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 	\`B	\xQ	]	]w	]$/	])g	]6$	]7	]K		]L	]PG0(|,H @uL	 VMS incompatibility:Extension to FORTRAN-77:VMS and FORTRAN-77 incompatibility:	 "", g:@Ho,	ShHr,
	 [(Hv,M@Hw,i&h	(@H{,-gVhH~,]h	 @"H, a8H,%	   *E2XH,)a H,- S*(	"3H
,-KH,4cV(H	 @@;,8S?0H,<M?0H,@	   DMVpH,CMSH,GMZh	"L#H,JKR`~H!,Ne&0$H&	(U,QCJ
H),UIG8'H,,K>0	 DD]
H6	" @f,cSJp
 H<,j	   no



HR	(,|S 
]XHf,ENHt,I`Hw,	!kx1Hy,G3H},!eK	DD*xH,(MKxH,,G'yH	"" 2,/e2zH
,MS}H'	T,PgxH+,VS0$H1	@@],ZaBpJH4,^CR,H8	(e,akK,H=,ekK-HB,i	   nE6(-HF,mW/HH,qi/	"v/HM,te70HO,xI1HT	(,{W2HY,e'2H^,e:	 DD3Hc,%eIxHf,	BpH#	""",
,)WJH.H,-	  2g&03H,1SVpwH,G	 A: H,9GX"H,=	  CG "H,BG8#H#,FG 	 AK$H',5eH*,KO0x	( TH-,QIR`
H0,VK	"@\H2,ZKH4,NG	"eH7,cG^`H:,gS20	(@@mH>,kS HA,nI20HB,r	   vSJ
k;	bDD(zHY,S>`(~H[,S70(H\	"i@,S^H(#H^,S((+He,	i  S2h0Hi,Jk6x0Hl,']3	fA)02Hn,'g3"02Hs,+C3$03	(@1Hz,/m:p0H@,2]0H@	""":,6]K0H@,:S2p0H	@,>	BS30H@,AG0H@,EeB(0	(@@KHF@,Hg;00H@,L]30"H ,O	 S]0*H@,SSO0*H ,Wg;	 DD\0+H ,ZSO81H",^O81H%	"""d,aS>(1H,eIF(1'H(,h	 m[(1%H+Internal FOROTS error at $PError in memory management at 	 u$PMemory full$EFOROP function code exceeds rangeCPU time $Y   Elapsed time $Y	 ~$D$3T$A$A$A$U$F$D pages allocated but not deallocated$D blocks allocated but n	 ot deallocatedDeallocating more pages than allocatedInternal FOROTS JSYS error at 	 $P - $JEnter correct file specs$AInput integer overflowInput floating overf	 lowInput floating underflowOutput field width too smallFormat and variable type 	  do not matchAttempt to WRITE beyond fixed-length recordReading into FORMAT non-s	 (tandardAmbiguous repeat countDisk full or quota exceeded - Please EXPUNGE, then	 1 type CONTINUEEnd of fileBad format binary fileRecord $R has not been written	 9Illegal record number $DRecord length negative or zeroAttempt to WRITE bey	 Bond variable or arrayRecord size different from that specified in OPENFound unex	 Jpected continuation LSCWCan't backspace image file with no RECORDSIZECan't skip	 Srecord image file with no RECORDSIZENon-digit in record delimiterRecord too larg	 [e - memory fullBLOCKSIZE ignored: device is not a magnetic tapeUnknown $A keyw	 dord $O, ignored$A in CLOSE is meaningless - ignoredBytesize in OPEN differen	 lt from FDB, FDB value usedCan't set FORTRAN carriage control attributeCan't rena	 ume file to$F: $JCan't delete file: $JUnsupported /DISPOSE:$A for RMS files	 }CLOSE failed $JRandom IO requires /RECORDSIZE/RECORDTYPE:FIXED requires /RE	 CORDSIZE/CARRIAGECONTROL:TRANSLATED illegal with this /RECORDTYPE/RECORDSIZE lar	 ger than /BLOCKSIZENo such device $ABLOCKSIZE must be specified for RECORDTYPE='F	 IXED'BLOCKSIZE must be integral multiple of RECL/ACCESS:$A illegal for this de	 vice/MODE:$A illegal for this deviceCan't OPEN file: $JUSEROPEN failed: $JIncom	 (patible attributes /$A$A /$A$ASame device open on unit $D with conflicting speci	 0fiersIllegal value for $AError translating PPN to DIRECTORY: $JFile's $A 	 9conflicts with OPEN statement or defaultRecordtype $A not supported for this fil	 Ae typeUnsupported remote system $A::Bytesize must be 8New indexed file req	 Juires KEY= in OPEN statementToo many KEY specifiersRMS file requires ORGANIZATION	 R in OPEN statementDefault /RECORDTYPE:FIXED requires /RECORDSIZEKEY datatype CH	 [ARACTER conflicts with BYTESIZENew RELATIVE or INDEXED file requires /RECORDSIZE	 cRMS not available on SYS: $JRandom IO requires RECL= in OPEN statementCan't setu	 lp to append to magtape file: $JEnd of command file encounteredTape format con	 tflicts with OPEN statement or defaultMissing EXTERNAL declaration in call to USERO	 }PEN routineCan't do direct I/O to sequential fileCan't do sequential I/O to dir	 ect fileIllegal for DIRECT (RANDOM) filesCan't determine whether formatted or unf	 ormatted $ACan't do keyed I/O to $A file$A statement illegal for this file type 	 or accessIllegal unit number $D$I Carriage control character$I Keyword /$A$A	 $I Trailing spaces in output record$I G format descriptor used with character	 '$I Format default width usedREREAD not preceded by READ$A keyword value /$A$A	 0$A string too longError in $A string - $JError in $A string - $J - $ACan't $A a	 8n $A-only fileCan't write a file with MODE='LINED'Illegal character in format	 AIllegal formatData in IO list but not in formatIllegal repeat countIllegal Ho	 Illerith constantIllegal field widthUndefined data type or internal FOROTS error	 RReading into character format illegalIllegal character in dataUnit not specif	 ZiedBad IO listIllegal MTOP valueIllegal to initiate another I/O statement whi	 cle processing $AIllegal length for character expressionUnexpected MTOPR% error: 	 k$J$J trying to set tape $A $A not allowed with Labeled Magnetic tape files  Inpu	 tt/Output switching not allowed with Labeled Magnetic tape files /ACCESS='APPEND' no	 |t allowed with Labeled Magnetic tape filesVariable $S not in namelistFound "$C"	  when expecting "="Missing right parenVariable or namelist does not start with lett	 
$Ltk$L#%$L$>	D"$L&A$L<$L[e$LO$Mu$Mf$M2W$M4^$MX5	D"$M}$YY-$d$d/l$j2S$j96$kFO$kG'$l=:	D"$r4
g+%L%%%N	D"%l2%"n	K>a	PJ>	PSm	V*/	[w	\{	^#V	D"	a}^	bZ	d4Q	g~:	j>,	zBA	zLZ	ziP	{E	D"	>	Zq	K6	"4I	(T^	4
	4>3	4Zx	4e	D"	4k	5>(	9DV	@rt	F!	G\M	Hi	He	\[U	D"	\`B)	\aJ	\aM	\ef9	\egJ	\ehF	\ej=	\eoB	\gl	D"	\mlX	\r.4	\tCN	\xQ	\z@	\zfG	\zxC	\{J	]
	D"	]w1	]
d<	]$/	])g 	]*	]6$%	]7-	]?S8	]DQ	D"	]K			]L	]PG	]W8#	]WY
P [hP [|P
-[Sg}Z	P
\cfqmOPPYPZ	PZP[W.GPyPRG`}lg?%v`~^gA^gD|#	DgD1gFQ-DzFQ11gGh H|!~@&HH|!~@%HH{z^a?~@H{z^a?~@XH|>p~@XH|>T~@PH|>p~@HH|>TW~@@H|L?~@PH|!~@XH|ZM