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 0~iR{H	UijUkU	fU.@U.  U:#U;BU<@U<7	U<sUIUZ(Ub Us_U~fyU~gwU~geWU~gk'	U~gkwU~i
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>wWP7&W>W{	W>Y/W>cGW>fW>fW>isW>kW>rW>w@W?z	W?>W?!MW?#OW?5W?6TW?6|W?=@W?=DW?=F	W?A'W?BW?COW?H.	W?JW?JW?JW?PwW?QW?V+( 	 If'0~ic[H @b<COPYRIGHT (C) DIGITAL EQUIPMENT CORPORATION 1980,1981,1982,1983,1984	*Q(@* @ _*   ,5,
 _*  7@:x,~"	*U*U*$&(*3,R,>,?,E,V+,8,,#,V,(,9	*U*U*,Q,	,j,J55,R,>,E,^,V+,8,,#,V,(,9	*U*U*,k,,	,j,J56,E,^,V+!,,E,#,V,(,j,J	*U*U*"59,>,Q,	5?,>,,	5A,>,Q,	5B,>,,	5D	 A
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52_1B,J03Bh,J0,~7 H&	*"U(w+_ H)0(@+`  >R ?Z ? (.HH)4Bv B D 0, BH@@H ,	*"U(7l+	b6+ 	 $cD
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VQ" pZV,|,P,J+ " $ g fk4HT	 "U*SX(		f6+ ."=dQ "4DQ,~S4ZSNt\S>,_G$aY,de,gGKjSmK,p	*U,[GsGN|vGO}g:$k$k&a4
^Z1UFD interlock is busy for @A; pleas	!@ de waitpP0$
6$3x>`	(W
lH`HxA(   ,kError on @J; @Kfile damage	 uclosed after a crashtape read error restoring filehard data read error	 }hard data write errorsoftware detected checksum error(,	b-	b	:
h0h(@ h-m1No UFD created on @A H+#,6$-hf	 ,i2@A file errors existp@8qc A8$$,8zCould not perform UF	 *TD compression on @D.UFD`0,
,,-][ZStructure@Amounted	2\K7StructureR@AHdismounted^)RecomputingdiskQusage^@A@I@D@I-m9	(No UFD exists on structure @A\vStructure @A added to the system search list^,v	 0Structure @A removed from the system search list\VStructure @A added to the sear	 9ch list of job @F^*VStructure @A removed from the search list of job @F,<z	 ACan't set UFD interlock for @DCan't clear UFD interlock for @D?,	  J-}XOver quota by @H blocks-rDirectory I/O error @B for @J-JxLOOKUP err	 5Ror (@E) for @J&03H3@infinity In: Out: Used:Illegal de	 [vice "@A"Improper structure name "@A"Directory I/O error @BCan't access directo	 cryLOOKUP error (@E) for @D.UFDRENAME error (@E) for @D.UFDCan't read search li	 lst for job @FIllegal function code (@G)ENTER error (@E) for @D.UFDCan't chan	 tge search listCan't reset original search list after structure status change failed	 }Can't change structure status for @DStructure @A not dismountedUFD interlock f	 or @A is busy too longUFD interlock for @A cannot be clearedProgrammer number ge neration failed	D")e\)eb)fe)fk)
xW	DN[-D@N[-EEN[-EON[*'?u?	`R^'3	8R^'5j`^2B0R^.@dn,6gi!t>gi&	`RFxSRVb^>vJ^U"W^oKHx	D"HL:	`6K}%NK{.MK{BLLZ}LZ(`
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l2(;rT$	D"[j0m1*m1.m1/m1})Qxn68%a.	UijUkU	fU.@U.  U:#U;BU<@U<7	U<sUIUZ(Ub UsU~fyU~gwU~geWU~gk'	D U~gkw~i;%+~i;%0~i;&2U~kU~rjSU~rtU~s,U~sG	U~xdUPsU@Uj+U
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W>cGW>f	If'W>isW>kW>rW>w@W?zW?>W?!MW?#O	W?5W?6TW?6|W?=@W?=DW?=FW?A'W?JW?JW?PwW?QW?V+H@|H@|