p~@`H|>TW~@XH|L?~@PH|!~@XH|ZM