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:*^,,	e@	`ZMTnSizeTmodifierT treatedrasFNAAsfunctionwithoutanargumentllist	bDISlOptu-tprogramtisadisconnectedg-noptimizationsdiscontinuedMVCmNumberMofE	svariablesnmtheanumbermofDconstantsiinDDATAdstatementAGAOpt	-objectvariable,pof	IeassignedDGOTOiwithoutoptionalilist,swasineveriassignedCUO Constant/underflowao	c"rFoverflowNEDeNoENDNstatementHinaprogramLIDtIdentifiermore8thany31cha	l*ractersWOPnOptf-rwarningsCgiventinePhaseD1.mOptimizedncode	maybeincorrect	U3VNIiOptm-yvariabletrisnnotdinitializedRDIeAttempttoredeclareimplicitDtype	u;CTRdComplextermsyusedeingaerelationalnotherbthanaEQooryNECAI COMPLEXexpressiontu	rDsed inrarithmeticnIFIFL Opts-ainfiniteiloop.siOptimization discontinuedICDO	ILInaccessibleacode.beStatementrdeletedSODelstatementnoutof	orderICCyIllegalfch	lUaracter,ucontinuationpfieldcofiinitialolineXCRtExtraneouscarriagereturnICSs	W]IllegalfcharacterpinNlineRsequencetnumberFMRaMultipleRETURNsdefinedNina.FUNCT	ufIONVNDDFUNCTIONyreturnevalue isfneveredefinedNODnGlobaloptimizationnnotsuppor	lntedawithe/DEBUGu-p/OPTaignoredPPSPROGRAMstatementtparametersignoredDXBP	rwDATAgstatementDexceedsrboundseofyarrayeVAImealreadyinitializedSID Slash	  (/) in Dimension Bound - use colon (:) insteadIUA Illegal use of an array - use 	 scalar variable insteadCAO Consecutive arithmetic operators illegalDII Previ	 ous declaration of intrinsic function  is ignoredCHO Global optimization not y	 et supported with character data - /OPT ignoredWNA Wrong number of arguments for 	 !statement function IAT Illegal type for argument  of statement function 	 *TSI Type of symbolic constant  ignoredRIM RETURN statement illegal in main pr	 2ogramCCN CHARACTER constant used where numeric expression requiredHCN HOLLE	 ;RITH constant used where numeric expression requiredFOO Statement function declar	 Ced out of order or array not dimensionedAIS Extension to Fortran-77: Apostrophe	 L in I/O specifierCAP Extension to Fortran-77: Consecutive arithmetic operators	 TCCCCarriage control character CNS Extension to Fortran-77: Concantenation with 	 ]variable of non-specific lengthCOS Extension to Fortran-77: Comment on statement	 eCOV Extension to Fortran-77: Assigned variable appears in character expression	 nCSM Extension to Fortran-77: Comma field separator is missingDEB Extension to Fo	 vrtran-77: DEBUG linesDFN VMS incompatibility: Default file name on VMS differs f	 rom Fortran-10/20DOW Extension to Fortran-77: DO WHILE statementDPE VMS incomp	 atibility: Different precedence in exponentiationDWEDefault widths with edit descr	 iptor DWL Extension to Fortran-77: DO without statement labelEDD Extension 	 to Fortran-77: END DO statementEDS Extension to Fortran-77: DECODE statement	 !EDS Extension to Fortran-77: ENCODE statementEDXFORMAT edit descriptor EOC	 )Exponential operator ^EXD Extension to Fortran-77: Transfer of control into DO lo	 2op at label FAR Extension to Fortran-77: Format in numeric arrayFIF Extension 	 :to Fortran-77:  is not an intrinsic function in Fortran-77FIN Extension to Fortran	 C-77: FIND statementFMT VMS incompatibility: Keyword FMT instead of NMLHCP VMS i	 Kncompatibility: Hollerith constant padded with spacesHCU Extension to Fortran-77: 	 THollerith constantINS VMS incompatibility: /NOCREF switchINS VMS incompatibi	 \lity: /CREF switchINS VMS incompatibility: Default for VMS is /NOLISTKWUKeywo	 erd KWVKeyword value for LNE VMS incompatibility: Logical and numeric variables	 m EQUIVALENCE-dLOL VMS incompatibility: List of labelsLSP Extension to Fortran	 v-77:  length specifierMLNMixing logical and numericMSLMulti-statement line	 ~NAM Extension to Fortran-77: NAMELIST statementNDPNo decimal places with ed	 it descriptor NEC Extension to Fortran-77: Numeric expression in character con	 textNIB Extension to Fortran-77: Non-integer substring boundsNIG Extension to Fo	 rtran-77: Non-integer as index to computed GOTONIK Extension to Fortran-77: Non-i	  nteger used with NIS Extension to Fortran-77: Non-integer subscriptNIX Exten	 )sion to Fortran-77: Non-integer as index to RETURNNLK Extension to Fortran-77: 	 1Use of NAMELISTNPC VMS incompatibility: Null padding before NPP Extension 	 :to Fortran-77: No parentheses around PARAMETER listNSCNon-standard character in	 B column 1OCUOctal constantOIO Extension to Fortran-77:  statementOIO sta	 KtementPWSPRINT (Specifiers) statementRLC Extension to Fortran-77: & used wit	 Sh return labelRLC$ used with return labelSBC Extension to Fortran-77: Substring 	 \bounds not constantSEP VMS incompatibility:  is same as program name or entry poin	 dtSMD Extension to Fortran-77: Single subscript with multi-dimensioned array 	 mANS VMS incompatibility: ASSOCIATEVARIABLE not set by VMS on OPENSNN VMS incomp	 uatibility:  is same as NAMELIST nameSROSymbolic relational operator SVN 	 ~VMS incompatibility:  is same as variable or function nameTLFTwo-branch logical I	 FWDUWRITE with default unitXEN with external nameXOR Extension to Fo	 rtran-77: Logical .XOR. operatorRLXReturn label LNCNon-numeric operand in nu	 meric contextNLCNon-logical operand in logical contextCIS Conflicting INCLUDE 	  switchesINC Extension to Fortran-77: INCLUDE statementSOR Subscript out of ran	 (ge for array FNS Extension to Fortran-77:  is not a Fortran-77 function or subrou	 1tineVNF VMS incompatibility:  is not an intrinsic function on VMSEIR Extension 	 9to Fortran-77: indexed readVKI VMS keyword  ignoredLMA Length mismatch for 	 Bargument  of statement function ASF Illegal argument  for statement function 	 JEID Extension to Fortran-77: identifier with "$", "" or more than 6 characters	 SADV VMS incompatibility: associate variable is a dummy variableDIM Possible DO ind	 [ex modification inside loopIDN Opt - illegal DO nesting - optimization discontinu	 dedPAV PARAMETER used as associate variableCNMCharacter and non-character va	 lriables ACB Argument out of range for CHAR, high order bits ignoredAIL Illeg	 ual length argument for ICHAR, first character usedADS  Variable  already decl	 }ared in SAVE statementOHC  Octal or hexadecimal constantIMN  IMPLICIT NONE	 MBD IMPLICIT NONE -  must be explicitly declaredFWE Found  when expecti	 ng FEE Found  when expecting either FEE	   or USI   used incorrectly	 ICL Illegal character  in label fieldIAC Illegal ASCII character  in source	 UMP Unmatched parenthesesNRC Statement not recognizedMSP Statement name 	 (misspelledISN  is not ISN  is not IDT Illegal or misspelled dat	 0a typeIIP Illegal implicit specification parameterLLS Label too large or t	 9oo smallLAD Label  already defined at line: DIA DO index variable  is already	 A activeILF Illegal statement after logical IFISD Illegal subscript expression i	 Jn DATA statementAWN Array reference  has wrong number of subscriptsIDN DO lo	 Rop at line:  is illegally nestedDTI The dimensions of  must be of the type integ	 [erEXB EQUIVALENCE extends COMMON block  backwardsABD  has already been define	 cd IDV Implied DO index is not a variableTFL Too many FORMAT labels specified	 lECT Attempt to enter  into COMMON twicePIC The DO parameters of  must be inte	 tger constantsRFC  is a recursive function callMCE More than 1 COMMON variab	 }le in EQUIVALENCE groupIED Inconsistent EQUIVALENCE declarationIZM Illegal  	 size modifier BOV Statement too large to classifyDVE Cannot use dummy var	 iable in EQUIVALENCEVSE EQUIVALENCE subscripts must be integer constantsNIR 	 Repeat count must be an unsigned integerNIU Non-integer unit number in I/O stat	 ementIXM Illegal mixed mode arithmeticCER Compiler error in routine DID 	 'Cannot initialize dummy parameter  in DATAIOD Illegal statement used as object of	 0 DONNF No statement number on FORMATDSF Argument  is same as FUNCTION name	 8CQL No closing quote in character constantLGB Lower bound greater than upper boun	 Ad for array EID ENTRY statement illegal inside a block IF or DO loopIAL Incor	 Irect argument type for library function NLF Wrong number of arguments for libra	 Rry function LTL Too many items in list - reduce number of itemsLFA Label argu	 Zments illegal in FUNCTION or array referenceDLN Optional data value list not suppor	 ctedDDA  is duplicate dummy argumentEDN Expression too deeply nested to compile	 kENF Label  must refer to an executable statement, not a FORMATVNA Subscripted var	 tiable in EQUIVALENCE, but not an arrayNEX No exponent after D or E in constant	 |LNI List directed I/O with no I/O listLED Illegal list directed NIO NAMELIST d	 irected I/O with I/O listSOR Subscript out of range for array IID Non-intege	 
CEL Character entry points must have the same lengthCFL Reference to character fu	 	nction  must have a fixed lengthOBO  may only be specified onceUKW Unrecogniz	 	ed keyword IXS Illegal  specifierIXS Illegal  specifierWIF  is illegal wi	 	&th internal filesOUB Only upper bound of last dimension of  may be asterisk	 	.AOA Assumed-size arrays only allowed in subprogramsASA Assumed-size arrays canno	 	7t be used ISS   illegal in SAVE statementNLS  may not be declared length s	 	?tarCEX Constant or constant expression requiredMST  must be ECS  EQU	 	HIVALENCE-d to COMMON is illegal in SAVE statementEXI Exponent must be integerRUS 	 	PRelational expression illegal as UNIT specifierUNS UNIT may not be specified	 	YNMD No matching DOSMC Size modifier conflict for variable IOC Illegal operato	 	ar for character dataION Numeric operand of concatenation operatorIAN Illeg	 	jal assignment between character and numeric dataNYI Not yet implementedIFS Illeg	 	ral format specifierIQN INQUIRE - neither UNIT nor FILE keywords were specified	 	{IQB INQUIRE - both UNIT and FILE keywords were specifiedNNA NAMELIST is not allo	 
wed in NNN NML= must specify a NAMELISTMST  must be MKR Multiple key re	 
lational specifiersKKS If KEYID is specified then either KEY,KEYEQ,KEYGE or KEYGT m	 
ust be specifiedKCS  can not be specified in an indexed readOIR Key relati	 
on specifiers may only be used in a read statementIFR Format can not be  in 	 
%EMH  must have UMS UNIT must be specifiedUIF UNIT may not be an internal fi	 
.leTKI Too many keys specified for indexed fileIKY Illegal key type - must b 
6e INTEGER or CHARACTERUDF Undefined label 20O TOPS20 ONLY: Db^:Z^,,J^: